Martin Lawrence Sabotaged By Siblings?


Martin Lawrence Sibling Drama

HSK Exclusive – Some shocking allegations from one Hollywood insider are placing the blame for Martin Lawrence’s failed marriage and dying career on the comedian’s siblings, Robert and Rae. This news comes as the comedian endures a messy divorce, taking his energy away from his career.

A source tells us that’s exactly why Lawrence should have opted to pay off the pair of family members rather than invite them on board into the world of entertainment business. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin’s soon to be ex-wife Shamicka Gibbs or his manager Michael Greene.

Here’s the sizzling tea surrounding the reasons why Martin Lawrence is no longer in the spotlight:

“Martin’s brother Robert and his sister Rae are screwing up his career. They fucked up all his marriages too. Robert and Rae were both in the military, they know nothing about the entertainment business. They’re running around acting like they are producers, yet they can’t produce shit.

Robert and Rae have Martin insulated, keeping the important people, like agents and lawyers, on the outside. Martin should have paid off his family instead of inviting them into the world of business.

Jacky, Martin’s brother and sister fucked up all his marriages. Don’t believe me.. Ask Emmitt Smith’s wife Patricia Southhall.”


  1. Martin was going upside Pat’s head. That’s why she left him. Drugs messed up Martin’s career and marriages. Not to mention that ego.

  2. There may be some truth to what you’re saying, but men from the D.C. area are just really stuck on their families. Even when the families aren’t supportive of them and sabotage their professional and personal lives. I know this because I’m still married to one…for now.

  3. Family will do that they think that their entitled and everyone else comes second.only real men put their families in check.