Martin Lawrence Set To Fire His Own Brother!


Martin Lawrence to Fire Sibling Mgmt Team

Salt-Throwing Siblings?

HSK Exclusive – Martin Lawrence may have just fallen victim to an extreme case of sibling rivalry. Know why? Because sources say the comedian’s own brother and sister could be to blame for setting their funny man brother up for failure.

HSK has exclusively learned Martin Lawrence is now set to fire his brother and sister management team – Robert Lawrence and Rae Proctor.

We’re told Lawrence’s decision to cut all business ties with his siblings comes shortly after CBS dropped his sitcom. That’s because we’re told the actor is blaming his management for CBS giving him the boot.

Now, an insider says Lawrence’s siblings are pointing the finger at each other – while reportedly spreading word that Martin’s days of constantly receiving scripts are dwindling. Know why? Because we’re told Robert Lawrence is known for publicly dissing the Hollywood lifestyle, leading Hollywood execs to lose interest in doing business with the actor.

Here’s the drop:

“Martin is pissed at his brother and sister because he ain’t getting work.

Martin is still depressed about CBS dropping his pilot, he’s blaming his management. Finances are not too good either. Think about it, when was the last time you seen Martin working?

I didn’t want to believe it, but his camp is heading for money problems. They’re finger pointing over at Martin’s camp, and he has to make decisions on his family affairs.”


  1. Family and business just doesn’t mix. Unless all parties are WELL SCHOOLED in that particular trade and know the WHO’S WHO of the field. Don’t believe me? Ask Donald “RACIST ASS” TRUMP

  2. let’s not pretend like martin has been the most rational person to work with all these years. mental hospital trips, assaults that took a lot of money to hush up. a period where it would cost a ton of money to put insurance on a project if he was in it, stalking his ex wife, threatened to hire a hitman on emmit smith. but despite that his siblings were able to get him back in the mix and the negative publicity. but martin just isn’t funny as he used to be and part of that is he’s medicated, the cbs sitcom according to some people i spoke with was on the level of a 70’s sitcom, the game has changed and what people look for in sitcoms has changed and martin’s ideas of funny are stuck in the early 90’s. no one wants to see the wisecracking black guy yelling DYN-O-MITE! anymore

    • shut up… he is martin lawrence… you are nobody…and you know a ittle too much about his personal life…

    • Why? It’s Hollywoods way of once again degrading the black woman! If you look at the picture you’ll see white women with what they consider perfect bodies and “tans” and then they display a not so attractive Martin Lawrence with a out of shape body- blonde braids and a jacked up face. This wasn’t a mistake please believe me.