Martin Lawrence Suffers Mental Breakdown!


Martin Lawrence Suffers Mental Breakdown 2013

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold!

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Martin Lawrence recently checked into a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a mental breakdown.

Insiders reveal the actor snapped over extreme pressure stemming from his divorce; family leaches; lack of movie roles; and being forced to return to television.

Here’s the drop:

“Martin is a rich, broke dude. Meaning he’s got a lot of shit, but he has to downsize. Martin really doesn’t want to work with corny ass Kelsey Grammer, but he has to because he really needs the money.”

Keep your head up playa, the streets is routin’ for you!!!


  1. How is this news? Martin Lawrence has always had a short leash on sanity. Doesn’t anyone remember when he was screaming in the freeway after Martin was canned? I think Martin Lawrence needs meds, but won’t take them.

  2. Oh how horrible to be “forced back into television.” Work a real job for a while–working for corny KG will start to look real good.

  3. Maybe Will Smith can do a celebrity telethon to keep Lawrence out of television? Can’t have Lawrence face the horrors of being on TV.

  4. I wish Martin the best. Maybe doing TV again will be the stepping stone that will get him back in the movies.

  5. martin’s on them drugs watch any old episode of martin and you’ll see how crazy he is and drugged up.

    • actually he suffers from Bipolar illness and he’s not alone. A lot of famous, creative people suffer from it. Patti Duke, Kristy McNichol, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jane Pauley, Drew Carey and the list goes on. When he was using drugs he was self-medicating. Hopefully he gets back on track. Extreme stress can send someone suffering from the disease into a manic or depressive episode. It’s a deadly serious illness and shouldn’t be taken lightly or used as an insult as a lot of people like to do. Nowadays it’s cool to insult people for any odd behavior by calling them bipolar. If this illness affects you, a friend, a spouse or a loved one you truly know it’s no laughing matter.

      • omg I so agree! but I am a mental health social worker…. ppl don’t understand those illnesses until it directly effects them… it’s only ignorance

  6. Just a question but where is Martin broke when his show STILL comes on after being gone off the air for 17 years!!??? Plus he just sold his house in Beverly Park for like close to 20 mil if i’m not mistaken! So dude is not broke! lol

  7. I want a “MARTIN” reunion show! All the cast members are still alive, unlike some of my fave shows, and Martin and Tisha seem to be OVER the past bullshit they had!!

  8. Hmm, don’t know if it’s true or not but I’m sure he’s stressed out though. There’s enough stories to prove it. He should go back to stand up actually. Not everybody’s gonna be a movie star forever. Stand-up should’ve been in his back up plan. Doubt he’s broke either. But whatever happens, stay up, Martin. Still one of the greats.

  9. Saw him a couple years ago at the FOX in Detroit with my cousin and he was hilarious. Keep your head up Martin!