Marvet Brito Pissed Off — Literally!!!


Marvet Britto Endorses Adult Diapers

Self-Inflicted Golden Shower?

HSK Exclusive – Marvet Britto may want to consider stacking up on some Depends adult diapers. Know why? Because being in the entertainment business for three-decades has proven to cause the powerful Hollywood publicist to suffer a weak bladder.

Insiders say they witnessed Britto get so intoxicated that she urinated all over herself. Don’t believe me.. Ask former ‘106 & Park’ host Terrence Jenkins.

We’re told the incident happened at the top of the year during Estelle’s record release party, in New York City. That’s where sources say after Britto got her drink on, she was seen rushing to the bathroom as she apparently wet herself through the back of her skirt.

Here’s the drop:

“Rosci was there and she knew Marvet was tipsy.¬†Marvet left the record release party to go to the after party, held at some hole in the wall on Christopher street and Broadway.

When she got to the after party, she rushed to the bathroom but she had already pissed herself before she got there.

Terrence J was there, but I don’t think he noticed Marvet’s assistant wiping the wet piss off the back of her skirt with a wet cloth she got from the bartender.”


  1. weak story lol some people do actually pe themsleves when drunk lol

    Although must admit i never knew people could pee through the back of themselves lol

  2. wow…………really Britto is pissing on herself,please someone call the Doctors or Dr Koz she needs help

  3. My question is, why the heck didn’t she go home and clean herself up before continuing on the party.. I would have went home and taken a hot shower and sat my behind down somewhere.. just sayin’

    • Because she was chasin’ that high. This bish too old for that. Old drunks — nasty pieces of work.

      Also, there is no Christopher St. and Broadway, Christopher St. is too far West, it starts at 7th Avenue South.

  4. This is clearly Photoshopped. Hopefully you’re not involved with this, Jacky. I’ve quoted your stories before.

  5. Picture looks photo shopped…..legs & arms look Caucasian and her face color is different. Story could be true but the pic isn’t