Marvet Britto Gets Gully w/ Gospel!


Marvet Britto Punks James Fortune

Curve Ball Connoisseur?

HSK Exclusive – One gospel singer who’s, represented by Marvet Britto, may only be viewed by the Hollywood publicist as nothing more than what his last name spells out. That’s because sources say though Marvet Britto gladly takes her percentage from singer James Fortune, when the good word artist wants to see his PR person, she plays him like a piano.

According to an inside source, Britto Agency client James Fortune – a Texas native – arrived in the Big Apple to perform, and when he arranged to meet Marvet, she played sick – after collecting her check, of course!

Here’s the drop:

“Her client,James Fortune, headed to New York, from Texas, to perform —
in January, 2012.

Marvet was supposed to be at the show out in Randall Island, but she made up so many excuses not to go. James was trying to meet Marvet because he was in her city — after his show he wanted to take her out for dinner.

Marvet doesn’t care about her unpopular clients, but she’ll take their money.”


  1. This cone head mofo ain’t shit. He is a felon convicted of child abuse 4 burning his stepson over 75% of his body 4 scribbling on a table.

    • Thank you for reminding us of that, I had almost forgot.

      Fortune is the typical angry stepdaddy, hatin’ on another man’s child.

      Fuck him, I hope Marvet is fuckin’ him ova big time, cuz water seeks its level!