Marvet Britto’s ICE-Capades Exposed!


Marvet Britto Agency Employs Illegal Aliens

All Publicity’s NOT Good Publicity…

HSK Exclusive – Marvet Britto’s shoulder-rubbing with some of Hollywood’s top a-listers may have led the publicist to believe she can take national issues, like immigration, into her own hands.

That’s because insiders say Britto – who’s said to have once represented the likes of Angela Bassett, Mariah Carey and Kim Cattrell – hasn’t just been using undocumented workers to run the day-to-day dealings at the “Britto Agency”, she’s also said to be looking for an American citizen to wed one of her undocumented Canadian employees for American citizenship.

A witness tells HSK they overheard Marvet Britto involved in a telephone conversation, while the publicist was at an uptown east side of Harlem nail salon. That’s where we’re told Britto spilled the beans on her plan to to get her Canadian employee, Courtney, married to an American citizen, saying “Courtney is getting ready to comeback from Canada and this time I wanna keep her here.”

Here’s the drop:

“Marvet tormented her last assistant, Sandy, until she quit. Marvet got rid of Sandy only to replace her with Courtney.

Courtney and Marvet fit together like a hand in a glove. That’s why she tried to get Courtney married. Marvet asked my friend to marry Courtney. Courtney knows all of Marvet’s secrets, that’s why she wants Courtney close.

Marvet is cheap Jacky, she tried to get my homeboy to marry Courtney without offering money — Hoping he’d do it for free.”

Marvet Britto Plans Marriage for Immigration