Marvin Gaye III Smoked so Much Cocaine He Now Needs a New Kidney


HSK originally published this exclusive on March 1, 2012, it was confirmed today (1.5 years later) when Marvin Gaye III was begging for a new kidney.

HSK Exclusive – Marvin Pentz Gaye III is looking for a donor to supply him for a kidney transplant. He also suffers from diabetes, Know why? Because Marvin P. Gaye III has been freebasing cocaine for over twenty years.

Here’s what a close friend of Marvin P. Gaye III had to say:

“Marvin is like a scientist, he likes to cook his cocaine. Marvin gets off on adding baking soda to cocaine, he’s a chef. He’s been freebasing for years.

I used to get high with Jr. back in the ’80s. I partied at Marv’s house when he lived at Post Hill, we would go for days straight.

When he moved to the Valley, Jr. was smoking even more. I guess it finally caught up to him.”

Were Marvin P. Gaye III and Lou Rawls Jr. freebasing buddies? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Todd Bridges.


    • Freebasing is with ether, if I’m not mistaking and crack is basically cocaine cooked with water & baking soda for a cheap, but effective high, from what I understand.

      None of this is from experience, just from what I’ve heard over the years.

    • ^^^^Basically what P4L said….This is not from experience but from watching documentaries.

      It’s called freebase because when you mix the ether with the cocaine it “frees” the “base” of the cocaine from the rest of the chemicals so you are smoking pure coke. It’s supposed to give you one hell of a high.

      Crack is as mentioned basically cutting the coke with baking soda and water and dried up, so t’s watered down and sold for cheaper but it gives you a quick high. SO freebase is basically smoking pure coke and crack s smoking a very cheap product with some coke in it with other contaminants but it can be sold for cheaper.

  1. Damn that’s crazy. Drugs are the DEVIL, plz stay away from them. He probably saw his father sniffing coke. *sigh*

  2. Okay free base is smoking a drug that is not in salt form; whereas cocaine that is sniffed is still in salt form. Example, crack that is crushed and placed in a spoon and the heated by a lighter, underneath the spoon, is the act of free basing. The user inhales the fumes , I am guessing until it dissolves? But anyways he inhales the fumes and that is the act of free basing. The user is actually freeing the fumes from its base which is a salt formed substance, such as, meth or crack. I found this info at URBAN DICTIONARY. So I paraphrased it to make it more understandable because I have no idea what that HCI means. Hope this helps.

  3. This is sad though, I pray he gets a donor. No judgements here, the boy’s father was murdered by his grandfather. Poor thing.

    • If he got a new kidney, he would still do drugs. Just like Larry Hagman got a new kidney and kept drinking.

      Oh, and Marvin was killed by dealers that he owed money to. The fixer pinned it in his senile father to clean up Marvin’s image. They stuck to the addict story, which was obvious, but cut the “owes large sums to dealers” out of the story.

  4. I mean damn……is that all everybody in the entertainment industry and those associated do is get high? Seems like everybody in the 80’s were coke and crack heads…..damn! Somebody please shed some light on the subject….half these ppl had to have been getting high BEFORE they came into the industry the kids of these entertainers had to have been watching their parents get high or when they were old enough were getting high with them! Can somebody share the real on the industry? How do you avoid the pitfalls of getting high and going broke?

    • Blame the Reagan Administration and the Iran-Contra devils for flooding our neighborhoods with cocaine while going into Columbia fighting the “war on fcming drugs”. Goddamn hypocrites. JUST SAY NO!?

      • Hey Boom, I understand where you’re coming from in terms of the government’s hypocritical PR Just Say No campaign when they were the agents of destruction.

        However, it is up to the individual to JUST SAY NO, no matter what is available in the community.

        We have to accept our role in allowing the DEVIL to use us…for the BIBLE says “resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

        So it’s up to us to RESIST.


    • Well yes we’re talking about Hollyweird! Most of them didn’t have a thorough upbringing and therefore lack focus and stabilty.

      So they didn’t have to follow the rules of going to school or going to bed early, eat their dinner. They follow what their celebrity parents did and if it was a party lifestyle then that what happens to them.

      It’s sad indeed. Jacky really put it out there this time and unfortunately it’s all true.

    • Marvin Pentz Gaye III is the biological issue of Marvin Pentz Gaye, Jr. and Denise Gordy–the niece of Anna Gordy Gaye, Marvin II’s wife.

      Marvin III did not know that Denise (his cousin) was his real mother until after Marvin II died.

      • This is very true. I grew up with him, his cousin Glen Gordy & Vidal Sassoon’s oldest daughter Catya who died in 2002 of a heart attack caused by drug use.

        I am so sad to hear this but I know first hand with the exception of Glen all those kids & children of other entertainers who all hung out together were drinking & smoking at very early age. Marvin was no exception. What gets me is how this news has gotten out when there are so many family members between the Gayes & Gordys that at least one of them should be a match & he shouldn’t have to be on anyone’s donor list.

        This also brings “Blurred Lines” to mind & yet another reason why “which ever of those guys” be it Tip, Pharrell and/or Robin should properly pay the Gaye Family Estate for the music they used from “Got To Give It Up!”

        • they will never ever want to pay them . it makes sense now. They know the weakspots of the gayes , wasn’t it said nona was on drugs as well ?

        • my opinion the song was influenced by got to give it up but it does’nt sample marvin’s hit.

          had to listen to it closely to see.

          no infomation anywhere says that blurred lines samples got to give it up but the song was influenced by it.

    • @Black Barbie, Got me thinking that why Prince made Nona get an abortion. He knew she was sniffing and didn’t want the baby to be hooked.

    • while making all those love songs about teenage girls he sexed on soul train and drug and sex orgies he had jan take part in while he sat back and did coke.

  5. Ha ha ha Anon, you better be glad I have a sense of humor and can take a joke. See … why you can’t help folks these days? Anyways, who can smoke with this economy? I heard a pack of cigarettes in the East Coast is 10 dollars! No, Anon for the record I am a Lady, and that’s not Lady like. On another note, @JerkChicken you said FROSTED TOOTH…I never heard that before, are you susposed to say it like Tony the tiger says They’re Great? Let me practice…


  7. First off. I know we have two kidneys (!!) but the likelyhood is that somebody has to die in order for one kidney to come available on the donor list (or else one of his friends would have donated one to him already?) I can’t wish nobody dead for him to get a new kidney when he’s wrecked his own life. I know he had a tough life but so did I and I wasn’t sweetened with money either. He should have spent his crack money on therapy or something.

  8. @RobTruth with all due respect pls re-read what I actually said. Notions like the ‘likely-hood that someone has to die’. That ‘his friends might donate’. I didn’t actually say ‘someone has to die everytime’ did I? Without repeating myself, I think I covered all the bases. I don’t need schooling on kidney transplants – this blog comment is not that serious and you are not a doctor.

  9. Now we know Black people from the old school era didn’t believe in therapy. They went to church or turn to self medicating rather then dealing with their issues raw.

  10. marvin in his last days thought he was being chased by berry and his folks from motown marvin saw midgets wiyth pistols in the crowd.

    plus marvin was pissed at the in my lifetime cover it pictured 2 marvins one as a devil and other as an angel marvin said he got the hint and left motown.

    kind of fishy to me marvin probaly knrew his day was coming.

    funny how biggie was getting all these death threats but puffy was’nt during 96-97.

    elvis read a mag saying talking about hiom and he said that’s it he’s through.

  11. We need to stop ingesting shit designed to kill us. Check this out:

    African-Americans are more likely to be overweight and develop chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and certain diet-related cancers than any other cultural group in America. There has been a variety of theories and ideas that seek to explain these differences.

    American Slavery may hold some of the answers to today’s health problems and dependency on higher sugar consumption. Some theorists believe that many of the 30 percent of American slaves who died on slave ships headed for America perished from conditions caused by dehydration. This suggests that native Africans who were genetically predisposed to retain salt, were more likely to survive the long trip. Unfortunately, retaining salt in the system predisposes a person to developing high blood pressure.

    Many of the Africans brought to America worked on sugar plantations and in sugar houses. Molasses, the sweet, thick fructose-rich by-product of processed sugar became a staple in African-American diet. Unfortunately, recent studies show that African-Americans consume more sugar than any other population segment.

    • I believe it too. It is the bane of my existence that old devil sugar. I can resist cheeseburgers, pizza, bacon steak and spaghetti…but come at me with a fist full of cherry Twizzlers and I start to get the shakes. lolololololol

      And I literally DREAM at night about genuine sugar based(not fructose but cane sugar)Coca Colas. I started drinking them in Mexico where they are readily available, and they are better than 25 year old single malt Scotch (to me).