Mary J. Blige Refuses To ‘Go Out’ Like Whitney Houston!


Mary J Blige Scared Straight

If anyone has learned from Whitney Houston’s fateful journey, Mary J. Blige has. That’s because the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul has revealed Whitney’s death scared her azz straight … literally!

“Whitney Houston’s death really crushed me. I saw someone so incredibly talented just diminish, and I refuse to go out like that.”

Now, Mary ain’t ‘Goin’ Down’ anymore … Proudly professing she’s not only back in the gym, she’s also been sober for “a year and three-months.” This, about a year and nine-months since Whitney Houston’s death, February 11, 2012.

“I haven’t had a drink in a year and three months. I had quit for a long time but started again about five years ago.
I’m off it completely once more, and now I feel stronger than ever!”

Here’s what Mary J. Blige told Shape Magazine:

“I used to think I was ugly. But that is the result of self-hate. As you age, your body really wants to hold on to extra weight. I wanted to be fit forever. Unfortunately, as I got older, I found it was harder to maintain. The treadmill is fine, but running outdoors gives me the best results.

I hate being out of shape! But I don’t exercise just to lose weight. It makes me feel better when I get that run in. I could be in the worst mood, but when I do my cardio I feel much, much better.

I beat alcohol dependence and drug addiction. I started at 16 years old. By the time I got into the music business, it was bigger than me.

I’m praying, meditating, and being honest with myself. It’s not easy, but at the end of the day, if it’s not healthy — or if it’s killing you–you need to see the truth and stop. Others may be able to drink and have a great time, but it doesn’t work for me at this point.”


    • Too bad she’s bent on telling us how hard her life is ALL the time. Since the ‘My Life’ album dropped waaaay back in ’94 Mary’s been a walking complaint factory.

      • YEAH, I agree, a well balanced, happy Mary J. Blige, she probably feels wouldn’t sell records, but I disagree though, if the music is great she can sell albums

    • I absolutely agree, ENT GOON. Although, my only addictive behaviors has been purchasing too many shoes, Mary J’s words are inspiring. She’s amazing.

  1. That photo of Mary is so photo shopped and Sober only a year or so. What up with that? I remember her saying a long time ago she’s been sober and that same story she told this fitness magazine!!! So evidently she started back getting high and drinking again at some point!!! I don’t care what she say I think she be getting high more than she be drinking.

    • I was thinking the same thing because didn’t she say the same S.H.I.T after Aaliyah’s death. Look it up!

    • “Sober” as in drinking, JL. Many recovering addicts stop using narcotics but will resume or develop a taste for alcohol, believing that booze is the lesser evil. Obviously she found that both are in fact “drug-use,” and can claim families, alter lives, and consume the individual. Give her credit for being strong and able enough to identify the negative impacts and take back her life…drug & alcohol free.

  2. “I saw someone so incredibly talented just diminish…”

    Just “diminish”? This ignorant b*tch needs to put those words she doesn’t know how to use back in the dictionary. Close it, and put it back on the shelf. You’ve gotten this far being illiterate, why stop now?

    And she will never live down that tweet years back about her “intelligents”.

  3. Well good for your Mary J. I wish you the very best in life. Love your music. That pic doesn’t really look like Mary. Oh! Well!

  4. That’s the problem…she’s not positive at all. All you ever hear from her is how hard she’s had it. With all of her success in the music business over the last 20 years, you’d think she’d be able to talk about something else…Nope!

    • Money, fame and fortune will never cure the devastation of childhood traumas. Why can’t she talk about it? It makes her that much normal, easier to relate to, inspire and encourage. Be mindful that that very pain and anguish is the reason why she sings. I’d say her successes, even her flaws are very much “positive.”

    • Why that person got to be a bitch? It’s evident that all that positive attitude didn’t rub off on you.

  5. Anybody who thinks Whitney Houston died from a drug overdose is an idiot. Whitney was MURDERED! Mary J Blige doesn’t dictate when she will go out or how she will go out. Whenever the hollywood mafia wants to end Mary’s life, they will murder her and her record sales will soar! That is the price of fame! Do you still want to be famous? Do you still want to sacrifice your soul and your asshole for money and fame?

    • NBA No disrespect, but nobody had to murder Whitney. She was on a fast track to taking care of that all by herself(with a little help from “friends” like Ray J)


      • AGREED, I Don’t Buy Into Conspiracy Theories, Whitney Houston was not MURDERED, “BIGGIE” and P DIDDY didnot have Tupac MURDERED remember Tupac was in a fight prior to be shot that night

        • So how do you two feel or think about whitney’s daughter being found in a similar state to how whitney died the night before whitney actually died? Does that account for anything?

          • Unfortunately I think there was/is similar behaviors with mother and daughter, and I pray that Bobbi Kris finds her way out before history repeats and the cycle continues. There seems to be much unhappiness in the Houston family, and that accounts for most of their self destructive actions. Someone has to break the cycle, and BK is young enough to do it…but she needs some good strong support.

    • Yeah Mary attested to that on106 also she said Aaliyah was murdered, she said she didn’t want to get into it cause she had to have proof.that the people around her wasn’t for her. But from what she knew she was murdered. In a magazine she said when Aaliyah died she thought she was next.that they were gonna overdose her or put her in a freak accident.

    • Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson killed themselves. Its a sad and devastating reality and loss, but they were adult and very much accountable for their livelihood. #badchoices

    • I think “credit” is very much warranted and due after living half your life broken and under-the-influence. Her reason for sharing her personal milestones with the world has less to do with empathy, and more to do with not allowing it to remain in secrecy. The truth will set you free.

  6. Why does Mary’s stomach look so wrinkled in that photo shopped pic?Usually photo shopping equals perfection.


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