Tim Dog Targets Nas and Mary J in Latest Scam


Mary J Booking Scam

HSK Exclusive – Over the last five or six years, Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair has been keeping himself busy as a successful conman. Know why? Because Tim Dog wasn’t only swindling women out of their life savings, he was also running a crooked booking agency called “Big City Entertainment”.

Now, HSK has documents that prove Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair’s company “Big City Entertainment” was in conjunction with another illegal booking agency “GME” – to sell to promoters, concert performances that would NEVER take place. Tim Blair profited hundreds of thousands of dollars (as documented below), while at the same time ruining the reputation for the artists he falsely claimed to be representing in the Australian territory.

Tim Dog managed all of this, right from his Atlanta Peachtree apartment, in a city surrounded by his artist victims.

NAS Booking Scam

Tim Blair managed to pocket the money which was intended for artists like, Big Daddy Kane, Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, T-Pain, Nas, Africa Bambaataa and many more, but guess what? Tim Dog’s company “Big City Entertainment” and “GME” were not only ripping off international promoters…they were also stealing money from their industry peers. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mary J. Blige’s husband Kendu Isaacs.

Here’s an insert taken from a one-sheet Tim Dog was using to promote his booking agency to international concert buyers:

“Tim Blair started his career as a rap superstar Tim Dog on Sony Records in 1990 where he worked with such greats as Puff Daddy, Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy and many more.”

Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Wu Tang Clan and Chuck D will all tell you this is not true. Know why? Because P Diddy, members of Wu Tang Clan and Chuck D will all claim to have never done business with Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tim Dog’s stick up buddy Marc Giveand.

HSK reached out to people from the camps of Mary J, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane and T Pain, all of which denied having any professional relationship with Timothy Blair now or anytime in the past.

Below are some of the documents proving Tim Dog ripped off numerous Hiphop and RNB superstars:

International Booking Scam

International Booking Scam

Fat Joe Booking Scam

International Booking Scam

Tim Dog Booking Scam

Tim Dog Booking Scam


International Booking Scam

Tim Dog Rap Legends

Australian Bank Transactions

BMC Contract GME

Groove Money Wire Tim Dog 2

Groove Money Wire Tim Dog 3

Groove Money Wire Tim Dog

Groove vs Tim Dog Summons Final

Kane Oversea Rider

Tim Dog Confidentiality Agreement

originally published April 2, 2012


  1. Ain’t this the clown that made f….Compton, hmmm now he is conning people from an apartment on peach “homo thug,tranny” street.well it seems like Tim the puppy is in trouble good riddance.

  2. Being that it appears law enforcement will not “protect and serve” the ‘alleged’ victims (Can we sue them for false advertisment 😉 – I would ask if the artists themselves will take action to demand justice against this Predator for the sake of the ‘alleged’ victims – and the smaller victims, the children Timothy Blair robs of food and clothes by targeting their mothers.. What happened to “justice for all” ?? It’s time to get angry and make some changes in this country in the legal system.. Enough is enough already…

  3. Fo real, the only ice this Dog will be getting is iced out the game. When you screw over major artists, you can rest assure your professional career=dead.

  4. Tim is still free and working cons today! Negligence by the justice system that is failing to take notice with all the victims that have come forward AND the paper trail and documents provided. This is sick. Doesn’t someone with any power or abilities willing to step up and take this DOG down?

  5. This stupid ass dog is getting dumber and dumber .. right on the internet with track records and all .. this is inspector gadget stuff !! PERFECT ! Lets bring the dog down for good! He really needs to stop hurting people like that. He has no idea what he has done to humanity who are fighting for justice for several years know paying for debts he left them with. And look at this, this ashole receives this much money lying about hardworking talented artists

  6. P Cooper in Major Fraud is no longer the one to contact. Please contact the ATL FBI via their website. File an Ic3.gov report if crime was done via internet, bank transfers, document transfers. ALSO, file a crime tip (which is with Terrorist Tip) and submit all details of names, dates, type crime, amount, how, business name he worked under, telephone numbers, email address, other people in his entourage, etc. Even if amount is small, or if you think your statute has run out, it may not have and combined with other victims that have come forward you can be represented now. Stop a predator and have the support of other victims. There are several more who have come forward even recently.

  7. Does NOT look legit. Check out some of the above “evidence”. E-Mails from timxus@YAHOO.com? What wealthy rapper would use a free email site to do illegal business? The rest of the stuff could easily have been faked as well.

    • One of the talents of a con artist, is to come off to the ‘victim’, as giving her/him special access – such as a personal email address to contact them directly. Free? Well, ‘he’ is just smart with money because of once being poor and hungry. Also, Criminal Blair appears to victimize overseas persons for many reasons, some of it may be because different cultures are not always aware of what is “normal” business, etc of the other culture or country. Trust me, Mr. Clark, this is NOT the only victim with these type documents – so I can assure you she did not make this up. As most con artists, fraudulent artists do, they take what is real and make it conterfeit. Remember, too, Blair once was in the music industry and had access to contracts, booking procedures, etc. It appears you are educated as well on business dealings – you are certainly welcome to contribute your efforts to the journey to justice and help victims of this (and other financial rapes) premeditated thief recover on all levels by helping them get justice. If you are in the states, I can guarantee you that this is not the last you will hear of this – and will soon hear it on a national level. Stay tuned. Over a decade of scams will soon be exposed.

      • Good point. The numerous times someone has attempted to scam me, it’s been through a yahoo/google free account service, often posing as someone wealthy or famous. It just always surprises me how a criminal can get away with things with such little effort. Looking forward to how this story unfolds! Thanks for uploading!

        • well mister clark, mr blair doesnt only use free emails .. while he was conning me he used registered website emails, several of them, because he “ownes” (what a joke) several business … please looking back its even funny to think about he ownes anything besides a dogbone !

        • Watch Dateline NBC on June 8th 9-11p est for this horrific story of a predator, Tim Blair aka Tim Dog who has devised many schemes, while using his past history and knowledge of the music industry, to set up his victims. He coldly calculates how to leave them in a financial grave, not caring that most of the victims have children that are left to suffer along with their mothers, possibly even more so in the long run. A two hour episode, well worth the watch. Some hidden camera scenes…

    • Hmmmm.. Is this Tim?? Or one of his blinded partners in crime?? Doesn’t matter.. Countdown..

      • must be Tim. Hey Tim scum. get a real job. Stop being like the rest of your pathetic ilk and thinking that you deserve a handout from hard working Americans. You are no better than the shit on the bottom of my shoe. GET A JOB!

  8. Lmao justicereporter

    Or is it one of tims bitches or his superbitch??
    Doesnt matter indeed…. Countdown for sure you idiot!

  9. Good lord at the replies to my comment. I’m just trying to bring out the other side of this story. Anyone who calls me ignorant or stupid for doing that is truly the one who lives in ignorance. You’re the type of people who believed the Kony scams and Trayvon Martin lies (if you don’t live in the states you probably haven’t heard of those).

  10. than don’t call people idiot while not knowing them or investigated what happend to that person !

  11. Mr. Clark I thought that at first and had to reread. I think Jamie started the name calling. I would dare to guess it may be Tim Dog himself or one of his accomplices or blind followers. Everyone just breathe 🙂 It would be ideal to keep it a place we can ask questions an give information in a respectful environment.

  12. All this evidence is from 2008. Hey, I’m no PhD in math but that’s like 4 yrs ago not today in 2012. No proof he did anything like this after the trial. What’s the statute of limitations on fraud?

    • Up to 7 years with wire fraud – which would include money being transferred by wire into bank accounts. According to research, very click of the mouse to carry out the fraud can be punishable by up to five years and can count as one charge each of fraud.

  13. I think this story is more a testimony of the character of “Dog”….which is very questionable. My thing would be,why do people continue to do business with him…knowing he hasnt been hot since the early nineties. Shouldnt these promoters know what his game is…I blame the promoters as much as “Dog”…

    • remember these victim did not know about each other – as these that have come forward, including this victim behind this story, were all about the same time. Whitney, the last victim, also found info re other victims on the internet which encouraged her to flee the scene. Now that the word is out and a simple google can reveal info on Tim Dog and now a reported history of business scamming complaints, yes.. here is to hoping no one believes his lies anymore and invests ever again.

    • There’s another “rapper” doing the same type of con, he claims he’s the son of Jermaine Jackson and calls himself, “Vann Mogul” or “Andre Vann” or “Mr. Vann,” and lately he’s using the name, “Gepetto Jackson.” (sp?) He’s conned some women and others, who don’t see through him; especially because he did manage to hang out with Jermaine Jackson and his family and has the pics and video clips to prove it. He’s got a following in Facebook.

    • None of the women weren’t promoters to begin with, they started being promoters while working with him

    • Yes, that’s him! When I sounded the alarm about him, I was deleted from several Facebook pages. A female MJ fan was scammed by him, but now she refuses to discuss it and falsely claims she never met him in person, although she did. I guess she’s humiliated.

  14. http://www.journeytojustice.com

    do you want to leave this information and maybe the victims info on this website?
    They are able to help victims who are ashamed and scared to talk about what happend to them
    Thank you for standing up and caring about others

    • Thank you! I’ll have to backtrack on my research and check my PM’s on Facebook to remember who the victim was, and there was a court case also. I’ll post the info there as soon as I get it together.

  15. One has to love how even in the face of a significant body of proof (bank statements, contracts etc) that they remain doubtful as to their authenticity. Such type of sentiment truly only keeps the door ajar for further cons/conmen.

    The documents are substantiated and there are a range of reasons as to why this person was unable to come forward at the time. The most primary of which being, they never knew of the charges being brought forward across the other side of the world and they were at the time dealing with their own collective financial ruin and legal complications brought on through the fraud. (Google Groove in the Park – legal representation in the state of South Australia is KEVIN GILCHRIST)

    I know this as I know the people involved. So the shoulda, coulda, woulda brigade need to understand this is not some hokey one off con, this conman psychopath has been at it for decades and given this, it remains irrelevant as to whether or not he continued his frauds after the one took the lesser plea against.

    Everyone involved in this web of scams now have to contend with no only their own circumstances but a minefield of international, federal, state and local law – none of it a simple process and often quite contradictory – all within international G2G relations and mechanisms such as AMEX who have been enablers and validators of these various cons.


    • To Boooty GOOOON – who is this post targeted at? It is not clear what or to whom you are trying to communicate..