Master P’s Race Limit In Women Exposed…


Master P's Race Limit Rumors

Philippine Fever?

HSK Exclusive – He may be the founder of No Limit Records, but Master P seems to be setting race limits for the women welcomed into his family.

Insiders have revealed Master P believes Filipina women bear ‘better-looking kids’ for black men. That’s why sources say the music mogul recently advised his younger brother ‘Silk Da Shocker’ to break-up with singer Mya, and find a Filipina woman to impregnate. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Miller’s wife, Sonya.

Now, it doesn’t seem coincidental Master P and his brothers – Kevin Miller and Silk Da Shocker all have children with Filipinas.

This news comes as one of Master P’s six children, half-Filipina daughter Cymphonique Miller, is heartbroken after her “How To Rock” Nickelodean television show was cancelled. Sources say the program was serving as a stage to keep Romeo in the spotlight.

Now, the No Limit Records founder is said to be outraged. Sources say despite the cancellation, the pair of mixed Mater P-kids only get such opportunities because of their complexions.

Here’s the drop according to GJ:

“Silk da Shocker, who has kids by Cymphonique’s mother’s sister, is trying hard to get his son in the entertainment industry, but has failed.

They touched base’s on the fact that Silk was with Mya for years, but broke up with her because he thought he would have better looking kids with a non-black woman. Silk got that twisted attitude from Master P, who said he wanted to have a mixed child he could get into show business and profit off of and stay in the limelight.

Kevin’s son by one of those Filipino sisters. Sonya, his wife or whatever you wanna call her know, is strung out on heavy duty drugs because of all his affairs and outside kids. The Filipino mother of Cymphonique stays out of the spotlight, orders given by Master P. So she continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle that she has had for years.”


  1. Cymphonique??? That’s not a Philippine name!! That’s a black made up name. Maybe Master Ps lineage is too nappy for his liking!

  2. what father would let his daughter work with a rumored pedophile (‘How to Rock’ producer Dan Schneider, who also produces ‘ICarly’ and is rumored to be the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’s baby)?

    • somebody who wants money and are you on some roman polanski, michael jackson type chit well ain’t the first time todd bridges, tatum o neal, AND RAIN PRYOR WERE ALL MOLESTED.

      • Parents pimped their kids out for stardom.I’ve seen mothers pushed their teenage daughters to make a great first impression with talent scouts (usually older men) by being overtly flirtatious (too affectionate,lots of touching,kisses on the ears or neck,holding hands,sitting in their laps,protruding their breasts,etc.) Sick shit.

  3. and is rumored to be the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’s baby)?
    say What Now Mooki ??
    thats bananas

    So his last four kids are with a black woman? is Romeo mixed?Is Romeo and Cymphonic from the same mother?
    Who are the five other kids from?

  4. Sonya is Master P’s wife! Lil Romeo looks exacty like her. She’s from New Orleans she’s black and has 8 kids with P. Kevin Miller has been dead over 20yrs h had 1 son with a black girl. What you’re saying about Silkk is sort of true except he’s been with the Filipno chic the mother ofhis 6 kids well before Mya and anyone else. Cymphonique mom is Filipino and the sister of Silkk’s wife. Master P has always lived the Stevie J life making his wife and misstress except the situation. My brother in law did security for P for 9 years. I know what I’m talking about. P likes light skin, latina or filipino women over dark chics. My brother in law would get mad. He said P always said dark women were ugly with nappy pu**y hair.

    • yeah p made about 100 songs dedicating it to his dead brother and kevin’s killer was never caught.

      blood sacrifice.

      c murder was married and was fooling with monica.

      never saw silkk’s wife think i saw a pic of c’s wife long ago when no limit was running the charts.

      did’nt romeo have an affair with kirstie alley?

      • You think so, I know that’s how they get down but I thought P brother got killed long before p got in the entertainment game just on some Street shit?

        • The killer will not be caught I lived down that way around that time and its a known thing in they hood that C took whom ever it was out. C was really bout dat life.

    • All black women do not have nappy hair. And what about him he’s calling people ugly knowing darn well he’s ugly so if he didnt have all that money he wouldn’t have all those women. Why are some people ignorant toward others. And what does that say about him being proud of his race of people. Oh yeah we know now he’s fake and that’s why he will now be a negative with some people. His kids with his black wife was pretty. He was the ugly one if he’s running around calling people.

  5. Cymphonique reminds me of CiCi Peniston. – on topic- theres no point in the other siblings being jealous of Cypho or Romeo, it’s not the two of theirs fault that dad is a black racist and likes spending all of his time with them. Success is the best revenge. Let Master P dote on his lighter kids and hopefully his darker kids get back at him by being successful without him. Hope what they said about the black mother isn’t true……if so then I hope she gets through that.

    • Romeo is Sonya’s child she and P have 7other children together. If the other kids are jealous its probably because they had to watch the misstresses kid(Cympho) get her own tv show. He and Sonya have 3 light skin children and 5 dark ones. P does and always have favored the ligher ones. Sonya is light skin Romeo is her twin their darker kids are cute to because she’s a pretty girl.
      Silkk and Mya’s relationship couldnt go anywhere because he’s been dating Cympho’s mom sister Juji since 1996 and has 6 kids with her.

        • They have 5 under 18 that he was trying to pay $240 a month in support for. Romeo aka Percy Jr
          Vercy and N’Taliana are grown. One of his daughters and Cymphonique was born SAME day SAME year.

        • No wtf??? Kevin died in 88 and Romeo was born in 90 besides he looks Nothing like Kevin and is Sonya’s twin someone should be smacked for that stupid lie

      • I can image an fked up family unit and mental perception. It’s one thing to have outside children and to have a relationship with them on the side but he does all of this in there face. Plus Romeo is one of them being from the same mother and raised in the same household. How can you understand and process that because that is fked up and is dysfunctional as shit. Plus he is racist out loud and seems to treat no one around him with respect. If I had that many siblings who loved me and looked up to me and I couldn’t see their pain all of the time. I wouldn’t play this game with my father for long time s I grow into an adult because it keeps division and bitterness in the air. Siblings shouldn’t have to hate each other because of the recklessness of the parent’s choices. I also heard that the mother is now strung out on drug because of her marriage to this man. All of the other kids are much younger then Romeo and Cymphonique.

      • why on earth would Mya, as beautiful as she is would date some nigga with 6 kids with some other broad?

  6. SILKK AIN’T USED TO BE COLOR STRUCK BACK IN THE DAY.. might’ve just like ‘good’ hair tho..lmao..OMG OMG OMG..HAHHAHAHA

    • Naw….they never are…until they come into money…whenever a black man becomes successful…the FIRST thing he get rid of is the BLACK WOMAN…black women, turn away from black men…you’ll be glad you did.


    • Master P has a light skin wife and a Filipino misstress. As long as you’re ligt skin you’re good. We’re from louisiana he use to try to talk to my older sister and flirt with the middle one who is married to his friend.She hated him lol. He use to call us all red whenever he asked us anything. He’s from the hood but he’s color stuck like MANY dudes from the hood.Since all the kids he had with Sonya didnt come out looking like her he made sure THAT would never happen again hence….Cymphonoque Miller.

  8. Here’s the thing… Master P’s “theory” FAILED. Cymphonique is funny looking at best. She is not cute.

    • i agree. i always wondered where she came from. when i saw a story on his life, i didn’t remember seeing Cymphonique. i saw a bunch of kids, so i always thought she was one of them, but i kept thinking “who does she look like”. i also remember him being really evil to his wife when she ask for divorce, he wanted to pay her like $200 or something really low, knowing she got all those kids. so i hope she can get herself together and raise those other kids, so they won’t start getting those negative feelings about their looks, cause Romeo is already a monster, he only like white, latino or mixed looking girls.

  9. Gutter trash will do anything. They are and feel so low they have to look up to Filipinos. That is truly sad. I hope Percy Miller is in Uncle Tom’s Cabin this year. I always wondered what was wrong with his daughter’s face. LOL. SMH. Oh the wonders of the black male mind.

  10. I work with alot of filipinos. This is funny to me because they always talk about how stupid Americans are because they can come over to our country and get loans, jobs, whatever they want yet they treat black people like crap and we were born here. They say, “if you come to our country, you would be the last to get anything, we take care of our own first.” Go figure.

    • This remind me of a time back in da day when I worked part-time for a security company. We were doing a concert and someone from Blackstreet entourage approached me and told me to be on the lookout for the finest women in the building(they wanted to invite them backstage after the show) So when dude came back later on, I was pointing them out like a mad man. Dude looked at me and said Naw Bro, you only pointing out black girls. I was like hey they’re the finest in the building. Dude shook his head and walked away.

    • c murder copied 2paqc too much for me just like that other guy krazy who was on no limit who sounded like pac but not quite.

      all p and no limit did was make me wanna listen to pac and his unreleased bootlegs even more.

  11. Hmmm well aint nothing changed really dough…those Bay Area dudes always catch dat yella feevah. Ha?

    And let’s be honest for a second, Percy is not the best looking guy in the stable (in fact he’s downright homely) so like a lot of less than attractive businessmen with access to manipulating people he’s going to try to improve his gene pool in any way he can.

    As far as the Filipino thing goes, the comments are right on about them being one of the more race conscious (and racist against blacks) country in the world. They have a Tagalog term for blacks, which sounds like “nuck-nuck”, which loosely translates to “monkey”…and they use it all the time, even more than the italian americans use “mooley”…so there you go.

    Of course there are a lot of unattractive pinay women, (try going to Manilla sometime and you’ll see plenty), so the idea that they will produce good looking kids is a silly racial myth. But ALOT of sex addicts go for pinays, as they have a very high drive and can really take it, especially the very small ones. If you don’t know the term LBFM, google it to see whats up… They really have “no limit” in the bedroom and will indulge in whatever crazy sex games you want to play. Alot of them also have bodies like underage girls, so you do the math… Ha?

    Finally, I’ll say this, as a culture, not a race, even though the women appear to be submissive and “take orders”, Filipinos are a very sneaky and manipulative people behind the scenes. The payoff for that is that they are INTENSELY LOYAL and PRIVATE, which is ideal for control freaks who have money. So you can be sure that if this story is true, that Mister Percy is getting positively OWNED by wife, who has him by the ballz in more ways than one. Ha?

    • True his Filipino side piece aka Cymphoniques mom has her shit together and business in order. P has been paying her well since the early 90s.The black wife got to enjoy the life style but business wise the flip runs circles around her.

      • Indeed I think you right, Toi. But we need to remember that “enjoying the lifestyle” usually comes with its twin “being controlled”.

        Because a lot of these Celebretard’s games are raggedy and their ethics corrupt, they have to try to control all aspects of their lives to maintain their media image. Including those who they supposedly love and who love them. It’s a sad scene.

        So it’s a GILDED CAGE for the wives and mistresses. Don’t believe me? Ask Shaunie O’Neal, or….oh hell ask all of them!

        How much is your freedom worth? I’d rather be a free man in the geto ANY DAMN DAY

    • We all know that if Master P had of said this shit in the 90’s when his ass was coming up, he NEVER would be famous No#1. No#2 his son would probably look like any other normal looking black kid instead of Asian or what ever race he is. Little Wayne and the rest of them can all go to hell with all of this NON BLACK, TOO BLACK bull shit about black women. Apparently their momma’s must be TOO UGLY and TOO BLACK too, cause they are sho’ nuff shamed of ’em not to mention lookin’ like them.

    • P is from Loiusianna not the bay.When you make statements you need to have your facts correct.Pertaining to the brothers catching yellow fever comment.Its down south,Midwest ,and back east is where lighting of the line statements was made by darker skin blackmen.Keep in mind blacks in significant numbers on the west coast is a relatively new phenomenon.Less than 100 hundred years.To help you with the facts of what the Bay Area black men.It was blackmen from the bay that made it so you could walk the street in your town.Who was those men.The Black Panthers.They made police and everyday racist bow out with the openly racist policy of cracking black folks heads.Along with getting a lot of brothers from across the country and the world to stand up.Who was it from where you from that did that in a short period.Also it was the undominatable spirit of blacks in the bay who gave P the info on how to take Care of business.Our way.He took that back south to build his empire.Back to yellow fever thing.The lowest ninja in the bay knows one thing that you and some of these self hating black women who blame black men don’t know.—-and that is that”A woman chooses a man”Get that thru yo head.Its the mans job to figure out if he gonna marry her.With that being said ain’t to many dudes having paper like 20 years back .So why is it that other women( flips,Mexicans,Chinese,Indian,white,etc)choose these men and they don’t have the long money of some other groups.Tic tic clocks running and pleae don’t say the big privates thing.Its because we process power,intelligence.leadership,etc)In short Most of the time on average a better man thAn the others.So the yellow fever comment isn’t justified on brothers from the bat.Since its the women doing the choosen.So was it a girl u liked that didn’t choose u,that chose a man from the bay.Also for you sistas that hate yoself and trash the Blackman.Did u buy the lie that it’s a blackmans role to pursue you(stalk)because u are the best looking,because u have the best backside,or because u come from a long line of queens,etc.That the black mans gotta kiss your mass and grovel at your feet because you got education and a good job.Well dispite what white media sells you about Opahrah-along with white women feminist bs.The fact is you was put here to compliment your man.Not compete with him.To make it simple to serve him.To show him what your love is and could be.So that he would return to you what was given.In short a woman’s nature is to give.Thats why these other women still your men.Cause most of you believe a man is posed to chase you.Wrong.These others cater cause they know that there is none greater than a black man.To further that there is none greater than the black woman.Only problem is if u r a black woman that thinks like a white one(entitlement )Then your lost.Cause ain’t no man of any group accepting that.Now that’s in yo face.

      • Don’t trip, you’re both right. You also have to remember the migratory patterns of Black folk. Most Black people living in the Bay Area have roots in Louisiana and Texas. Check out where the Panther leaders originated.

        The rest of your diatribe is reckless sexist non-sense that will be dealt with.

        1. Relationships are a mutual choice. So brothers have no excuse for participating in Jungle fever unless they admit that they chose to do so.

        2. The reason that women of all races choose to be with Black men is because they are knowingly, willingly and gleefully partaking in the genocide of the Black family. The reason Black men choose to participate in Jungle fever is because they are too cowardly to stand against TPTB and be the men they were ordained to be, the ones who marry and commit to Black women, raise Black children and protect and provide for the Black community.

        3. You are 100% wrong, women were created to be a help meet (partner, counterpart) for their husbands not servants for men. But as you can see the end justifies the means so your mentality being as it is, represents why the Black community is in the shambles it is today.

        4. Sorry you are so lost and confused, no conscious man can be stolen by the daughters of your oppressors unless said man was successfully brainwashed. Where did you think your color-struck, irresponsible, Black woman bashing mindset come from, if not from TPTB.

        So “in your face” you ignorant, irresponsible, color struck, foolish male (most likely whore).

        • I got one.A man or a woman can be with anybody they want.I have a soft,Brown,and round sista with a great attitude.We have a wholistic relationship built on the traditional African model.Tailored to account for white supremacy.So your comments about sexism is something that doesn’t exist in my relationship.Matter of fact who taught you that word.Oh I forgot,Sexist ,racist,,whyte women.If you address me come with some original material.In my relationship we don’t argue and she gets what she wants.Because she’s a real woman not a hurt whiner.She speaks her mind.I have final decession.Why be cause I’m a man and that’s that!No!Its because real men are respons-I-ble for her for everything.So that’s y I get the final say.moving forward if your smart you will see that that fake women’s lib Shat is on the decline.This country is going backwards.There laying off there own kind.Guess who’s getting laid off with them.alot of sistas who put money and education and work in front of there family.To its detrement.Any way do it moving ,If you don’t recognize the black man as you leader.Seny from god to plot the way,block,and trailblaze for you.That is if you are a woman.Parting thought.Its the servant that’s the master.So get dat mass somewhere and start

  12. Yeah I was reading earlier that Percy Miller only pays sonya $240 a month in Child Support
    Thats Nuts!

    • yes 240 total for 5 kids that are still under 18 and she in a shack. simply a horrible person. he’s paying like 48 dollars a kid. and i have heard that part of why he acts that way towards them is that most of them are darker and he never had much to do with them only the older ones and the ones by his mistress. he’s apparently so cold hearted towards his last few with the wife because he sees no future for them in show biz and since he cant eat off them they are useless too him

    • Good Lord! Nas is paying Kelis $50,000 per month for one child and Percy is paying $240 for FIVE??? Something ain’t right there. P holds on to every nickel so I know he’s not broke. It sounds like his wife Sonya didn’t even hire an attorney. How can he look himself in the mirror knowing that she was his loyal and long term wife through thick and thin? I’m against gold diggers on the come up marrying for money and then taking 1/2 of what a man has built, but this is the counter opposite of that! What a DOG.

      • Nas is paying Kelis 50,000 because Nas went in paying so he’s gotta go out paying.Nas and Kelis were not sexually yoked.Kelis has enuff sex energy to satisfy 10 men. Not saying that she will but if a man only has the energy to satisfy two women.Its not going to work.thats y she was getting hers on the side.Nas paid that cause he’s still in love and hopes one day to get back hence the 50,000.To stay in good graces with the goddess.Its like my partners grandmama told me.If you can’t controll yo woman in the bed then somebody else will.As for P He is a business man.When you start doing business on that level .You wife and kids have to be with you.There can be no separation.If there is people can get at you and you family.It sounds like there was a separation between them and as a man P has to b able to get order.The hardest thing to do and do it justly is to reprimand the people who you love.To have to fix them so they don’t make the same mistake.You and I don’t know what happened in thier relationship.Althought it sounds like she was outta pocket.One things for sure the money would be better used in P’s hands than hers.I can validate that statement because the majority of women in this country when they get big money settlements.Spend it on bs.For all ya who knock P’s methodology.That’s cool,I can knock a few things too.One thing I can’t knock and you can’t ether.Is P fed a lot of people and for that matter paid a lot of people.

  13. Correct me IF I’M WRONG, but I get the strong sense that there’s probably more black men who are in sports and entertain who are color struck than we realize or at least I do.

    I find it disheartening HOW we brother’s treat black women (who may have issues of their own, but that’s another story) and how WE went from white to exotic looking females.

    In my small city, alot of the dudes around here talk or we talk, I should say and alot of them DEAL with black women because of social pressure, but given the opportunity alot of them would go there.

    The opportunity being moving up the economic or social ladder (i.e. sports or entertainment or business exec)

    • Self hate…..the black women that birthed them type of men aren’t good enough to wife later on in their life.smh

      Move to the snow…now you got a white b**ch on your elbow (Ice Cube voice)

      The hater taught hate that’s why we gangbanging (Chuck D)


      • How can any black man with a soul look at his mother, and say a woman of your features or of your stature, or of your race is not good enough for me.

    • I think there are more Uncle Toms than not, but it’s important to know that they do not make up ALL athletes. There are a lot of athletes that date black women from the darkest to the lightest, the problem is it’s not openly publicized and there are MANY reasons for that…….one being the athletic organizations. Teams like their money earners to keep their crossover appeal by dating white girls, thus maintaining their “non threatening black man” aesthetic. Team owners are NOT okay with players like Kevin Durant dating Shanté. Do you know that the NBA implemented a dress code for athletes banning anything urban because David Stern felt the clothing made players look like criminals. Now I’m okay with dress codes, my job enforces one, but dress codes should not be implemented if it’s to prevent “racially specific” cultural trends from being worn. Do you know these GROWN ASS BLACK MEN agreed to that shit?!

      Cam Newton signed a contract that states he get any body tattoos or grow his hair past a certain length i. e. dreadlocks. Do you really think he’s the kind of guy that would openly date a black women without his organizations aka white men approval? Even the military allows you to get a couple of tattoo’s on the bicep. The few black players that do date black women would rather show up to events ALONE than with their black wife/girlfriend. The sad thing is people internalize this visual NO BLACK WOMAN landscape and it creates the illusion that ALL rich black ballers exclusively date white or non black women. So, when these young boys trying to emulate their idol gets put on, they’re gonna date the first white girl they can find. Not to mention that now a days we are so used to not seeing black women that when we do see one, we don’t see the beauty in them anymore. We be up there picking at all her features and expecting her to be a dime when we’re sweating white hoes that are pennies.

      • Cam Newton signed a contract that states he CANNOT get any body tattoos or grow his hair past a certain length i. e. dreadlocks.

      • Reading your post make me both happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy to run across a well read, socially conscious brother and sad at the fact that by the time my daughter(due in 3 weeks) is old enough to start seeking out her mate, men like you will be things of the past.

        • Which is why you must teach her that a black man is not her only choice and if she want to be happy, married, respected and loved; restricting herself to black men will result in heartbreak.

      • Thanks to you, Carrie and Tisme for the love. Uncle Toms do exist, but it’s important to know that there is another side to the issue that’s PURPOSELY not being told and it doesn’t help that black men are not being depicted fairly nor objectively understood.

        • Anon 1 I like you posts. All high profile Interracial does is keep black money in white hands. Ask OJ Simpson.

          It is an illusion that black men only want non black women but it seems to be taken as fact then self-perpetuates. I have a friend who is white, overweight and pretty and goes for black guys because she knows they want her. She was considering a move to Atlanta and a black dude/friend (who dates an over 50 white lady) told her that she would have her pick of black guys there. I was like WTF? She actually said that to me, a black woman, with a straight face, totally oblivious. She’s not racist in fact she is from Switzerland, and she recently moved back there and found a black dude asap. All in all there is definitely something in the water these days. I am starting to see more white man/black woman couples these days though especially in New York. Black women are the most beautiful on earth. People pay a lot of money to look like us lol.

          • Thanks for the love Chebelle. Whats going on is deliberate. With time the saying is, “the lie will become the truth.”. I forgot to mention the reason why black male athletes who ARE dating/married to black women choose to go to events alone, is because they’ve been told NOT to bring them. Honest sports agents will tell you that black males dating/married to WHITE females get MORE media exposure. Exposure=Endorsements=Money. To many Whites, Black men who date Black women come off…… militant. MILITANT = SCARY Black Man. smh. When dating white/non black women, you are perceived as “non threatening” and not so violent, in return you get more opportunities and for athletes that means money. This is why some black men find life with a white woman easier….they get accustomed to the “perks” that come with being with them.

          • Thank goodness for that, more and more black women are with white men out here also. There is no sense in dealing with a black man since anything of value like love, happiness,respect and marriage is out of reach with them. There is more to life than dealing with all of the bullshit that comes to dealing with black men…whoever wants them can HAVE EM.

      • Dreadlocks I hear you man,Thats real.But let’s keep it real.Its good that a Blackman don’t get tatoo’s.Most ignorant ninjas don’t know that that’s a Blood Covenant.Where by the tatooee is being branded by the tatooer.That there’s a sucubus and incubus being sown into the skin.So lets not propagate ignorance as being a infringement on his freedoms.Thats what true devils do,bruh.What are you by raising this question..There doing him a favor on the tatoo’s.Unfortunatly,We can’t seem to recognize when someone is helping us.Cam can make more money for hisself and fam ..The test will be if he uses it wisely.

      • That is so true, and don’t forget in the book Homecourt Advantage (by Rita Ewing and Crystal McCrary Anthony) it was stated that the NBA frowns upon brothers dating sisters with natural hair ie. fros, twists and dreads. In fact Dr. Umar Johnson flat out stated that brothers are “encouraged” not to date or marry sisters at all. That is the real reason why you see so many ballers running around with these triflin’ racially ambiguous “SLORES”.…0.0…

    • I personally am grateful for honest men such as yourself.I don’t really care about most black men’s true preferences for non black women.I just wish black women would catch a clue and move on.

      • Exactly…thank goodness that more and more are and doing just that. Black men are a curse to black women…move on sistas! You deserve better.

        • no, dont say that, not all black men have that monstrous view, not all dont like black women and would sacrafice their family/hapiness/children for sucess and money…there are black men who are good and do respect their black women and wouldnt change for nothing…in the longrun a mixed race child will not love you wholly as you think and would have some psychological trauma accepting him/herself at some point, she/he will be treated as white sometimes as black she/he will see her/himself as white sometimes as black and so on…its great to have children by a black woman if you are a black man because they will love you wholly if you love them back…just find your right black man my dear sistah and live this life offgrid with your own hapiness, best thing is to let the children know and understand that you love them first and that being black is beautiful and then explain to them that in this world there is racism and those guys are not good friends not to have dealings with them…enough said, but it breaks my heart to hear my sisters have lost hope on us black men…do have faith and do the thinking when it comes to choosing your black man… out…………….

          • Blackman be just that.Dont try to save her.The last thing a recalcitrant negro woman needs is a social worker.She will run u with this kind of thinking.Whats worst is she won’t respect you because she needs someone to check her and thus she can save herself.Recalcitrant negro women have been running this game for quite some time now.The game is as follows.When I want to get my way I’ll just make a off the wall statement or request in the form of a ultimatum.Examples are”ain’t no real men around hear “Bleeding heart negro replies”I’m hear whatever u need I got you”Bleeding heart negro works hisself to death or gets murdered hustling trying to get her what ever she wants.She then moves on to the next sucker.Its time for you to man up and check the bs.So that black family can survive and she and the kids can have meaningful lives.

        • Hey ,dipstick head negro female.You are truly your slavemasters spawn.Your not a black woman making that comment.First off you come from a blk man’s loins.No Black Man,no you.If your that hurt then you need to take a mental enema and get that bs out your head.and another thing I’m hip to recalcitrant game playing little negro girl game playing.You know when you make an obnoxious statement in the hopes to find a sympathic(simp)brother who wants to kiss your ask to make it all better.Like the negro below.I’m in yo face about your recalcitrant conduct.Get it together or leave black folks alone.Don’t bring the poison of misery to everybody.Even if u need company.True black women its up to you wether your gonna follow behind miserable little girls(like dis one)Or real men.Also remember not to judge a man by his looks.Judge him by his heart and what he produces for hisself,fam,and you.

      • Yes its time to move on….i can’t move on personally because Aim so overwhelmed by my bad experience but I am teaching my daughter’s to accept there husband no matter what color covering God has chosen for him.

  14. I heard its because Master P is really Broke and living off of his name credit. He didnt file taxes for almost 10 years and Sam came at him hard. He went for broke staying free. My brother in law said P always was resentful towards C maybe bcause C is what P wish he was which is lighter skin. I also heard that trial was a racist lynch party and how the evidence was so weak. Wittnesses took the stand who was in the home while their babymom drowned a kid but got no charges in exchange for testimony. The two other wittnesses were felons caught with fire arms got no time for testimony heck every wittness for the state was a felon with an open charge. What I wanna know is how Mster P tooka stand against Gangster Music and currently he’s on youtub rapping gangster and olding guns on a video? Isnt he like 50 eww!

    • p was on some 50 cent is the problem with hip hop band wagon blam ing the newbies at tyhat time for disrespecting women and talking about guns, drugs and sex.

      well p and his no limit crew represented sex, drugs, and homicides themselves I knew his money was running low when he did that shit or he was really trying to impress whitey.

      • P has a video out in 2012 holding guns and acting like a killer with his new crew of young people. My point is he’s a HYPOCRITE who will do anything for money even if it mean cooning himself out.

        • I was never a no limit fan thought they was alright they had their moment though.

          p paid afeni shakur to use 2pac’s unreleased catalog and he messed those songs up he was biting pac then c murder was biting then he had another duded called krazy biting pac.

          p got too comfortable more movie gigs, pro wrestling, getting his son a tv show that nobody watched getting richer while all his artists went broke and went to jail.

  15. This comes as no particular shock to me….alot of Black people suffer from the self-hate disease. Some people say slavery has been over and we need to get over it…but this is just more proof that the mental damage that was done on those plantations was passed on from generation to generation and it is a ongoing thing. Many Blacks just think the lighter you are the better you look. I am a lightskin guy and when i was 17 i was asked by a dark woman to be the first person in her house before the New Year came in.

    I asked her why and i lie not…she told me that if a light skinned person was first in her house that it would be blessed all year and if a dark person was first her house it would be cursed all that year. This is a true story. I went into instant shock. My buddy David was with me and he is very dark and i could see how that made him feel and it hurt him. It is sick to say the least.

  16. Filipino women are beautiful and many Filipinos have African bloodlines from the Moors. You can see it in their physical facial features.

    Reason many Black men prefer them is they know their role as a females.

    They know how to keep a nice home, know how to – and do – cook (daily). Have a pleasant attitude and are very, very , very goood in bed. And are STILL willing to hold a job and not expect someone to trick them off. Wife material.

    Lol, comparing to most of the loutish, bad-attitude, wanna-be-tricked-off-on, arrogant and generally crappy-demeanored, ignorant “sistas” in from the US. I don’t care how “fine” you are and your effing “Laboutins” – if you sport a perpetualy shitty attitude like most black women – particularly from large urban areas – no man wants to deal with that garbage exept for f-king.

    Give me a cute, girly, pleasant, family-centerd Filipina female over that other crap any day.

      • The attitudes displayed in the upcoming venomous replies from “sistas” that will now follow are the exact reason they can’t get/keep a decent man. LOL\

        You’re your own worst enemy.

        • You won’t get that from me and I am a black woman.I personally am thankful when black men can tell black women what they really think.More and more black women are taking notice and are making necessary changes.Not the changes you might hope or think, but positive changes nonetheless that will change the whole course of their lives in a very positive way.So I’m thankful for what you said today and for the other black men that spoke up.

          I trust more black women will see and move forward and on with their lives.

          • they will, because im spreading it all over the net and facebook! I too appreciate their honesty…this tells me that I made the right choice for myself by ridding myself of black men in my life…thanks for the heads up dudes…

          • but also know at the back of your minds sisters, that black men have problems too, and those need to be addressed from childhood when you raise the little black men from boys, have you seen how gently white mothers reproach their children? and have you seen how ferocious our black mothers reproach us? usually with wooping on the ass, the loud voice, the angry face, the harsh words, to a psychologist those things stay in the conscious of a black child and that is how he views a black woman in his subconcious mind although he might not realise it, and to the sisters that is how they view themselves when they grow up and treat their men as such, we might not consciously see it but it forms a habit that cant be controlled……thank you sisters…….

            • Spare the rod spoil the child.

              Oh and btw instead of blaming Black women for the ills of society please man up and deal with real problems that we face like institutional racism, white supremacy, disenfranchisement, lack of access to opportunity, indoctrination instead of education and save your white western based psychology for the TPTB.

              Thank you very much.

    • bull shyt

      you nyggas love to dog the shyt out of a black woman who is wifey material all day long…

      nygga please

    • I love my sisters. I dare any man to stare at a beautiful sister for a long time. It does something to you. It’s like thier beauty tells a story.

    • Well take your ass right over there because am the black women that has no need for you because as soon as a black women don’t let your lazy ass lay up on her you wants to call her names and,just because your mom didn’t kept her house clean stop thinking we all are like that.Back in the day when he black man had problems they blamed the white man now that doesn’t work its the black woman get a life fool.

    • Wow! What Black Woman broke your heart! For you to make such sweeping generalizations I wonder if you ever left “da hood” at all. Scandalous skanks comes in all shapes,sizes, and colors. Evil does not discriminate. BTW, your “wife” description is dubious. If wifey is capable of doing all that, why would she NEED or WANT YOU?!!

    • This is why it helps to actually get to know a culture before you speak on it @ToHearYOUTellIt

      In the Filipino culture, it is the MAN who takes care of the woman – i.e., doing the cooking, etc. I have known Filipino women who are far past their “visual prime” who have dedicated husbands still nurturing and taking care of them. When you finally grow up and get over the superficial “looks” aspect of a woman (regardless of color) and stop being a “tourist” of your media-influenced, over-developed male ego you might actually discover your limited worldview can broaden if– and only if– you… expand your damn mind.

    • Wow thanks for sharing this is a great illustration of how a successfully trained Knee-Grow thinks. Filipinos are wife material and Black women are bitches, really? Only a paid shill or psychologically, spiritually, and mentally depraved person would spew such absurd nonsense.

  17. Mya is biracial so why would he be concerned that Silk’s kids would be dark and ugly? They wouldn’t be if he had them with Mya. None of this sh!t even makes sense lol. But Filipinos and Blacks do make some beautiful children. Filipinos are gorgeous people and yes they love black people!

    • Silkks girlfriend and the mother of his 6 kids is a Dark skinned filipino. Even though she’s Cyphoniques moms sister complextion wise she looks as tho she could be a dark black mans child. She was with Silkk 2/3 years before he met Mya the side piece.

    • Just because Mya is half White is no guarantee any children she has will be light skinned and have long, black, silky hair. According to genetic theory it’s a coin toss. If Mya is half White than she’s half Black as well. Like someone mentioned earlier he married a women who gave him some light children and an even greater number of darker hued children. If he mates with the pie-faced Flip I guess he call himself evening up the odds of getting the desired commodity.

    • Black people have beautiful children with other Black people. Ignorant, color-struck, brainwashed idiots feel the need to mate with others and then call the product of their self hate “Beautiful”.

      • Fuck masterp and that lil bitchromeo his daughter is a ugly lil bitch i hste black men they the ones who fucks up the black race.

  18. Mia Love is a sell out coon. Off topic – my bad. Master P doesn’t strike me as someone we should even be listening to. I heard he is broke as well. Put him in the Al Jolson suite at the Uncle Tom Inn.

    • I’ll post my thoughts on this backwoods, countrified, Attention-Whoring, color-struck Coon later, but I find it hilarious and pathetic at the same time that the man who had a very lucrative empire back in the late ’90s (Music, [Straight-to-video/DVD] movies, phones, sneakers, etc.), gold ceilings and multiple chandeliers in his home, bought his then-preteen son Romeo a house that he LIVED in on Percy’s property, and put Louie Vuitton on an Elephant and a car could ever be broke. I hate saying the word, but Percy is the epitome of ‘N!gga Rich.’

      And don’t get me started on his and his label’s garbage-ass music (i.e. Silkk’s non-rapping, can’t-stay-on-beat-to-save-his-life ass even having a record deal is the epitome of nepotism) and relentless biting of other artists (Outkast, Jermaine Dupri [Who is another biter], ‘Pac, Nelly, Eminem, and Bow Wow, just to name a few) with those cheap-looking album covers, because I’ll be here for days. I’m sure Percy’s still bitter his label got taken out by Cash Money, a group of even bigger Louisiana crooks and degenerates.

      • you forgot p used to bite eazy, nwa, and cube in the early 90’s.

        yukmouth used to clown p all the time saying the folks in cali used to laugh at his raps.

        c bo and brotha lynch hung used to give p money and protection and helped produced his stuff from the 90’s up until he got rich and left them hanging which was why c bo and yukmouth dissed him on numerous songhs.

        yes p was cashing in all he could and ripping his artists off surprised me he went broke well for one thing his records from 2000 until 2005 was’nt selling, no big grossing films.

        romeo was too young to have a house he was like 11 or 12 and having his own mansion and car I was like even michael jackson did’nt have his own house when he was 10.

        as for cash money taking over well everybody has their time one day cash money will be gone lil wayne is too overexposed.

      • Did you all forget that Slave P got his dough from straight to video “PORNOGRAPHY” and not the music business.

  19. as a response to the gentleman who said all filipino women are above average in all departments, i sorta agree with u, and im a heterosexual african american women.
    Know hate for them coming from me.

    They sure do know how to tame men and most of them were taught from young age how to be coy and disciplined on how to master american men. Most of asian descent know how. However for some reason the filipino women settle for black men, and the chinese, korean, etc. settle more 4 wealthy caucasion(yte) men.

    I guess us black women arent the only foolish ones. Lol.

    Yall black men was the best thing that ever happen for us.

    • We are. And most silly-ass Black women are too stupid reading magazines and the news and trying to “roar” that they can’t see it.

      If you so in the right place – why U mad?

      Dumb hoes. LOL Keep being “mad”. That’s why your dumb asses keep getting played.

      Stop trying to be “hard”. All it brings you is tears and frustration because it isn’t your ROLE to be.

      That’ why Brothers that are about anything worthwhile ain’t fucking with you other than to fuck.

      You’ll get it one day — hopefully.

      Until then – ANY WOMAN but a USA Black bitch.

      • Filipno women know how to sucker coons and send money to their home land. Sure they’ll tickle your small mind and give you babies so you can look at in awe. All the while they are looking out for their own kind. Don’t forget her mother and any family needing a place to live are moving in also so get that 3rd job ask Master P.
        Women from other parts of the world have an on going joke about how easy it is to sucker black men. They call you ugly stinky and dumb behind your backs and wish your dicks were attached to WHITE men.No sir they dont talk loud but their words are venomous and their over all opinion of black men is embarrassing some of you poor things. You’ll never be their Kings that is their Fathers title.

        • Boyotch – go back to whatever barbershop/beauty saloon you heard that trifling asshat shit from and get real.

          Reality. More Black men are engaging relationships with women from OUTSIDE THE US (INCLUDING WOMEN OF CLEARLY AFRICAN DESCENT – YES)

          Because beyotches from the USA are FUCKED IN THE HEAD WITH MEDIA BULLSHIT.

          Just a FACT.

          Wanna get back on the train?

          STOP being and acting like a damn BITCH, hoe and/ wanna-be man, lesbian and start acting FEMININE.

          Until then, you will keep being frustrated and good black men will continue to use you to fuck and then tell you to go kick rocks when they are done with your ugly attitude abd outlook on life.

      • Fuck you, you ignorant bitch ass nigga, you are worthless, no well balanced, decent, beautiful black woman would even consider consorting with such a miscreant like you…fucking little flea bitten farm animal.

      • I am a mixed black/french sister straight out of Paris. I would rather eat rat shit and suck a downtown skid row bum before I wouldn’t touch a black illitetate degenerate bottom of the US society lazy unproductive human garbage coon like you…not even with a 10 foot pole.

        You are the epitome of ghetto black garbage.

        Sale race de noir américain. Plus raciste encore que le KKK.

        Bonjour to all the fine, educated, well-mannered, well-spoken, productive members of society, black brothers. This wasn’t intented for you. Only for the black sewage.

    • what’s not said is what was these asian women profession before they came to america. If they were born here then that’s another subject, but if not there’s a great chance that they may have been a part of the world’s oldest profession.

  20. Tohearyoutellit…You are a stupid, little troll coming in here trying to start some trouble. And you made 3 comments in here DESPERATELY trying to get the attention of the Black women you claim TO NOT LIKE!! LMAO…Let me break down your little lie. I live here in So Cal around nothing but Panays. And the average Panay chick ain’t thinking about no BLACK MAN!! Most of the Panay chicks around here are dying there hair blond, getting boob jobs, nose jobs, bleaching there skin and DESPERATELY trying to hook up with White guys. In particular White surfer guys cause that is what they love. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!! Ask the average Panay chick on the street who she would rather date. And I GUARANTEE YOU!! BLACK MEN WILL COME UP SHORT!! Now, of course ALL OF THESE WOMEN will GLADLY take a Black man with money!! But they ain’t thinking about broke Tyrone on the streets!!

    So let me “SHUT DOWN” you little whack ATTEMPT at trolling!!

    • on a more positive note.I see more poor black men dating non black women as well.I think that can be a positive for black women with the right mindset.

      I also think people should be more grateful for the internet.You really get to know what people really think about you.I think since so many black men tell black women,and anyone else who will listen,how much they dislike black women,that black women should take the hint and move forward and on.

        • Black men who marry based off of skin colore are Dumb and Love being taken advantage of as long as she is not black they never marry women of means when they decide to marry outside of their race. but an increasing number of black women are marrying none blacks of means for example Diana ross married a white Billionaire, Eve Married a white Billionaire, the creator of Stars wars is a billionaire he is married to a fully African American women, the Mayor of New York city is married to a Fully African American women,the creator of south park is with a black women naomi the model is with a billionaire so these black men running around marrying anything that’s not black will lose in the end because if their Athletes their bodies will give out and all those millions will be gone and if their singer they won’t always be the hot thing so they will too but those black women who are married to the billionaires and people of means are winning so black men stay Dumb stay Down and if you’re a white women or Asian take all his money cause he Dumb enough to let you be sure to have a light skin baby so you take half of everything he has Karma

      • The word was n…i… you know the rest.

        Romeo was born in 89 and his mom is brown like him. Romeo is not lightskinned.

  21. all other races of women are superior to african american women.
    We are our own wort enemies for supporting our brothers.
    Thank u so much @to hear you tell it , for your enlitement, upliftment and incouraging words. You are black warrior.

    • That’s right bitch. You NEED to hear it and your lame ass sarcasm won’t change that fact.

      LOL. Dumb hoe. Too dumb to see why you are where you are.

      • And where are you typing on your cheap phone and stalking the pages of pretty girls who block you constantly and call you a Creep boy go beat your meat for the 4th time already. kmslmao at YOU.

        • Ummmm. I’m sure any “pretty girls” who are about anything other than the bullshit YOU are spouting aint on here trying to defend being an asshole hoe.

          LOL. You dumb bitch. You gotta some with more than that cheap, nothing bullshit you talking

  22. This world is so evil and warped. 54% of all marriages end in divorce. Hollywood is a cesspool of filthiness. Why are we caring how Master P, Lil Wayne, etc feel about us black women? Look at their lives! They have wives, mistresses, baby momma’s, etc. My mom and dad taught me to be the best me as possible and everything will fall into place. Meaning, if you are too fat, loose weight. Too slow, read a book and learn. Treat people right.Know yourself, trust God,(you get the point). If you live a right life, the wrong people and things will eventually leave your life. Myself and my sisters are all married to black men. It does sadden me that our black professional athletes succumb to the pressures of their peers and their bosses and choose not to date black women. For what? More money, fame, camera time? How sad. But when the camera’s stop rolling and the lights fade, are they truly happy with their decisions? But side note, it seems like my black people are the most hated which makes me believe even more that we are a chosen people.

    • Strong minded people reject the notion of hate. Your worth will never come from what other people think of you but with a weak foundation you will believe what anyone says about you. As a black woman I have never had the problem getting a man attention because I don’t dwell on other people’s opinions on life I general. Blog have a way of trying to affect a person identity and people say hateful things for shock values and a lack of self-respect and understanding. I was also raised in a Godly household and God word doesn’t represent the image of hate so that seed is rarely planted. I would like to be married one day but being married to a fool, idiot or a sucker is no woman’s dream. For you not to live a bitter and jaded life many times you have to look beyond the surface there is a lot of ignorant people walking on this planet and when I say ignorant I mean people who refuse to grow and talk in information there thought process is real limited.

  23. Moderate that assholes comments. Aint nuthin like a sista. They drive yo ass crazy but cant trade em for Becky.

    • Fuck you. If your little brown-nosing ass can’t take the truth – then stay off the damn field – ass kissing simp.

      • Your truth aint the same as mine jackass. If you were truly a grown up you would understand and respect that.

        • I don’t respect bullshit and hot air. And that is all you are bringing.

          Tell that shit to your fag friends and the angry bitches who won’t wake up.

  24. @to hear u tell it, i was just keepin it real with you. Lol.
    I was agreeing with you.
    Y u trying to argue and fight with me.
    I support you as a black brother, even if you hate and are bitter towards black women.

    As an versatile well rounded confident african american woman, im used to hatred coming from all races including my own race.
    Ive been beaten, raped, molested, ridiculed and humiliated mainly by my own race. Im used to it now.
    But also a small percentage as also showed me love and kindness too, so cant afford to be hostile or bitter.
    I cant control or change anyone views, but i can control and change my own perception(s) in life.

    Besides im black and i came from a black women and a afro cuban father.
    And i refuse to hate them or myself, or my heritage.
    It is what it is.

    If you read correctly, I SAID I SORT OF AGREE.

    U R STILL A BLACK WARRIOR, even if ur ignorant, angry and bitter.
    I like to chose my battles and putting you down and cursing you out is not on my agenda today.

    Now back to the topic.
    I used to work with a host of filipino registered nurses and anesthesiology nurses, which over half were married or involved romantically with black men.
    And as i said before their other asians such as chinese, korean, japanese etc. Often gravitate to wealthy caucasian(yte) men.
    Love is blind of course. Just a mere observation.

    Btw, if you have any more abusive language/attitude you want to serve out, please dish it out to your loved ones that you love, honor and cherish so dearly.
    Im just words passing on a screen.

    • I fell asleep eight words in on whatever it is you are trying to choke out of your brain.

      Try again and make it more exiting so one can stay awake to bother reading it.

  25. if everything was so sweet and pleasant in your life(your words) you wouldnt be so angry, bitter or hostile.
    You would be SATISFIED in all areas of your life.

  26. *The comment from @Anonymous, 8/28/12 at 21:08 was directed @to hear you tell it, not the previous poster.

  27. she looks older than 16 on here p looks like a proud dad on here.

    he likes fillipinos more power to him.

    romeo had a crush on kirstie alley he could have got a better looking white girl than that.

    fat white girls be getting it chris rock said long ago rosie o donnel can have any black man she want and she don’t even like men.

    rosie said she never had sex with a man except queen latifah.


  29. What is funny is that the gang stalkers think that anyone gives a shit what they do, see or report.

    Take your time. You are a non factor joke because no one you follow gives a fuck. least of all me.

    Name names. Who gives a shit? You ain’t got the power to stop anything – so collect the checks and tell your bosses to see me directly if they dare.

    Come see me bitches. And tell your bosses to meet me one on one – if they dare.

  30. …And once again we have a case of self-hatred-ridden blacks running to and kissing the asses of a people that can’t stand them. What kind of color-struck, buck-dancing coon loser treats his children he helped create differently because of their skin color, something they had no control over? And the sad/pathetic thing is, the same black females of ALL shades Percy (What kind of name is ‘Percy’ for a [fake] thug/hustler, anyway? lol] dissed are the ones who made him rich by buying his bullshit music and other merchandise in the late ’90s, but now he has the nerve to feel he’s better than them? And speaking of Filipino women, after reading this post:

    I wouldn’t want anything to do with them, especially not marrying and having kids with them. 50 Cent, of all people, said it best when he said “I don’t like who don’t like me.”

    As for the person who was talking about the major leagues (The NBA & NFL, in this case) and how they discourage black athletes from marrying black women, I can’t say I’m surprised, even with these agents advocating genocide as much as they can by advising the athletes they represent to date pretty much any race of women but black. I love how it’s a problem for blacks to marry and procreate, yet it’s still a problem to many whites if they marry and procreate with white women. What kind of (bull)shit is that? It all boils down to being nothing but another example of self-hating coons doing what ‘massa’ says for a paycheck. Don’t believe me? Ask Charles Barkley.

    But back to Percy–He really needs to stop paying BET to include his daughter among female rappers in Award Show categories because no one knows her and it’ll take MUCH more than that for him (Percy) to turn a profit from her.

  31. The real is when black men speak that a black women is “no good”. If you understand the way life works, the female is a product of the male. The male is “responsible” for her. But, most don’t get it. Smh…. When I hear men speak of a Filipinos most don’t understand the culture. In most families, which is the majority. Families sell “yes” whore the daughter everyday, all day for the families finances. But, unenlightened people don’t understand that… So yes, you’re saving her too, a lot of times… Learn to be good to one another… We act as adversaries, not Gods plan… Before you’re quick to claim different cultures you know nothing about, then about them… God is Love- Rev Run

  32. STOP LYING ….Master p best looking and most successful kid lil Romeo is 100% black…his mother is rapper Sonya C who is 100% black. Stop the useless drama…

    • @alfredsonda:

      Real talk, and then they get mad when Stacey Dash, mixed her self, endorses Romney.
      What other race deliberately eliminates itself?

  33. What I have to say is this let’s all of US black woman STOP catering, supporting or buying ANYTHING from them. Don’t feed them (give food) if a black woman ain’t good enuff for them. Don’t buy any of their CD’S, purchase a movie ticket, buy their clothes, or house their asses when they need shelter, NOTHING. Dry them out TOTALLY. Let those “better” looking women take care of them then. As of this day I will NO LONGER buy, house, clothes or feed any brotha so much as a crust of bread, when ever I see that sort of mentality. There are some of the same niggahs that come back when they are BROKE and no longer ain’t got shit, come crawling back to the hood, with their tail tied between their legs, needing help and support form the very women that they ignored and neglected. FUCK “EM, this is 2012 and I am tired of them tired ass niggahs. YA GETS NOTHING HERE. NOT A SINGLE GOTT DAMNED THING!!!!

    • I second that emotion/motion! Enough is enough! NO MORE understanding, analyzing, pity-what the fuck ever! POOF! Be GONE!!!!!!

      • Y’all’s never bought from a black man anyway.You pay other people to keep there family together.You put there kids grand kids great and great grand kids threw college.Wasnt no black women checking for P.Ninjas bought that bull.Unless Pwas paying.Thats the only time they was checking.Is it any wonder why he got a fhilla.Once again I say you ain’t bought shat from no black man.White men and the things that they create for you.You buy that at the expense of your kids and your man.Thats the real reason you ain’t got no black man.No support givin but you expect a man to bow Dow.Chicks get real.

        • Mike WTF are you talkin’ ’bout? During segregation from whom did we buy? Whose music do we support? Whose parties do we go to? Whose t-shirts and endorsements influence our purchasing power?

          So because we shop mainstream we are encouraging brothas to marry outside?

          If that is the case, why do brothas always take their money out of the community and build up the white community or the other community once they have money. If they would pool their resources and start somethin’ there would be an economy. Like Tulsa, OK last century.

    • I agree but I don’t buy or buy into their garbage anyway. They are sick sadomasochistic sob’s who are breeding for profit that is really damn sad, and these women are whores renting their wombs for cash.

    • This is why I have LONG stopped dating, dealing with or doing anything for black men. Hey if they want to date, marry and have kids with non black women, then LET EM, WHO CARES? I FOR ONE DO NOT. I do not support their careers in anyway shape or form. I will not support anyone that feels that they are better than me because I am a black woman.

      Let em have all the non black women they want, I for one do not care…why should I when I don’t have that kind of love for black men to begin with?

    • you women sound retarted. Who cares what a mans preference in women is. Do all black men have to be with a black woman? I can tell how senseless and stupid you bitches are by your comments.

      • LOL you didn’t know, all Black men are supposed to be with Black women. Now are all Black men with Black women, of course not. Black men have free will and many choose to break the laws statutes and commandments of The Most High by turning their backs on their responsibility which is the entire Black community.

        BTW referring to Black female “hue”man sentient beings as bitches is insane.

        • Black men have a responsibility to themselves.When lblack girls call themselves women but act like loudmouth banches.A mans gotta get order .I don’t run,I put the check down.Some brothers find it easier to walk.The question is why would black men who have the most beautiful women on the planet.Jump ship and get with a other.Its because of chicks like you who have good information,but don’t know how to shut up and get with the program.


      • So because Master P, not all us regular “brothas” but a rapper, decides that he wants HIS clan to dump black women and date whomever, we should suffer that wrath? Really? LeandraDee that is about as ignorant as Percy’s thinking. What i don’t get is blasting the anger that should be towards Master P but instead is given to the rest of us. This is why we have issues in the black community. Communication is the key and we don’t talk to each other. All this replies about what a good statement she made or yeah let’s take it to Facebook. Direct your anger at the source. Direct your tirade at the man that has made this possible cause I guarantee for every brotha that you see with another races woman, he was driven to that by negative attitudes and stereotyping and misconception we get with our “sistas”. Also, for every brotha you see with another races woman, you will see double the sistas with another races men.

  34. My sister asked me why I’ve only married and dated white men so far (only married twice). I try to tell her why. I will show her this article and maybe she’ll get it.

  35. Will also say that I have ONE kid who’s father (my first husband) supports his kid and makes sure he gets tutoring when he needs it, versus her four that she can’t get to buy milk for their kids during the two to three weeks a year they’re out of jail. But something’s wrong with ME for not wanting that BS? LOL

  36. You people are stupid if you believe this story. This story makes no sense. The person who wrote the story is looking at your comments laughing at how stupid you all are.

    • Lol… but thats messed up; all this started over a song? What has this world come to? All i know is that his kids are talented and that in the end the choices that they (all Master P’s kids)make WILL be the choices THEY make. There was no uses to arguing over this when the to “light-skined” kids are both trying to do big on there own ,without the mess of their father. I mean who wouldn’t? And everybody has their own beliefs, likes, and dislikes; that is what makes use all different.

  37. dis story don’t have any accuracy from da beginning..people print anything..kevin miller been dead before percy became master p..smh

  38. I love dating some white men
    Black men can be disrespectful and mean as hell.
    Most of the time, white men treat black sisters as queens.
    Maybe dating black was good in the past
    But now in days if you want to be treated like a precious queen that you are
    It is best to date outside your race
    Preferably white

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