Master P’s Race Limit In Women Exposed…


Master P's Race Limit Rumors

Philippine Fever?

HSK Exclusive – He may be the founder of No Limit Records, but Master P seems to be setting race limits for the women welcomed into his family.

Insiders have revealed Master P believes Filipina women bear ‘better-looking kids’ for black men. That’s why sources say the music mogul recently advised his younger brother ‘Silk Da Shocker’ to break-up with singer Mya, and find a Filipina woman to impregnate. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Miller’s wife, Sonya.

Now, it doesn’t seem coincidental Master P and his brothers – Kevin Miller and Silk Da Shocker all have children with Filipinas.

This news comes as one of Master P’s six children, half-Filipina daughter Cymphonique Miller, is heartbroken after her “How To Rock” Nickelodean television show was cancelled. Sources say the program was serving as a stage to keep Romeo in the spotlight.

Now, the No Limit Records founder is said to be outraged. Sources say despite the cancellation, the pair of mixed Mater P-kids only get such opportunities because of their complexions.

Here’s the drop according to GJ:

“Silk da Shocker, who has kids by Cymphonique’s mother’s sister, is trying hard to get his son in the entertainment industry, but has failed.

They touched base’s on the fact that Silk was with Mya for years, but broke up with her because he thought he would have better looking kids with a non-black woman. Silk got that twisted attitude from Master P, who said he wanted to have a mixed child he could get into show business and profit off of and stay in the limelight.

Kevin’s son by one of those Filipino sisters. Sonya, his wife or whatever you wanna call her know, is strung out on heavy duty drugs because of all his affairs and outside kids. The Filipino mother of Cymphonique stays out of the spotlight, orders given by Master P. So she continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle that she has had for years.”


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  2. Good Lord! Nas is paying Kelis $50,000 per month for one child and Percy is paying $240 for FIVE??? Something ain’t right there. P holds on to every nickel so I know he’s not broke. It sounds like his wife Sonya didn’t even hire an attorney. How can he look himself in the mirror knowing that she was his loyal and long term wife through thick and thin? I’m against gold diggers on the come up marrying for money and then taking 1/2 of what a man has built, but this is the counter opposite of that! What a DOG.

    • Nas is paying Kelis 50,000 because Nas went in paying so he’s gotta go out paying.Nas and Kelis were not sexually yoked.Kelis has enuff sex energy to satisfy 10 men. Not saying that she will but if a man only has the energy to satisfy two women.Its not going to work.thats y she was getting hers on the side.Nas paid that cause he’s still in love and hopes one day to get back hence the 50,000.To stay in good graces with the goddess.Its like my partners grandmama told me.If you can’t controll yo woman in the bed then somebody else will.As for P He is a business man.When you start doing business on that level .You wife and kids have to be with you.There can be no separation.If there is people can get at you and you family.It sounds like there was a separation between them and as a man P has to b able to get order.The hardest thing to do and do it justly is to reprimand the people who you love.To have to fix them so they don’t make the same mistake.You and I don’t know what happened in thier relationship.Althought it sounds like she was outta pocket.One things for sure the money would be better used in P’s hands than hers.I can validate that statement because the majority of women in this country when they get big money settlements.Spend it on bs.For all ya who knock P’s methodology.That’s cool,I can knock a few things too.One thing I can’t knock and you can’t ether.Is P fed a lot of people and for that matter paid a lot of people.

  3. All black women do not have nappy hair. And what about him he’s calling people ugly knowing darn well he’s ugly so if he didnt have all that money he wouldn’t have all those women. Why are some people ignorant toward others. And what does that say about him being proud of his race of people. Oh yeah we know now he’s fake and that’s why he will now be a negative with some people. His kids with his black wife was pretty. He was the ugly one if he’s running around calling people.

  4. no, dont say that, not all black men have that monstrous view, not all dont like black women and would sacrafice their family/hapiness/children for sucess and money…there are black men who are good and do respect their black women and wouldnt change for nothing…in the longrun a mixed race child will not love you wholly as you think and would have some psychological trauma accepting him/herself at some point, she/he will be treated as white sometimes as black she/he will see her/himself as white sometimes as black and so on…its great to have children by a black woman if you are a black man because they will love you wholly if you love them back…just find your right black man my dear sistah and live this life offgrid with your own hapiness, best thing is to let the children know and understand that you love them first and that being black is beautiful and then explain to them that in this world there is racism and those guys are not good friends not to have dealings with them…enough said, but it breaks my heart to hear my sisters have lost hope on us black men…do have faith and do the thinking when it comes to choosing your black man… out…………….

    • Blackman be just that.Dont try to save her.The last thing a recalcitrant negro woman needs is a social worker.She will run u with this kind of thinking.Whats worst is she won’t respect you because she needs someone to check her and thus she can save herself.Recalcitrant negro women have been running this game for quite some time now.The game is as follows.When I want to get my way I’ll just make a off the wall statement or request in the form of a ultimatum.Examples are”ain’t no real men around hear “Bleeding heart negro replies”I’m hear whatever u need I got you”Bleeding heart negro works hisself to death or gets murdered hustling trying to get her what ever she wants.She then moves on to the next sucker.Its time for you to man up and check the bs.So that black family can survive and she and the kids can have meaningful lives.

  5. but also know at the back of your minds sisters, that black men have problems too, and those need to be addressed from childhood when you raise the little black men from boys, have you seen how gently white mothers reproach their children? and have you seen how ferocious our black mothers reproach us? usually with wooping on the ass, the loud voice, the angry face, the harsh words, to a psychologist those things stay in the conscious of a black child and that is how he views a black woman in his subconcious mind although he might not realise it, and to the sisters that is how they view themselves when they grow up and treat their men as such, we might not consciously see it but it forms a habit that cant be controlled……thank you sisters…….

    • Spare the rod spoil the child.

      Oh and btw instead of blaming Black women for the ills of society please man up and deal with real problems that we face like institutional racism, white supremacy, disenfranchisement, lack of access to opportunity, indoctrination instead of education and save your white western based psychology for the TPTB.

      Thank you very much.

  6. P is from Loiusianna not the bay.When you make statements you need to have your facts correct.Pertaining to the brothers catching yellow fever comment.Its down south,Midwest ,and back east is where lighting of the line statements was made by darker skin blackmen.Keep in mind blacks in significant numbers on the west coast is a relatively new phenomenon.Less than 100 hundred years.To help you with the facts of what the Bay Area black men.It was blackmen from the bay that made it so you could walk the street in your town.Who was those men.The Black Panthers.They made police and everyday racist bow out with the openly racist policy of cracking black folks heads.Along with getting a lot of brothers from across the country and the world to stand up.Who was it from where you from that did that in a short period.Also it was the undominatable spirit of blacks in the bay who gave P the info on how to take Care of business.Our way.He took that back south to build his empire.Back to yellow fever thing.The lowest ninja in the bay knows one thing that you and some of these self hating black women who blame black men don’t know.—-and that is that”A woman chooses a man”Get that thru yo head.Its the mans job to figure out if he gonna marry her.With that being said ain’t to many dudes having paper like 20 years back .So why is it that other women( flips,Mexicans,Chinese,Indian,white,etc)choose these men and they don’t have the long money of some other groups.Tic tic clocks running and pleae don’t say the big privates thing.Its because we process power,intelligence.leadership,etc)In short Most of the time on average a better man thAn the others.So the yellow fever comment isn’t justified on brothers from the bat.Since its the women doing the choosen.So was it a girl u liked that didn’t choose u,that chose a man from the bay.Also for you sistas that hate yoself and trash the Blackman.Did u buy the lie that it’s a blackmans role to pursue you(stalk)because u are the best looking,because u have the best backside,or because u come from a long line of queens,etc.That the black mans gotta kiss your mass and grovel at your feet because you got education and a good job.Well dispite what white media sells you about Opahrah-along with white women feminist bs.The fact is you was put here to compliment your man.Not compete with him.To make it simple to serve him.To show him what your love is and could be.So that he would return to you what was given.In short a woman’s nature is to give.Thats why these other women still your men.Cause most of you believe a man is posed to chase you.Wrong.These others cater cause they know that there is none greater than a black man.To further that there is none greater than the black woman.Only problem is if u r a black woman that thinks like a white one(entitlement )Then your lost.Cause ain’t no man of any group accepting that.Now that’s in yo face.

    • Don’t trip, you’re both right. You also have to remember the migratory patterns of Black folk. Most Black people living in the Bay Area have roots in Louisiana and Texas. Check out where the Panther leaders originated.

      The rest of your diatribe is reckless sexist non-sense that will be dealt with.

      1. Relationships are a mutual choice. So brothers have no excuse for participating in Jungle fever unless they admit that they chose to do so.

      2. The reason that women of all races choose to be with Black men is because they are knowingly, willingly and gleefully partaking in the genocide of the Black family. The reason Black men choose to participate in Jungle fever is because they are too cowardly to stand against TPTB and be the men they were ordained to be, the ones who marry and commit to Black women, raise Black children and protect and provide for the Black community.

      3. You are 100% wrong, women were created to be a help meet (partner, counterpart) for their husbands not servants for men. But as you can see the end justifies the means so your mentality being as it is, represents why the Black community is in the shambles it is today.

      4. Sorry you are so lost and confused, no conscious man can be stolen by the daughters of your oppressors unless said man was successfully brainwashed. Where did you think your color-struck, irresponsible, Black woman bashing mindset come from, if not from TPTB.

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  9. Y’all’s never bought from a black man anyway.You pay other people to keep there family together.You put there kids grand kids great and great grand kids threw college.Wasnt no black women checking for P.Ninjas bought that bull.Unless Pwas paying.Thats the only time they was checking.Is it any wonder why he got a fhilla.Once again I say you ain’t bought shat from no black man.White men and the things that they create for you.You buy that at the expense of your kids and your man.Thats the real reason you ain’t got no black man.No support givin but you expect a man to bow Dow.Chicks get real.

    • Mike WTF are you talkin’ ’bout? During segregation from whom did we buy? Whose music do we support? Whose parties do we go to? Whose t-shirts and endorsements influence our purchasing power?

      So because we shop mainstream we are encouraging brothas to marry outside?

      If that is the case, why do brothas always take their money out of the community and build up the white community or the other community once they have money. If they would pool their resources and start somethin’ there would be an economy. Like Tulsa, OK last century.

  10. That is so true, and don’t forget in the book Homecourt Advantage (by Rita Ewing and Crystal McCrary Anthony) it was stated that the NBA frowns upon brothers dating sisters with natural hair ie. fros, twists and dreads. In fact Dr. Umar Johnson flat out stated that brothers are “encouraged” not to date or marry sisters at all. That is the real reason why you see so many ballers running around with these triflin’ racially ambiguous “SLORES”.…0.0…

  11. Wow thanks for sharing this is a great illustration of how a successfully trained Knee-Grow thinks. Filipinos are wife material and Black women are bitches, really? Only a paid shill or psychologically, spiritually, and mentally depraved person would spew such absurd nonsense.

  12. Black people have beautiful children with other Black people. Ignorant, color-struck, brainwashed idiots feel the need to mate with others and then call the product of their self hate “Beautiful”.

    • Fuck masterp and that lil bitchromeo his daughter is a ugly lil bitch i hste black men they the ones who f*cks up the black race.

  13. You are very mistaken shill, Black women are not lame female dogs. Black women are female “hue”man sentient being.

    Get your facts straight you fool.

  14. Did you all forget that Slave P got his dough from straight to video “PORNOGRAPHY” and not the music business.

  15. LOL you didn’t know, all Black men are supposed to be with Black women. Now are all Black men with Black women, of course not. Black men have free will and many choose to break the laws statutes and commandments of The Most High by turning their backs on their responsibility which is the entire Black community.

    BTW referring to Black female “hue”man sentient beings as bitches is insane.

    • Black men have a responsibility to themselves.When lblack girls call themselves women but act like loudmouth banches.A mans gotta get order .I don’t run,I put the check down.Some brothers find it easier to walk.The question is why would black men who have the most beautiful women on the planet.Jump ship and get with a other.Its because of chicks like you who have good information,but don’t know how to shut up and get with the program.

  16. I love dating some white men
    Black men can be disrespectful and mean as hell.
    Most of the time, white men treat black sisters as queens.
    Maybe dating black was good in the past
    But now in days if you want to be treated like a precious queen that you are
    It is best to date outside your race
    Preferably white

  17. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot
    about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do
    with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog.
    A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  18. Yes its time to move on….i can’t move on personally because Aim so overwhelmed by my bad experience but I am teaching my daughter’s to accept there husband no matter what color covering God has chosen for him.

  19. Black men who marry based off of skin colore are Dumb and Love being taken advantage of as long as she is not black they never marry women of means when they decide to marry outside of their race. but an increasing number of black women are marrying none blacks of means for example Diana ross married a white Billionaire, Eve Married a white Billionaire, the creator of Stars wars is a billionaire he is married to a fully African American women, the Mayor of New York city is married to a Fully African American women,the creator of south park is with a black women naomi the model is with a billionaire so these black men running around marrying anything that’s not black will lose in the end because if their Athletes their bodies will give out and all those millions will be gone and if their singer they won’t always be the hot thing so they will too but those black women who are married to the billionaires and people of means are winning so black men stay Dumb stay Down and if you’re a white women or Asian take all his money cause he Dumb enough to let you be sure to have a light skin baby so you take half of everything he has Karma

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