Mathew Knowles: Crazed Cocaine Cowboy?


Matthew Knowles Smashed Farrah Franklin

HSK Exclusive – People meeting with Mathew Knowles during past Sanctuary Records meetings are said to have seen nose bleeds as being the norm. Know why? Because sources say Bey’s pops sniffed so much cocaine he no longer has lining on his inner nostrils! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Tina Knowles.

According to one Houston drug dealer, Mathew’s story of being a past IBM exec is fabricated. That’s because he says Mathew “was always a womanizer, and into drugs.” That’s before we’re told Mathew tricked off his money on one of Beyonce’s dancers, and wanted Beyonce to stay with Mos Def — because he could control Mos Def, while he reportedly “saw himself in Jay Z.”

Here’s the drop:

“Mathew is well known in Houston, and Miami strip clubs for tricking and doing lines off the dancers’ bodies. Mathew got his baby momma Alexsandra Wright a publicist/marketing job at Columbia Records.

Alexsandra used to send Tina Knowles pictures of things Mathew bought her. Farrah Franklin got kicked out of Destiny’s Child because everyone in the group found out Mathew was smashing her too.”


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was dealing drugs himself. He looks like a dealer and Tina looks like a Dope Man’s Woman.

    • He looks like a dealer and Tina looks like a Dope Man’s Woman???? really!!! what does a dealer look like and dope dealer wife look like.

    • tina should have ran with her baby daughters and toughed it out in a one bedroom with the support system of her family like before until she could establish herself. More older married/widowed women like Big Mama are giving political advice to younger women “marriage is a beautiful thing but” live on your own first, have your own and proceed with caution. I often wonder what the family dynamic would be today if women, esp. the women of color, of yesteryear had access to housing, education, employment, and equal protection today. Maybe many single mothers are by choice for peace of mind rather than be bothered. she should found a white man like the Tina Turner article. Joke. Sorry but knowles just reminds me of a working functionally drunk philandering gambling granddad who became the deacon at age 50 all the while giving grandma hell as she held down the family and saved face.

  2. I don’t believe this one! If he wasn’t an executive at IBM, that would have been confirmed 20 years ago. Mos Def a “yes” man?

    • @ MzFitt I was inclined to feel exactly like you. If he were claiming fraudulently to being employed by IBM as an marketing executive, surely some journalist or news/tabloid source would disclose it.

      So I started sniffing around The Goo, and I wasted 20 minutes. All I had to do was visit his Wikipedia page. It is a little complicated…he WAS employed by Xerox in Houston in sales, and when Xerox closed up shop, he was hired to sell MRI and CT Scan equipment to hospitals and clinics. It said he was the single most successful medical sales person in Texas.
      So, it’s not as if he was a deadbeat or a Dope Man.
      He not only was gainfully employed, but if you know anything about the med equip sales business, he was probably making more than a VP at IBM in Houston.

      My best guess is the IBM story may be a little white lie. He was truthful about his degrees from Fisk, and he really has an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters. When Matthew was beginning the legend of Bey and DC, he may have thought that marketing exec with IBM sounded a little more “prestigious”. You know, a little white lie as in saying that Beyowulf is currently 31 years old.

      Folks get caught in this sort of ticky tack ish all the time. Just tell the truth, and you’ll never have to remember WHO you told WHAT to.

  3. looks like Fakeonce is in on her hubby’s payola scam (which involved Joe Camel bribing the RIAA to change certification rules)

    can we also discuss his flirting with Miley Cyrus on Twitter? maybe he wants her for his ho concubine along with Rihanna, Rita Ora and Adrienne Bailon

    • My thought exactly – Willow is a client, also. He loves to draw in and manipulate young girls! Beyonce is always on the losing end with these guys. Oh yeah, she was one of these “young girls” once.

    • That’s that illuminati hook up to get him platinum. They can’t have one of their biggest puppets NOT appear to be the biggest selling rapper/artist can they?

    • MJM, you ain’t said nothin’ but a word. You’d think as the daddy of a daughter himself, Camel wd want nothing to do w/some dumb Becky who thinks twerking is cute.

      Bu I guess Miley will be on the list for their next orgy now, if Weavonce likes her.

      As for Willow & her new record, the blame falls at her parent’s feet, not Camel’s.

    • We are nit talking about Beyonce.. We talking about Matthew Knowles..try to stay focused..I know its hard for some of you..who can’t stand her.

  4. Farrah was fine as hell, and now her story of why she ‘quit the group’ makes more sense. And who doesn’t know Matthew has and always will be full of shit? That is all.

    • I don’t believe for an instant he slept with Farrah. For one, she has the type of personality where she would tell it, particularly given how much she and beyonce bumped heads. She just didn’t have the work ethic for the business, as seen in the documentary they did when they decided to let her go.
      Those fights with her and bey were classic!

  5. Geez!! That tea was scaling HOT!!! Beyonce always tried put on the front that her family was so clean
    and perfect while putting down the Jackson’s.

    Matthew ain’t nothing but, a coke head. He stepped on so many people in order for his daughter to be where she is today.

    It all makes sense about Farrah because from what has been reported she was treated badly by Tina, Beyonce and Kelly.

    • Yes, always heard he was a coke head. Heard Solange and Bey sometimes indulges too. But this “smashing” Farrah is new to me. matt has always been known as a hoe. Tina has been putting up with it way before Beyonce became famous. Does anyone know if Matt is even Bey’s biological father? and what is her real age?

  6. He also used to manage Nas when he and DC were on Columbia Records. That’s when Bey wanted Nas. Wonder how that would have worked out. He looks slimy, but if it weren’t for him, his daughter would not have the overrated career she has. Give him props where they are due.

    • I agree. He was making behind the scenes moves on her career. And then when ICM signed her, it was on and cracking. ICM had the power to make her look like the mega star she is today. I for one am not that impressed. She’s just okay. But a talent agency like ICM can make you fall in love with the star with all of their resources and tactics.

  7. I am just soooo sick of Beyonce. I’m tired of hearing her NAME. I am making it a personal goal to not listen to another song she’s singing on for at LEAST a couple of years. I don’t wanna hear Yeesus or Camels album… I seriously need a break! I love so many other artists, like Chrisette Michelle and I would like to hear from someone else for a change.

  8. This is old news to me. My cousin is best friends with Mathews Baby mama Alexssandra, she said he has a home in vegas and all he did was buy snatch and blow lines. When she got pregnant he asked her to give the baby to him, so he could claim it as beyonce and Jayz. He offered her money for the baby. She refused. She also said that Beyonce is so miserable and tried to kill herself before Blue ivy, She overdosed on painkillers and was rushed to the hospital. She is not happy being married to Jayz, he’s was constantly cheating on her and very controlling. She had Blue ivy to make please Jayz and so he wouldn’t cheat on her.

    • Please tell me more! this sounds so crazy to me. I knew that she truly wasn’t happy she seems so robotic.

    • shiid you need to be emailing jacky with these tips. It’s funny what the paps show the public and hide to stay in good graces with celebs.

    • You sure she had Blue Ivy. I believe the rest of what you say because there isa lot of shit goes on behind the scene that is covered up 100% and I know Jay beats her as well. However, that doesn’t explain why her belly collapsed the way it did!

      • she did not birth Blue Ivy. Beyonce didn’t want to have a baby, she planned this to please Jayz. He is jealous of her career. He wanted to control her by having a child. That’s why Mathew wanted to take is son with Alexsandra and pretend it was beyonce’s. He was still her manger at the time. Beyonce was upset with Mathew and all his antics. With Jayz encouraging her she dropped Mathew as her manger. He has been struggling financially, and has failed to pay child support, he also threatened Alexsandra when she was pregnant to have an abortion or she may wind up dead. She filed a restraining order against mathew and recorded all of his threatening phone calls. He would get coked up and act a straight fool. Tina and Mathew have been living separate lives for years. Alexsandra married Harvey from celebrity fit club and he is the only father the childs knows.

        • Alexsandra married Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club? That’s good news! I don’t know anything about Alexsandra, but I loved Harvey and he seems like a really solid dude. Hopefully they will have a baby of their own too. Thanks for the tea pinkcotton.

        • Thanks Pinkcotton for responding and the info! Because I know she did not have Blue. I think because of Jay being jealous of her career and taking over Matthew’s spot is the reason why Beyonce is losing fans. Her whole ‘brand’ has changed. She is no longer private and just about herself.

    • Yep I cosign. I read somewhere and Blindgossip had an article of when she was at the Superbowl before her performance in a room with Jay, Michele, Kelly and her mother. She was texting someone constantly and Jay grabbed the phone from her and started saying “you effing bitch” etc etc etc and they were yelling back and forth obscenities and no one intervened. They just basically sat there and ignored them like it was the norm. Tina didn’t come to her defense when Jay was calling her all those names! SMH oh well I ain’t sorry for her because she sold her soul and made a pact with Satan for fame and money so she has to bear the consequences!!!

    • Wow PinkCotton! THAT’s some serious hot tea – Kudos! But I can’t see a narcissist like Beyowolf trying to kill herself, tho. When exactly did this suicide attempt happen? Was it after her supposed miscarriage?

      And WHO was the surrogate if she really didn’t birth Blue!!? Did they get one from India or was there a local surrogate?

  9. Does anyone have details on the development-deal scam he was running on the Houston rappers about 10-15 years ago? He was doing this while Destiny’s Child was signed to Columbia. My homeboy C-Ron (from Huntsville) got burned by him. I don’t have the specifics, but it went like this:

    Matthew Knowles would approach an unsigned rapper with a development deal. He would say something like, “I’ll give you $10,000 to record a four-song demo for Columbia. If Columbia likes it and signs you, you get another $40,000.”

    The rapper makes his or her record, turns it in to Matthew, and never hears anything from Columbia Records.

    What he did in the meantime was pocket the additional $40,000 since he was never going to sign anyone anyway, ensure that he ends up with the publishing rights from all the demos, and build an instant song catalog for his “real” singers and rappers to choose from.

    Ain’t that some shit?

    Does anyone out there know more about this scam?

    • Wow. How does this demon of a man live with himself? I am sorry your homeboy got his dream stolen from him by this heartless thieving dope fiend.

      • Technically, copyrights and publishing are different. You actually own the copyright without filing for it the second you complete a copywritable piece. You technically assign the right for someone to publish your song via turning over your demo. In fact by taking the 10k you may have merely created a work for hire if you lack a written agreement/contract. You would still be entitled to royalties however.

      • Im glad someone brought this out, yes her and mos messed around which is why I was surprised to see him in a jay z video but maybe the whole bros before hoes thing because mos is a dog anyway with his 800 kids and little dick. I digress. My friend worked at t mobile in hollywood, when tmobile was the sh*t and all the celebs used to come in a pay bills. I’m don’t remember which one came in but after that they were somehow able to read the text they were sending to each other??
        timbaland was also sexting a man but he always looked sweet cheeked.

        I dont believe beyonce is doing blow, solange may be doing it so that when she loses the cartilage she can have a legitimate reason to fix that nose.

        the suicide and the beating (remember the video of jayz hitting that girl) is the t

  10. Nothing will piss off a young girl more than her daddy fucking one of her friends. In this case, it was one of the back up singers and back up dancers. I hate baphomet beyonce, but I am sure she was in alot of pain when she found out about papa Knowles’ devious behavior!

  11. You’re right Beth. That’s why Jay-Z signed Skylar Diggins. She might be Ms. Irreplaceable’s replacement! Remember, Skylar is ten years younger than Bey!