Maxwell, Will Smith & Tyrese Go Muslim?



    HSK Exclusive – Have Maxwell, Will Smith and Tyrese converted to Islam? I don’t know, but the trio are now referring to themselves as تايريس، ويل سميث، وماكسويل — the Arabic translation of ‘Tyrese, Will Smith, and Maxwell’.

    On top of that, they appear to have taken part in what looks like ‘Emarati’ ceremonial practices. It all went down in Dubai’s Desert, where they rang in the New Year.

    Peep it:


    1. Well if they did convert to Islam, they gonna have to cut that gay lifestyjle out. But knowing Will, He is just doing what his bosses told him by trying to confuse the masses. Trying to promote a One World Order/One religion type of thing. First it was Rihanna and Beyonce disrespecting the mosques Then Jay z and Kanye disrespecting Christianity. And the POTUS promoting homosexuality. I feel sorry for the foundation being laid for the future of our young people.

      • Thank you. I was going to say that there is no way Islam would receive gay men. None whatsoever. The 3 of these dudes are foul. I guess folks don’t realize there are customs when you travel overseas and they are likely just adhering to said customs, one of which is dressing appropriately.

        • Many people do not travel outside of their home base and shoot from the hip with their worldly assumptions. So interesting how emphatically they speak in making their case with such limited exposure.

          • Many people reply with cowardice and disrespect for others’ knowledge. Now, because you have a passport and lived in a Muslim country once upon a time, you’re the only person here qualified to speak about Muslims?

            Feel free to refer to the Qur’an and read what Allah’s word is about homosexuality. It is forbidden in Islam, regardless of there being homosexual Muslims. Reading comprehension is fundamental.

            • That reading comprehension is enhanced or neutralize with first hand experience. Reality trumps the written word every step of the way. Referencing one’s statement with the resources of their knowledge hence their position creates fluidity in the discussion. Experts are more appreciated and better suited for seminars and debates,

              • And your experiences are no more valid than the next person’s experiences. No one else felt the need to state the numerous Muslims some of us know, are related to, are, etc. BUT you.

                You’re so busy trying to debate fact, that you’re missing the point. Continue your debate with yourself.

    2. Well this aint gonna work first off Islam don’t play that gay isht. Secondly I thought will was in the Science cult bs. You can’t serve two masters and well Flyrese is band wagoner so anything will do he gonna do to.

    3. Will please make up their damn minds on what the hell they wannabe! Getting on last little bit nerves with this bullshit!

    4. Just come to Beverly Hills in the summer…you will see. All types of gay Muslim Men….they leave Egypt because of the heat & stay in LA until september

      • It doesn’t matter what you see, it is not the way of Islam. Its not a surprise though, many making comments off of information that they have got off of fox news. Ignorance is not cute, read a book and quit parroting what you hear about Islam.

        • I lived in an Arab country for 3 years(speaking the language) and had to interact with both paupers and princes. Im pretty familiar with their culture and the hypocracy of it.

            • There are Muslims on Shahs of Sunset. And some of those folks are gay. I was responding to the comment re: all types of gay Muslim men. I know Persian = Iranian, so you can save your geography lessons. Lol

              • Reza is Jewish. He said so and they showed his family having Seder. Men were wearing yamikas and everything

            • Yes Reza is Jewish. They showed his family at Seder. And I’m pretty sure he speaks Farsi, not Arabic

          • Persians are not Arabs. They will make that very clear to you if you mistake one for the other…To me all those hairy mountain caucasoids look alike but they insist they are different. Just like I cant tell the difference between the Palestinians and the Israeli’ except one wears a small beanie and the other one wears a big beanie.

            • Arab = a member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia and other countries of the Middle East.
              a member of any Arabic-speaking people. Iran is the new Persia, same country new name.

        • “It doesn’t matter what you see” = “Don’t believe your lying eyes”

          The Prophet Muhammad had sexual intercourse with a 9 year old child”

    5. umm this must be some kind of stunt that is sooo not funny. I may not know much but I do think that this group of people do not do GAYs or bisexual men in the ranks anywhere. What are they wearing? They look ridiculous, where are their wives and girlfriends while they are doing so much Male BONding??

    6. Dang! All them in Dubai partying. This may be a New Years Eve prank. We know how Bone Dry thirsty some of them celebrities get for attention. LOL

    7. Blackmen are so behind the 8 Ball! Religion is what got us enslaved. I’m a god-fearing man, but, i don’t waste time with organized religion…Christianity & Islam. My soul won’t allow me to fall into the “Snake Pit.” Tyrese is supposed to be heavy into Christianity, Why is he contradicting his own beliefs? I don’t support blackmen bowing down to somebody else. We got a long way to go, as it relates to how we view ourselves in relation to other men.



        Guess Dat “Oil & Oil Money” gets them a free Pass on this. Don’t believe me? Just ask the good Rev Jesse Jackson, and Minister Farrakhan.

        • Oh, dear. Please don’t mention Farrakhan and his sheeple. They go harder for Farrakhan than they go for almighty Allah, which is beyond pathetic. And they don’t research anything for themselves. They want people to follow Farrakhan and the words of Elijah Muhammad. They push “How To Eat To Live” like Elijah Muhammad didn’t die when he was,like 70, 72-years-old. But in the book, he is telling people they can live well into their hundreds with a proper diet. The Muslim secretaries who are leading the Muslim women today were Elijah Muhammad’s mistresses/babymamas. Don’t drag the white man with all of that BS going on in your “faith.”

      • “Tyrese is supposed to be heavy into Christianity, Why is he contradicting his own beliefs?”

        This is nothing new for celebrities that claim to be Christians. Most of them are walking contradictions and do not live according to their faith. I just don’t see how one can live the way a Christian is suppose to live while being apart of Hollywood and promoting their demonic agenda, morals, and values.

        • If you call yourself a Christian, you should study Islam and Judaism as well, as they are all interconnected. I would have no problem visiting a mosque like I had no problem attending a school that was conducted in a synagogue. IMO, Muslims are more disciplined than Christians (at least the ones I’ve known are.) People will be “heavy into Christianity” and do everything that defies the word and will of God.

    8. The Arabs are also very involved in homosexuality and pedophilia ( boys and girls)but they keep it undercover.

      Look at their culture how the men treat the women like shit. THEY DONT LIKE WOMEN…its bro’s before hoes for these fags

    9. the wealthier arabs import little boys from impoverished muslim countries as camel jockeys and tea servers and they rape them…7, 8 9 years old

    10. Sex with young boys is common in Afghanistan with the Pashun tribe. They are called “bacha bazi.”

    11. Folks want to argue on this thread but have yet to bring forth scripture from the Qur’an, Torah or Bible where homosexuality is accepted by God. There have been homosexuals since the beginning of time. That doesn’t mean that God is accepting of their behavior. There are many people who call themselves Christian, Muslim or Jew who disobey God’s covenants all day, everyday. I knew a Jew who told me Judaism is a race, not a religion.

      Since people here are theologians, historians and geographers, feel free to provide factual accounts based on the word of God where He states that homosexuality IS NOT an abomination. I’ll wait.

      • Many people feel that they have the ultimate word of the Almighty God even though this truth has been interpreted and misinterpreted over thousands of years by rulers and Power Brokers for centuries to control the masses. To challenge one who feels that he/she has the ultimate truth would be sinful and that I cannot do.

      • Bella, are there are any other abominations based on the word of your God other than that of homosexuality since I never hear anyone speak of them!

      • You don’t have to practice in any of mentioned fields to have a treasure trove of knowledge about worldly matters. Varied extensive education, research, travels and cultured circles will render the same results. An open mind makes it possible to see the multitude of variations and easier to accept the fact that there is no absolute.

    12. Bella
      You religious zealots are so pompous and live with such blinders in your lives you delude yourselves into believing that everyone believes the same bs you believe.

      Everyone doesn’t believe your bibles/qur’ans as being the word of some guy who lives in outer space as some infallible holy words..

      One must first authenticate that your bibles were not written and conceived by men and that has NEVER BEEN PROVEN and your holy books have never been proven to be fact..In fact they have so many errors of fact that it is a surety that men wrote them..

      You do that then we’ll use your little books as reference guides of fact…Not a minute before though…

      If you cant prove it as the works of some alien being who overlooks the earth then how can you present it as a reference guide?

      • That being said, I do believe in that there is a God/Most High deity/deities who are responsible for our creation and whose image and likeness we were made in…

        I just think that religion is the bastard child of that natural relationship being us and our Creator and has been used as a tool by the devil to pimp and control the energy of the meek .

    13. So Jacky was right about Tyrese being gay…Why else would he vacation with Will Smith and Maxwell?

      But Ty still had Jacky running from that Compton ass whupin’….Him and his roommate.

    14. People can’t change easily, its fact!
      But people can change, its unbreakable.
      If you trust Muhammad the prophet, you will change step by step to true peace.
      Its shame, many muslim don’t get “peace massages” from prophet Muhammad sallaullahualaihi wasalam, he said “i’m rahmatan lil ‘alamin” (means my way of live is grace and peace to universe from alloh ta’ala).
      Perhaps the every muslim get “hidayah and taufiq” (mean right guidance) from alloh ta’ala,
      there is no god who deserved worshipped except alloh.


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