Mayweather Protests Missy Elliot’s Cheaters Club


Missy Elliot Bumps Keyshia Cole from Mayweather

A Sex Addict’s Seduction?

HSK Exclusive – It seems when Missy Elliot penned the lyrics for her 2001 ‘smash’ hit “Get Ur Freak On”, she was simply writing words she believes are to live by. That’s because the lesbian lyricist has done just that with a long list of taken women women she bumped from their boyfriends.

You may remember just days ago we first told you about Missy’s affair with Olivia Longott, while the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ cast member was 50 Cent’s first lady.

Now, HSK has learned one boxing great is no stranger to Missy’s magic touch on the ladies – sharing an experience Missy also forced 50 to face.

That’s because sources say the singer/songwriter sits at the center of Floyd Mayweather’s break-up from former girlfriend Keyshia Cole. Cole and Elliot are reported to get their freak on together, back in 2007 – this while Cole and Mayweather were a couple. We’re told after Mayweather discovered he was sharing his then girlfriend with Missy Elliot, he dumped her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lil Kim.

Here’s the drop:

“Jacky, Floyd Mayweather used to date Keyshia Cole back in the day. When Floyd found out Keysia Cole was cheating on him with Missy, he dumped her.

I got this drop from Mayweather’s third man, Jackie Ray Jones.”


  1. Missy was rackin’ up boy…lmao…so Keyshia wrote I Should’ve Cheated….apparently she

  2. oner of keyshia’s old videos she was wearing a shiort with a rainbow on it rainbows are gay and lesbian pride symbols.

    that’s old every girl misst worked with she ate next.

  3. LOL So I guess the rumor that Missy will write and/or produce a hit for female artists if they let her hit is true after all. Who’s next, Fantasia? Mariah Carey? Eve? Tamia? Nicole Wray? Mocha? Total? lol

    • You can cross total, eve, mariah carey and nicole way off that list ..missy done already worked with them AND smashed

        • Filthy lesbians don’t “smash,” they give each other tongue lashings. The only females who some call “bi” who would be with a woman part-time are hungry hoes and freaky, out of control sex fiends who want to get off by anything. People keep asking Queen Latifah to make it official, Missy should!




    • Ho ho ho!! Missy the Nasty azz freak, she turned out nearly every female in the industry, missy has standards two, cuz she taken down them pretty ones no hugly ones lol…
      Missy been a lezzy slut from day one people!!
      Remember back in the day when she was in that group sista her and devante set up back in 1992, missy was sexualy harnessing her band members they couldn’t take it no more, all the touching and feeling up in the studio, allegedly she even tried to lock one of the members of her group sista In a hotel room to do her nastiness anyway I will leave the rest of that mess to your imagination, missy must have been 14 at the time nasty….
      The rest is history Aaliyah, Nicole, monifa,total,tweet,sparkle.janet Jackson, debrat, maybe mariah Carey, mc lyte, swv, I could go on but I won’t…
      Putting straight missy is a lesbo preditor who seems to be getting away with her abuse of power, unless she working with some hot shit down below cuz missy ain’t the one looking biggy smalz younger sister or aunty…
      Missy is the equaling of r Kelly a female abuser allegedly.
      If you don’t believe me ask Timothy Mosley ……
      Oh I forget 702……

  5. I like the site (obviously), but mothrafokk all the intrusive moyhrafokking ads. I’ll never click on them. You really need to rethink that ish unless you are getting serious coin from them from the idiots who click them….then eff me…..

    But anyways….back to the point….

    No truly straight female or male is gonna “experiment” so either some of the shit is bullshit or the people who participated are GAY.

  6. If this story would have replaced the name of Missy Elliott and added in Chris Stokes , with males, the sisters would have taken a whole other slant on this.

  7. But then again lets stop putting all the blame on Missy Elliot…
    She probably didnt rape any of these women/girls.

    Its just like prostitution….Instead of receiving money they received tracks and small gifts…

    Mariah had her own money so she was desfinitely fucking for songs…So was Total, so was Boobies wife and so was the rest of them…Missy Elliott sure didnt bed any of these women based on her looks…

    These ladies are far far far from being victims any more than a prostitute is a victim and Keisha Cole is a known prostitute, Trina, Eve…They’re hookers and its easier to flip a woman than it is to flip a straight man because you have to be less than a man to engage in queer activity.

    • In what world is it easier to flip a woman than a man? I’ll wait.

      Straight women are not into lesbians. Not at all! If you gay for pay, that’s your business. Most people will not sell their souls like that. In Hollywood, this nonsense is the norm.

  8. WOW! That’s some tea!

    I wonder if Missy tagged Keyshia & Kim at the same time? “Oh yes it’s ladies night. What a night.”

  9. @SEMI

    omg….I just revisited that video by Missy “LADIES NIGHT” and in retrospect, in light of all the revelations that have been uncovered about the sickness of the entertainment biz , this has to be by far THE GAYEST VIDEO OF ALL TIMES!!!

    The scantily clad men in this video is just a subterfuge to show off Missy’s pussy parade…

    Ebony Princess needs to get in here and serve these ladies some of her BBQ sauce cause this video is a damn DYKEFEST….aLL the major dykers are in this video…

    On a side note, doesnt anyone notice that Mary J Blige doesnt have any rhythm (pardon the tangent)…

    So here it is ladies and germs…

    Ladies Night @ Dildoville.

    • Ho ho ho @semi thanks for reminding me that song has taken on a whole new meaning now ” oh what a nighttttt”
      Missy is a GGGG !!!!!
      A nasty one lol!

  10. Damn, whose coochie hasn’t Missy been up in? She must have a serious head game cuz it sure ain’t her looks that’s getting all those industry chicks.

    • Its the tracks…These hookers are selling their ass for TRACKS….

      Its not really that complicated…If your hungry for fame and someone has the potential to give you that fame through a good song, you take the dildo.(If you are a hooker)

      • And Missy gets to re-live her own molestation as a child by putting on the plastic dick and making others feel the shame (and the shame and confusion of pleasure) that she felt that warped her idea on how human beings are supposed to interact with other in dignity and honor.

        • @dice
          Well said missy confusing her sexual abuse experience allegedly and taken that shit to a whole new level literally.
          from every female she touches, she must have learned her head game good, turning her head, tounge, azz, all 360 degrees for dem chicks’ like Linda Blair in excorcest lol!


  12. Keisha Cole is a prostitute….(period)

    You can pack all the meat and dairy you want but if you cant lay dowm a funky track for her next album she gonna go where she think she can to get what she think she needs to survive… And when she finds out who got that cash/track to do the thing for her, she will negotiate whatever sexual favors she needs to do to receive it.

    If you can accept her for what she is, when she comes back home after someone has ridden her hard and put her up wet and you are willing to dry her off and give her some soup and bread (pimp) then she will cut you off a piece of what she took in for the night…

    If you cant deal with her and the business, and you get all up in your feelings and emotions, then a prostitute knows you dont have the stomach for the game and on to the next.

  13. Ewwww, this picture of Missy looks like a demonic mush mouth satanic possessed alien….why are women attracted to this? Next.