Meek Mill & Bow Wow Busted Bromancin’ On A Bike!


Meek Mill & Bow Wow Bromance

HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively landed this image of Meek Mill and Bow Wow … all up on each other while riding  a 4-wheeler!

Though we can’t confirm when or where the image was taken, we can tell you this could get the HNIC over at BET furious! Know why? We’re told Bow Wow is “Stephen Hill’s boo.”

Let’s go …


  1. Why do they BOTH look like butch lesbians from 1999 in that pic??? I mean for real… look at them! The big smiles and the way Bow is hugged up.

    They both look so effeminine, I can’t even call them homothugs here. Oh the demasculization of the 80s babies is happening. It is kind of sad actually. But maybe, I am just seeing things lol

      • Come on, whether I used the right context or not, they both have very moonish features, which is usually considered more feminine. So what if I used “effeminine”? And please, I don’t need to troll someone’s posts for grammar errors because I’m hard up and I’m the one who needs to go back to school
        -_-. I will wait. I was fans of both of them at a point and I still like Meek to a certain extent but they DO look girlish as hell in that pic. I can’t even deny that. Sorry, but seriously, over a grammar error? You getting worked up over ONE word?

  2. Weak skills, Bow Down, and the rest of these homothug azz rappers should just come out the closet. Im 32 and never saw 2 two on a bike before. Stop it!

  3. He proudly smiles for the camera. Why not wear a helmet and keep hiding the fact that feels good rubbing against your booty? Just stop and come on out.

  4. LOL

    They were also on a scooter together in a video I saw two or three years ago. Meek is hot (Well, lukewarm) musically right now, but you know Bow Wow (What kind of grown man in his mid-20s is named after a childish sound effect, anyway? At least ‘RZA’ and ‘GZA [Both named after the way their names sound when a record is scratched] sound marginally better as stage names)–

    ^But yeah, you know Bow Wow is wishing it was 2001 again right now lol

  5. Ahhhh u funny jackie ol boy!!! ol sport everyone from s.p. know meek is a pro at the 4wheeler game. he use to do that shit up and down my block when he was a youngn with braids bow wow never got on one so thats y bow is on the bike… Bitches stayed on meek hes far from gay…

    • My peps from s.p. keep females on the back of their bikes. Or their 10 yr old cousin. True, mills has skills on the bike, but two dudes riding like they are in a gay parade, well it is what it is.

  6. @ass im mean CAS ……. when i said deading this site due to the gullible mofos that are so hype to agree with the shit. its a website out here for all types of shit… like white power , people who kill, etc. just because they all got the same opinon dosent make the shit true. its all speculation and for you tittylation. cause u are extremly hype and the dickeating type. all caps ummm. How many beauty pageants have you won? cause you def seem like the supreme queen type… I cant wait for the story on you to come out and how homo you are. youre so stupid you prolly be like OMG I KNEW IT.. lmpao

  7. @Ass …i mean Cas spellcheck is a mutherf*cka…. its nut ass ppl like u that invented this internet thuggin. its so easy too get all hype over someone else life. and to the weirdo that said somethinG about come out already seriously… just go on twitter or instagram and ask the nigga ya self…. again meek is far from gay. and i dont even like his music. i just kno the nigga and he dont deserve this bullshit. but hey this what yall do.

  8. Weirdo ass niggas im a female if i was a nigga i wouldnt be on a gossip blog leaving comments about other ppl life styles. so i guest ur a nigga and most ppl commenting is niggas? like i said check ya self… prison bitch though naw i dont kno nothing about wat u talking boi. @jacky jasper naw that aint gangsta but lil buddy gotta provide for his fam its more gangsta than being in prison from selling drugs or robbery.


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