Meet FBI Snitch Charlie Mack…


Charlie Mack FBI Informant
HSK Exclusive – The man who serves as Will Smith’s personal bodyguard is being outted as an FBI informant.

His name is Charlie Mack, and he’s no stranger to celebrity circles – as he’s credited for the discovery of “Boys 2 Men”. But now, the streets of Philly are saying he’s nothing more than a snitch. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jamie Foxx.

Here’s what an insider had to say about Charlie Mack:

“Charlie Mack is a big Nicca, but he ain’t too bright. Charlie has his good points, he could bring talent to the table, but he never gets paid.

I remember when Charlie discovered ‘Boys 2 Men’ he brought them to Will, but Will didn’t have a label. So Charlie took ‘Boys 2 Men’ to Mike Bivins, Mike signed the group and didn’t give Charlie a cent. He didn’t even get a finders fee for discovering ‘Boy 2 Men’, cause Charlie is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

When Will got married to Jada, he didn’t want to hang out as much. Will decided to pay the dudes who were down with him from the ’80s. Will bought dudes homes and shit, he gave Charlie $ 2 million dollars to start a record label. Will knew Charlie was going to f*ck the money off, but he gave it to him anyway. Will did that cause he didn’t want Charlie asking for anything else down the road.

Charlie got a lot of kids, but he didn’t spend the money on the his kids. He’s not noble like that. Charlie doesn’t care about his kids education.

Jacky, Charlie’s name is on the informant list for the FBI. All the real street cats in Philly don’t fuck with him. That’s a whole other story, I’ll give you that drop later.”

I then asked my insider for a photo of Charlie Mack, and here’s the answer I got:

“Charlie is the Nicca at the beginning of “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” who spins Will in the air.”

Is FBI informant Charlie Mack currently working for Jamie Foxx? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask professional house squatter John “JC” Clark.


  1. Lol what’s crazy is how he discovered meek millz too smh I know meek was locked up while Charlie was his manager and while meek was under T.I. record label during that time. Charlie probably was involved in both of their arrest

  2. He’s on FBI paayroll and he works with black American celebrities.

    Does this mean that the FBI has a special survelliance unit to snoop on black celebs at the behest of the major music and entertainment media conglomerates?

    Same as the Special NYC PD Raap Unit (still active)?

    • Oh wow. Is this special unit the predecessor of the feds who would visit Tupac at school as a child?

      Assata Shakur: “If you don’t believe that the FBI has extensive files on every popular Rap artist, you probably believe in the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy. It’s a known fact that more than a few Rappers are under constant police surveillance.”

      • you know something with tupac and his music didnt quite sit right with me. I of course was married and pregnant when he blew up, my husband and i had to work so banging and thuging of anykind was not necessary. but from where he came to death, it seems he was a sacrificial lamb. follow me, his mom, friends with brando, high level black panther, step pop robbed armored car in the town i grew up in Nyack new york (he is getting out by the way in a few years as opposed to life and his mom has everything. did she sacrifice Tupac for her man and a new life? im thinking and reaching here, but it always seemed funny that tupac being so high up in the bp’s would have to resort to sleeping on floors and such. and then this lil tad about the fbi coming to his school, was tupac mind controlled to do this. trust me people it happens, all the time. I am the daughter of an ex cop and the ex wife of a soldier. even in families without you knowing it happens people.

  3. I don’t doubt it but it could only serve to control them and kill them when needed (suicide, drug OD, etc.) for the labels AKA the illuminanti.

  4. charlie mack seen Bo Starks a south philly native rapper in california about meek mill stealing his flow an image in 2006. Meek MiLL is in his mid 20 Bo Starks is in his Mid 30’s

  5. I hear this guy was a drug dealer back in the day. That, he even got shot, with some scars to prove it.

  6. Insider? lol. rats in Philly die. Ask Tommy Hill. Charlie Mack does alot for the community and he did alot for Meek. He could be a snitch but then again in the real world who cares? Dont do crime and you won’t get snitched on. If he snitched on anyone big in Philly he would be in a body bag already.

  7. tommy hill snitched on the italian mob thats why he is dead. charlie mack is snitching on niggas/niggers. as long as you toss niggas a bone they will overlook the fact that you are a snitch. ti is a snitch too dummies

  8. Wow, and the charlie mack foundation is no longer helping with wed.’s child on the 10 news philly, promoting child adoption. Guess he devoting all his time to being an informant.