Meet One Of Maxwell’s Newest Faces



The last time we checked, not only do the Islamic people NOT celebrate birthdays … it’s forbidden. But, it looks like ‘Muslim Maxwell’ is breaking all the rules.

The BLACKsummers’night singer took to social media to post a bizarre video of himself with the caption, “celebrating the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.”

Here’s what the Nigerian Daily Post reports:

“Throughout the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, he never once celebrated his birthday, and did not direct his righteous followers to do anything of that nature.”


Take a look:


  1. Well you better not tell all those sheikhs and sultans who fly in this celebrity and that singer to perform or make an appearance at their birthday parties all throughout the UAE!

    • And what else does he do? Maybe some of the other stuff that he enjoys could make me happy, just wishful thinking. Circles and squares, cannot help him there.

  2. Article is reaching.

    While it is frowned upon to celebrate your own birthday in Islam (it isn’t prohibited at all in the Koran) they do openly celebrate the prophet Muhammad’s birthday in most muslim nations in the world.

    I’m talking about real islam, not that bs nation of islam nonsense.