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Melissa Harris-Perry Needed Workers Comp After Watching “The Help”

February 27th, 2012

MSNBC talk show host Melissa Harris-Perry, viewed the movie “The Help” and guess what — After viewing the film, professor Perry said she needed worker’s compensation. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lawrence O’Donnell.

Here’s what Professor Melissa Harris-Perry had to say:

“This is not a movie about the lives of black women. The movie is a stereotypical, white-washed depiction of the Old South’s Jim Crow era. It’s deeply troubling… it was rape, it was lynching, it was the burning of communities.

It is the same notion that the fidelity of black women domestics is more important than the realities of the lives, the pain, the anguish, the rape that they experienced.”

Did Octavia Spencer win an Oscar for playing the role of a perfect house Negro? Of course she did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dr. Cornel West.

17 Responses to “Melissa Harris-Perry Needed Workers Comp After Watching “The Help””

  1. ThatChick |

    That is why I didn’t bother to watch this movie. Congrats to Octavia Spencer though.
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  2. Allure |

    I hated this movie for the simple fact that she dumped in the pie. I was waiting for a point in the movie where she would say that she was kidding. Who does that? A queen would do no such thing.


    blackbeauty Reply:

    So what it was a movie…get over it, it was a good movie.


  3. MRS.N.LEWIS |



  4. Supreme Omega |

    Any successful black person is a sell out here…

    Anyone in politics entertainment sports or high business is an Umcle
    Tom and a coon. Just be normal and a part of the rat race like everyone else. Except for JJ. He gets to have a record deal, pimp hoes, and hang out with great guys like Ike Turner and it’s all gravy!


  5. c no |

    Actually, the white lady who wrote this film stole everything, name included from her brother’s housekeeper and then refused to give her a dime.

    I refused to watch the flick, OR read the book.

    The article about the real woman whose story it’s of was in the Dailymail.co.uk sometime last summer. If you’re interested.


  6. c no |

    Here’s the article



  7. c no |

    FYI…all the ladies pushing this book to me last were my former white liberal “friends” (a term I use lightly as they were mothers who were STILL bar sluts). And might I add, they also teach in the local inner city schools, thinking and acting as if they’re doing “them” a favor.

    Just saying.

    (oh, and Obama supporters because as in their words, “their down with the black race.” YET, when I showed them this particular article, they shunned it. As they only want to see their white race as those that help the minorities)


  8. PinkKitty |

    I found it very hard to believe that the maid was not lynched for serving the woman her shit in a pie. It boggles my mind. Black men have been lynched for looking at or whistling at white women, but this maid was spared? Interesting.

    Anywhoooo was the Oscar for keeping a straight face while the woman ate shit? Or for squatting in the bowl in the first place?


  9. jenn |

    My grandmothers and aunts were The Help. Their whole lives were not reduced to rapes, lynching, and burning communities. I am not ashamed of them or their hard work.
    It was about hopes and dreams that their children would live better than they did.
    I liked the fact that book/movie addressed the everyday injustices that could break you down slowly- those tiny drips of water that can break a rock. Maybe a maid didn’t get lynched, but she was damn near sentenced to starvation by making sure no family would employ her.


  10. Tam |

    Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer did an amazing job and were recognized for their efforts, i’m happy for them. yeah black women!


  11. Sherry |

    It’s exactly why they only give certain black actors awards in certain roles. I just find it highly alarming only two black actresses have only won Best Actress. Sure, 5 have won supporting actress but what are they trying to say? Black women are not good enough to be nominated or win? I just find it troubling. Although the Oscars are troubling to me period. It seems they have a preconceived notion of who wins or studios pay to win. It’s why I didn’t bother this year. I’m glad Octavia and Viola were recognized, but it’s as if the Oscars are stuck in Jim Crow years. The Oscars should be next in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


    TinyTee Reply:

    It’s worst than that because only 1 black woman has ever won best actress( Halle Berry), but many have deserved it. I read only 14 African Americans in 84 yrs have won an Oscar. Viola Davis deserved that Oscar, but anyway, yes send the Oscars to the Cabin.


  12. "Enlightened" |

    Wow ~ old white men are the oscar voters?!$# that is truly interesting, because didn’t 3 6 Mafia win for their song “It’s hard out here for a pimp? I tell folks all the time, just because slavery is over it does not mean we are not still being PIMPED!!


  13. Anonymous |

    i agree with you 1000000%, plus notice hollywood would not employ beautiful sexy black women any more like lela rochon,teresa randle,kenya moore,alysia rogers (class act and boyz n da hood she played rickis babymomma)cause we’ll be to much competition. they only employ average looking and fat to obese black women for roles cause their safe!!!!


  14. manchild |

    its a shame that many of you have ancestors that endured so much for you to be here. Their sacrifices enabled us and ours to walk but do we acknowledge it with fear or hate. I am the grandson of a woman much like Minnie. She was a household domestic for many years and took great pride in her craft. She begot my mom who begot me.
    The movie is far from stereotypical since Minnie’s character is anything but stereotypical. Minnie is very hard headed and struggles with her own issues everyday. Hence the dukie pie scene. Many of us are fresh off the backs of our ancestors yet we still dont get it. They crawled so that we could walk or fly. Yet we are ashamed of this and show it but downing these roles or crying fowl when a pic like this is made.


  15. Thor |

    I went to the theater and “THE HELP,” was playing. It was a dollar theater here in Utah, I overheard people getting tickets to see THE HELP, thing is, They were old white people but YOUNG WHITE KIDS. I know why they were seeing it, that fantasy of having a black maid, probably was recommended by parents at the dinner table. I was not impressed with the turn out and would never see it, I made the mistake of watching that BEES movie with Keys and QUEEN…horrible


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