Men In Skirts Ain’t Hip Hop! Just Ask Lord Jamar!


Hip Hop - Men in Skirts

Preach, Brother…Preach!!!

Lord Jamar is speaking out in hopes of keeping the Hip Hop Man alive. That’s the exact identity the Brand Nubian lyricist says people like Kayne West are making obsolete — the Black man in Hip Hop culture. Know why? Because Lord Jamar says by sporting a skirt, Kayne is promoting the black man’s “feminization”. And, the last time we checked…that’s NOT Hip Hop! Don’t believe me.. Ask KRS-One.

Here’s what Lord Jamar had to say about girly-man rappers:

“First of all, it’s not just jabs at Kanye West. It’s anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. Anybody that I see out there, rocking dresses and all of that type of sh*t, I might shoot a jab at.

But Kanye is one of the ones right now that’s representing that movement. He’s one of the first ones that you see in a skirt. Now you got other people following suit and rocking full-out dresses or they’re trying to rock kilts.

We’re not Irish. We’re not Europeans. Rocking kilts and all that is just another excuse to introduce that skirt style. You understand what I’m saying? And I’m not with it. This has nothing to do with sexuality, who they choose to be with and all that, I’m not even talking about that.

I’m talking specifically about, what is hip-hop? And that’s not hip-hop. Rocking dresses with mean faces, that’s not hip-hop.”

Here’s what Lord Jamar recently Tweeted:

“Y’all Cee where the Kanye sh*t is takin us right? #halfafag.”

Are rappers like ASAP Rocky now following in Kanye’s footsteps, wearing a dress only to be rewarded with the #1 record on Billboard Hot 200 albums? Of course. Don’t believe me? Ask Lil B.


  1. What is this world coming to ? On Chan 11 this morning they were advertising MANTYHOSE (men panty hose).

        • It’s crazy what lengths The Gays will go to with their Agenda! If you go to the art museum, you can see where they snuck in and changed all the manly saggy jeans the Pharaohs were originally wearing in the Ancient Egyptian art into girly, Eurocentric Scottish skirts! And apparently the Masai warriors of East Africa, who stood against slavery and kill lions with spears as boys to become men, had to be “feminized” by being made to walk around wrapped in pretty fabric for the past few hundred years. In fact, no matter how close you look, The Gays went back and erased everything from recorded history showing that anyone in the world thought that pants were for men before white Europeans came up with that idea in the Middle Ages! Will these Gays stop at nothing to trick everyone into putting on their magic Celtic skirts and turning us all into homosexual, rainbow-loving Leprechauns???

    • no offense to the scottish or irish because kilts are their tradition.

      we americans don’t do that even black homos over here don’t wear kilts well since kanye, puff, and snoop did it they might start now.

  2. Of course they can get these weak ignorant niggas to do anything. Most of these rappers were getting fucked up the azz from a young age by white men who drove around black neighborhoods looking for unloved and unsupervised black boys to climb in their car and get money (by doing certain nasty things) to buy their much coveted clothes.

    Kanye, after his momma died, he was fresh meat. He was up for anything. Black men need to look inward to discover why they will destroy their neighborhoods with crime, violence, rape, molestation, etc. Black men need to ask why they love their oppressor so much?

    Rap wasn’t gay, but thug rap was when that homo thug demonic shit came in. I don’t care what Easy-E was injected with, he was too comfortable with Jerry Heller and knew him before NWA. Like I said, dong nasty things with white men to afford that leather coat at 12 or so.

    This skirt shit is the feminization of black men and Lord Jamar is speaking truth. I wonder what all these black anal queens gonna do when the HIV drugs gonna stop working cuz HIV is genetically targeted towards blacks? The drugs will work until enough of us have HIV and then all of a sudden, the drugs will stop working.

    Remember Pimp C

    • Easy E was invited and went to the White House to meet George Bush…

      What kind of gangster does that?

      They both had the same agenda…To destroy the black community with cocaine and gun and thats when the CIA started financing and importing that Columbian Cocaine to the Bloods and Crips in California….Gangster Rap was just the theme music to it all.

      • Eazy wasn’t “invited” to the White House! He bought a plate at a dinner being held at the White House and attended it as a joke. He was basically trying to prove a point that if you had money it doesn’t matter what color you are you can buy your way into the White House. Guess some people missed that. His attendance caused a major uproar. They were wondering how did this nigga get in here? Only to find out he bought a plate and had a right to be there! To this day there are some who believe that was his undoing. Not long after that event he was diagnosed with “full blown AIDS”, don’t even let me go there, and died all in the same week…

        • I would have given a weeks pay just to SEE Eazy E at the WhiteHouse in Black tie schmoozing with the enemy.

        • It’s terrible when people believe and fall for the hype…Do you really think that because you purchased a plate at a White House dinner that you are guaranteed to get pass security??(REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO BE INVITED..BUT LET’S GO WITH UR DREAM) I am sure plenty purchased plates to get a good shot(verbal)at the president and many other hated American politicians throughout the years to be turned down without getting to the door. America has the top intelligence agencies.. If you think they slipped on little ole Easy E…you bugging. He was obviously staged to be there…THEY ARE ALL ACTORS…ICE CUBE, DR. DRE ETC.. N.W.A was a scam to defile rap, and discredit the real Rhyme And Poetry poets that were telling us all that the revolution will not be televised… THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED.

    • @ Anon 5:46, I couldn’t agree with you more. There is something so incredibly special about the black race. There. is. a. reason. why the black race is so targeted, especially….ESPECIALLY the young boys who are without fathers in their lives. I try my best to live a positive lifestyle in front of our young black people. I pray for our people. I just wish we all would wake up.

      • @Anon8:17 and all of the brothas&sistahs Yes there is something so special that if you truly notice what’s been hidden in plain sight and place the puzzle pieces together you will find we so called “BLACK PEOPLE” and other bywords they called/call us fit every curse that the bible said would curse HIS chosen one’s for disobedience following our enemies still doing what we are not to.WE are not blacks,african american,ni****s,negroes,africans,coloreds or any other bywords we the only race targeted andcwas did the worst. We have been brainwashed and it was set off during the slave trade when we were delived to our enemies…I urge you all to get your bible read leviticus 26 and deut28:15-68 WAKE UP this all has happened to our ppl every single curse mentioned.We just thought it was misfortune or our bad luck NO its punishment they truly want our race destroyed …never wondered how our ppl made it through 400yrs of slavery and continuing racism and oppression? We should be extinct by now. Please wake up and yes we do get energy the whites can’t but that is not the secret you being a HEBREW ISRAELITE IS the bible is truth. please pass along if there are typos I do apologize ,be blessed.

    • some of eazy’s photos with heller was creepy.

      eazy’s last album which came ouyt after his death was disturbing the intro with him praying to satan was creepy.

      the album had death all over it.

      just like makaveli’s album where pac became antichrist the album was filled with death.

      the makaveli bootlegs all are filled with death.

      and somehow this stuff is released after a certain artist dies.

      if e wanted to eat with the pres that’s him but really what they had in common.




    • Co-signing Anonymous….

      All of the gay agenda and HIV/AIDS is a part of the New World Orders AGENDA to reduce population size. They want to reduce the earth’s population by 5.5 BILLION people. Forced sterilization disguised as vaccines, giving people in Africa HIV disguised as vaccines), and encouraging same sex coupling is a way to stop reproduction, particularly amongst ‘undesirable’ beings whom the deem as less intelligent.

      It all makes sense if you think about it. Monkey see, monkey do. If all of the icons and celebrities tatto their bodies, do same sex coupling, make dating tranny’s ‘chic’ and envogue, men wearing lipstick, skirts and high heels. Take the ‘celebs’, put them on TV and watch all of the monkeys of society who can’t think for themselves follow suit. Easy.

      • @TabbyCat: Bingo, definitely a set up and an agenda, all this promotion of same sex and tranny, metrosexual BS.

        • Absolutely on point Tabby. In everyday life I am seeing copycat celeb looks in hood, at the office, i: Nene’s blonde short haircut, Tamar’s mix-match nail color, Beyoncé’s demon-claw nail shape and most recently – two young brotha’s with Miguel’s pompadour hairstyle. In the words of a well-known freedom fighter who died for the cause ” nobody is going to wake up until they smell the blood of the sheeple right in front of them!”

          And this is the very reason news and information has become nothing but hearsay, predictions, assumptions, lies, speculation, statistics and entertainment. They are really exercising a program of mass deception: keep the sheeple ill-informed and unable to think for themselves!!!

    • and the overseers and the white folks that Thomas Jefferson (yes, the pedophile slave owning racist) called “white savages” (Scotch-Iris).

      Why would we want to imitate those folks?

      • Jefferson has a LOT of nerve calling ANYONE else, especially other whites, ‘savages’ when he was fucking and had kids with one sister while married to another, all while being unwilling to challenge slavery because it meant he’d have to give up HIS slaves. What a hypocritical, incestuous, idiotic, racist, cowardly fuck.

  3. I wish our morish culture will stop following european traditions. We as a black race, need to teach our children to have knowleged of self and to learn about our history. We come along way to subject this baffonary that Kangay, Obamination, and the rest of black hollywerid is cosigning. WAKE UP MY BLACK COMMUNITY!! #

    • You said it MR.T.! It is crucial that we study–intensely–our history. We don’t need no damn university, or need to obtain degree just to gain knowledge on our great past.

      The books, documents, youtube videos (made by some passionate individuals)and documents are AVAILABLE NOW!!! Go search for yourselves.

      You will see how everything and everyone else falls into place after the origins of the melanated people of the earth.

      • Yes.. Go get “The Isis Papers” Frances Cress Welsing…good read..just get pass some of her crazy theories to the ultimate truth.

  4. hip hop has been dead for years. Still no one approaches the people behind the scenes promoting this false culture. Kanye has no power so go after the real power if you dare.

  5. I saw this coming years ago. I remember Lange saying gays were the best dressers. I remember thinking ‘damn, now when I’m suited and booted I wonder will I be too sharp to be considered straight’. The powers that be are pushing the envelope to see how far they can go and it seems there is no limit to how far they can go. People still love and support a rapper who has publicly kissed a man in the mouth. I wonder how it is even possible. I think it is just utilizing. People look up to these entertainers to the point that they can do no wrong.

  6. If you still support wayne after seeing him kiss baby wayne aint the problem. If u still support ye after he wore a dress the problem aint with kanye. We woulda stoned a nigga fo shyt like that back when hip hop was real. Ppl only go as far as U will allow. Check thyself. Jus sayin.

      • coming out parties.

        they’re telling us they’re gay without admitting it.

        satanists talk in codes.

        latifah told us years ago she was gay without saying she was.

        prince told us he was bisexual by changing his name to a hermaphrodite symbol.

        michael jackson told us he was a gay pedo by his actions without actually admitting he was.

      • The war on the black community. Will we fight back? Will we stand up to assault by these turncoat, sellout, genocidal assistants?

      • I’m laughing at the thought that only real tough men wear pants, and somehow men only wearing pants will keep men straight and tough.

        From where I’m standing, that pants idea is working about as well as the War on Drugs.

        Ya feel me?

  7. If I was Lord Jamar, I’d be more worried about why most rap fans don’t even know who he is.

    I think people are overreacting. Its not like you see a concert hall filed with dudes in dresses everywhere. It is what it is, and what it is are just a handful of rappers looking for extra publicity by shocking people.

    And Jamar is certainly old enough to remember rappers wearing Jheri curls and skin tight leather back in the 80s. Once upon a time, you couldn’t tell a rapper from Prince. Just ask Dr. Dre and Kurtis Blow.

    • “I think people are overreacting. Its not like you see a concert hall filed with dudes in dresses everywhere. It is what it is”

      This passive way of thinking is the main reason why the world is the moral cesspool it is now. They will not stop until every black man is running around in skirts and dresses with broke wrists, lisps and ruby red lipstick.

    • Would you rather have most people not know who you were or would you rather be known as a man who wears a dress?

    • Most rap people don’t know who he is but real hip hop fans and those who study the history of the genre do. I’d bet that Jamar is OK with that.

      Every artist who enters the realm of entertainment isn’t in it to become a major star. Some people find their lane and are happy with creating what THEY want and like to create. I think Jamar as well as a host of others fit into that category.

      • I’d rather be Lord Jamal rather than Michael Jackson and everybody knows who MICHAEL JACKSON is.

        Punks jump up

    • Real Rap fans know who Lord Jamar is. To deny that young children are not impressionable by this BS Images and f$&@ up lyrics is insane.. Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five dressed bananas but their lyrics encouraged the young black youth to be aware of the real enemy. Kurtis Blow was not confused with Prince or any other rapper at the time confused with Prince…What year was you born??!! Their lyrics were street brag or Black Empowerment like Afrika Bambaataa among many others..instead of kissing men and wearing skirts the rappers were wearing African Medallions and wearing Historic Black University sweat shirts…if you don’t know ask Tribe Called Quest

  8. The kkk also known ass the Kim kartrashian klan is co signing this mess too,I really feel that these racist bitches are going to have a field day with coon-gays 100 million fortune,what a loser I know the chi ain’t about this sh!t here!

    • yes if kim cause kanye’s downfall he’ll be the laughing stock.

      this is the price of his humongous ego.

      his anime jesus and osiris medallion symbolizinhg paganism.

      him saying he’s the hiop hop jesus and savior yeah kanye you are the god at sampling your sampling techniques is nothing new it’s been done by a million mofo’s before you were even thought of.

      kim and ye’s marriage won’t last.

      kanye impregnated a rich white whore with a big ass.

      and the world loves it because she’s a white girl or armenian or whatever the hell she is.

      all a white girl needs is a big ass to get over take notes all you trailer park ass get some implaNTS AND SOME YOUNG CRAZY BLACK GUY WILL EAT YOUR IMPLANTED ASS UP.

  9. I agree with everything Lord Jamar says here. Also I never bought into the ‘gay guys dress better’ bullshyt. Gay men can dress well but there is a certain corny, dorkiness to the way most of them roll and straight men have no business imitating it.

    I prefer the classic masculine look. Think the guys on sports television (sans Kenny Smith and Bruce Bowen) and even the stars of shows like Madmen. If we talkin hip hop I always though Mos Def had some nice stuff and NaS and AZ too as long as pants aren’t saggin.

    • I like the look of Jalen Rose and Marcellus Wiley on ESPN. Sharp as hell, with their own stamp on it.
      There are others too, but they’re my favorites.

  10. Not saying Lord Jamar isn’t an icon but his name doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think Hip Hop legends either. It is what it is.

    The bottom line is Kanye sells records, his fans love him, and A$AP is the first NY rapper to debut at #1 in years. These dudes are getting money at a time when few rappers are and they could care less about how anybody feels about their dresses.

    Don’t blame me, blame Hip Hop.

    • Nobody’s blaming you at all.
      Still you MUST understand the point! The point is THAT SHYT AIN’T HIP HOP! Especially since the main artists that are participating in it AIN’T HIP HOP! At least right now. Kanye (who is capable of making real hip hop) is on some nether shyt right now (Kardashian?) and A$AP Rocky (who basically stole his name from Aesop Rock) might as well be from the deep south the way he sounds. He’s from Harlem and he has to imitate a southern sound to sell records.
      These people are not hip hop right now. Hip Hop is rap without corporate responsibility. So no I can’t blame hip hop. I blame the corporate machine that pushes this crap on us. While you steady making excuses for these tap dancer rappers, you need to go watch Boondocks ‘Story of Gangstalicious Part 2’.

      • Ummm, did you know its 2013? Times change. Music changes. If you’re looking for Hip Hop to be what it was in the 80s, then you might need to dust off those 45s and try to find a record player that works.

        As rap fans, we have a choice: You either accept what’s out now, or you don’t. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, fine, don’t play it in your car and don’t buy it. Its pretty simple.

        It sounds like you’re one of those people who resents the fact that Hip Hop has moved down south. I mean, so what? People like what they hear. A$AP wasn’t trying to make a statement on Hip Hop geography–he was trying to get paid.

        By the way, I’m from Atlanta–the “DEEP SOUTH”. And Hip Hop had already gone corporate by the time this city started having success in the rap game.

        Not “making excuses” just pointing out realities.

        • What the hell are you trying to put in my mouth here?
          I never said shyt about changing times or none of this shape-shifting argument you have started here. I simply gave you my take on your logic which claimed that ‘hip hop’ is to blame.
          As a matter of fact, I don’t have to dust off or go back for shyt! All I have to do is cue up new and REAL MCs that have REAL SKILL and actually talk about REAL shyt. Names? Termanology, REKS, NYG’z, Chuuwee, Torae, Action Bronson, BLU, Apathy, etc… I could go on. For you to use this go-to-move statement of someone ‘looking for hip hop to go back to the 80s’ simply shows you pretty much are a surface dweller in terms of real hip hop. Which is cool, but understand there are authentic, new and creative MC out RIGHT NOW. To give up on REAL, skillful MCin and hip hop just because it doesn’t translate to big $ is both self-centered, reactionary and pu$$y.
          ‘If you don’t like what you’re hearing, fine, don’t play it in your car and don’t buy it.’
          Some more ‘no shyt Sherlock’ logic here. This type of thinking actually goes without saying because EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE practices this. Still, here’s the thing: Young people aren’t so skilled in the art of differentiating what’s real and what’s bullshit. Therefore WE ACTUALLY DO NEED TO GO BACK TO THE 80s in terms of getting different types of rap/hip hop out in the mainstream. This is why this discussion is crucial pal. It’s very important for the future of our community to show diversity in all of our art. It’s tough, but so is listening to our children sift through BS on the radio all day.
          No I don’t have a problem with the south at all. I’m actually great friends with Big Gipp from Goodie Mob and I have family in Atlanta and all over Texas. Still, I feel that a lot of the music from the south is simply corporate influenced and you can tell when you actually speak with these artists and they tell you what they wanted to release and what the RECORD LABELS WOULD LET THEM release.
          I agree (and even inferred) that A$AP Rocky was/is trying to get paid so he’s imitating a southern sound. IMHO, that’s not hip hop!!! That’s basically a cat trying to get paid. I respect his hustle and there’s room for A$AP and cats like him in the mainstream. There should be room for Little Brother and MF Doom too dammit.
          I have to disagree with you and stress (once again) that Hip Hop has NEVER went corporate. Only rappers have. This is the epic point that you seem to be missing here.
          Also, the realities that you are pointing out are extremely cliche, elementary even.

          • LOL, WTF?? Dude, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna read all that. But check this out, Hip Hop went corporate in the 1980s, so you’re late. Whenever major corporations take over an industry, uhhh, yeah, that’s corporatization.

            Music, TV, videos, radio, clothes, cars…all elements of Hip Hop, all dictated by corporate interests.

            Whereas Hip Hop was once generated by creativity, its now governed by economics. Face the facts. The artists you name don’t get airplay because, duh, radio costs money and if an artist can’t pay, he can’t play. Wrong? Yes. But that’s not the South’s fault.

            And how come you think its just the South that is getting all this corporate influence? LOL, that makes no sense at all. Bruh, are you mad that V-103 wouldn’t play your East Coast mixtape or something?

            You’re welcome to listen to anything you want, that’s wassup. I don’t give a damn who you know–everybody knows somebody–but just who are you to tell people what they should and shouldn’t listen to? You sound like a snob.

            • The essence of my point is that Hip Hop music and Rap music are two completely different things.
              You attempted to change the argument in an attempt to be right. It’s ok.
              BTW I’m from Chicago and don’t have a fkn mixtape. I’m in sports management. I only said who I know and where my people are to refute your BS assessment that I ‘resent the south’. Nothing could be further from the truth.
              Nobody ever said who people should and shouldn’t listen to. I only argued that the essence of a lot of these cats is not hip hop. That’s just you BS putting words in my mouth again.
              Though you make some points about the industry, you’re still off if you think that it is hip hop that’s being shaped by this. Hip hop they can’t touch…only rap music.
              You sound like a reactionary. A go-along to get along guy. I’ll stay on the frontlines thank you. There’s a rally against the radio station in Indiana here that my people and I are putting together next month to get some better material on the air, and some stuff off. Come holla to find out the details Warning, you won’t find no snobs.

            • Reading is fundamental. And, everyone should have standards in what the listen to.

              Very typical to accuse someone of snobbery because they have standards.

              Why do some folks insist on settling for shit?

        • Times do not change, circumstances do. Chris Rock said,”Racism I a train that I never late”.
          Except now, the engineer of that racist train is black. He may not be the owner of the railroad, but the black man is definitely driving that train. Homosexuality, hatred for black women, making black communities into Blackistans… Will we fight racism only when done by whites, or will we fight within our ranks as well. We better answer that question as our survival depends on it.

  11. Wow. I don’t think a lot of black people are really checking for Kanye anymore tho. He’s been falling off in a major way lately.

    • He fell off with that Gay lover and beards he had for years!!!

      I knew he was gay along with Gayz on his forst cd.

      Music is so dumb down. I like 2 chains and Ray Gudda, but if they wear a skirt, leggings or any female shit. They get the boot too!!!


  12. Most people dont realize that rap music is literally a Minstrel Show….Almost 75% of the Rap and Hip Hop CD’s are purchased by white teenagers!!!

    Black people are just the Amos and Andy’s (“Niggas in Paris”)…Black people dont listen to Rihanna and Kanye unless they are 11 or 12 years old…Thats who the Jews who own Rap aim it at…Innocent CHILDREN who get programmed by Television….Its white teens who go to Jay Z and Nicki Minaj concerts…They’re entertained by black people behaving like buffoons and fools, because it makes them feel comfortable just as Minstrel Shows of the 1920’s made them feel good.

  13. “Homies over hoes, homies over hoes, homies over hoes, homies over hoes—do the hom ey do the hom ey!
    Lil Riley doing the booty dance watching Gangstalicious while sportin a mini skirt, cut off wife beater and A PEARL NECKLACE.

    They’re starting to get through to our youngest lil men, and even though Boondocks is a farce, it is meant to wake folks up.

    • Wake folks up to what? A few rappers just chose to make a crazy fashion statement for press purposes. That’s it. This doesn’t mean the sky is falling or that Black men are about to be swept up into a big floating gay spaceship or something.

      Save your passion for the bedroom.

      • Think about what you’re typing before you touch the keypad. Music has always influenced the masses. Always. The major trends in the last 100 or so years have all been influenced if not generated by the entertainment industry. Movie stars focused on the adults and the musicians focused on the kids and teens.

        Athletes are part of the agenda as well. Once television was invented, influencing the masses on a direct and daily basis made their jobs easier. MTV and music videos took the concept to a whole new level.

        Entertainers have stylists who choose their clothes for them. The people see and emulate. Blindly following without thinking about what they are doing or why they are doing it.

      • A lot of people are on here trying to school you, educate you and all you can do is equate success with money. I guess you think kiddie porn is great because it generates more money than Hip Hop. Britney Spears sold a lot of albums so she is better than Nina Simone. Oh and N’Sync sold more albums than Boys 2 Men so yep they are better too. Your logic sucks grass hopper. Be humble and open up to the truth. RAP is an acronym …do you know who Gill Scott Heron is… One of the original rappers but you can’t google that or see that on MTV or BET because he warned you already that the revolution will not be televised…you would have to have parents who are the REAL ORIGINAL RAP FANS …The real original GANGSTERS who cocked their guns for po po on the block NOT for their brother or sister… ever heard of THE BLACK PANTHERS. And I know you sitting there wondering what this has to do with RAP …it goes back to etymology and the truth history of this art form that is NOT hip hop. How RAP came about, what was its purpose? My friend, it was more than entertainment when it was just RHYME AND POETRY. I was born and raised in the South Bronx I was there when rap was budding and saw it go corporate very very early on where I can name old school legends who can’t be trusted and was staged to discredit a movement that encouraged guns against the oppressor not one another, love between the black man and black woman instead of disrespecting black woman daily on MTVBET and requiring them to get butt injections with blonde lace fronts or requiring men to wear skirts and other fem attire… Art use to imitate life but now life imitates life. Ever heard of Pavlov’s Dog.. Today’s Hip Hop has an affect on children and average intelligence adults to the point that these children and adults act and dress like these entertainers… Corporations spends millions on a 30 sec commercial for Super Bowl. WHY because television and images are INFLUENTIAL and will get you out to spend your hard earned bucks on shiz you don’t need. Hip Hop videos are commercials…albeit bad ones but it gets you screwing with no condoms and standing in line for sneakers when there is a recession…. Please go do research and start with reading “The Isis Papers” Frances Cress Welsing..know the history, I can’t drop history of the RAP art form which spans nearly 40 years on this have to know most things you entertain yourself with are not just is part of programming., read, read to you discover the secrets of the universe- Marcus Garvey


    Egypt Kilt aka Shendyt



  15. hip hop or not you wear a skirt and you’re a man you’re a fag.

    but since people are so starstruck by kanyend whoelse wears a dress they get a pass.

    mj got a pass and it was proven he was a freak, crazy, and a pedo but he’s the king of pop.

    hip hop since day 1 has served the gay agenda sex, drugs, and death.

    it’s just now hip hop has become more open with gays and lesbians.

    with the white crowd who listen to techno, and rock this is nothing new hip hop has been serving the gay agenda for a few years now.

    why else would beyonce do a song with lady gaga.

    why else is nicki minaj blowing up selling records for her openly bisexual lifestyle she promotes the gay agenda.

    gangster rappers in the 90’s was dissing women by sayiong my homies come first.

    king tee had a song in 93 called don’t put a ho before the homie.

    2pac and nate dogg had a song called me and my homie and the song sounded a little dl with pac saying my homie come first fuck all you ho’s.

    c murder and him saying i’ll ride for my niggaz.

    how many other rap songs in the 90’s put a homie before the hoes plenty.

    bushwick bill said some gay verses in size ain’t ashit saying punk you out and make you me my bitch while nick gets shit on his dick for 1 cigareete.

    scarface made a few verses about anal sex.

    willie d in his song my alibi had a woman and a duded sucking his dick at the end of his song.

    • And then, they end up with these exaggerated versions of what is a woman, Ice T, Kanye, etc. They are imitating drag queens…fake hair, lots of makeup, fake boobs, fake ass, etc. Now, us real women are starting to define this over exaggeration as beauty. No thank you, I’ll keep my hair, my boobs, my butt and work what I have.

  16. Vandellish:

    Hey, there should be room enough for any artist to add his own contribution to Hip Hop. Its supposed to be about self-expression and creativity, right?

    Glad you don’t hate the South. Folks down here work just as hard as anybody else in the rap game. But have you ever wondered where Hip Hop or rap would be today WITHOUT the South?

    My point is, there will always be somebody somewhere who thinks this ain’t Hip Hop or that ain’t Hip Hop. Its all a matter of perception and personal taste though. But there comes a point when opinions just turn into straight up nitpicking.

    No, I don’t play along–never that. But I’m a realist. Is Hip Hop everything it was when I grew up? No. But what else is? As a fan, I take the good with the bad and support who I think is a good artist IMO. As a writer, I express my thoughts, just like Jacky does so well, and I let people decide for themselves.

    Some people like old school, some people like new school. Its all Hip Hop my friend. I don’t like Chryslers (300s, Chargers, etc.) but I can say those aren’t cars, ya feel me?

    I’ll hit you up about that protest, sounds interesting.

  17. okay all jokes aside does anybody here thinks its cool for any man entertainer or otherwise to wear a dress?

    really is it okay for a man to wear a dress because of changing times as some of you said.

    I don’t get some comments seems like only entertainers get a pass tyler perry can wear a dress he’s rich he’s making money he’s a christian leave him alone.

    you have drag queens and trannies who dress up as women every day but they are slammed for their lifesstyles and hated because the world can’t accept certain things.

    but a dude any dude on tv or make a song comes out rocking feminine gear the public eats it up.

    christians spend hard eaerned money supporting a dude wearing a dress in films and tyler even prays at his plays.

    oh yeah elvis used to preach new age doctrines in between songs at his concerts which is why he’s god today.

    • Come on now, everybody knows that these dudes looked like complete fools with those skirts on. But it was just a gimmick. Much like all that created drama on reality shows like Love And Hip Hop. Shock and awe equals more people watching which equals more money on and under the table. That’s corporate-run entertainment for ya.

      Times are changing. But nobody expects men to run out and buy dresses just cause Kanye has decided to wear one.

  18. We gotta stand for something yall. When wayne kissed a man on tha mouth i was done. Erbody shoulda been. Jus like when Dennys was hatin on black customers. I aint never eatin there again. Will drive 5 miles to anotha spot. If u dont stand for sumptin you will…
    Ya heard?

  19. Gee, I see no one batted an eye when Lord Jamar was in that shower scene on Oz back on HBO with his cock out stomping a dude out lol!

  20. NOW go back and look at some album covers and videos from early years in hip hop and try and convince me that WHODINI didnt look real suspect…KOOL MO DEE was my favorite MC….you not gonna tell me those boots he used to rock were for men….THATS the irony of all this…

    • Hahha… Kool Moe Dee is my homie and all but…this post reminds me of growing up with mixed feelings about this:
      After the 1st verse of the ’87 classic ‘How Ya Like Me Now,’ listeners are all into the song and then Moe Dee starts the 2nd verse…
      ‘Now brothas are ridin’ me…like a pony!’

      Moe Dee continues in the last verse…
      ‘I could continue there’s more on the menu/
      But I’ll relax cuz I’m so far in you/
      You had enough, I know you’re overstuffed/
      And if I keep goin…you’ll be throwin up/

  21. “Its white teens who go to Jay Z and Nicki Minaj concerts…They’re entertained by black people behaving like buffoons and fools, because it makes them feel comfortable just as Minstrel Shows of the 1920′s made them feel good”

    another very interesting point

  22. So you don’t think that eazy knew Reagan through jerry hell-her?Hey I got this bridge in brooklyn for sAle too. Yeah he bought a plaTE But he was invited to buy a plate

    • Thnx for posting the link to this video, I feel bad I never supported Lupe albums this guy deserves the people support. Real emcee with a real message and not afraid to spit about it.

  23. @Anonymous 5:46 and others
    I remember a news article in the early 90s speaking on the many white men who came went around picking up underpriveleged unsupervised young boys.
    They also used to go to the 42nd street arcade to scout also. Now 42nd street is a tourist heaven. Only for the elite.

  24. Disinformation in effect
    Anytime someone try to talk you out of using common sense , they are suspect

    We all know the music and rappers of today are suspect and unrighteous. They speak clearly about it in their music and clearly in their style. We all know what side they are representing.
    Aint nothing new under the sun.

    Afrika Bambatta, zulu nation from Bronx River Houses. 1 of the originators and 1st faces of hip hop. Representing masculinity, warriors. family and protectors of family and villages.
    The 1st races hip hop represented was black, brown and red.
    Todays rap music represents everything opposite of hip hop

    I remember Disco Fever with Sal, Sweet Gee(god bless the dead) the cold crush brothers. That was hip hop. Like the above brother mentioned,all this other stuff is fake illusion.
    I remember the black spades. A whole different ballgame.
    I also witness the birth of hip hop. The jams at forrest houses and 63 schoolyard. There was a sense of loyality and unity which brought us together thru hip hop.
    This music is not hip hop.

  25. Quote from Kanye–


    He’s also banned kim from listening to any rap while she’s pregnant. She is only allowed to listen to what he calls the classics. google it!

    I’m so sick of this fool. He doesn’t even believe in what he promotes and doesn’t want his unborn child listening to it in the womb. His lyrics are for profit and he’s a phoney piece of arrogant shit.

    This is how the game is played now—it’s all about pseudo-image, gimmick & profit. Nobody has anything real to say anymore, unless they’re underground or from the old skool. And even some of the old heads have crossed over, like snoop dogg, which is a damn shame. How this big headed retard [ye] became so popular, I don’t even know. Now he’s trying to feminize hip/hop by attempting to look hard in a dress. Young people highly influenced by celebrity, will think that shit is cool and want to emulate & defend it. Look at Lil Wayne with his grotesque ass starting that male skinny jean/jeggings syndrome. Hip-hop/rap is ultra commercialized now and is not a representation of anything that it once was. Those days are gone and not in a good way.

  26. “We all know the music and rappers of today are suspect and unrighteous.”

    “The 1st races hip hop represented was black, brown and red.”

    “Todays rap music represents everything opposite of hip hop”

    “all this other stuff is fake illusion”

    100% TRUE!!!


  27. “This is how the game is played now—it’s all about pseudo-image, gimmick & profit. Nobody has anything real to say anymore, unless they’re underground or from the old skool. And even some of the old heads have crossed over”

    more 100% TRUTH!!!

    excellent post


    He’s also banned kim from listening to any rap while she’s pregnant. She is only allowed to listen to what he calls the classics.”

    man…i’m seriously kinda shocked by this information…

    • @FyleFormatz:

      It just shows what hypocrites they are. It is like the former Board of Directors of Hostess or the makers of Doritos:

      You think they eat that shit?

      Remember the Senate hearings on the tobacco industry in 1994 and only 1 CEO out of about 11 smoked?

      All the shit will do for the masses, but not for the elite.

      Kanye is a gay elitist white worshipping mofo.

      • Speaking of what is supposed to be good for the masses and not good enough for the powers that be.

        Consider the Influenza Vaccine that has become so widely pushed upon us as a necessity but yet they cannot sem to explain why people who were given the shot still got sick. I have not received a flu shot since President Bush announced he would not be receiving the shot back in 2004.

        Think about it. If the President has access to the best medIcap care available refuses to take it, why should we?

  29. Crazychris Tupac was AGAINST the gay agenda! He stated in an interview that Quincy Jones wanted him to have sex with him FOUL Tupac stated that he loved women and expressed interest in Quincy Jones daughter. Also Tupac stated in multiple interviews that he loved women. He was letting the media know that he was not with the gay agenda and that is probably one of the reasons why he was killed! Don’t speak on a legend like that unless you know what you talking about! I know Tupac wasn’t no SAINT but he spoke about uplifting the Black women and the Black community he always tried to tell a story with a positive or thought provoking message at the end!

  30. did’nt say pac was gay listen to his song me and my homie featuring nate dogg and he says fuck all the ho’sI was stating lyrics that put the boys before the girls.

    pac male bashed women too and bragged about his sexual conquests.