Mendeecees Harris’ Said Snitchin’ Leaves Juelz Santana On Edge?


Mendeecees Harris Snitched on Juelz Santana

“Mendeecees and Tyrus are cooperating with the cops because they want a lesser jail sentence.”

HSK Exclusive – Mendeecees Harris, and his brother Tyrus, are being blamed for the recent string of sudden arrests happening among the pair’s former partners in crime. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Yandy Smith.

That’s why rappers Juelz Santana and Teeyon “Vado” Winfree are reported to be expecting the cops at their front door sometime soon. This news comes as the ex-LHH star reportedly faces a 25-year jail sentence over drug-related charges.

Mendeecees Harris Snitching

Here’s the drop:

“Everybody who worked with Mendeecees and his brother Tyrus in Rhode Island are getting scooped up by the cops. The white dude who was getting all their cars, he recently got popped by the cops. Mendeecees and Tyrus are cooperating with the cops because they want a lesser jail sentence, 25-years is a longtime behind bars.”

Mendeecees Harris Mandatory Drug Sentence


    • His soft ass shouldn’t be snitching at all! Coward ass punk did the crime and scared of the time. I hope they green light his cry baby ass!

      • And the comment above me is stupid as shit! Obviously the people he’s snitching on did some crime too and they need to the do the same damn time! Dummy’s make my ass itch!

      • I agree 100 percent with you.if he did snitch then his ass needs a green light. I have 3 #’s and when the judge asked me what do you have to say for your self all i could say is give me what i got coming to me. Thats , that ill do a 100 years before i ever live 1 day free as a rat. Everyone who is in the game should live by the code stand tall and have pride about your self. To everyone who acts like we destroy lives, no people who use drugs make there own choice to do that . they are grown ass adults and how ironic this is 90 percent of the heroine comes from Afghanistan a country that has been under USA control for how many years now people??? If you dont think the cia is involved with that pull my other leg and it will play jingle bells for you.


        • Listen what your saying is very unreasonable! Yes people who chose to use drugs are at fault, but that doesn’t make it right man !!! It’s wrong ! All of it is wrong… Should he have snitched ?! No ! Because he puts the people around in danger… Because there some inhuman people in this world today…. Plus he has to face them later not to smart… So your an idiot if your selling drugs !!!

  1. Until I see the paper work? I don’t believe it. Putting the snitch jacket on someone is a very big accusation.

  2. Calling someone a snitch is putting a life in danger–If there isn’t undeniable proof then it should not be said or printed. Also, you mentioned Yandee’s name and there is nothing about her in the artical. She is the mother of his child. You should not put her name in the middle of something that she has no inevolvement in–again you are putting her life in danger.
    This is careless journalism.

    • Anonymous posted at 9:38…

      What’s “careless” is the fact that you are on the internet attempting to ridicule someone and blast them about their article – notice I spelled it ARTICLE – and you can’t spell nor formulate a grammatically correct sentence. That’s what is careless… Before you go trying to correct someone else, please take a moment and correct yourself… #its2013andEVERYONEhasspellcheck

    • I can certainly appreciate your concern over a woman being a a mother, but Yandy ain’t no water lilly! Just because a person has a uterus doesn’t mean they ain’t no GANGSTA! Yandy AND Chrissy (Jim Jone’s chick) have both BEEN “outchere in these skreets” for a hot min!!!! Chrissy has been apart of some serious ‘toe-taggin’ (if you understand what I mean), TRUST! Yandy’s music business hustle has long been funded by the game. It’s why she has so much history with Mendeecees and other known and not-quite-so-known D boyz. The women provide the cover to ‘legitimize’ the funds passing through. Chrissy’s been at it since the late 80s/early 90s! Bish almost 50! No naïveté AT ALL baby! Dey know!-in my Gorilla Zoe voice*

  3. Shyt, snitchin worked for TI. Call it what you want, but if I’m faced with spending 25 years in the pokey or dyming some folks out,’fluck’ it, I’m gonna do what I gotta do, but I wouldn’t move back to the old neighborhood.

  4. Only persons I feel sorry for are his sons, since they are missing out on having their father around. Oh, and possibly his parents, provided they aren’t crminals.

    Mendeecees knew he was a criminal, Yandy knew he was a criminal, so he/they knew what the possibiities were for him living the criminal lifestyle. Too bad he wasn’t smart enough to get a legit hustle.

    And while he’s locked up in that cage, he’s causing pain to all the family & friends that love him.

  5. This fool deserved to be f*cked in jail. He thinks he a big man around town dealing drugs and then he puts his son on TV and he is crying that He is going to jail. You deserve it bitch, Yandy is way to good for you and your teeth look stupid in your ugly face

      • Yandy knew he was a punk, you are correct and she knew he was a wannabe gangsta, so I was wrong and Yandy should of used her brain and got a good, strong man who was a business man and knew how to take care of her and his kids. MzFitt is right. Will you marry me MzFitt?

    • If he did cut a deal, he will be sent to a country club reserved for those type of inmates. Probably in Alaska,lol, so guess he got a dress warm!

  6. Well I sure hope they can get it together and move forward as a family
    Its a shame how the black family is being torn apart these days

  7. Hmmmm… This one is sticky. A young man facing 25! Years is cRazY harsh. I dont know what he’d have to do to get it down to 10-15 years but if I was snitchin’ on a couple low/mid levels I might have to do it too. (NEVER Mr. Big tho)

    I’m also am not ready to call him a snitch YET. Deezy put himself on BLAST by going on the show and I’m sure the feds bugged/watched him VERY close since this case was gonna be high profile. During that intense investigation they could have developed leads to everyone close to him. I’ve known people that went down and didnt snitch but a year later those follow up leads scooped their boys once the cops started following the trail they left with the pages, phone calls, etc.

  8. For his sake, I hope he didn’t snitch. Otherwise, he would have to change his name to ManPCees and that’s not a good look for tha kid.

    • HUD 6 wouldn’t let this shit go Down like this . Niggaz would be chalked out before them dudes had a chance to say a letter. #RealHarlemNiggazDoThereBidsDoinHandstands #StopBitchin(Snitchin) #TrapLifeDoesntMeanRatLife

      • I loved me some Huddy!
        That was my heart! He was like a little brother to me.
        Harlem will never be the same without him
        Rip Huddy, I still miss u and think about you. Wish u was still here

  9. I call him ManFeces…..and Yandy is dumb as rocks, considering she graduated from Howard…..SMDH! The streets talk and she knew what she was working with. So busy trying to get someone to hook up with her on the reality t.v. show she forgot to vet his street-cred. Most people in NYC even ol’ gir (on the show)l who said she slept with ManFeces and his “jank is junk….literally” knew about ManFeces….Now Yandy done got herself, her business all twisted up with some messy ass wanna be gangsta’s. She is better off without the dude and she should publicly break ties with dude or people will be coming after her and her child, her business and everything she built before this fool came into her life!

  10. You sure enuff right about that
    Next thing they will be saying
    Is that she was a Co Conspirator
    (I hope spelled it right)
    But Im sure they (the Feds)
    did their homework and they know that Yandys innocent
    But she still should get out of dodge
    Well if John Gotti and Big Meech (BMF) people snitched
    You can forget about these youngins keeping their mouths closed
    The Mafia and BMF was real gangstas that lived by the code.
    And their people still flipped the script
    Drugs destroy lives
    Whether its the seller or the user
    The only ones that are truly hurt by it and suffer from it are the children
    They are innocent and did not ask to come here

  11. I know that Chrissy may know a little about dem streets
    But Yandy, not so much
    Yandy graduated from college
    She came from a different life style
    She got a steady job
    I dont think she knew what was really going on
    Im not saying Chrissy is a bad person
    She did what she had to do to survive
    I just think shes a little tougher than Yandy
    And shes about that life more than Yandy
    I think Yandy is a little naive

    • I graduated from college too, but I know bout ‘dat life’. All it means is that now that you have the book smarts (secondary education) to match the street smarts you are perceived as being a little less SUSPECT and a lot more CREDIBLE. =D Yandy is a Hustla. A smart one, but a hustler nonetheless lol. She’s good at moving in silence and she and Chris both know how to come outta shit smelling like roses lmfao. And don’t get it twisted, they’re still involved to some degree, so “did” is more like ‘doing’ <Present-tense.

    • My homegirl graduated from college, a Soror and all that good ish….Step-dad was one of the heaviest guys in the city. She been exposed to that life..she just didn’t get her hands as dirty

  12. Dont matter he is a girlie man so either way prison is not going to go easy for him he can snitch to get a lesser time but the prisoners will beat him or he could just do the 25 years and become somebodies wife (he got that indian hair they like that lol)like I said it is a loss for him either way

  13. for all anybody knows..the feds might have put this story out there because he aint snitching. that’s just how they operate

  14. Yall still dont get it do you? Anybody ever ask yourself why all these so called REALITY shows only include bball players, singin and dancin and rappin, strippers, and now jail time type situations? Yall feedin right in and tunin right in to the social engineering. Where are shows with successful black business people? Shows about finance, medicine and law? Since when do broads in their 30s and 40s want to be rappers? What do you think the young ppl in your life will aspire to be if all they see is you mesmerized by this low brow crap? Wake up before its too late ppl.

  15. all u chumps hating hard on my dude eat a u know wat real rapp. ya see a playa doing him and all ya haters do is disrespect ur self and the game. d one stand up boyboy

  16. Please people! Some People make articles and lie in them
    for publicity and most of you guys are falling for it. I mean
    SNITCHING? Lol I can’t deal; they should have at least made
    an article that can be realistic?! Yandy went hard for her man
    on the reunion && everything because winter went ran her mouth
    (Not saying she was wrong, kind off), so you know she would protect
    him! Idiots, everytime someone goes to jail it don’t matter who it is,
    If its bout drugs people always assume who it is until the truth come out.
    Lol yall better had been at the scene when everything happened && when
    everything was said too! Dumb ass jerks

  17. Where is Mendeecees at anyway. The federal locator was saying he was in transit for the longest time and now it says he is not in the BOP locator. Witness protection I’m thinking cause he’s not released and nothing written about him since May 31

  18. Where is Mendeecees at anyway. The federal locator was saying he was in transit for the longest time and now it says he is not in the BOP locator. Witness protection I’m thinking cause he’s not released and nothing written about him since May 31

    • He will never be in the BOP locator cause he hasn’t been convicted. He is a pre-trial inmate…federal locator yes, cause he has a federal # now…but he has to actually hit a prison to be in the BOP locator

      • He WAS in the BOP locator since his initial arrest. He has been released and is no longer facing charges for this crime. If someone searched him, it would probably say he is no longer in BOP custody. It wont say much more because he was never convicted of anything, only charged. Bottom line…. He’s out. Its only on the hush for L&HH purposes.

  19. Being that “snitchin” can get someone killed, we should be careful of spreading that someone is doing so without real proof. The internet aint proof. Neither is the fact that the white boy got caught. Cars have to have vin’s and plate numbers, no matter how you falsify paperwork, thats easy to trace.

  20. Clearly if you believe in snitchin, you dont know the code of the streets,
    “Y’all niggas dropping dimes, y’all some real snitches, the only dime that I ever dropped was some bitches” Juicy J


  22. How y’all no he the one telling who told on him that person can be the one that told on everybody

    • I would love to see you ride a 25 year wave… Knowing your boys out here living life and not helping you out at all while your up in that bitch!!! GTFOH!! Its really a handful of loyal ppl out here!

  23. Yall got the game f*cked up..hes a cold blooded rat..just like he got caught let the ppl he telling on get popped u dnt tell on mom taught me that as a youngin..let the cops do they’re job u dnt help em solve the case..

    • But I bet if some niggas ran up on you, and killed you, and your mom knew who it was who did it she would snitch!!!!!! Then what?? Now your mom has become the same snitch she taught you not to be.

  24. this little mother f*cker knows what was going to happen when he got f*cked by the feds selling drugs. that durg game is played out .

  25. Yah fake ass loyal ma’f*ckers kill me!! Whole time yah be the ones snitching! Put yourself in this mans shoes. Nobody wants to go to jail and face 25 years of their life especially knowing there are people out there thats walking free that was in on it too!!! He will be up in jail while the others out here living life to the fullest. Oh No Fuck Dot!!!!!!!! If I go down yah mother f*ckers going down with me!!!!! Watch the First 48 and see your friends turn on so fast once they in that interrogation room.. GTFOH!!!! Then you up in jail not receiving no money, no letters, no nothing!!! These niggas don’t GAF about you!!!!

  26. I been in that boy’s shoes..just gave the government 13 calendar yrs of the 36 I have been on this plane…..came home 2/15/13. The federal system only holds 2 types…those that told and those who didn’t. There are dudes that cooperated in every joint on every security level. There is a special place for high profile informants…It’s in Sandstone MN….And ironically it’s called G-Unit…But u have to be on a Niccy Barnes or Sammy the Bull type level. He will be wherever he asks is lawyer to suggest he be sent, which will 9 times out of 10 be within a 500 air mile radius from wherever he is from. Now once he hits GP, depending on where he is…the drama will unfold.

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  28. To be a stand up man is about honor being noble, respect. Make decisions as a man. You know the consequences of your actions. Regardless what walk of life you choose. Own your consequences..

  29. Naw bitch ass nigga its a big diffrec an u a p*ssy any way it goes you gone tell any ways bitch you tellin now wit yo bitch ass thugs gangsta didnt finsh school like u did dick sucker..

  30. If you do dirt with somebody ,you get caught doing what you don't tell on next man what you saying if I go down you go down .#do ya dirt by ya lonely

  31. If you do the crime..expect to do the time. Everyone in these streets will have a turn. Snitchin my ass……what happened to if you played apart…telln on ya damn self. Grow up!

  32. Now a stand up man would tell on his damn self…..then he would need to question whos snitchn…wanna sit ya dumb ass back and watch who gets caught then start that dumb ass ghetto ass snitch talk bullshit. Sucka ass..dumb ass f*cks…if you were part of it…stand up!!!

  33. Dusty Low Life Peasant Broken Bitter Whiny Bum Bitches talk that DONT SNITCH bull shit! FIX YOUR SELF ESTEEM, and stop being A loser. When europeans or asians talk to the cops its called filing A complaint!


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