Mendeecees Harris To Make Sex Offender Registry!


Mandeecees Harris - Child Sexual Predator

Secured Fame After ‘Love & Hip Hop’?

HSK Exclusive – Mendeecees Harris’ has a hell of a lot to think about while he’s currently locked up in his Bergen County Jail cell. That’s because even if he accepts a potential plea deal offering, sources say his name will forever be listed as a registered sex offender, the worst kind of sex offender; he who preys on children. That could mean when he and Yandy’s son starts school, Mendeecees won’t be welcomed to PTA meetings anytime soon.

Just days ago, Bergen County officials updated Harris’ current case, revealing charges we didn’t know about before — namely “Promoting Prostitution”, involving his then 15-year-old “stepdaughter”, the alleged victim. Inmate records reveal the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast member has been assigned the lower bunk of a 6 by 8 foot cell. You may remember just last week we told you Harris’ trial began, which could end with him facing up to 20-years behind bars.

Here is Bergen County Sheriff’s Office record of Mendeecees Harris’ Inmate and Incarceration information originally uncovered by  — including a full list of his charges:


Sex: M
DOB: 10/27/1978
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 165
Hair Color: BLACK
Hair Length:
Eye Color: BROWN
Complexion: MEDIUM

Inmate Information

Marital Status: SINGLE State ID: 236820E
FBI: 239611VB6 INS:
Citizen: United States of America COB: United States of America

Incarceration Information

Current Location: MAIN County: SUPERIOR COURTS (all)
Current Housing Section: SOUTH Current Housing Block: S8
Current Housing Cell: 43 Current Housing Bed: Lower
Commitment Date: 01/30/2013 Release Date:

Alias Information

There are no aliases for this inmate.

Detainer Information

Comp No 12-CR-610-4CJS Comp Date Issued By U.S. MARSHAL- ALL OTHERS Set By

Bond Information

Case #: 10-2434 Amount: $0.00 Status: No Bond By: JGE DEAVILA-SILEBI Post Date: 01/30/2013

Charge Information

Case # Offense Date Code Description Grade Degree
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:34-1B(2) PROMOTING PROSTITUTION
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-3B CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONTACT F
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2A(2) AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2C(3)(C) SEX ASLT/BY FOSTER PARENT/GARDIAN VIC 16/18 YRS OLD
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:24-4A ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILDREN
10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2C(4) SEXUAL ASSAULT F

Wow! Both Mona and Yandy chose a real winning player. Don’t ya’ll agree?

Mandeecees Harris Child Rapist



  1. We’re does yanda fit into all this nasty perverted shit?
    I mean she has a child with this guy, are you seriously telling me she didn’t no she had a peodphile as the father of her child??
    I blame the producers of this ghetto show namley Mona, how she going to justify this mess or is she going to keep it movin..
    All I know when I first saw this guy holding that baby I just kinda of new we had a wirdio
    Right there in fact he was giving off some kind of gay vibes
    That baby her fathers a pedo and the mother is an enabler..

    • @Deluk: cosign. You can tell by the picture somethin’ ain’t clean in the milk. Mona a piece of shit for this and I hope she will be looked upon in the industry as a pariah.

  2. I forgot to say I hope and pray his booty gets ripped to shreds 10 times a day inside jail nasty fucker..

  3. I had a basketball coach in Jr high whom I recently found out was listed on a sex offender registry after being accused of a sexual act with someone under 18. It stated on the registry that he may not have been guilty or prosecuted of the crime, but the registry posts photos of the accused (not necessarily convicted) as a precautionary measure.

    I’m unsure as to how you can place someone into a registry, especially of that magnitude, who has not been CONVICTED of a crime. Allegations of child molestation, rape, etc., just as allegations, can ruin people’s lives. It is socially irresponsible and morally reprehensible to assume someone is guilty of such a heinous crime without knowing the facts of the case.

    Some of the people judging Yandy are living with and have procreated with people who have done far worse. They just don’t know it.

    I hope Mendeecees didn’t harm his “stepdaughter”. However, I find it strange that his first son’s mother would allow her son to be around his father if she thought his father had a sexual relationship with her daughter. That alone doesn’t add up.

    I never would’ve taken my coach for being anything other than appropriate. He never compromised me in any way, so I wonder who made the allegations against him and why? I don’t care how long you’ve known someone or how well you think you know them. You may come to find you never really knew them.

    • Happens all the time…did you see precious?? Women choose pedophile men over there kids every day of the week…smdh

      • No, I haven’t seen Precious. I would not compare someone’s real life situation to a book or movie, even if it is based on a true story. The more info that is revealed about Mendeecees and Yandy, the more I smh. I KNOW Yandy knows better.

    • @Bella I was thinking the same thing. If he touched his step-daughter why would the mother let her son live with his father. Some thing is not right with this shit!

    • Bella, thank you!!!! Why report him for molesting your daughter, yet you allow him to have full custody of your son. Even to appear on the show, both parents have to agree and sign paper work, so it is obvious that the mother trusts Mendeeces with their child. Something is not right about this. It does not make sense.

  4. @ Bella the mother of his first son isn’t the mother of the 15 year old girl. He has another son with the woman who is bringing the charges , that child is around 3 they left that son off of love and hip hop

    • Thank you, F.M.O.! I knew something was amiss. Now it appear as though Mona and Yandy conspired to cover this whole situation up, which is unfathomable, seeing as how Mona and Yandy are mothers. Why lie and say you have or your man has two children when you/he have/has three children? Mendeecees, Yandy and Mona intentionally sought to deceive the LHHNY viewers.

      I cannot respect Mendeecees if he did anything inappropriate with a child, nor can I respect Yandy for supporting such bull. You don’t protect a sexual predator, you hand him over to law enforcement on a silver platter.

      • @Bella I agree . The damage done to that child is probably irreversible . I find it hard to believe that Yandy didn’t know anything . Last season the word is that Yandy was the other woman because Mandy had a baby and lived with his woman . I read that in the comment section of a blog… Looks like it was all true . Smh I’m not sure how anyone can breed with one some one else’s man and two have a baby with a child molester or maybe that should be one!

        • Yes, Yandy was sharing that man. She said on L&HH, “I can’t believe I finally have you to myself” that spoke volumes to me. She was sharing that dude for years.

          Yandy stated that her and Mandeecees were together on and off for 8 years. Well, his first son is about 8 and the second is 3, therefore he had 2 kids while she was sharing him. Then she rewarded his behavior with having a baby? Shiiiitttttttt!

          Stupid girls keep doing dumb shit.

          As for the 15 year old’s mother, the 2nd baby momma, where the hell was she when this turd was trying to pimp her daughter?

          I bet you she was at work supporting this ninja, while he was at home living off her and banging out her daughter. Now, that’s some shit.

  5. Innocent until proven guilty.
    Until that man is proven guilty by a court of law, he wears a cloak of innocence.
    Also, who is to say that baby mama #3 isn’t just some grimey chic that set this up to get back at Mendeceese?!
    Hold your head, dude. Let go and let God.

  6. @Shanice
    u sound like Yandy probably thinks. Better yet, u sound how the mother of the 15yr old probably thought. Smdh.

    A woman with this type of thinking is a predators paradise. Smh

    Besides all that, mendecess does not seem as a good catch to me.
    Does he even have job?
    I get so tired of these women defending suspected/guilty pedophiles that violate children or the underaged

  7. A man sexually abusing a child and you will stay with him baby or not Yandy need to suck it up and get rid of that molester. These women are so strapped and press for the arms of a man that they will settle for molesters and sex offenders. Mona is a dam harlot for covering that up. Hope they rape his ass over and over and send him back to Yandy dumb evil ass.

    • Someone knew something or at least heard a rumor or SOMETHING. Can overlook alot but NOT anything to do with kids. Big perv mandeevees.

  8. Menfeces has more than 3 baby mamas.The boy jr. The yandy baby another lil boy who is 2 and then the 3 year old who has the daughter. The stange thing all the kids call all the women mommy. They all get along like co wives.

  9. Dude seems suspect but I don’t want to judge him without proof of guilt. This is why I wanted my source to attend this trial to let me know what case the prosecution has if any. So far no luck. It’s not worth anyone’s time. Lol

  10. She knew,,I’m sure he told her it didn’t happen that way!! But insure she was well aware of the bullish!?,