Michael Houston Admits Introducing Whitney To Drugs!


Bobby Brown has long been the person many blamed for introducing Whitney Houston to drugs. Now, almost a year after the legendary singer’s death, a man – who may have been the closest to Whitney – has stepped forward to accept that responsibility.

In his own words, Whitney’s brother – Michael Houston – explained to Oprah though ‘she [Whitney] would always tell me ‘don’t ever let anyone make you feel anyway. I’m a grown woman, and I’m gonna do what I want’, he still deals with the painful reality of being the person who introduced Whitney to crack/cocaine.

According to Michael Houston – who claims to be clean since October – he and Whitney first indulged in crack/cocaine in the 80’s. That was a time when Michael says the drug was far from being frowned upon, and was prevalent in the music business. He says it was also long before Whitney began dating Bobby Brown, and the effects of cocaine use was not yet publicly known.

Here’s what Michael Houston said to Oprah, after accepting the blame for making Whitney’s introduction to drugs:

“We were in our 20’s, we were young, on the road, we had money. It’s painful, ya know. I feel responsible for what I let go so far, ya know.

We were always, like I said, being together most of the time — and she following behind me, ya know, I told her to drive, we played together, ya know… and everything you’re doing together as you’re growing up — and then, when you get into drugs, you do that together too. And it just got out of hand, ya know, just…drugs is rough.”

Here’s what Cissy Houston penned in “Remembering Whitney”, in regards to discovering Whitney and Michael were using together:

“I was shocked, hurt and confused. I didn’t understand it then, and I still don’t.”

Today marks the release of Cissy Houston’s memoir “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss and the Night the Music Stopped”.


  1. Michael sold whitney casket picture for dope, cissy knew and protected him. He was jealous of whitney and they he introduced it to her when she was a teen.

    Why wait so long to tell the truth? Cissy made Michael do it, the only she’d get paid

    Cissy shaded bobby about his parenting but let’s Gary off the hook for his. Gary has no contact with his children nor did he pay child suppport. Gary is the one who was getting Whitney drugs in L.A when she died.

    • Wow, makes sense to me. All these years they sat back and let Bobby take the heat when all along it was them. I busted my head wondering who took those pictures. Now its all about book sales. Thanks for the update. Gary must feel like shit serving his sister the deadly dose.

      • I don’t think most people were blaming Bobby for introducing her to drugs. She was a teen model. BUT people blame Bobby for bringing her down. One his show, he loved to put Whitney down on camera, so it showed how jealous of Whitney Bobby was. Bobby himself said, “I was that kid your momma did not want you to play with.” He’s the kind of person that makes a bad situation worse, breaks the rules, cheats, etc. Likely, Bi-polar (but not evil). Just my take.

  2. Is he the same brother who has been in and out of prison and allegedly molested Whitney while Cissy was busy on the road, and their father brutalized the kids?

    Cissy needs to have a seat.

    • PinkKitty:

      Michael also molested Bobbi Kristina when she was nine years old and she contracted chlamydia. I can speak on this because I was a Child Protective Services Investigator at the time at Fulton County DFACS in Atlanta, Georgia. Blue Cross Blue Shield sent in a report of child abuse allegations after BK told one of the nurses that her uncle had molested her. This was when BK went to live with Cissy Houston in NJ. After that, is when BK went to live with that Low Down Dirty Hussy Pat and her crackhead husband, Gary. BK has went through so much and people have no idea. Cissy is the worst enabling parent. Rather than kick her son out for molesting her Granddaughter, she chose her son over BK even with evidence that the child had contracted and STD from her uncle at 9 years old!!!!! SMMFH!

      • WOW! @ MeMyselfAndI, No wonder BK is the way she is. Has she ever had any kind of positive role models in her life?

        • Apparently not! Whitney and company made our agency jump through hoops. We were unable to check on her well-being because the lawyers and Dirty Diana Pat Houston kept blocking our investigation. We ended up having to turn the case over to the Special Investigations unit and court action was being threatened. We had to talk to Whitney and company through the intercom system and were locked outside the gate. The elementary school in Alpharetta would not even allow us to talk to the child during school hours. She had to go for a psycho-sexual investigation. BK has been acting out sexually for a while. She is an abused child who had little to no direction in life. I don’t doubt that Cissy loves her. However, the fact that all of her children were/are/is strung out on dope just overwhelmed her. She really is a dear sweet woman but she protects her biological childrent to a fault. She is very soft-spoken and very meek. I have no doubt that Whitney’s dad was physically, emotionally, and financially abusive towards her. Plus, Cissy is so driven and she does feel cheated because of the success that Dionne Warwick had at the height of her career even though she indisputedly has the better voice. Dionne had the softer voice that mainstream (hence, White) America was more comfortable hearing coming from a Black woman.

          • If Pat Houston was meddling and interfering in your investigation into child molestation allegations of Michael, why didn’t you go the the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and get their help?
            A child that age cannot process sexuality, let alone understand it.
            If what you say is true,
            this girl doesn’t stand a chance.
            Who is standing in her corner who has any fortitude? No one.

            • I did not release every detail. We had to get court intervention because they were uncooperative. The police can’t do anything with a locked gate. Unless the child is in immediate danger (fire, actively being beaten, etc.) the police is not going to ram rod a person’s home. We have other alternative hence the court involvement and referral to the Special Investigations unit.

          • Please stop with the bullshit. As a Child Protective Services Investigator, it would be illegal for you to sharing giving out this information if it’s true. You’re making serious allegations, and you do know if someone wants to have you reported, and your comments are investigated, they can track where these statements are coming from? Have several seats.

            • Sorry but not all investigations are confidential. Has the Houston family wanted the records sealed they could have taken appropriate legal step s to do so but it sounds like they were all too cracked out to bother. And it depends on the state but in many states sex offenses are registered, and therefore public record. Not private information at all

      • Pat Houston, I wish what I posted were lies…sadly, I am being truthful. I know that people look for and even make up salacious scandals about families. But my post is genuine and the case was substantiated for sexual abuse and the child referred to therapy. It is hard to stomach, I know. Up to that point, I honestly just held off believing that Whitney was strung out on drugs. I was stanning for her the way the BeLies stan for BeLance Armstrong and refuse to believe that she is mean-spirited and tempestuous in her private life. IJS!

      • OH wow…. that is the kind of world we live in…. and they wonder why BK ran to drugs and that Nick guy. Makes sense to me. That is some sad s*** for real. I knew her whole fam was shady af since she died but that…WHOO.

      • @MeMyselfandI
        WoW!!! u served it. I have terrible things about Micheal over the years, this fits in with his mo.

      • Whoa!!!! I KNEW it was something about that family. And everbody talk about the Jacksons. SMH The Houstons are just as bad. Damn. I hate this shit.

      • Is this the same person who molested BK and got her pregnant at 13? There was speculation that it was either a family member, or one of the parents get high buddies who was violating BK and got her pregnant.

        Whitney and Bobby Kris used to get high together. Whitney was pure trash! Ditto for her family of fiends. Bobby Brown was a sick then and now. He never protected his own child.

      • It is unethical and ILLEGAL to share that confidential information publicly. IN California it includes jail time. It’s Atlanta so things may be different there.
        I hope no one sues.

      • So that’s why Krissie behavior is what it is. Damn, I my heart goes out to Krissie. So that means Nick is basically a hero and all this time it was her own blood who did this? Damn! Let me get my asthma pump right quick.

    • let’s talk about all the drugs and wild sex cissy and her so called sweet inspirations witnessed and participated in.

      you sing back up for elvis, jimi hendrix, motown, and stax you gonna see some wild shit.

      • My uncle played guitar for Elvis on tour for years (before I was born). He started with Elvis when he was a teen, and ended up with a heroin addiction.

  3. Thats why bk hates her father for allowing the incest and thought it okay to marry her brother.

    • He did not protect her. In fact, during the entire investigation, he was no where to be found. When the agency was considering removal from the Houston family altogether, we could not get in touch with him to see if he had any family members who were fit and willing to take the child. I truly am speaking on this issue with first hand knowledge and not second hand.

  4. Speaking of incest, Curtis “Evil Scum of the Earth” Mayfield, also molested his oldest daughter. His wife, the child’s mother, agreed to place the child in foster care so that he would not have to be prosecuted. She was in foster care from age 11 to 18 which is when she aged out of care. This is the reason I do not listen to his music nor do I support anyone who samples his music. The child was also in custody of Fulton County DFACS!

    • so that explains his creepy dark funk in the 70’s he was just as shady as the people he protested against.

      he was married to one of the staple singers I believe we all know that funk and gospel don’t mix but those druggies tried to mix it together back then to.

      • Molestation is rampant in the church. Glad I was raised with God but not in the traditional Black church. The same place I first heard someone talk about what someone wore last week, and how nappy their hair was. I was a child and I was appalled.

          • Don’t paint us all with the same brush. Iwas raised in church and it gave me a strong moral flu ration and taught me God is real and true. Of course there is always horror stories but I have never seen anything first hand in my church home. IJS

    • oh yeah he wrote and produced the original sparkle soundtrack.

      then you hate half the record industry.

    • Maybe that’s the reason he was pushed by Karma off that stage and broke his neck. She’s a bitch you know.. Always waiting for her opportunity

    • #@MeMYselfandI:
      I cannot thank you enough for that piping hot tea. It makes me even angrier at Cissy — what a fuckin’ useless low down gutter bitch. She cryin’ now about BK, where was she when the girl was a pre-teen. Fuck Cissy and Mike needs to die a painful and early death.

      As for Curtis Mayfield: All I can say is God don’t like ugly:

      On August 13, 1990 at the age of 47, Mayfield was paralyzed from the neck down after stage lighting equipment fell on him at an outdoor concert at Wingate Field in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.[12] He was unable to play guitar, but he wrote, sang, and directed the recording of his last album, New World Order. Mayfield’s vocals were painstakingly recorded, usually line-by-line while lying on his back. In February 1998, he had to have his right leg amputated owing to diabetes.

      Curtis Mayfield died from diabetes on December 26, 1999 at the North Fulton Regional Hospital in Roswell, Georgia; his health having steadily declined following his paralysis at the age of 57.

  5. Wow, this breaks my heart. You can always speculate but you never really know huh? How can you look upon a child and want to take away their innocence…..their joy…..their worth???
    I’m sick to my stomach.

  6. on a side note…well not really but I never bought into the stories about Bobby being responsible for her drug use. Sheeeeet, from what I understand she was the one who started him on them turbo blunts. Before her, he was just on Mary J & liquor.

    • I have family in Newark so I never bought into that story of the evil Bobby Brown introducing innocent Whitney to crack cocaine…Its probably the other way around.

    • Nope. He was removed from New Edition for using CRACK, which the others were using too. He was the one who refused to quit. Whitney and Bobby met in rehab (they were both using Crack).

      • Yes Bobby was using in New Edition as a teen I know this because my uncle who use to travel with them told us about it in the 80s

        • Those poor boys in New Edition were getting used sexually like the Backstreet Boys and Nsync were.

          Explains the drug use.

  7. Money, fame, glory, adulation. Just goes to show that all that glitters ain’t gold. I am so saddened to hear this about Bobby Kristina. I pray that she will be able to make it through this.

    People always want to use Bobby Brown as an escape goat. There are so many layers to this malfunctional dysfunctional family, Bobby is probably at the bottom when it comes to blame.

  8. I never believed that Bobby turned Whitney out. I also respect how he could have put all this and THEM on blast many years ago but never did. Sadly for BK she had two parents fighting demons and no oneto protect her. I really wish her the bet and hope that she can do a positive turn around

    • Bobby can’t put no one on blast because he and his family has so many deep dark secrets. i won’t even get into that

  9. Michael can say whatever he wants at this point. It won’t be bring Whitney back. I don’t believe that he introduced Whitney to drugs. We all know when Whitney started using drugs, and it was after she married Bobby Brown. I was surprised as Cissy was when she put her head down, while Michael was talking. Never in the history of man, have u ever seen a sister and brother getting high together, its very seldom that this happens. I’m still saying Bobby is the culprit here. Why else did Whitney divorce his punk ass? Hmmm…I don’t believe Krissy was ever molested either. Michael is just feeling guilty that his sister died. Michael and Whitney are full blood brother/sister, and it hurts, I know it does. But Michael is not responsible for introducing Whitney to drugs tho…fingers still pointing to Bobby Brown.

    • seen a father and son smoke crack together.

      seen dudes sell crack to their moms and dad.

      seen a mom and daughter sell ass on the corner.

      seen dudes pimp their sister for drug money.

    • After all that your still wrong. I know brothers and sisters, Aunts and neices, mothers and daughters and fathers and daughters who all got high together. Please have a seat.

    • I have a friend whose sister and brother and step father got high together. In fact, the brother would watch his sister prostitute for crack. One day, the step father had money and he told his step daughter (my friend’s sister) to suck him off. She did and her brother was right there. He cries about it till this day because he said that not only did he betray his sister but also his mother. But he said that he could not walk away because he needed the drugs that bad.

      Another story. A woman, after she was clean and sober for a few months, talked about her sexcapades while getting high. She said that she wanted to get high one night and this White guy told her if she had sex with a dog and let him watch. She did and she said that this incident is one of her lowest points during her drug use. She said that horrible memory is the reason she turns back to crack hoping to forget.

      People will do strange things to support their high. And a crackhead has no morals or empathy. BK exhibited the physical and psychological scars of molestation. I don’t know how in the world you think that a child can be protected in a family full of dope fiends, enablers, and greed driven idiots. Drug addicts and boundaries do not gel well together at all.

      • If this *GOSSIP* were true, then why hasn’t Michael been in tabloids prior this interview? No pics of him with Whitney, and none of the Brown’s ever said anything about it either.
        I am not surprised at how DUMB people are these days. Bobby was kicked out of New Edition at 13 for cocaine use, he does heroin these days. Michael is trying to take the blame, so his mother doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Siblings do not get high with one another, and even if he did get high with Whitney, does not mean he necessarily introduced her to the dope. Whitney was with Bobby from 1989 to 2006, and Whitney was not on any drugs prior to Bobby. If Krissy was molested by her uncle, then why was she seen on that reality show talking with him? Usually victims steer clear of their offenders. Bobby got Whitney on the drugs, Cissy and John Houston knew it too. I knew people were jealous of Whitney Houston, but to see this much hateration, is just a shame. Keep glorifying Bobby, when his new bride is dead next, remember Whitney.

        • Butch said

          “If Krissy was molested by her uncle, then why was she seen on that reality show talking with him? Usually victims steer clear of their offenders.” Butch are you okay?

          Your statement was 100% false. My nephew was molested by his uncle when he was 5 years old. He is now 40 years old. He told me about what happened to him about 5 years ago. None of us knew what had happened to him because he was still friendly with his uncle.

          With my nephew still going around my uncle and being friendly to him was so weird to me.

          • Some people cope differently. Especially if you have a family full of people telling you to get over it. And, to homosexual aspect of it would further force the secrecy and push the victim deeper into denial. It’s a coping mechinism.


          LOOKS LIKE THE RULE IS DON’T MARRY BOBBY BROWN LAdies or you’ll be strung out and end up dead.

          can’t blame bobby or ray j or cissy for whit’s death she was a grown woman who decided to do drugs.

          she was the biggest devil her words even though she was high when she said it.

        • bobby’s sister who used to get high with whit you forgot her.

          the family must not have cared as long as whit was raking in the millions and they was living off her fame.

      • Michael Houston seems to have very poor impulse control no matter what it involves. And by the way, go to Pat Houston’s website about her candles. In the first opening descriptive paragraph, all she does is go on and on and on about Whitney. Yeah it’s the only product that Whitney endorsed, but Pat milks her like tits on a cow. It’s just brutal. Manipulated even in death.

          • I think Mike did time for molestation.

            And Cissy did not protect BK from that?

            Cissy, go take your fantasy and sit down. You can’t gloss over the train wreck that came out of your womb!

      • People will do strange things to support their high. And a crackhead has no morals or empathy.

        Oh so true , just visited a guy I had known for many years and his whole famiy of crackheads tried to get money off me.
        Minneapolis=Crackoplis MN

    • @Butch..What universe do you live in? When a person is strung out on drugs they don’t give a flying f*ck who they get high with!!..I know this family where the mama gets high with her sons with the crack they buy from the grandson/nephew!!….Go back under your rock,you must be a family member!

      • @therealdeal…Bobby is that u? LOL! U should shame talking about the deceased that way! SMDH. Siblings don’t get high with one another. Do u get high with urs? hmmm

        • @Butch…I never said anything disrespectful about the decease in my post to you..My siblings do not use drugs,and neither do I.By your reply to my comment to you I must ask,what is your drug of choice,because you must be extremely fucked up if you actually believe what you posted!!..GTFOH

          Mr.Jasper,I apologize to you for using foul language on your site,I try my best to be respectful to all,but @Butch is an immature asshole!!

    • butch please. i saw a woman talk about how her 3 sons died from aids because they got it from each other due to getting high together.. also a lot of siblings get high together.. my friend got high with both her brothers.. she even saw her brother trying to trick for the shit so she gave him some money to pick up something because bad enough she was tricking she did not want to see her brother doing it. hell drunks drink with their children and party with them. i knew another family where mom smoked crack with her children.. where i live family addiction is rampant.. poor bobbi.. i been heard that fucked up.. they tried to act like they were better.. houstons,jacksons, and debarge all fucked.. sad story.. mama’s not protecting their children..

    • I point the finger of Bobby brining Whitney down, but not introducing her to drugs. She was already partying. Bobby was in deeper than she was. He allowed himself to be removed from a popular group at its height. He made it alright for her to do more and more drugs. He spent her money, degraded her on tv and cheated as often as he could. Let’s only blame Bobby for the thngs he actually did. And they are many.

    • You are wrong as sin. I have witnessed plenty of close relatives getting high together. Hell those are usually who one learns bad habits from I.e nature vs nurture..

  10. I have told this story before, so for anyone who has already read it: my apologies.

    When I was about 26 I had Whitney and Robyn Crawford on a flight from EWR to LAX. Whitney was teak-ish as hell. Both she and Robyn propositioned me nonstop even though I told them from the jump, I didn’t get down like that.

    A year or so later, I had Bobby and a friend from BOS to ATL in F/C. He was a total gentleman. He drank juice, and was definitely NOT high. Soon after that he met Whitney.

    The next time I had Whitney on an ATL flight, the rules had changed. You could not smoke on the airplane. Whitney lit one after another, writing a check for $1,ooo each time, because that was the fine for lighting up in flight.

    I ain’t sayin that Bobby was an angel, and Whitney was responsible for turning him…..but I am saying that it’s hard to believe it was the other way around.

    RIP Whitney…I hope you have finally found some.

  11. On the real, them mf’s from the modeling agency introduced her to it. You know….to stay “thin” -___-
    It’s a VERY COMMON practice.

  12. michael can go to hell for this cissy’s just trying to make a dollar.

    guess it felt good to let bobby take the fall for whit was’nt it.

    cissy did’nt wanna write no book then and mike did’nt wanna talk about it.

    don’t care if cissy was a gospel singer she was turned out by the industry herself singing backup for drugged up lesbians like dusty springfield and junkies like elvis and hendrix.

    no cissy tell us about your drug use with those drugged out rockers.

    surprised dionne has’nt wrote a book or said she predicted whit’s death.

  13. Did I ever say I hated people who sample curtis mayfield’s music? I just choose not to enrich his legacy nor support any artist who enriches his legacy.

  14. Very intersting….First, I would like to say thank you to MeMyself&I for adding to this discussion. Very shocking info there…

    Secondly, I would like to say how convenient to come forward NOW, after so many years of letting Brown be CRUCIFIED and see his career trampled over blatant lies and misconceptions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am no Bobby Brown stan, but I DID read his book Bobby Brown THE TRUTH which can be found on Amazon

    I got the book at the library. It dispelled ALOT of myths and showed the family to be a HOT mess behind the scenes, that the entire marriage was a publicity sham, and both Ms. Houston (RIP) as well as her lawyers sued to try to stop the release and promotion for the book in order to protect her ‘image’. The book alleged that Brown did use drugs and drank ALOT before he met her, but that his hooking up with her accelerated his drug use, and that the relationship, his drug and alcohol use all made his career fall apart. It is also alleged in the book that her record company put the marriage together in order to squash all of the rumors about her and Robyn. He also alleged that toward the end of the marriage, Ms. Houston would be gone for days if not weeks at a time with singer Cherelle, while he would be at home with BK alone.

    The whole family sounds horrible.

    • Wow. I can believe it, cuz Cherelle gets high – You can tell in her and Alexander O’Neal’s “Unsung” segments and when she and he were on some award show singing Friday Love. They effed it UP and both looked like they wanted to hurry up with the damn song so they could go back stage to get high. I remember thinking DAMN!!! It was so obvious. It looked like they got the call to perform and hooked up and said, “let’s get this check so we can get high” It really did. So, if Whit was MIA with Cherelle, they were somewhere getting high

      • so is that what her song sunday, monday, tuesday, wed really meaN SHE WAS SMOKING ALL DAY EVERY DAY.


  15. Adding on…..Brown seemed disillusioned because he really loved her and thought the marriage was a REAL marriage. It is unclear, based on the book, whether or not Brown knew that his soon to be bride dabbled with women, but he seemed genuinely hurt that he was mislead about who she really was and what her REAL preferences were. He was not in on the publicity sham aspect of their marriage, until after he had moved to LA and left his recording studio in ATL in the care of his idiot relatives. He was young and very naive according to the book.

    • How could he be hurt when Bobby B knew that Whitney was a crackhead lesbian BEFORE he married her. They originally met in rehab!

      • @PinkKitty….the book did not say they met in rehab. The book said the met at the Soul Train Music Awards, which is the same story that has always been told about their meeting. I am not saying that makes it true, as I have no idea and I know the public is always mislead where celebs are concerned.

        As he puts, neither of them had sqeaky clean reps when they met, but he was in awe of her as she was the bigger star. He was flattered at her making passes at him, and didn’t seem to be thinking beyond that. I think he may have known her to mess with women (some men think that a bisexual woma will be fun), but I don’t think he realized she PREFERRED women until after they were married. The book point blank says that he felt mislead.

        I think some men ar down with it if it is going to be a 3some type situation. But if a woman wants to go off and do her own thing with other women without including him, that can be a big blow to his ego. I do think that is what happened with them.

        • Cosign. bobby brown was no angel and came from horrendous upbringing, but he was used by Whitney. He was really the victim. He was not doing hard drugs until she came by. And Robin Crawford, that diesel dyke, was calling the shots in Whitney’s marriage.

          • he was kicked out new edition for crack, how much harder does the drug have to be. He also cheated and had children outside of his marriage. So he was mislead that she wouldn’t care about his infidelity?

            • @Kris: Wow, I thought he was just a pot head and drunk in new edition. Although it is not good to cheat, but how much was he gettin’ it in when Whitney was with Robyn?

          • Bobby Brown was using drugs before he met Whitney. It is the reason he was kicked out of New Edition. He was a full bloom addict by the time he was 16

  16. The Houston Family(Whitney) sat around for years and let the media and Whitney’s fans demonized Bobby Brown blaming him for starting Whitney on drugs!! For years they let this happen,this guy (Bobby)was called every vile name in the book,while he was no angel,he wasn’t the devil either…Nobody believed him when he said over and over that he did not turn Whitney out,that she was using before she met him…Almost one year after her death the truth is finally being exposed,it was her own brother who got Whitney on drugs!!!..Bobby Brown was made the scapegoat,and The Houston Family owe him one hell of an apology for everything they let him go through!!…And they call themselves Christians!!!…SMH!!..I always knew that B.Brown didn’t turn her out!!..Much love to B.Brown..R.I.P Whitney.

    • Ummm Bobby Brown was and is a piece of shit! He let his cash cow get so strung out her money making voice was destroyed. It was a business deal. He didn’t give a fuck about Whitney or Bobby Chris. What kind of father lets his child get molested?

      Bobby used to team up with their dealer to extort cash from Whitney. Shit, Whitney paid Bobby’s child support for the children he had with other women!

      That ninja isn’t worth anything! He knew what he was doing. When they made “being Bobby Brown” he was sober and Whitney was high all day everyday. He allowed that shit to go on. Whitney was a junkie, but Bobby did nothing to stop it.

      Look at Bobby and his current wife, she used to look normal, the new wife is a fiend now. What kind of man allows the mother of his children to become strung out? That kind of man cares nothing for his woman and even less for his kids!

      • “He let his cash cow”

        You actually make it seem as if Whitney was a dumb cow with no will of mind of her own…No one LETS another person do drugs….You may let a child do drugs and that shame is on the person who is caringi for the child, but you cant LET an adult do anything…Adults do what they will.

        • I will explain my theory/line of thinking on the “cash cow” statement.

          Whether you marry for love or money (especially if you marry for money) it is your business to make sure that the “cash cow” keep making that money.

          In this instance, Whitney was the money maker. Bobby Brow was the hot at the time, but not on Whitney’s level, therefore it was in his best interest to make sure that the cash cow was in top singing form at all times. I know that a junkie is gonna do what a junkie is gonna do what a junkie does best, get high. Therefore, Bobby should have steered her clear of any drug that would have effected her voice, no smoking, ever! Protect the case cow. If I married a surgeon,I would streer him away from activities that would do damage to his hands, aka aiding/protecting the cash cow.

          Bobby was too busy getting high to give a shit about his cash cow. He was kicked out of New Edition because of his drug use. He got a second chance and had a solo career and lost his momentum getting high. He got a third chance by entering a business deal to marry Whitney and make her look straight, a married woman with a child. But, Bobby was too stupid to protect his investment. He got high, cheated, brought home stds, had bastards behind her back, he laid hands on Whitney and allowed their daughter to be abused, why, he was busy getting high. A man is supposed to help his wife and protect his family, not contribute to her demise. When they met, they were both junkies…. But. 100million cash cow wasn’t incentive enough to get clean and try to keep the cash cow clean (or at least in working condition)? What a dolt that dumb ninja is!

          There are plenty of junkies who keep working and singing. Perfect example, Etta James, she was on heroin for most of her life/career, she wasn’t the powerhouse singer that Whitney was, but she was able to be an addict and a singer. Her life was rough! But in the end she died of old age, years of addiction (yes, she was sober in the end) did not help. But her death was natural, not an OD.

          • “Bobby should have STEERED her…..”

            Another cow(dumb animal) reference….

            Adults are not steered….Cattled are steered…

            Children are GUIDED.

            • Steered/ guided same difference.
              Manipulated/ conditioned same difference
              Taught/ trained same difference

              Human beings are animals too, even though we are usually at the top of the food change, we are still animals at the end of the day.

              Splitting hairs over what?

          • now, when you say Bobby “ALLOWED HIS DAUGHTER TO BE ABUSED”, Im with you 100% of assessing blame to him in that instance…Bobby Kristina is his child, nbot Whitney.

            • Both of you guys anonymous and pink kitty are very intelligent. And as far as I can see your points are running congruent and are bound to meet at some point. : ) love the shared knowledge.

        • Anonymous 02:26

          I agree. Whitney has stated in many interviews that she did what she wanted to do and that nobody could tell her what to do.

          RIP Beautiful Songbird

  17. fuck cissy and mike.

    fuck all these fake hollywood marriages.

    we know what god cissy and mike really served.

    nothings sacred marrying just to cover up a lifestyle bringing kisds into it and wondering why the kids turn to drugs fake ass christians who swear they love jesus but commit eveery wicked thing known to man.

  18. This is heartbreaking I just don’t understand if you love someone why would you offer them something that will take life from them?

    Why, Why can someone answer- It’s too late for all the tears and apologies I’m sure he is sorry-but it is too late

  19. Wow! this whole thing is just so messed up! I don’t believe Bobby turned Whitney out. We all have choices to make and she made the wrong one. I don’t think most people understand the POWER OF CHOICE. I can only imagine what Cissy is going through. Having one child who helped with the destruction of her other child. When you have children you don’t stop loving them when they make mistakes. Michael made some that affected a lot of people in a negative way.It was easier to blame Bobby since his name was always in the News anyway. Where as Whitney was considered to be The Voice and had this good girl image. I pray that Whitney has found the peace in Heaven that she could not find on earth! I wish Bobby all the peace and sucess in this thing we call life on earth! (even a broken clock is right twice a day)All we can really do is pray for BK..The whole court system is to blame for not removing her from the HOME permanently if those allegations are true!Cissy made the mistake of loving her children to DEATH! BY BEING AN ENABLER! She has some regrets(long suffering) that she will have to live with until she meets her maker! I know for a fact that Family members WILL/HAVE/ do drugs together! In no way am I justifying the terrible things that this family has done to each other..I believe we are all here to learn lessons and grow spirtually and sometimes the cost is more than anyone can afford! Everyone who is posting Be Blessed! Dee

    • Heaven? So you believe in that Christian lie of heaven and hell? I hope you do not have African ancestors. You do know they were not Christians and knew nothing of the religions of today right? Blacks as a whole do their African Ancestors a great injustice with this religious bs. Take a look at the “Christians” around you! Black people better get back to their spirituality!!

      • I agree that it was not white European Christianity, but Africans were a monotheistic people and I believe we were the first Christians.
        But the black church has too much trash in it. Obviously not a place of worship. How can Cissy be so up in the church and every ungodly thing under the sun took place under her roof. I wonder if Mr. Houston was married when they met? Just another lesson to stay away from other women’s husbands.

  20. Here’s what I think of you and your low life son for doing this to Bobby Brown. I am infuriated at you Cissy. I got you Bobby, because I am reading Cissy for exactly who she is. Bobby is a class act for not telling anybody about Michael. He knew this and said nothing. I have nothing but respect for Bobby Brown. But Cissy, you and your so both go straight to hell.


  21. Did yall forget Jacky broke the story of Bob and Whit actually meeting in rehab last summer?

    • Exactly. The only thing new in this story is that her brother is the one who got her hooked ( or at least try)on drugs. She was on drugs way before Bobby but the white media made it seem like she was this angel to only get caught up in the evil Bobby Brown. That was BS. Perception is REALITY to most people. I truly do hate she couldn’t beat it (drugs) though. Sad when our people get lost in that crap.

  22. Cissy Houston might be a strong woman in some regards, but she allowed ignorance and turning a blind-eye to her family demons destroy them all, including BK. Michael looks like he just crawled out of a dumpster, Gary looks high every time he’s on TV, Whitney’s dead, and BK is heading in the same direction.

  23. Cissy is more interested in maintaining an image of a “talented, Christian family” She sacrificed her daughter and granddaughter to molestation.

    But it tells me about cissy herself. She must have had one MIA, purple heart, ran through pussy and drug/drunk history herself for all this BS to be up in her legacy.

    • To avid being porr like most Black folks, Cissy went on the road to pay bills (like many sports players and entertainers today). Thing is, men don’t care for children at home the way mother’s do. They don’t watch the way mother’s do. They were so into the church, they were probably all molested. Cissy included. That is the legacy of the Back church. From Tyler P. to James Baldwin, they will tell you it was someone in the church that the family trusted. The sad part, is when you see the signs, and you don’t leave the road. Fear of poverty makes people do strange things.

      • I guess that is an answer, but, I would have sure stayed home and worked for the telephone company. If Cissy was molested, she should have made sure that didn’t happen to her daughter. If Cissy die of guilt, she chose her own method of execution.

  24. @MeMyselfAndI:

    You work for Child Services; u know a child is being molested; but nothing was done? Let my little niece get molested and see if child services knows about it and she still in my house. Where they do that at? You wrote a well planned LIE, and these fools are sitting here believing it. No where in the USA will a child get molested, DCF knows about it and it goes not reported or dealt with by ANY US court system. A court order would have allowed those gates to be broken. Your lies ain’t working on me!

    • “No where in the USA will a child get molested, DCF knows about it and it goes not reported or dealt with by ANY US court system”

      You’ve got to,be kidding me, right. Many children have died while their parents or guardians were under investigation by child protective services. You do know that the agency will do anything to keep a family together, before finally placing a child in another home. During that process, things happen sometimes really bad things happen.

  25. Bobby Kristina was molested at a very early age and that would make her a perfect Hollywood model from which to manipulate….They love children who are pre-damaged and pre-compartmentalized…Half the work is already done.

  26. Not surprised! Beyond sad that Bobby Brown took the blame all those years for her addiction and fall from grace. Even though information was out there to dispute it, nobody believed it. What’s even worse, is the family stood by and cheered it on. The only reason the Houstons are even attempting to tell the truth, is so they can make a profit from it.

    Obvious that some kind of molestation happened with Kristina. Her obsession and sexual relationship with a man she lived with since a child and was raised as her brother, was always disturbing. Bobby Brown cannot seem to get his life in order for very long–he has too many demons. And the books OMG! [Bebe we see u too]—she’s not even alive to defend herself. Will they ever get enough of using her and let her rest in peace?! The only person that never sold her out was Robyn Crawford and cissy didn’t like her.

    • When did the family ‘cheer it on’ or agree with it? They just never talked about it. Whitney said back in 2004 Sister2Sister interview with Bobby that she started using “in the hood”. So please, keep that mess.

      Bobby Brown deserves all the shit he’s gotten and more, for lying that Whitney got him hooked on narcotics, for being emotionally abusive, a leach, a compulsive liar, user, lowlife, who had to depend on his wife to pay his child support while he was out cheating with other women, using HER credit card. The bitch is so fucking lame he even blamed his alcoholism on his brief, failed relationship with Janet Jackson. Bobby Brown is a loser.

    • It boggles my mind how the child of millionares could ever let their daughter be in a position to be sexually molested. They had money enough to send her to all the best private schools or have a kick ass home school tutor come in and monitor her schooling and personal activities….

  27. I hate to say this but something about the time lines do not ring true. I alsGary later and since his how much the publidiskes those two Michael was the safier one. If anything Gary got them both started. While I think Cissy loved Whitney therare things she says that do not add up.
    This family is worst than the Jackson’s and I thought they took the cake. Cissy is good at covering for her sons. Gary’ and his wife sold the casket pic was angry unti she foun out who did it.
    But what got me is she was illing to allow and innocent business to take the fall. Some christain she is. she has a problm with Robi not her sons.

  28. I do remember very clearly when the DPCFS paid a visit and they were allowed in and they did speak to Bobbi Kristina at school a few times and then closed the case.
    As awful as BB is I do not believe he would allow someone to molest his child and not beat the devout of them. That is the one thing I give him credit for.
    It would not surprise me one bit if Pat Houston turned them in. But they did speak to Whitney and the child.

    Based on everything I know and my background I want to know when a decent investigation will be done. This woman was killed and the culprits are close by home.

    • Not initially. If you remembered so much did you remember when the administrator referred the case to Special Investigations because the family was being uncooperative. Also, BK WAS NOT interviewed at school.

      • Stop talking. Shut up. You are playing a very dangerous game. If what you say is true, it is ILLEGAL for you to be sharing this information. Do you want to get found out?

        • No its not illegal what he or she is saying. All court cases are public knowledge. And transcripts are by federal law accessible to the public. Tax payer dollars pay for these services so the tax payer read and see what’s going on in any federal, local or state agency in which he or she pays taxes in. Most ppl payall 3. At any rate, private funded things are off limits to the general public though, unless the theirs a warrant issued which will make it public business then. Seeing that tax payer dollars pay for the judge who signs the warrant, the law agencies involved and such. That’s why most cases are deemed “the people vs who ever is on trial” example: “the people of south Dakota vs John doe” the people being the citizens of said place. So all finds and contents thereof are public knowledge.. So no worries @Me,Myself&I you only telling what’s already potentially public knowledge honey, these ignorant assed don’t know any better

          • Additionally these agencies are serving to public capacity. And unless theirs a gag ordered issued during the time of the cases investigation this person can share what they want to about this case. And being that this happened over a decade ago I’m sure the time limits have expired and the statue of limitations for a penalty are as well.

  29. Ditto, I believe in life after after death. Whitney believed in heaven as I do. Now it all comes down to what Your definition of heaven is. My personal belief is that we are all spirtual beings and God is spirit and resides in all of us. However I am not doing my ancestors any injustice because my belief system is based on what was taught to me BY MY ANCESTORS. The bottom line my intent is that Whitney has PEACE wherever her spirit may be.

    Be Blessed! Dee

  30. The last thing a drinker wants is to be with a non drinker. They dont want to be judged constantly. Same with junkies. Junkies seek out other junkies. They keep each others secrets better than non users.

  31. bobbi k being molested if it’s true it’s not shocking hollywood has a bad history of letting their kids be raped, and molestyed.

    how many other famous kids been touched and noone was brought to justice.

    bobby and whit being strung out probaly let stuff happen and they told bk not to say nothing or they would take her from them and they was already making negative headlines anyway.

    lots of junkies let folks sleep qwith their kids for drugs, and money.

    rain pryor was molested her dad richard did’nt give a damn strung out as he was.

  32. I can believe Michael introduced her to crack. Whitney first got hooked on cocaine when she was a model so her use was recreational until the late 1980s. Michael said they were in their twenties when they started using crack, so I’m assuming it was around the “Whitney” 1987 era. Michael was already doped up on crack when he introduced Whitney to it since they were close. As for Bobby, yeah he was using cocaine during his New Edition phase and at the time, if you were in a boy band and you were on drugs, they would kick you out. This would’ve been a PR nightmare for a squeaky clean boy band so their management got NE to vote him out. His usage got worse when he married Whitney however. Or I could say their usage got worse when they got together and later married. Bobby didn’t get her on drugs but I definitely think he was no help to himself or his wife. When you’re addicted, the last thing you’re gonna wanna do is help someone, much less your child. No wonder Krissy doesn’t trust anyone.