Mimi Faust Loves Molly’s?


Mimi Faust the Molly Maid

“The co-producer of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta allows Nikko to shoot his scenes in his apartment.”

Love, Drugs & Hip Hop ATL…

HSK Exclusive – A drug addiction is being revealed as the real reason why Joseline Hernandez calls Mimi ‘Molly Maid’.

Sources tell us Mimi could be trying to cure her Stevie J blues by poppin’ ecstasy pills, while spending her free time with Nikko. This while we’re told a homeless Nikko is looking to break bank with a fitness video. Don’t believe me.. Ask Stevie J.

Here’s the drop:

“Mimi is not going to give up on her family, so she’s still hoping for Stevie J to comeback home. Mimi is still fucking with Nikko and he doesn’t have a apartment. The co-producer of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta allows Nikko to shoot his scenes in his apartment.”


    • her apartment is totally different remember ,that’s the one where K michelle showed out at lol. But why don’t he sale one of those rolex hahahahhahah follo me on IG or twitter @fireflyshiy

    • Might be ‘his’ apt. The showed it in the episode last night. I was saying too myself “Damn. Nico (thats the way he spelled it in msg to karli redd) has a very nice apt” – Guess that was a producer apt.

      I’ve noticed that most of the peeps on LHH are basically broke and you can tell by their places. Stevie looks like he has the nicest. Scrappy is homeless and the rest live pretty middle-class. (even though I dont know why Scrappy doesnt have a place of his own in cheap ass ATL since he had 20K to buy a ring!?)

    • The co producer…allows Nikko…to shoot the scene… In his apartment = it’s th co-producers apartment = daaaaahhh

  1. Wow just sad thought by having his(Steebie J’s baby) that he will be with her. Just move on you’re too beautiful to be on drugs and mess up your life for not worthy man.

  2. uMMM how is he (allowed)) to shoot scenes in his apartment……if um yeah HES HOMELESS????

    AS quoted above HOMELESS NIKKO

    The writer is not making sense on this story!!!!

    • The producer lets Nikko shoot scenes in his apartment – The PRODUCER’S apartment STUPID. Nikko doesn’t have an apartment. He’s homeless. Duh…..The writer is making perfect sense. You’re reading it wrong.

  3. Mimi might need a trip to the Mental Health Clinic. She needs to sit with some professionals that can help her get her life in order, instead of falling apart like she’s doing. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help to save yourself.

  4. Mollys and 3-Somes….

    She’s no different than the rest of those jump-offs she speak so lowly of…. Threesome with Karlie old ass and “Jose”. Damn I wouldn’t let my tongue out of mouth anywhere near those “Airborne diseased infested hoes”

    • Also, first season I kinda felt sorry for her….but now watching how she CONTINUES to follow and seek out Stevie J like a lost puppy….I CAN’T. She deserves any and every hoe and disease he throws her way.. THAT IS ALL..

  5. i really thought mimi was the most intelligent of all the ladies. i hope she finds happiness, but not with Stevie. Anybody can see that Stevie only loves Stevie,but i do think he truly loves his daughter, and they make a cute family.

  6. Mimi owns a cleaning company called -Keep It Clean, I believe Jos was poking fun at her because of this by calling her “Molly Maid”. I don’t know if the girl uses drugs or not but she does look thin, pallid and unhealthy this season. In fact she looks sick, stank and dirty. IMO!

    • Mimi does not really own a business. She’s lying. That business was shut down by the State of Georgia before “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” began. Look it up.

  7. I can see this being real…she is always screaming, arguing, looking high, walking drunk, and big as a paper clip..all this f*ckin between all of them in just 1 year is why Atl is the land of STD and baby mommas..stupid bird bitches && she number 1. always laughin and dont shit be funny.

  8. Can Mimi possibly get any more pathetic..? Seriously chick build a bridge and get over it.Whatever illusions you have of a family with Stevie J..is all in your head!If your going to move on , can it at least be to someone who’s going to be an asset and not a liability damn..

  9. Wow. Just sad. Why isn’t her BFF/girl play toy Ariana helping her get her life in order? 🙁

  10. mimi just choose the wrongs ones . she needs to take a break from men and try to do her .. She needs to attract better men …

    • Hey you are right on their LHH page yes its pictures of joseline and mlml in a swimming pool together joseline is kissing mini on her breast and joseline is on stevie pages in an interview she was ask do she have sex with women and she said yes. She loves some pussy and by the way she is a boy joseline uhmmm……..

  11. Mimi is a very beautiful woman…but a stupid woman. She runs behind Stevie like he’s a dog and she’s a bone (I guess she really is). Seriously, he’s a drug and she’s addicted. This man is a whore having it his way. He keeps Mimi on a string because he can! This man can fuck every stripper in the club and prostitute on the corner and Mimi would still be standing their waiting for her turn. That’s not love, it’s stupidity. Doesn’t she know that she deserves better? She reminds me of the story of the grasshopper in a jar. Mimi, you’re free move on! What does she think she’s teaching her daughter? Even, Joseline isn’t sticking around for his baby. She’s smart enough to fuck him, get what she can out of him, be on the show, and play with Mimi’s mind.

  12. Stevie likes masculine looking females. Some people have a past and I hope she is conquering whatever childhood demons and bad circumstances given in a healthy holistic way instead of alcohol and drugs.

    A woman’s heart is something. Mimi is like most women including our mothers and grandmothers who have stuck with philanders, drunks, abusers amd try to maintain families. Difference is most bury themselves into church or work. You see it all the time, which is why the church is full of men while their husbands/bfs are at home on the couch, they may become deacons after age 40 when all their homeboys die out and there is nothing else left to do.

    I kind of admire some women from the newer generation, earning trades, getting degrees, traveling drama free and know what they want and won’t settle. True family planners.

  13. Mimi fifteen years child please! Didn’t u see what he did to his other baby momas.why would u have a child with him?these women need to concentrate on rasing their children. Stop being so thirsty have some respect for urselves.

  14. Mimi fifteen years child please! Didn’t u see what he did to his other baby momas.why would u have a child with him? These women need to concentrate on rasing their children. Stop being so thirsty have some respect for urselves!!!