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Mimi, Sarah & Hanna: ATL’s ‘Fun Girls’ Of Yesteryear…

June 26th, 2013

ATL Fun Girls

HSK Exclusive – Long before Mimi Faust debuted on LHHATL; Sarah Chapman gave birth to Puffy’s daughter; and Hanna Kang was re-born as T.I.’s assistant — the trio of ladies was a drug-fueled clique, serving up pro-athletes, industry dudes and D-Boys. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Gary Payton.

We’re told Mimi, Sarah and Hanna were known across Atlanta as the “Fun Girls” — widely recognized for being ‘all about their money’, cocaine and ecstasy. Just ask Jermaine Dupri, Puffy, T.I., Ja Rule and Shaq!

Here’s the drop:

“Stevie J always says Mimi is an older version of Joseline Hernandez. That’s why Stevie treats Mimi like shit. Stevie knows Mimi’s mad because Joseline reminds her of a younger version of herself.”


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19 Comments on "Mimi, Sarah & Hanna: ATL’s ‘Fun Girls’ Of Yesteryear…"

Miss M
July 18, 2013

hell if that’s the case Lauryn London was in the same dayum video. WTF cares. NEXT!


June 28, 2013

what needs to be exposed about mimi is the fact that she is a video gurl she knew pharrel go pull up the fronting video she one of the main girls in the video following pharrel around.


June 28, 2013

So?! Listen these men out here fucking these so called “Bad Bitches” then turn around & talk shit about them and the conquest! But there’s no shade thrown at the men. Who GIVES A FUCK! If you’re living this type of Life then EVERYBODY has dark secrets. Coke secrets, Bisexual Secrets, GAY secrets & all kinds of Fetishes. Last I checked Steebie had this baby w/Mimi 3-4yrs ago not when they were all hoe’n & blowin each other. All this Fuck Boy Activity is WEAK!
When you lay down w/a woman or man you equate yourself to them so if these women were so TRASH then why THEE fuck are you laying down w/trash. If your dick is so valuable then you’d hold out for “class.” Jacky quit posting this shit about who fucked who cuz it’s getting a lil MTOish.


June 27, 2013

why the F is this news? Fun girls of yesteryears? GTFOH this old ten year ago gossip. who the fuck cares about Ja Rule…Can we get some current pu$$y stories? Jacky ya shit getting lame!!! So what if they had fun ten years ago isn’t that what your suppose to do?


June 27, 2013

Am I the only one asking who the hell these people are? They look like three random hoodrats to me.





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