Missy Elliot Weighs in on Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj Beef


Missy Elliot Teaches Nicki Minaj some RESPECT!

Respect Demanded!

Missy Elliot is putting her foot down, demanding respect for one rapper who helped to pave the way for Nicki Minaj.

It’s something which the ‘Ladies Night’ recording artist says Nicki Minaj is lacking – along with a missing bond between the Cash Money female force and other women. Here’s what Missy Elliot had to say about the existing beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim:

“I mean that situation I felt divided us. I’ve never met Nicki, like I said she’s out there hustling, you can’t be mad at that.

Lil Kim is my sister. I’ve known her for years and I never turn my back on her, but there’s enough room for everybody. I wanna see everybody, everybody, get it. You know what I’m saying? I just love to see women just have their own. And you watch the guys do it all the time…

The simplest word that I can say is respect. You don’t have to like somebody, respect. That’s it.”

Is Missy Elliot trying to remind Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj about girl power? Of course she is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Iyanla Vanzant.


  1. I think shes just trying to sample a slice a Nicki’s cartoon ass,shedone had every other r&b & rap female in the industry…man i could tell you some stories I used to be an assistant to stylist Derek Khan …look him up

    • Co-Sign, from what I read Missy leaves a lot of ladies in the industry broken hearted! Even Tweet said she felt like Missy used her up and threw her away! Wow

    • @A73 What’s stopping you from telling said stories? It’s not like everyone here doesn’t already know Missy’s up there with Queen Latifah in terms of dykedom.

      • I wish it was just Missy,but i got stuff on Shyne,Nokio,foxy brown,sisqo etc etc im a need a couple a pages

        • …Don’t tell me Foxy and Missy were messing around, too, especially when she basically called Queen Pen and Queen Latifah dykes back in the ’90s when she was beefing with them LOL I’ve always wondered if Foxy really was as ‘crazy’ as people in the Industry say she is, or if the Industry itself ‘drove her crazy,’ something that is entirely plausible judging from what I’ve read on here alone.

          • the majority of the girls missy worked with she done smashed.

            queenpen once said she knew foxy and kim from the streets when they were all hooking for record deals.

            kim and foxy used to fight over biggie.

            • Thanks, but I knew all that. Knowing Queen Pen and her obsession with Foxy, she’s probably mad Jay-Z Ghostwrote hotter shit for Foxy than her. But anyway, like I said earlier, I was just wondering if Foxy was as ‘crazy’ as the Industry has enjoyed making her out to be for years now, or if the Industry drove her ‘crazy.’ Something always seemed off about that.

            • WELL crazy as in her doing drugs, sex parties, driving while under the influence trying to kill herself over kurupt’s darkwing duck looking azz.

              being beat by a pimp’s harem and this rises questions foxy claIMS SHE DID’NT KNOW HE WAS A PIMP GUESS SHE WANTED SOMEBODY TO HELP WITH HER DRUG HABIT.




            • Hmm, barring the suicide attempt (Which some would chalk up to love), none of that sounds too ‘crazy’ to me–If anything, the sex parties and drugs contributed to her image, as all she ever raps about is sex and street shit. Regarding Foxy’s artistry, her third album, ‘Broken Silence,’ was at least as good as her first (And underrated at that). As for Kim’s, uh, obsession with Biggie, between that and how she’s butchered her face and body trying to look like a light-skinned girl, she’s the one people in the Industry should be calling ‘crazy.’

            • YUP!!! Faith Evans said she witnessed Biggie screaming on Kim while she cried that he would replace her with Foxy. Foxy was initially part of the Plan for Juniot MAFIA. Foxy’s self admitted first love was Rayshawn from Junior MAFIA. Kim kept Foxy out of JM because she probably knew Biggie woulda smashed Foxy or maybe afraid Foxy woulda outshined her. Foxy may be crazy as shit but she’s been putting in work since a teenager. Labels were interested in her before Ill Na Na when she was like 13 or 14. Kim isn’t ALL that much about Girl Power. Foxy may have talked about Kim behind her back habitually but Kim did her dirt as well. Biggies dick caused Kim so much beef.

      • Don’t u hate when people claim they know stuff just to sound cool? When in reality, they don’t know shit!

        A73 kill urself!

  2. Finally someone in the industry making some sense. Everyone else tried to avoid or go around the question but she’s right. It isn’t about taking sides, its about more female rappers coming together. Damn no one asking them to be BFFs but @ least be respectful of one another.

    • I’m glad someone with some sense see’s the truth too. When the beef was 1st created no one, not even vets in the game wanted to call Sicki out for the hater & liar that she is. Only DMX, Nicki D, MC Lyte, Missy, Babs & Lady Luck were the only ones who called her on her shit. People were acting phony because they didn’t wanna step on toes with Baby & Wayne. Now that Sicki’s music is flopping people just starting to speak up.

      • Now some of this I wasn’t unaware of. What I wanna know is why Kim doesn’t expose her. She keeps mentioning she has more about Nicki but she never says what it is. Maybe I missed that interview whe she brought everything to light. I remember that song they did together and it was scrapped but it was pretty obvious when I heard it. Kim was going HAM

        • Kim did. All this stuff came out months ago, actually she started exposing her back in 2010. She did interviews with the breakfast club, Hot 97, TT Torres, Ed Lovers show etc it’s all on youtube. Baby & Slim painted Kim out to be a hater and paid off a lot of outlets to ignore Kim’s side. You have to remember Sicki’s album had just dropped and RR sparked off the endless diss songs she made. Kim didn’t have that machine behind her to fight the backlash so the industry took it as Kim was hating on her. Remember Ray J was the one who called Nicki out back in 09 at Kims comeback tour that’s when Drake gassed up Nicki and the beef really took off. Here’s the clips:


          • Thanks for some reason I thought it was always more to what Kim was trying to get out. I remember an interview she gave and she said something on the lines of the real truth will be exposed. After that I thought there was gonna be some proof or more details.

        • @Meisha–So true. I thought it was fake and self-serving as hell how pretty much the entire Industry acted like they didn’t know what Kim was talking about when she was talking about Nicki coming into the game hating on ALL the female rappers (Especially when there were numerous songs and interviews to prove it), then turning around and acting like she (Nicki) liked and had never said shit about them when they were in her face (Kim herself, Foxy, and Remy are a few that immediately come to mind).

          The fact of the matter is that that whole shitty label played Kim just to give Nicki a platform /image to run with once all the fucking and sucking she did to get in the Industry paid off, then they still tried to make Kim out to be a bitter has-been hater when she (rightfully) spoke out about it. I also found it funny that Kim’s story about Nicki and how she & the label played her has never changed, yet Nicki & Baby’s story changes every time they’re asked about it. But really, I can’t say I’m surprised the majority of the Industry turned their backs on Kim in favor of Nicki, as they’ve (People in the Industry) have always dick-or-clit-rode who was popular/’hot-‘at-the-moment and made/had the most money.

          @noyfb–Kim has ‘exposed’ Nicki numerous times in both interviews and at shows. Kim was the first one to expose Nicki as being bipolar, and one of the first, along with this site, to imply that Nicki slept her way to the top and was lying about her age. And, of course, there’s this series of thoroughly researched fan-made videos that completely expose Nicki and her obsession with Kim:


          • PREACH!!!

            I grew up in the 90’s and the industry was hating on Kim back in 96 when Hardcore dropped. I got a clip of HeMan Wendy Williams talking shit about her and Fox back in the day. Kim been fighting since her career started. She paved the way for all the hoes that came after her but no one ever gave her her props. B4 Sicki Kim was one of the 1st rappers period to get major multi-million dollar endorsements at a time when no one was signing rappers to those kind of deals. From Iceberg to Versace. I’m talking REAL paper outside of just the rap game. That lady has done a lot. And she never hated on her idols like Salt n Pepa & Lady of Rage. She always showed other females respect even with Ladies Night. Yet Sicki has never not once done a track with another female.

          • @Raheim Thanks now this video I haven’t seen before. I swear it is sad how the younger generation treat those that came into this game before their time. I’m more shocked at Nicki bc at her age she should know better

  3. yes, Missy is right. can you imagine the money they could have made if Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj would have done a song together.Jay z had song w/Biggie,Kanye, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and all the other ones collaborate with each other, too. Nicki Minaj is making money, but i have way more respect for Lil Kim.

    • But that’s just it Kim & Sicki already have a song. It’s called “Grindin Making Money”. It was supposed to be on Baby’s new album but him and Slim axed it after Kim out shined Sicki on the track. That’s where the beef started. Sicki’s old manager Fendi been blew the whistle that she been hating on Kim since 2003 back when her ass was still flat and she was still brown skin. Kim was trying to do a Ladies Night part 2 with Her, Trina, Eve, Missy & Sicki. Kim reached out to that hating ass slut while Wayne was on tour. But Slim & Baby did Kim dirty after they pulled the track and stopped all contact with Kim. It was their idea to steal Kim’s swag and use it on Sicki because Wayne had just signed her. Kims record deal/court order against Track Masters was up and she was getting ready to come back. Baby & Slim didn’t want them to team up because they didn’t want Kim out shinning Sicki with her new album coming out. They used Kim and used Sicki’s jealously of Kim to hype her album. That’s why she dropped RR 2 weeks before PF dropped. They used the made up beef to hype the album sales during Christmas. This shit was all planed out. But they tried to make Kim out to be a hater. Till this day Sicki has NEVER worked with another female MC because she’s a hating ass bitch.

      • i didn’t know that. i just went to youtube to hear it, sounds good, i see all the people commenting the same thing. where is Eve? why does it always just have to be one.

      • @Meisha Giiiiirl, you done your homework! Glad to see there are still some HARDCORE Kim fans like myself who know the truth.

        Btw, also check out Playtime is Over on Youtube. Explains ALOT!!!

        • I will ALWAYS be a Kim fan because she earned her place. She was from the hood like most of her fans she didn’t fuck her way into a deal stealing someones swag. Women wern’t even doing platinum till Da Bratt kicked open the door. Kim is one of the the only ladies to have 3 straight platinum albums before the digital era. Many artists could never have done it the old fashion way when you still had to buy music.

    • Jay and Biggie were friends and had at least two songs together–‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ off of Jay’s Reasonable Doubt and ‘I Love The Dough’ off of Biggie’s Life After Death.

      • They also came from an era where A: You had to actually be able to rhyme. & B: Teaming up meant making money.

        People like Sicki don’t come from that she’s apart of this throw away music, beefing over BS era.

  4. I agree with missy but missy is not slick she’s gonna try and go after manaj she’s not slick at all.

  5. I think Missy is saying that Nikki needs to respect lil’ Kim and other women in the game because Nikki does not want to share and collaborate with other female rappers. It’s sad but in hip-hop, there aren’t many female rappers that can sustain a career because the MEN control and dominate hip-hop and all of its trends.

    Nikki seems to be about herself – she reminds me of Madonna. They both follow the three V’s: Vain, Vindictive and Vicious. Nikki’s entire career is rapping about eating fruity pebbles, space ships, and taking shots at lil Kim.

    And for God’s sakes, Nikki looks like a white woman. I mean, I get it – once you have money and travel around the world, there are other trends and fashions that only money can buy, but she is turning into lil Kim via plastic surgery -it’s appalling for someone who claims to NOT want to be lil Kim to take on her nemesis’ rapture of appearance. Yuck and buh-bye!

    • Sicki really showed how phony in the industry really are. Only about a handful of female rappers were willing to call her out on her shit. People didn’t say anything when Sicki dissed all the girls who paved the way for her calling them “Old time machine bitches” & saying “All the bitch need to retire and pick my fruit”. She couldn’t have said that shit back in 96 she would have got kicked out the game.

      It’s easy to come in at 28 yrs old acting like your this shit when you have ZERO competition out. It’s not like 96 when Kim, Foxy, Eve, Brat, Trina, etc were all out at the same time. It’s hard to try and act grand when you have other girls who could actually spit. That bubble gum shit would have got her laughed out the game back in the 90’s.

        • that is true, but many male counterparts also had their raps written for them as well… Kid Cudi wrote for Kanye West, and I believe Styles P has written for Puff and others…

        • That’s BS double standard. People only talk that ghost writing shit when it comes to females. Like they don’t have what it takes to write. Also there’s nothing wrong with having a lil bit of help. Kim admitted that biggie helped her. That’s why she was able to go platinum well after he was dead and gone because she took what he taught her and applied the knowledge. Same goes for Fox, Jay & Nas helped her, DMX helped Eve. Help doesn’t mean ghost writing. You still have to have some writing ability and bravado to perform/carry the track. If not it won’t work.

          • THANK YOU!!! People are so quick to point out the fact that some of these female rappers have had ghost writers at some point, but what about the men? All of the sudden everyone wants to look around while whistling like weren’t talking shit earlier. People so quick to say Biggie made Lil Kim and she was only good because she had Biggie’s help but what about the accomplishments she made after his death. Did he come from the grave to help with that too? Yea OK #Side Eye

            • They kill me with that shit like women don’t have the same skills to write like a man. Yet we know for fact it’s hella dudes who don’t write shit. That’s why they all sound alike. Kim took her shit to levels most of these dudes will never see. I hate when people try to discredit a female that’s clearly doing it. People thought she’d fall off after he died and she proved the haters wrong time and time again. Eve is another one who was shutting down dudes when RR was still hot.

      • yes@Meisha I’m not a fan of Nikki because quite frankly, I’m too old to relate to her music. I think Nikki’s “survival of the fittest” attitude is actually minimizing the impact that Kim, Eve, and others have made on Hip/Hop music. Young fans who look to Nikki will only see the other rappers before her as weak and untalented. Nikki is without question, destroying a fabric of female hip hop legacies.

        I just believe in passing on the torch in music. You know how many female artists worship Stevie Nicks? And Stevie Nicks makes sure that those female songwriters get mentored by her. You know why? because there are not enough female song writers.

        Nikki?! ” U gon’get this work!!!” Loaded Lux

        • @Asia FOR REAL! how about Nicki marketing to the gay youth as being Bi because she knows itS a HUGE fan base! Recently just sat down and admitted she never been with a girl a day in her life@ FAKE BITCH!!!!

        • I tried to give her a chance when she 1st popped up because I love female rap. They speak for us in a way men can’t. But being that I grew up in the 90’s I can only accept a certain standard. Nothing about that bitch is HER. Not one damn thing. She stole Kims swag & Missy’s quirky rap style. It wouldn’t be so bad if the bitch showed respect. But she came in the door on some disrespectful shit. I’m like girl your damn near 30 talking about starships, multiple personalities, etc.

          I can’t rock with that. Not only that but she disrespects the same young black females who support her. I’m not supporting any bitch calling me lazy, nappy headed stupid hoes who fucked up the economy while you coon out for white pop fans wearing a blond wig & bleached skin. WTF did that shit become ok?? People hate on Kim’s surge but this bitch is damn near transparent she’s bleached so white. She’s not even lite brown no more.

        • @ asia minor

          “Young fans who look to Nikki will only see the other rappers before her as weak and untalented. Nikki is without question, destroying a fabric of female hip hop legacies.”

          *Starts slow clap leading to loud applause*

    • you made my day………”Nikki’s entire career is rapping about eating fruity pebbles, space ships, and taking shots at lil Kim.” WOW! and the truth shall set us all free.

  6. She is lucky that Remy Ma is locked up, because she would have straight up annihilated her by now. She was the truth!! I wish Kim would go ahead and spit some venom, and shut this silly trick down already. I can’t believe that people actually claim that Niki has talent. Have you ever heard Kim spit on Queen Bitch, or the original “Not Tonight?” Oh, and “Naked Truth” was a fire ass album that was after BIG died, so her skills are proven in my book. #originalqueenbitch

  7. lil kim isn’t creative she stole that sex hooker chit from hwa, choice, and bwp.

    only difference is kim had biggie, puff and the bad boy machine backing her.

    • Have a fucking seat. HWA wasn’t never poppin like that. You can’t even bring them up today because nobody knows them outside a certain age group. Kim didn’t steal shit because her whole image was “Sexy around the way hardcore hood marylin monroe”. Wasn’t no females raping in fur coats rocking designer shit head to toe in multi colored wigs. In fact up until 95 none of them looked like females they all looked like dudes. Kim and Fox blew up that whole style. So you can sit and rotate with that shit you talking.

      • hwa was underground they had their moment true kim had big, and jm, bad boy backing her so she could’nt miss.

        hwa and choice was talking the same shit kim was talking oral sex, getting money from dudes, lapdances, whoring all that shit before kim and foxy were thought of.

        hwa must not have been popping back in 90 in youyr area but they had their moment just like bwp, and choice they was just undergreound but they did it first kim, foxy, trina, khia blew up with it because they had major label support.

        • Again HWA don’t matter they had NO impact on the game at large. Kim took that Hardcore tip to another level. She’ll always be known for that and becoming one of the most recognizable female MC’s ever. Everyone worldwide knows Lil Kim. Bring up HWA and see how many people know them let alone remember them.

          Major label backing has nothing to do with it. When Kim came out rhyming on Players Anthem & GM her popularity blew over night. Just like Trina guest staring on YDKNH, Foxy on Jay’s Ain’t no nigga & Case’s Touch me tease me. All this was before they had major label deals or solo albums.

    • I don’t know who hwa or choice is, and i remember bwp from that one video they would show, but they were whack as hell to me. when kim came out there was no other female rapper in the game that looked feminine and dressed like a girl that spit hard street ish like a dude. yeah BIG wrote most of her first album and he was the brains behind her image, but her flow was undeniable and sick. no chick was rockin like that ever. MC lyte is a legend and always had undeniable flow and lyrics but she dressed like a dude and she lacked the femininity that around the way girls wanted to see.

  8. Look, Lil Kim and Foxy didn’t have the mentality or maturity to survive the biz, that is a shame. But to see a big azz manipulative dyke like Missy Elliott tryin’ to be pacemaker and states(wo)man like is nauseating. She demeaned a lot of women in the game. Fuck her and the rest of the dykes. Anytime women try and make a statement or progress, you can bet that the dykes with that man spirit will come and upend everything and women will be worse off if they were in a dirt floor kitchen.

      • If you have to deal with dykes nhe workplace, you won’t be lol. Or, see if you LOL, when your daughter is being sexually harassed at school by big dykes. Yeah, LOL then

  9. like someone just said nikki is only known and famous for eating fruity pebbles, spaceships, taking shots at lil kim and taking shots up the ass

  10. I am a lil Kim fan. So with that said… nicki actually did do a song with Trina and lady saw called “dang a Lang.” It was on Trina’s album. No clue which one, but it does exist. Not saying she is a good artist in the least bit, but I guess she does work with other women. Maybe it was just this one time.