MLK Inscription Planned For Ali’s Headstone


Muhammad Ali w/ Martin Luther King Jr.

Honoring A Boxing Legend…

“I tried to love somebody, I did try to feed the hungry. I did try, in my life, to clothe those who were naked. I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity.’ The Greatest.’ “

Muhammad Ali’s brother says the 71-year-old boxing legend’s final days are near. During a recent interview, Rahman Ali revealed Muhammad Ali isn’t recognizing family members, cannot speak and may not make it to see this coming summer.

Rahman says he’s requested a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. be inscribed on the legendary boxer’s headstone.

Here’s what Rahman Ali told The Sun:

“He’s in a bad way. He’s very sick — It could be months, it could be days. I don’t know if he’ll last til summer. He’s in God’s hands.”


  1. Such a Big Personality with such a Big Heart, a marvelous jewel in our crown. This news makes the heart heavy!

  2. Wait did he really end all of that signed “The Greatest”? Bwhaa!!! Guess no one realizes Martin wanted the most humble funeral ever! They don’t realize that’s why Martin wanted his body transported by a mule and broke down wagon. That’s why he ended up eulogizing his own funeral, because he had a list of accolades a mile long that he didn’t want anyone to mention. To end that quote with The Greatest is to totally miss the point… Having said that, it will be a sad day when Ali passes…

  3. He was and still is THE GREATEST. No one’s perfect but the athletes today are cardboard cut out cliches with nothing relevant to say. I don’t even believe some of them acknowledge that they’re African American. Or Black. Or Brown. They’re all Mickey Mouse types that wanna be either TIGER WHITE–I mean WOODS or talentless rappers. These cats today couldn’t lace ALI’s boots. If the government came after them like they did Ali they’d bend over and take it. Ali was a TRUE CHAMPION.

  4. I am truly grateful to have been old enough to see a man this great. He took on a nation of haters. I am old enough to say I have seen the struggles of this nation come 360. Black and White people standing together in open public fighting for victory. Ali took us to a height to yet to be repeated. I am sure we will never see a “MAN” stand upright and perpendicular as this great man and leader did for us. Let us not forget those long before us that where put to the ultimate test for our rights and freedom. We all stand on the shoulders of those who lost their lives taking the blows of injustice. I love you Ali, you showed me love by taking all those blows. You knocked a the heavyweights without raising your Fist. I am Blessed to Have been old enough to see you in action. Your friend now and forever. Vernon Smith