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Models Can’t Walk In Kanye West’s Expensive Designer Shoes

March 5th, 2012

Kanye West Ladies Shoes

Model Jourdan Dunn walked in Kanye West designer shoes last year for his fashion show and guess what? Jourdan Dunn got caught on Twitter yesterday saying,

“Don’t get me wrong the shoes are as sexy as fuck but you can’t walk in them.”

Did Kanye West design a pair of women’s shoes for men? I don’t know, but here’s exactly what Jourdan Dunn had to say on Twitter about Kanye’s 6K designer shoes:

Kanye West is not a designer like Oscar De La Renta, but he reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld. Know why? Because Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld are gay men who use foul language to degrade women. Don’t believe me.. Ask Adele.

via RhymesWithSnitch

11 Responses to “Models Can’t Walk In Kanye West’s Expensive Designer Shoes”

  1. dakid |

    Right ma. Question now is who isn’t gay. I always knew kanye was a fruit


  2. ggaxe |

    I knew it. I thot pink was them tryna bring
    the gay in but ……wow.
    what a douchebag.


  3. fuhku2 |

    Become lovers of themselves…….


  4. hmmm |

    Kanye you are fierce girl


  5. Square Biz |

    LMAO! Chile, I bet homegirl [Kanye] is pissed and cussing every woman in existence. Well, every woman except, Bey and Blue. lol!


  6. PinkKitty |

    No my dears, stunt queen, Yeye k OSS what he is doing. All buzz is good buzz as long as people are talking. Kanye will keep making money. Those tweets were free advertising!

    Christian Louboutin stated that he did not design his shoes for comfort. He designed them for sex appeal. Women look sexier in sky high heels that hurt their feet! Well, got damn, this black Frenchman just told the world that he likes torturing women! And, those stupid bitches still shell out $500-$5,000 to purchase his shoes! Even the knockoffs are at least $250! Fuck no!

    Kanye will prevail…. He’s been “interning” at the big fashion houses, honing his skills and learning the craft. I’m sure his booty hole is now 5inches wider too!

    Go, Yeye! Do you boo-boo! Ahhhright, ok.


  7. Sherry |

    The way Kanye takes himself so seriously, I’m surprised he didn’t have a fit and snatch the shoes from the model. Then walk down the runway with them on, modeling Zoolander style.


  8. manchild |

    Kanye need to stay making music.He just trying to compete with Jay who has a clothing line. So Kanye trying to get to that,but his music is suffering.
    Cant be or do everything. But that pic has me laughing for hours…..


    mike Reply:

    lol….dat pic is sic* hilarious…..pls let him be yo…….


  9. Original Anon |

    That pict is HE-LARRY-US!!! The fashion queens are crying foul over Kanye’s new collection. They are saying that he copied his new collection from other fashion houses. That seems to be his, Jay and Beyonce’s M.O.–steal other people’s shit, claim it as your own, and try to make money from it.


  10. NYOB |

    Those shoes are fugly. They look like someone skinned a sharpei and wrapped their feet in the fur.

    I am a woman and for 6K, I better be able to click my heels to get to where ever I am going without having to walk AND have a cup of hot coffee in my hand when I get there.

    Kanye need to quit playing.


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