Momma Dee Tells Erica Dixon To Kick Rocks!


Momma Dee Erica Dixon

“Fallen animals need to stay in the barn.” ~Momma Dee, to Erica Dixon

HSK Exclusive – The last thing Momma Dee will apparently do is acknowledge Erica Dixon as the mother of her 8-year-old granddaughter. That’s because as Erica reveals LHHA producers edited out a comment Momma Dee made towards her — leading to the infamous on-camera clash between the pair — the self-noted ‘Queen of the South’ has one message for Erica…kick rocks!

In a recent interview with, Erica revealed the last straw was when Momma Dee called her ‘a bitch’. It’s a statement viewers didn’t get a chance to see, reportedly because it was left out in the editing process. Despite all of that, Erica says at the ending of the day all that matters is her daughter, the 8-year-old impressionable granddaughter to Momma Dee.

Now, Momma Dee tells HSK that very child could be lacking parenting. Could it get more ratchet than this? We hope not!!!

Here’s what Momma Dee tells HSK:

“My granddaughter is being raised by a nanny, because the child’s mother is out partying every night. Fallen animals need to stay in the barn.”

Here’s what Erica told MouthToEars about Momma Dee:

“Momma Dee is going to continue to be Momma Dee at the ending of the day. We have never really gotten along, I just feel like now she’s really taking things to the extreme. So, it definitely bothers me — because my thing long term is my child. I may say lil slick stuff here and there… ‘yeah she’s a bitch’, ‘yeah she needs to take her medicine’, this that and the other, but I don’t blatantly try to disrespect you, bash you or damage your character or image. I don’t have to cuz you do that on your own.

But, one day, my daughter’s gonna see all of this and it’s gonna be like how can you…she’s gonna definitely question her, they’re definitely gonna have a conversation about it. So, at the ending of the day it’s like something you’re gonna have to deal with in the future. So, if my child doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, I’m not going to make her….period.

She’s eight now, and she tells her sometimes, ‘grandma you’re being too extra, I can’t deal with this, mom I’m ready to go’ — and she’s eight!”

Erica Dixon w/ Scrappy Daughter


  1. At “the end of the day.” Hoodrats massacring the English language.

    Why this chick insist on giving a damn what this negative ugly soulless woman has to say is beyond my comprehension. The best thing to do for a old bitch hag like momma Dee would be to ignore her and state, “no comment” when asked about her for in your world she doesn’t exist and you don’t acknowledge things that don’t exist.

    Erica is just as ratchet as that ugly bitch.

  2. that’s how scrappy likes em raised by a pimpin dyke grows up to chase hoofdrat girls.

    look at shay scrappy’s sporting a girl who phukked flavor flav for fAME.

    • Omg i thought it was only me who remember that shay kissed that nasty ass mouth of flav and allowed him to grope her for a season…….uuuggghhhh nasty, shay is a reality tv hoe, and everybody know you cant turn a hoe into a housewife, it dont work, As for momma dee i feel so sorry for that little girl because her gandma is way to rachet an ghetto for her age and she talk weird like shes on crack or something, if she was my mom i would be so ashamed





  3. If anybody needs to kick rocks…His damn momma need to she’s making Scrappy look like a little B*tch that he is for letting her make life decision for him…#Scrappy get yo momma under control…

      • Isn’t that most black mamas. She acts like she is scrappys girl instead of mother. The fact that he chooses knuckleheads to love is a reflection of her and how she raised him

  4. Well if the statement is true that Erica is partying and leaving the child all the time then where the hell is Scrappy! So I guess that makes him no better than Erica.

  5. Hey Momma Dee go sit down somewhere and relax. I agree with@NNUTS Momma Dee is a old Dyke who doesn’t know her place in her sons life. Scrappy man up u look like a ill girl letting your Ma run your sex life. He’ll Momma Dee needs to hook up with Shay, she acts like she wants her for herself…yolo

  6. This woman represents what is wrong with so many of our men today. Shyt is beyond twisted. Some of these mamas are obsessed with their own sons, and have no real life of their own! Why is this woman so controlling of her grown son s relationship, with the mother of his child? Whatever happened to adults sitting down and discussing their difference like adults? Mama Dee has latched on to Shay, because she somehow feels that she is a more suitable companion for her son.I have seen mothers like this who refuse to cut the apron strings, and remain a dominant presence in their children’s life to the point of being annoying! No mater what she thinks of Erica that is still the mother of her grandchild. She needs to utilize some restraint and tact for sake of her grandchild if no one else. Scrappy needs to put his mama in her place once and for all.. Or better yet Erica needs to remove her self from that crazy on and off again relationship with her daughters father Scrappy. When supposedly independent intelligent women refuse to walk away from low life’s like Scrappy I start to question their sanity and judgement. Let Shae have his dead beat azz, and move on! Is being on a Tv show really worth the embarrassment that this man and his mama subject you too often? Get a clue and move on already! Mama Dee will only ever accept a woman for Scrappy who is willing to kiss her azz! She’s that type.

  7. It’s a crying shame we have a generation of black men who love their momma’s but hate their baby momma’s!! This cycle is so destructive. Grown women clinging on to their adult son while not encouraging them to keep their chosen family (baby mama & child) intact.

  8. Its a sad reality but a sour relationship between girlfriend/wife/mother doesn’t have to “spell” disaster. I don’t possess the greatest bond with my mother-in-law, but we respect one another. We share something far more important than our differences, her son and grandson. My husband obviously makes it clear that he supports me 100%, with that she’s quite careful with our union. Erica is just as responsible as Momma Dee, she’s disrespectful and lacks self-control. With the crude comments she’s said about Scrappy leaves me to question her level of love/respect for him as well. The relationship, between the two, is unhealthy and unpredictable which has nothing to do with Momma Dee.

  9. Nope! I don’t believer it is the way she is making it out to be. Erica could be doing appearances etc.

    Darryl and em upset that once Erica got put on and came up. She may have kicked him to the curb for good.

    Erica is seeing what is really in the world ( she realize she don’t have to settle. she can upgrade!)

    Don’t be surprise if Darryl try to make an “Big” Unnecessary issue out of this. Momma D is laying down the foundation..Pay attention! To put Erica in a bad light”

    • lol @ Darryl and em.

      You may be on to something here. Momma Dee thought she was going to be a break out star of the show with all that shit talking and ghetto speak she does but it backfired on her. Erica became likable and Darryl and em became a laughing stock.

      Yeah, they got that crab in the barrel mentality. Erica should thank her lucky stars her eyes opened and keep them open and stay away from that ratchet family.

      Who brought here that house? Scrappy or is she renting with her VH1 checks?

  10. Re: That picture – Yall do realize if she uncrosses her legs to stand up her entire cooty will be out. Wow, what a skank ass vet.

  11. momma dee,you need a man & not your son!! you wanted your son with shay but that ain’t where he wants to be,erica was the real woman,she was trying to mold that momma’s boy scrappy,obvious he has no idea of how to treat a real woman,which is why he will never be able to have a real relationship,scrappy ass won’t have any luck treating women the way he does,there aren’t too many women willing to deal with him& his ego,but somebody which will a real woman to put that clown in his place& momma dee needs to be checked,she got the nerves to want scrappy to keep with shay nasty fake ass!!it only says that momma dee wants Erica out of the picture because she couldn’t pimp Erica,but shay ass is vounerable over scrappy for what!!!it is what it is though!! Erica is the shit while scrappy & shay& momma dee smelling like it,somebody tell momma dee incest is a sin!! so stop trying to make your son become your man!!

  12. I feel like Mama D is a mother who cannot keep her nose of of her sons business always talking abou the palace and she stays in a on bedroom apt. Mama D is to ole to be acting like an idiot on TV she acts like she needs medication and I really wish after las t night Erica stay away from her and her son its not healthy. Erica is my girl but I dont think she should have pawned the ring.

    • I think that hurt him, although he’s hurt her many times.. I guess the pocket hurts him the most, & that’s probably more of the reason she did it.

      But whatever they go thru as a man & woman should have NOTHING to do with ol Mama Dee. She need to join a woman’s group or something..