Mona Scott Young Bumps Nicki Minaj For Her Stable!!!


Mona Scott Teams w/ Nicki Minaj

To Pimp A Pop Hoe?

HSK Exclusive – Move over K Michelle … Nicki Minaj is set to takeover your top spot in Mona Scott-Young’s stable! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Yandy Smith.

“Nicki’s music career is in the toilet … so you better believe she’s gonna do what she has to so she doesn’t become a has-been.”

Insiders say Mona made her move with a strategically placed play. Know why? Timing is everything, and Mona knows Nicki’s records sales are now flat, Barbie needs TV to stay a mutha fukk’in factor. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams.

“Nicki Minaj is really an actress. She loved her gig on A.I., and even her E! reality spots.”

Though we can’t confirm exactly how long Mona’s plan was in the making, we can tell you the Queen of Ratchet Reality TV just announced Dirty Nicki is officially ‘in the mix’ with the LHH creator.

Here’s the drop:

“Nicki’s working on a reality TV project with Mona Scott Young. She has to do it to stay in the spotlight, before the teenagers forget about her. The industry knows all about what K Michelle did to become Mona’s number one babygirl … so Nicki will probably be given the ‘serve up extras’ ultimatum to stay on Mona’s good side … ’cause it ain’t pretty when you’re on her shit list. Ask Karlie Redd.”

Nicki Minaj Joins Mona Scott-Young


  1. Great. More filthy, toxic, self hating, catfight, n l g g u h s ain’t c h i t shenanigans coming to the small screen promoting the absolute worst of the worst stereotypes in the black community. No thank you very much. I will not be watching! However Mona, when you decide to launch a “reality” project showcasing positive, uplifting, responsible blacks working hard, taking care of business, house and home and making a real difference in our community, I’ll be your number one viewer!

    • Wouldn’t that be great? Instead of the new Atlanta, it would be be the new Cosbys. The dad is self employed and the mom is a financial planner. The kids are the only black kids at their school…they are preparing for college …

    • @Mona Scott is a two bit hustler! Nicki M’s music is garbage. @Mona Scot shoul be ashamed! Exploiting these idiotic people!

    • LOL It would be nice if Mona Scott-Young changed her wicked ways but, I have asthma so I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. the public wants catfights and black girls screaming at each other, doing drugs, and sleeping with each other’s men that’s what they’re going to get.

  3. Two desperate hoes, scheming and scamming to stay relevant. Birds of a feather do flock together. LOL

  4. lol Wait, so Nicki’s record sales ‘are in the toilet’ and is in danger of becoming (gasp!) irrelevant (I hate Twitter terms like this) after ALL that shit she talked about Lil’ Kim being irrelevant and having a dead career, all while stealing her whole steez? LOL Karma is a bitch. With a pink wig. And verbal tics.

    And here I was thinking she was surviving out here with all those recent collabs, but not even her third-grade, disgruntled, pregnant Hoodrat, and Twitter-obsessed gay fanbase is buying her records anymore? Damn. And why even bother having her on T.V. after she was the driving force in (Further) sinking American Idol’s ratings?

    • Let’s say Nicki has now made enough millions to retire to the islands, pay cash for her dream mansion for her and her man Safari and they’re good for life. My question is, if her career is over, and it sure looks like it is, why won’t she just go away? The public is tired of her gimmicks and she must be really desperate to join forces with Mona. Is the reality show a vanity project to placate her ego? Keep her in the public eye? Stage a comeback for her music? I just don’t get it.

      • Good question, and the whole point of my comment. I knew her last album, that ‘Re-Release’ of her flop second album went triple aluminum, but she’s been on a lot of collabos since then, so I thought she was good music-wise. However, there was a post on here around the time she came out that said that she was just using rap to get into acting, which would make sense if she hadn’t put ‘American Idol’s’ ratings further in the toilet with her childishness and made-up ‘beef’ with Mariah Carey.

        Here’s the post:

        • Wow! Ok, that was an eye opener. Thanks for the link. It all makes a lot more sense now 😉

  5. Well at least K. Michelle have real talent, a college education and is a soror pledge
    So if all else fails, she have a few things to fall back on
    Her album is dope too
    And the last time I bought an album was in the 90s
    So I guess for her the show was helpful and came in handy

  6. Regarding Nicki’s ‘music,’ she and those around her had to know this would happen sooner or later–Not only is her regular (rap) voice annoying as hell, but she deliberately switched her music from the pseudo-hardcore, street, Kim-and-Foxy knockoff rap of her mixtape days to teen pop fluff bullshit once she got put on in a desperate attempt to cross over. To her credit, it worked, but only for a little while, and her record sales tanked faster than you can say ‘Ass injections.’ So much for Baby’s big announcement that he wanted to release 100 albums in a year (Yeah, right LOL)

  7. I always saw her..Nicki M as being a gimmick rapper. I didn’t think the appeal would last…. Kinda like the Spice Girls..had a whole lot of popularity when they hit the scene with the teenagers /gay crowd… then noting.I was never a fan though she might have had one song I thought was kinda cool. Just bring back the old school female rappers…

  8. According to the God mother of Monica, she is a desperrate whore with a paycheck in her belly! Candance likes to emulate her and screw people’s husband. She will stop at nothing and leaves a trail of bad names behind her. She causes abuse amongst other people kids. Wow, and her breathe even reaks of bowel movement.! Monica should throw her some dollars for denistry! Look do not come looking for trouble !

  9. Monica Brown is a weak trick that sends tramps aka kid God’s mom to mess with other people’s families and kids! I received a threat from candace saying she will hurt my kid at the nursery! Look whore, I do not know u or why u sending drama but I hope you miscarriage and expire! I love my kids first, keep it moving chic I do not know you!

  10. If her career is in the toilet how come she made Forbes list with 2o mili, only woman made the list. I forgot, she just a ho to u. Did u grow up in a brothel with your woman hating ass and I ain’t even a Nikki fan.