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Monifah Admits Prior Cocaine Addiction

July 17th, 2012

Monifah Admits Drug Addiction
R&B singer Monifah said in a recent interview that she disappeared from the music scene for several years because she was addicted to cocaine. Don’t believe me.. Ask Faith Evans.

Here’s what Monifah had to say:

“I fell into a deep depression, which led to drug and alcohol abuse. I’ve been clean for a year-and-a-half. I was using cocaine for seven years.

Here’s what a source had to say:

“Monifah wasn’t only a drug addict, she was a nymphomaniac too.┬áMonifah was fucking every chick back in the ’90s. Monifah fell into depression from drugs and dark sex.

Her career took the wrong turn when Latifah dumped her and broke her heart.”

35 Responses to “Monifah Admits Prior Cocaine Addiction”

  1. R R |

    I always knew KING Latifah was a heartbreaker.


  2. DICE |

    Queen Latifa was molested by a family member/friend when she was a little girl.
    So was

    Missy Elliott
    and probably 80% of female entertainers in the music biz.,,…They’re already per-packaged for abuse in the industry…

    Thats why they like to put on strippers, prostitutes,molested children and anyone who was in the sex industry for a recording contract.


  3. kint |

    True true true. She turned a friend of mine out.


  4. Jane Doe |

    Oh yeah Latifah was holding her down by paying her bills & everything. She didn’t want to pay for her coke habit & that was 1 of the main reasons the Queen left her.


  5. winter |

    What, is she on the comeback trail? I can’t remember any of her songs. Was she named after Latifah?


    HipHop4Lyfe Reply:

    Dont forget “I miss you”(come back home). The Heavy D remix was my jooinn!!


  6. tb |

    Do you really wanna touch it…..that song was/is the bomb!


    Isis Reply:

    Yes tb, i love that song too and also Suga Suga!


    B_LYN Reply:

    Yup I still like that song mainly because it was freaky…Monifah looks like a freak ;)


  7. JustMe |

    So she was playing lickety splits with King Latifah, huh? SMH. I’d forgotten all about Monifah until I read this.


  8. Josh |

    I need to start seeing PROOF of these people being gay! It seems as if there are too many! Show the proof!!! Usually nymphos won’t stick to one sex, they get however and by whoever. I knew a Jamiacan lady who was a clear sex fiend and she kept telling me about her dreams of trying women. Of course this killed the rep that Jamaicans have for being normal and against gays. This lady was a fiend. The fiends can be good for you to get off to, but they want to get off far more often than you do and with anyone. I remember when we would go out she could not help but to watch every dude of interest who walked into the place. When you see that, you know to wear that thing!


    tisme Reply:

    Monifah and Latifah used to wear matching him and her outfits



    searching for truth Reply:

    one Jamaican’s action don’t speak for all Jamaican how is this tidbit of info related to the article?


  9. Raheim |

    I always wondered what happened to Monifah. Last I heard of her she was in some play with a bunch of other (Some would say ‘washed-up’) R&B/Soul singers. Good for her she’s clean now. And damn, these lesbian rappers (Latifah, Missy, M.C. Lyte, and Da Brat) seem to be getting more Industry chicks than the dudes lol


  10. 2bme |

    I remember seeing her in a magazine taking pics in a limo w/a strong lesbian theme..i want to say it was Vibe?


  11. crazychris |

    monifah doing drugs wow who did’nt do drugs in the music industry.

    monifah a lesbian well 2012 is the year for everybody to come out.

    I mean you could’nt tell monifah was gay in the 90’s.

    who’s the next queer and dyke to come out?


  12. ummm... |

    aww wow.. I was so in love with her when she performed at my university’s Homecoming back in the day..she worked that stage kicked off her shoes, beautiful voice!! too bad I was dating another artist performing there..somebody gimme a time machine


  13. B_LYN |

    Monifah is so beautiful and very talented. I was shocked when another website reported that she was on drugs (especially crack)…I’m glad she’s doing better now. Depression is no joke, TRUST!


  14. B_LYN |

    excuse me coke not crack


    crazychris Reply:

    cocaine is cocaine whether you snort it or smoke it.


  15. B_LYN |

    I’ve been hearing lesbian rumors about Queen Latifah, McLyte, Monifah since the 90s.


  16. Terrell |

    I use to work for a MAJOR urban radio station in Chicago back in the mid to late 90’s and I can 100% confirm that KING Latifah and Monifah were an item back then I personally witnessed them passionately kissing back stage before Monifah was about to perform for a summer jam concert, then KING Latifah smacked her on her ass and wished her good luck on her performance…. My mouth just dropped and I was floored……


    Sense Reply:

    Lol,Oh nah there. I can about drop reading this post. If this is the year of coming out,pedophiles will come out in 2013 or near. This is uuh uuh. Monifah must have got gypt by her company or jobs. She truly look like an Adina Howard rabbit but not gay. Most promiscous ppl. are bi- and trisexual. Did Monifah become gay bc she was broke? Everybody getting exposed,nobody even Ministers such as Eddie and Juanita getting ousted.


  17. Fishbone |

    I knew a girl named Monifah I guess you could say she was a sex fiend. Met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with magazines.


  18. crazychris |

    adina howard been came out.


  19. Sher |

    I never knew that Adina was gay?? omgooodnesss


  20. R IN NYC |

    Damn, Latifah’s tongue should be worn out by now from all the industry chicks she’s licked. Give it a rest girl.


  21. BigBILL C |

    yall some ignorant ass people. yall cant touch her talent. and admitting something and not hiding it is powerful and part of her past. this chick is still hot and can sing circles around most of these acts today. monifah and latifah are laughing to the bank at you hating idiots


  22. 'R&B Divas' Debuts w/ Monifah Carter's Gay Confession |

    […] Monifah Carter may be new to the reality television scene, but she would have had to be living under a rock to not know how the TV phenomenon played a major role in destroying the personal ties of another VH1 relationship – Ev & Ocho. […]

  23. toomanygrandkids |

    didn’t know adina howard was gay im gonna try and find some info online damn monifah and latifah were a couple


  24. Toomanyrumors |

    Adina Howard is not gay. She got married to a man in 2011. SMDH


  25. toomanygrandkids |

    i just looked it up. adina did marry a man. may i ask what does SMDH and SMH mean?


    roz Reply:

    Shakeing my head


  26. Mrs.Jackson |

    WOW wow wow Wow Woooooowwww in my Flava Flave voice about these comments, but I love them all especially Queen.Monifah have a beautiful voice , and Im happy for her and her partner


  27. Old Jefferson Friend |

    Leave Monifa alone, she has been an angel since her early days when she used to attend the performing arts community programs. She is a true and real Diva who has carried her performing arts passion since she was a little girl. Monifa we love you and look forwerd to watching you on TV and hearing your music again.

    We love Queen Latifa Too.


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