More Amber Rose Nudes Hit The Internet!


More Nude Amber Rose Pics

We at HSK just can not figure out why women (or men) such has Amber Rose get the media attention they do. It’s not even because they posed nude or did a sex tape (yeah you Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton). Naked and willing woman can be found in any corner of the world we inhabit so why do these average at best, mostly plastic or injected woman get the peoples attention? From what I gather they have no discernible talents other than maybe giving head (most even suck at that, no pun intended Kim K.).

Only because the previous nude photo’s of Amber Rose (uncensored here) posted on HSK have been the #1 post since the latest dropped, due to popular demand we bring you the latest via the culture destroying and coon promoting WSHH.

For decency purposes and so the kids can read them some Jacky with-out the parental controls locking them out, you must go HERE to see the latest released leaked nudes of Amber Rose. Warning NSFW!

You can see the LATEST (June 2011) leaked uncensored photos collection: HERE


  1. That’s not going to happen. Positive news does not sell (no big hit/impressions). Kinda sad but that’s just how it is.

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