Move Over Mia Farrow … Zoe Salanda’s Taking Over In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’



Zoe Salanda is diving into Hollywood’s ‘we’re running out of ideas so we’ll remake a cult classic trend’ … and she’s taking her sisters with her!

“Saldana will be billed as an executive producer, along with her sisters Cisely and Mariel.”

The newly married Mrs. Marco Pergo is about to fill the role of Rosemary Woodhouse [originally played by Mia Farrow], in an NBC miniseries ‘revamp’ of the 1968 Roman Polanski film.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“In the upcoming remake, Saldana will play a young wife and expectant mother who moves to Paris with her husband, and soon suspects that he and the tenants in their building have devious designs on her unborn child.”


  1. Oh boy. If the Jheiwsh cult of Hollywood were not a secret society where not anyone can get in, they could have more ideas from new blood.

  2. I’m assuming her husband is white as with her other significant others in other roles. I don’t like this woman at all.

    • There is no such thing as a ‘latina’ and a black one cannot be distinct from too many other types since practically all are mixed except for the natives, who foolishly think they are latinos.

  3. Oh! No! Say it ain’t so. How did it come to this. well let me see. She surely has earned her bread by the sweat of her brow/knees/legs.

    Earning Statistics: She has been certified as a first class beard. She probably has strong skills in spreading eagle and or bending. She probably has a banging head game. WOW! LOL

    But, I digress. They should leave that classic movie alone. I sure won’t be watching it.

  4. I like the original Rosemary’s Baby, save for a few scenes. I don’t see Zoe in a short haircut, so I hope if they cut her hair, it is a short bob, not a pixie cut. Otherwise, I think she will do fine. I have no idea why Black folks have such an issue with her. Whatever.

    • Bella, I am in the minority along with you in that I like her too. I don’t LOVE her, but I think she’s very pretty and a decent actress. The anger and backlash here stems primarily from her being rapped for the eponymous role in the Nina Simone film.

      And I do get that. She should NOT have been cast for that movie when there are clearly many Black actresses who would have made a superior representation of Ms Simone.
      Sadly, it was a case of the Hollywood producers casting a “pretty woman” in order to pull more box office.
      Kinda like casting Halle Berry to play Harriet Tubman. smh(it could happen)

      • “Kinda like casting Halle Berry to play Harriet Tubman. smh(it could happen)”

        lol Why not? They allowed her to turn strong-yet-eloquent, intelligent, dark-skinned Storm into a prissy lil’ princess in the X-Men movies.

        • well storm in the 70’s was spoiled and pampered and worshipped like a goddess in Africa before she jojn ed the x men.

          • Yeah, but that lasted all of what, one panel? Meanwhile, she’s been the Storm I was talking about for around 40 years and counting now. The point is Storm, like Rogue, was made softer for the movies (Though it made slightly more sense for Rogue so they could sell that ‘Runaway teen unsure of the future that gets saved by an older man (Wolverine)’ idea they were going with for the first movie).

            • Holy shit Raheim. I just saw the face of full on natural Black female beauty and there will never be a reason not to cast/hire a light skinned woman ever again just to sell tickets.

              I know you don’t watch a lot of girly stuff on TV, but I am watching the red carpet arrivals at the Golden Globe Awards right now and Lupita NYongo’o
              was just interviewed and even that bitch Giuliana Rancic was nearly struck dumb by her natural(not a weave in sight) beauty, glamour and INTELLIGENCE. Sista just graduated from Yale Drama School no less.

              Wow. This is very promising for the future of entertainment.

            • Yeah, Christa, I’ve seen pictures of Lupita Nyongo’o, and she is indeed beautiful with some of the most equally beautiful dark skin I’ve seen since, well, Maia Campbell in her prime.

              And yeah, your comments go to show that there was no reason (Other than name-recognition to drive ticket sales–I know how the game goes, Halle/Hollywood fans–It still doesn’t make it right) to hire an obviously mixed woman to play a dark-skinned character. That was the ‘Nina Simone Biopic’ drama before it existed lol

      • Whoopsie, that should have been TAPPED not rapped for the eponymous role. and I can’t blame that on the auto-refresh either. lol

  5. Now Zoe you know better than to make devil movies. Just make sure they’re not preparing a ritual for your ass

    • Good point. There is talk in Occult circles that ‘He is who to come (Take your pick, name-wise)’ will be here soon, and that all this evil and strife in the world is in grand preparation for him. That would explain all the movies focusing on death, a destroyed Earth, and a remake of a movie that was about…A malevolent entity that will rule the world being born via a ritual that was supposed to occur around the time the original was released. Take from all that what you will.


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