Mrs. DMX Set To Let The Dogs Out!


‘Starter Wife’ Spills The Beans…

HSK Exclusive – Mrs. DMX is about to let the dogs out! Tashera Simmons, the rapper DMX’s former wife of 14-years, is gearing up for the February 26th release of her book “Finding Tashera”.

This news comes after her troubled marriage to a man who wasn’t only plagued by drug abuse and numerous run-ins with the law during their union, but also fathered six children outside of their marriage!

Sources say Simmons’ previous decision to join DMX to head to ‘Couples Therapy’ was solely over her hopes to reunite her family. Now, she’s fighting to regain her autonomy, her financial status, and find herself – set to simultaneously take her story to TLC as a “Starter Wives Confidential” cast member, as her biography hits bookshelves.

Here’s the drop:

“Tashera is not doing to good financially, but she’ll get it together. She’s doing ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ to let people know her side of the story.”


  1. Really? Not sure what she wants us to hear? DMX’s lifestyle was never hidden soooo not sure what is gonna be in this Book that is is gonna be NEW to any1 or of interest?…

    • Zactly!

      DMX has been a crackhead forever! She has been a format for forever and a day. 6 outside kids. You’ve got to be kidding me.

      During couples therapy they pretty much revealed all their business there, what else could Tashera possibly have to say?

      As the hood turns. I won’t be watching.

      • Right!! Don’t get these women and their Books… I will say tho Dmx was the sexiest Crack Head everrrr! lmao I’m still waiting for him to come out with some audio of him reading Bedtime stories I would buy every1!!! Grrr Haha

          • Girllll, I feel you all day!! Loves me some DMX…crack, kids and all!! He so damed fine….and that voice alone got me sprung…. I wouldnt normally go there with a his drama, but a sista would make an exception for ole smokey…. You know hes a BEAST in bed…; )

            • yep and then he’ll use you and have you support his crack habit like all crackheads do.

              they love stalking naive women who will do extreme shit they never did before.

  2. Unfortunately, I guess this is the world we live in now…everybody has/wants a darn show…just say no!!!!!!!!

  3. Always have a means to care for yourself and family. Too many women want these leave it to beaver relationships sand when the bottom falls out they’re crying that they have no money. When there is money coming in establish an educational trust for your children so at the very least they can get a decent education.

  4. What can Teshera and any of these others women tell me. DMX treated her like shit for the world to see, baby I understand you need that reality television money, but I can’t feel compassion because you put this druggie and whatever else he is before yourself and your children!!!

  5. he beat her, cheated, got 6 women pregnant, supahead exposed him, he did drugs with her, he called her a bitch in interviews had her scared to leave, been arrested numerous times, not producing good music.

    she knew the deal but chose to stay with this man.

    but yeah we all love x huh he kept it real dog.

    can we all start growling now.

  6. LOL..This crackhead love is funny. I seen folks get with a crackhead and try to love them and they ended up crackheads themselves. I had one tell me he only smoked crack on the weekends. LOL I ran like hell…didn’t give a phuck how sexy he was.

  7. DMX was the shit no doubt and yall right he is fine but I would not touch that ni**a with a 10 ft pole!! He is known to have infected numerous women with this certain strain of chyllamydia (sorry if I spelled it wrong)he is a carrier which means he can’t get rid of it an the craziest thing about it is this peticular strain is ONLY found in dogs ……so that makes you think…how that ni**a get it?? As he has told us from day one-X ALWAYS LOVED HIS DOGS!!!!

    • I have never heard of strain of Chlamydia that couldn’t be cured (not that I have nay first hand knowledge in STDs)… but the part about being found in dogs.exclusively do explain… Are you saying he had sex with a dog?… I knew he loved dogs and had more than 20..if my memory serves me correctly..(read in interview) but uhmmmmmmmmmmmm.. that yea is just too hot for me to sip on , let alone drink…lol For his sake I hope that its just rumor, because that is nasty!

      • Thats interesting because in Superhead’s first book she mentioned DMX being a extreme freak and that dogs were present in much of their sexual activities, but no beastiality from her…but I wouldnt be surprised if under a heavy coke binge and no human female present except for his bitches he would engage in sexual intercourse with his dogs. He is mentally fucked up and looks diseased-ridden. Like Chris Brown, who also has a fondness of Pit Bulls(hmmm) both are booty bandit punk ass bitches for beating women!



  8. @StarStats you came with not only the tea….but brought coffee, sugar and creamer…..I’m speechless. Tea biscuits anyone?

  9. What exactly is she going to reveal that we don’t already know? ..That she was married to a dog obsessed, schizo / bi polar..abusive womanizing crack head for years , and tolerated his cheating..numerous babies from side pieces..even naming some, of the baby mamas kids… Girl please!.Glad she finally woke up though!

  10. Please stop acting like you do these shows to help others… reality show chicks..when you know that you do it because you either want some fame or money..She’s selling a book.. so she sees the show as publicity.. and a way to make money… Just keep it real! I know DMX can’t be bringing much to the table with all them d*amn baby mamas.bebe kids.. and pitbullls to feed.. crack to buy… Hasn’t had a hit in eons!

  11. NEWSFLASH: CRACKHEAD& FINE DON’T BELONG IN THE SAME SENTENCE! IMO he looked aight.. and always seemed a lil mentally off! One minute quoting Bible scriptures and praying and the next Barking like a dog.. and rapping crazy! He had some hot songs but that’s it! …

  12. Hasn’t this crap been done already? This is horrible to the black race and no one seems to care! When you have white folks producing this crap it’s exploitation for riches. The black man/woman it’s disrespectful. It’s a shame that when you try to spit knowledge, culture to the black race, only 2 out of 100 trillion will listen, learn and apply while it will never ever be shown on TV but black folks cooning for dollar$ will always be on TV making white-t more money then all the black folk put together is a cast. Do you see something wrong here?