‘Music Pastor’ Kevin Terry Busted W/ A Dizz-Na-EE In His Mizz-Outh!!!


Pastor Terry Busted in Gay Sex Session

“The backlash has already begun … He allegedly has shows canceling his set, including Kevin Lemons.”

Kevin Terry is known as the lead gospel singer of ‘The Predestined’ — but since his ex-boo dropped a 47-second DL bromance bomb of dude bobbing for something other than apples — the ‘Music Pastor’ might wanna consider renaming his group ‘Kevin Terry and The Presidential’. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Lil’ Moe.

Lil Moe Pastor Terry Exposed

Here’s what GossipWeLove.com reports:

“What is this, coming out year for celebrities?

Anyhow, we just received an email containing the sex tape of popular GOSPEL artist Kevin Terry of “Kevin Terry and the Predestined” butt-naked with another man.

In the video –allegedly leaked by Terry’s ex-lover — the singer is giving his once boyfriend oral pleasures.”


Here’s what Kevin Terry previously told the press about his music:

β€œThis album will help people see that in God they can be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Listeners will realize the power they posses to shatter the strongholds of the enemy. Households, neighborhoods, and cities will be radically changed forever.”

Pastor Kevin Terry Gay Sex Tape Leak


  1. I feel bad for dude.I hope that people show compassion to him.And I hope no woman is involved with him at this time.

      • well no, but because it can affect his life and career giving the church crowd he’s around.he may be ostracized.he may not have any friends left after this.

        • You realize he led a double life and spoke out of both sides of his mouth to people about living a right and spiritual life, don’t you?
          When they say the chickens come home to roost, this is what they’re talking about.

          This guy is what’s wrong with religion today.

          • True. But with that said, its ok to sin and still love God and encourage others to be faithful to God. We are all proof of that. I just hope he didn’t trick a woman into thinking he was straight and also that he can live his life without torment…and come to term with his issues.

        • HE did what he did and got snitched on. Ain’t nobody to blame if he loses everything but himself. Compassion? You sound like an idiot. You’re talking like someone who wants to offer him a shoulder to cry on–or offer him something else. If you’re female I don’t think he’s interested.

            • @ Anonymous 16:44. I meant was it is ok for sinners to love God. I see how that could have been misread.

            • @ Anonymous 16:44. What I meant was there is nothing wrong with sinners loving God and trying to follow God. I can see how it could have been misread.

            • well all these damn religious mf is gay hiding behind the church, you don’t need to be preaching and tryning to be a damn leader and shit while sucking dick and being a fag. no ones perfect and all that shit but come on ppl.. black ppl need real mf men to step up and do shit that’s right and aint no damn excuse for behaving in a way that is reserved for a female. Its defending shit like this which brings me to the conclusion that the ‘church’ aint doin shit for black ppl but taking us further into Coonism. Fag shit, Twerking and fainting in the God DAMN Church! its a fucking Spectacle!

        • I feel for him too. He’s probably somewhere contemplating suicide. He’s not right for what he did but I feel bad for him. I hope he doesn’t take his life and I hope he has friends to rely on.

          • Kittey i’m not very religious(now) myself, but what you said is what I think a true Christian would say. jmho

            • correction: I am not into organized religion

              I know y’all, and I don’t need anyone calling me a Satan follower! lol πŸ™‚

    • Feel sorry for what these ninjas are behind all this ish in the community leading young men astray. And using the promise of money fame to get them to sell there souls. Whatever happened to doing the right thing. I see why this ish is rampant they using spirituality to spread bromosexuality in the black community.

    • For what? Being a dick sucking Christian? Sorry, and folks seriously have to wonder why I don’t fuck with the church, you get shit like this. Noooooo thank you, keep your oppression to yourself!

  2. Not a surprise most of these choir boys are full fledged queens behind closed doors, they simply hide behind religion. What an idiot though..Why would you let someone film you slobbing down a knob…Knowing you were going to be a gospel singer?

    • He wanted everyone to know his true talent, and didn’t know how to show it.
      So he let him film it.
      That tape is on porn sites called “the MEAN things I can do to the wing WING”

      • He sucked away all his Demonds.
        I’m afraid that if he does not pay his ex lover the ransom Money, we’re gonna see the next video where he’s spreading them cheeks and buss’n WIDE OPEN. SMDH ROTFLMAO

        #pay up nigga #deny it all

    • Buss’n IT WIDE OPEN.
      PLAYING “Where them dollar at” by Gansta boo in the back ground . Lol
      With ole boy still saying “Phuck nigga”…

  3. I hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I have nothing against gay men its the DL ones that make everything so dangerous. Christianity dables and mixes too many pagan practices with its teachings.The followers are confused. The day all the facts are laid out I will feel so sorry for christians because many of them are good people. The MOST HIGH is firing Warning shots. Brace yourselves.

      • King james was buried next to his gay lover
        … Religion is used for control… WAKE UP

        • King James had 9kids so how could he be gay?Stop believing the Roman Catholic church and the lies that was propagated 20years after his death.Those Take Jhews did the same thing to Authur Koestler after his death.Stop the nonsense.

            • I wish I could reply to a reply. AnastsYah, Nasty You, or whatever you are calling your self. There are plenty of gay/DL men with a gang of children. I swear you sound special needs. Why do the retarded ones always run to the defense of the crazy? Neither one of y’all can help each other. Smh

          • Look it up.. He only wanted a woman for
            Pro creation. By it being called the king james
            Version that tells u something is missing out of the
            Bible… There is only one version of the truth.

            Yall keep believin your opressor loves u
            And u accept his religion.. Dummies Wake
            Up blackman is god but you wouldnt
            Know that cuz ur vibrating on a low frequency

            • Wtf!Its called the KjV because it was KJ who had the scrolls written by black men under the influence of the most high then translated into bible context.I don’t duck with Yts period!Do more research because you’re way off base.

            • The bible was divinely inspired and given to a gay fat white man. Yeah right Nasty You. So why did I see half of the stories that are in the bible written on the walls in Egypt long before KJ was even born? You research. You keep opening your mouth and putting your ignorance on parade. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    • There are gay muslims, catholics, christians of every denomination, Johava Witnesses, ect. It has nothing to do with your race, religion, or what part of the country you are in. It also has nothing to do with if whether or not you are a leader of a church. We are all human. Some humans make really really dumb decisions. But the blame lies on that person. Religion has nothing to do with it.

  4. If this is true, I feel he should pretty much own up to it. The proof seems to be right there. He should just be honest about his lifestyle. He ain’t done nothing new, folks male & female do oral. I just wish Lil Mo would shut up, we really don’t give a damn about her opinion & I’m not feeling her any more because she needs to learn that sometimes, silence is golden.

      • How do u know if I know him or not? Lil Mo just needs to hush, & I’ll apply the ignore option here as well. Some ppl just want to argue over simple shit, but I’m not playing along.

        • You just joined the game boo boo. If he is your friend tell him to stop eating d$&k. Lil Mo can say whatever she wants to, you did. No argument here Jackie sloppy slut. You can remove the Who, since I figured out your last name.

  5. In all honesty I wish EVERYONE here on this earth sins and thoughts could be exposed just like this!
    Then no more stones could be cast
    Hang in there brother, ur not the only 1 sneakin and creeping who will be exposed

    • So you prefer we worship black Jesus because he’s black? What difference does his skin color make when he helped create all races? You don’t sound any better than the white racists who try to make a case of superiority based on race and skin color, but you’d get mad at them when they do it. Maybe people reasons for serving or worshipping Jesus goes beyond race. And I’m a black woman saying this. I don’t care if he was chinese, what he did and does is more important than what color he is. And unlike petty people, he won’t have an issue with you because you got his skin color wrong.

  6. these nasty ass motherfuckers thy are just as bad as the rest of us they think because they are in the church praching or singing gospel they think nothing else is better.

  7. Go into any black Pentecostal flared church on any giving Sunday and you’re guaranteed to see a plethora of QUEENS! Make up, arched eyebrows, man bags and feminine “shouts” . They just haven’t been caught….yet! You can literally SMELL the dick coming from their breath when you enter into his gates (sanctuary)with thanksgiving. LMAO I feel sorry for the pathetic women who knowingly marry these fags. I can’t lie, they can dress and sang though! Hey James Hall! Hey Hezekiah! Hey 97.9% of the gospel industry! I’m so glad I’m no longer into church! HOMOS!

  8. Why show him compassion or sympathy? He should have thought about that before he allowed his self to be in front of a camera, he didn’t have to allow that!!!!! That’s what he get, the bible says everthing will come to the light!!!

    • The lord does not dwell in Temple’s made with hands which are churches.Why do you think so much wickedness goes on there?If that was really the lords domain do you think he’d actually allow homosexuality and gays?

  9. That dude been gay like most of these gospel singers. It ain’t a mistake or a struggle. LIVE YOUR LIFE IF YOURE GAY! Stop hiding behind the church!!!

  10. I’ve heard of the Sabbath,but never heard of a thing called Sunday Worship. All these people are nothing but frauds and there Ant Christ.According to KJB the lord dies not dwell in temples made with hands[church].Religion means to seperate and divide.Christianity embrases a Yt Jesus and he was black so I’ll pass.

  11. Where in YOUR Bible does it state Christianity is a sickness? The Bible says Christianity is a sin. You cannot pray the gay away. Gays have to confess their sin to God, lay it down, and repent from it. Just like the rest of us with our own sin. Period. There is NOTHING you or I can do to stop these men from craving d*ck or these women from chasing down p*ssy. I’m sorry to be crass, but, I’m tired of gays and gay sympathizers blaming the church for these people’s sin. Homosexuality been in the black community ever since the white slave master started corrupting black slaves with their evil lusts 500 years ago. Gays, like this one, have heard the truth. Yet they do not believe. Their disbelief is what condemns them. YOU and other Christians should fall on their knees and thank God that He is not mocked and that he allowed this devil in our midst to be exposed for who and what he is.

  12. This dude right here, Pastor Kevin Terry, is gonna have one helluva time trying to live this down. The poor guy is probably somewhere, right now contemplating suicide. He is definitely gonna find out who his real friends are and even who in his very own family will stand by his side as he goes through this embarrassing and humiliating time. For someone like him (A Pastor) that is involved in the church, he’s in a bad position (pun intended) either way you look at it.
    Oh well….SMH
    See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

    • At least this pastor was not having sex with children. I dunno why this fool allowed himself to be taped. He’ll definitely get a lot more visitors at his church πŸ˜‰

  13. Gayness is not a demon and it is not sweeping through the black male community as much as the black female community. In fact, most of the gays that we see are in the media which means that it is propaganda designed to give us the impression that is ti prevalent and normal. Gay should be condemned and all of this gay stuff is propaganda. NO ONE is ever surprised when a church figure is outed. It is a surprise when they are not gay, dope fiends, hookers, bank robbers, hustlers or other types of riff raff.

  14. This is why I no longer listen to Gospel music. And Little Maurice needs to go sit down. I’m not so sure “she” is not a shim.

  15. Damn, these gay be in a trance while sucking some cock! They look like they love it more than the most sex addict female! Damn shame. When you see these fiends in action, you now see why only castration will change them and their sick ways. This whole article and site is just a way to further promote gayness though…

  16. Easy explanation.
    The guy came to Kevin, asking to be ministered to with complaints of impotency with his wife and Kevin was laying hands on.

    • Imagine how his mother fell now when he kissed her a week ago. ***shevers***
      He should hit himself over the head with a hammer, and clam insanity so he can now get a disability check and never leave his house again . RNS



    ALSO BLAME JIMMY SWAGGERT AND KIRK FRANKLIN and all these other freaks who use god to hided behind their sexual intentions today the pastor wanna phukk you, your wife and your children and don’t care.

    molesters all over fags the catholic church statrted this gay mess centuries ago.

    what young dude in his right mind swears an oath not to have any contact with women but a homo.

    whites were a very sexually operessed people and they made sure they had to control sexuality by saying certain things were evil and if you had sex with this you’ll go to hell.

    having sex before marriage is wrong in the eyes of god according to white christianity.

    jehovah never burned ancient greece or rome and they were just as gay as the so called freaks in sodom and gomorrah.

    ever wondered lot survived tthe burning only to have his 2 daughters get him drunk and have sex with him yes the only man who surviverd the burning of sodom and gomorrah impregnated his 2 daughters.

    jehovah never said nothing about this maybe because he was abraham’s nephew.

    phukk all these catholic priests they are molesters and fags and the nuns are lesbian hookers.

      • Come on son!!!!
        You kno that nigga went fed on dat head. That nigga had the head numb as obese bitches feet..
        Y’all know y’all want that “spiritual treatment ” lmao

  18. these pastors can’t save me or anybody else you can’t tell me how to go to heaven and you’re sucking dick.

    phukk all these hip hop gospel rappers or singers or whatever they call themselves doing.

    jesus the true gangster.
    jesus be hustling everyday he’s for real he’s about that life.

    me and my man was smoking a blunt with jesus the son of god and thwen jesus told me and my boy about going to heaVEN AND REVELATIONS MAN I TOLD JESUS TO PREACH WHILE I PROVIDE HIM A FUNKY BEAT.




  20. Funny to hear church people condemn gay sex. The same with angry “thugs” and “real men”. Hateful women are the most amusing. Religion is mind control. They have tricked you into worshiping something that’s outside of yourself. There is definitely homo propaganda just like there was always hetero propaganda. When will everyone wake up and see there’s something behind all of this pulling the strings. We are all part of the same thing. Live and let live. Kevin was foolish to let himself be video taped. His lover is a classless coward and bloggers..the devils advocate

  21. Damn, that nigga was giving head better than most women. Y’all see how he was moving his neck around and using a lotta saliva. That’s the key to good head , lots if spit to thinks lube.

    • Damn! I thought as a submissive black woman who loves, adores and worships my black man as the King he is and gets off on pleasuring him to orgasm in my mouth that I was the best in the world at sucking d*ck with no reciprocation but not after seeing this video!!

      Where do I sign up for his muther fu*king lessons??????


  22. Dammit I can’t the the video to play from the link.

    Anyone else have a problem? Any ideas how to get it to play? ty

  23. For those u who think your so high and mighty and are condeming this child of god, as we all are
    Then u must remember when jesus said : he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Ya, ill wait.
    For yall to pick up yall little pebbles and put em right back in yall pockets! That is. So shut yo mouths!


  24. not surprised at all… the majority of these so called ministers of music are gay or probably DL…even the choir director at my church, DayQuan “Lollipop” Billups

  25. Bottom line is some people have no reverence for God. If u can stand before ppl and live a lie you have no fear for God. You can’t please God and indulge in sin. That’s where u ask for help and to be delivered. Hypocrisy gets you exposed. What’s done in the dark is screamed from the roof top.

  26. Tisme & Kittey, are y’all high?

    Why on Earth are you expressing sympathy for Kevin Terry? This dog was preaching about GOD out of one side of his mouth then licking cock with the other side — that has EVERYTHING to do with “religion”! His “life & career” were based on A Complete Lie & he deserves to lose everything now that he’s been caught in that lie.

    When a man stands up in church pretending to be something he isn’t, when he becomes A GOSPEL SINGER & takes $$ from Christians, claims his music will help people “shatter the strongholds of the enemy” when he is in fact an agent of the enemy — God reserves the hottest corner of hell for people like that. Your private sins are one thing — but when you claim to be a follower of Christ then DELIBERATELY mislead His flock, you are a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, an agent of Satan — period. Of all the sins he could’ve chosen, dude picked homosexuality, the one thing that God called out as “a abomination” becuz He hates it so much.

    This country is becoming a moral sewer because powerful demonic spirits are covering this nation so thick & fast & possessing so many souls. In America, the nastier & more base you are, the higher you rise. When evil is regarded as good & good is looked upon as evil, that kind of confusion is ALWAYS a sure sign of demonic influences.

    An ignorant-ass rapper (whose 1st big hit was a gospel rap, mind you!) mocks Jesus openly, compares himself to God, compares his wanna-be-porn-star baby mama TO OUR FIRST LADY — & nothing happens to him!! (Do you think he would’ve gotten away with that shit while Bush was president?) Obama called Kanye a jackass for interrupting some little white country singer’s awards speecha minute ago, But He Doesn’t Open His Mouth To Defend His Own Wife When Kanye Claimed His Hoe Has More On The Ball Than Michelle????!!!! Any for-real, straight Black man would have put Kanye in his place for dissing his wife, much less the First Lady, like that.

    Not one public figure told Kanye to sit down & STFU, don’t mention the First lady in the same breath with his hoe. Because today, nobody’s willing to call nasty ‘nasty’, to say that evil is ‘evil’, to distinguish between a lady & a slut. Folks are too busy being sympathetic towards all the twisted behavior people engage in, as long as no kids are involved.

    You think I’m just a church lady who’s buggin’? Look Around You — even our President gave props to that gay baller, Jason whatizname, for coming out! What kind of accomplishment is that? What message did THAT send to young Black boys across the globe? When a president speaks out in support of a lying, cheating DL mofo & protrays him as a hero for engaging in unnatural fuckery on the sly for years & lying about it (like Obama is doing himself), you KNOW that the powers of darkness are straight-up running shit here!

    Russia is the only Western nation left where gov’t leaders have been willing to refuse to allow gay propaganda to be promoted — & you see how much flack they got for it.

    Lying DL men who infiltrate our churches & profit from deceiving Christians, Black or otherwise, do NOT deserve sympathy.

    And I guarantee you Terry’s faggot ass was poking some unsuspecting female from his church on the sly too.

  27. The modern church is full of cowards, pimps, whores, adulterers fags and dykes. No wonder no one takes Christianity or the church seriously. DID YALL SEE THAT NIGGAS ROTATION DOE? #headmonster

  28. I swear they need like and get the fuck outta here with that bs buttons in the comment section here.lls

  29. @ RC you say that ish! I’m not religious but I am spiritual. I refuse to let some of these foul soul pastors or deacons send me or my daughter to hell with their double standard lives. I remember a few years back when worked with a deacon that our district manager. Anyhow, I called this ninja bcuz at that time I didn’t comprend the bible. Tell why the conversation turned into one of those 1-900-4-DOO-DOO calls. Side note Kevin looks like he giving that beef a mic check. Testing testing 1, 2, 3 testing. Is this thing on boo! Two snaps in circle looking ass!

  30. Religion isn’t the problem — hypocrisy is. If Kevin Terry is a man who likes men, all he had to do was be honest about that shit from jump, stay in his lane & stay OUT out of the pulpit & he wouldn’t be facing ruination now.

    I’m never going to support gay marriage or say that gay couples are no different than straight couples — puleeze! But I am not a bigot. I can deal with gays who are honest about their shit. I’m not offended by gay men who don’t lie about who they are, who don’t befriend straight women then try to turn out their husbands/boyfriends (is there a lesbian equivalent of that, becuz I’ve never heard of gay women doing that shit). I don’t have a problem with gays who don’t go around trying to be women, then dis women by calling us ‘fish’ & ‘tuna’ like there’s something defective about our God-given genitalia.

    I don’t even have a problem with gays being Christians because we ALL sin & fall short of the glory of God — the point is to ovecome your sinfulness with God’s help. My beef is when gay men stand up in church pretending they’re straight & that they can lead others to “triumph over Satan”, when the take $$ out of Christians’ pockets while they’re screwing other men on the DL. Which means they have no divine gifts or spiritual authority whatsoever. That insults God, other Christians & all the folks who are struggling with their sexuality, who want to live by God’s laws & are trying to get their lives together.

    Ridiculous queens like EJ don’t faze me — he just makes me sad. He’s not representative of the “feminization of young Black men”. I don’t believe there is such a movement. The real issue is that It’s just that you have more gays coming out now, at a younger age, than you did a decade ago because pop culture makes being so chic & the internet makes coming out so easy. Examine Lady Gaga — her whole persona & the images in her videos celebrate gay men, yet she gives no shine to lesbians as her “little monsters”. Because gay men dominate the fashion industry & roughly half of her “brand power” is her fashionista image. That’s what gets her on the covers of the fashion mags to keep her ‘relevant’ when she doen’t have an album to drop or a tour to promote. You see how hard he fell off after her hip surgery because even the fags that adore her didn’t want to see her in a wheelchair like somebody’s grandma.

    Truth be told, I’ll bet you that whole business was fugazy, but I can’t suss out the motive behidn it… No one under 30 breaks a hip from daily dance training unless they have an underyling illness. Madonna was dancing her ass off every day at Gagas age — she’s nearing 60 now & STILL hasn’t broken a hip. NYC is full of dancers the same age as Gaga who’ve never broken a hip.

    So WTF was her problem? First she got fat while she was on tour — when have you ever seen a pop act who gained weight while touring & dancing every day? Then she supposedly broke he hip, had surgery, then lost the weight afterwards in no time. Your hip bone is the largest, heaviest bone in your body — b reak it & it takes MONTHS to heal. Even pro athletes can’t got hard in rehab after a hip operation — the medical professionals working with them won’ allow it. So IMO, all of Gaga’s broken hip bullshit reeks of Monarch programming goen awry, a faked injury & the use of a double/lookalike to pretend to be Gaga until her handlers got her back on track.

    But maybe that’s just me…

    In any case, the fashion mafia doesn’t promote lezzies, so neither does Gaga. But I’ll bet my last dollar she munches carpet, because there’s no other reason why she would have made her last assistant sleep in the same bed with her. No straight female with money for as many bedrooms as she wants chooses sleep in the same bed with another woman.

    If EJ weren’t Magic’s son, he’d have to turn that flamoyant bullshit down in order to get a real job & function in the world as a Black man. He’s a flaming queen because he can afford to be a flamign queen — period. And truth be told, he’s no worse than no-talent TFT (trust fund trash) like Paris Hilton. The business has an entire class of celebrity offspring who think they’re entitled to be rich & famous on g.p. because of who their parents are. Why shouldn’t EJ exploit his name the same way that Ireland Baldwin & Scott Eastwood do?

    But I give props to the fact that Magic’s other 2 kids (his 1st child – Andre – with soem chick named Melissa Mitchell & the girl he adopted with with Cookie after she had EJ) have managed to stay out of the limelight & keep their noses clean. The good book says that the husband (& a baby daddy doesn’t count as a husband) is the head of the family, reflecting Christ as the head of the church. Therefore a husband’s sins, even if his wife wasn’t hip to themt, stain his wife & children with the consequences of his actions. In a marriage covenant, the husband/father is ultimately responsible for the fate of his family. Therefore his sins can have multi-generational effects, just as his blessings (a great name, wealth, etc.) can span multiple generations.

    “Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.” – (Exodus 34:6-7)

    IMO, it’s possible that EJ’s outrageous queenishness is the spiritual fallout from Magic’s bisexual bullshit back in the day that got him infected with AIDS. But I certainly can’t prove that.

  31. This is horrible. I feel really sorry for Kevin Terry and I pray that what the devil meant for evil, God turns it around. He is a man who is struggling just as everyone else. There are many gays in the gospel industry. The only difference is that He got Caught. The person who leaked the video was very wrong because the video can be old. We should not condemn Kevin but embrace him and let him know that Deliverance is available for all of God’s children. Even if you are a man or woman who is having sex with the opposite sex outside of marriage, or you may even indulge in masturbation. IT IS STILL A SIN. It makes you no better than Kevin Terry. So If you are reading this Kevin, my prayers are with you. Continue to fight the fight and never give up on God because He is not going to give up on you. Sometimes it takes a hard blow, to rise up even stronger. Just be glad that God is a Forgiving God and he is nothing like these so called Christians who are quoting scriptures like they are Without Sin. HE WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE. Be Blessed.


  33. Man that’s what he get , I’m actually well known gospel artist out of CT and as a artist and a straight male, 90% of gospel male artists are gay and it’s sad, so he should get exposed playing with Gods word all the gospel booty bandit need to be exposed since I can’t be identified he is not the only 1, from my musicianship with these musicians don’t let these men fool you, he is not the only 1 you have earnest Pugh , johnathan nelson, Ted Gin an the list goes on again I personal work with these artist

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  35. Did anyone notice that the video was from his ex lover? Kevin probably was gay before God delivered him and that can be a reason he stated singing gospel…… to give God thanks for what he did. Don’t judge people because you don’t know their story!

  36. Did anyone notice that the video was from his ex lover? Kevin probably was gay before God delivered him and that can be a reason he started singing gospel…… to give God thanks for what he did. Don’t judge people because you don’t know their story!