Muslim Mos Def Speaks On Skirt: “It’s a Wrap From Ghana”


Mos Def Wears Skirts

Mos Def has addressed his chosen African attire that’s left many talking. The 40-year-old, recently converted Muslim – who now goes by the name Yasiin Bey – has revealed his decision to take it from Brooklyn, to the Mother Land… now calling Cape Town, South African his home.

“For a guy like me, with five or six generations from the same town in America, to leave America, things gotta be not so good with America.

Bey says it was about four-years ago when a 2009 trip to Cape Town sparked his fascinated with the South African city — leading the Brooklyn native to pack up and make the big move, back in May 2013. He explains… the “wrap from Ghana” is what he’s now most “comfortable in at home.”

Here’s what Yasiin Bey told ATL Nights:

”People were like, ‘You’re crazy. It’s light years away. They’re crazy. They’re going to eat you. You shouldn’t go there. I said, ‘I’m going’.

I’ve been some places … some of the best places in Europe and the US. Amazing talents and amazing places. But no place is like Africa, no place. I got the vibes to be here and now I’m here. It’s amazing and it’s crazy. South Africa is crazy. Cape Town is crazy. I’ve seen some of the craziest people in my life walk down Long Street, and I’m from New York.

I love Brooklyn. New York City needs to thank Brooklyn every day just for existing. That’s how I feel about it. It was a hard thing to leave home, but I’m glad I did.

The determination of people that I see in this city and country … writers, graphic designers, painters, so many fantastic people. Yet I see the same people, many of them doubtful or fearful or feeling that what they have to offer is beautiful only to them but that it is not valuable to the world.”

Yes, it is crazy, but that’s okay. Hope has never been and will never be lost.”


    • Men all over the world put their hands on their hip. What does that mean? Is it a universal sign that putting your hands on your hips mean that you have sex with the same sex? I think not. Get a passport and travel past twenty blocks from your home and you will see. I love when people talk because they tell who they are and what they have and don’t have, what they know and don’t know, where they have been and not been. The world is b

      • The world is bigger than your experience. You can’t judge an international thing by the view from your front porch.

    • Why yes they do. Some men right here in this country, maybe you know a few, that put their hands on their hips while in a woman doggy style. So what are you saying? Don’t believe me, just go to any porn site and see.

      • OH SHIT. I’m watching this rapper I never heard of named Le1F on Letterman and he’s wearing a


        Looking like an extra gay Bussa Buss.

        • That’s because Le2f is gay.
          I don’t mean that as a diss or anything, he is a self-identified homosexual.
          I haven’t heard much of his music so i’m not sure if he’s good or not.

    • I cannot tell you whether or not Mos Def/Yassin Bey is gay, but what I can tell most of you Black bufoons is this. Seeing as the only connection you have with Africa is that you have Black skin shows the level of your understanding & intelligence. In the whole of Africa & Europe wraps/skirts was extremely common for many centuries. The Egyptians, Nubians, Malians, Ashanti, Afanti, Igbos, Yorubas, Woluf, Berbers, Zulus etc all wore wraps/skirts. Muslims wear long robes too. Here’s the thing. If you are not a Black American uneducated bufoon, then RESEARCH & you will see that still till today, wraps are still worn without trousers in North, West, South & East Africa & long robes are worn till today throughout the African, Arabic & Asian world by Muslims & others & these cultures are far more homophobic than any block in the 5 boroughs or any city in the US. The second point in regards to his name not being Arabic is more tomcoonery of the worst kind. Yasin is an Arabic word. Surah Ya-Sin is in the Holy Qu’ran, which is the Holy book for Muslims. Surah is the Arabic equivalent of chapter, as in a Bible or book. Bey, again is also an Arabic name, but is not solely exclusive to the Arabic language. Crabs in a barrel never allow adventurous crabs to leave. Whilst I admit in the European orientated countries Jews are controlling the Black agenda, alongsides everybody else’s agenda. What most of you do not understand is that the original Arabs & Jews are Black. The original Black Arabs still live throughout Arabia. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc… And Falashan Jews still live in Ethiopia & Eritrea in Africa. Start learning about who you REALLY ARE instead of who your enemy tells you, you are. When they talk about White history, they don’t talk about John F Kennedy, they go way back. Why is it that you only talk about Martin Luther King & Malcolm X?. Why don’t you learn about Tutankhamun, Hannibal, or Shaka Zulu the Zulu king who defeated the British in South Africa with just shields & spears versus guns, rifles & cannons?. Stupid Black bufoons doing the devil’s work for him!.

        • @for real. It’s so common knowledge to you, that you spoke up on behalf of Mos Def/Yassin Bey right?. So common knowledge that you schooled the sell outs hating on the brother without the same common knowledge right?. And the same common knowledge that you are coming onto the site to agree with me right?. It’s FOOLS like you (IF YOU ARE BLACK) & I SERIOUSLY DOUBT you have Black consciousness, that keep fellow Blacks cooning around & uneducated. Can’t escape poverty, jail, family break up, drugs & violence & basic low level uneducated state of mindedness, which you pass on to your kids to begin the cycle all over again. I am several levels above you, you blatant COON PUNK. When you come at people on a serious topic, if you have knowledge, then school those who don’t instead of coming at me, I’m trying to make a difference with my people by educating them to think on a better level than they currently do. What is a D’JANGO assed coon like you doing?. Trying to be all smart mouthed when I bet you are a worse man bitch than Wendy Williams. FOOL!.

          • George, You talk of intelligence and knowledge. But coming here calling people names is NOT the way to show it. If you have knowledge to share, share it without all the rest. It negates whatever knowledge you were trying to share. Do you really think people will listen when they are being degraded and called names? No, they won’t. Just my 2 cents.

  1. From this dude to Omar Epps, Snoop Dogg and the rest of these fruity nuts, it seems the yt man has won. Black don’t have to worry about attacks from others, they have to be worried about this nonsense from others who share their skin color and are trying to make feminization seem normal.

    • Actually there are lots of yt cultures that wore skirts – Romans, Greeks, Anglo saxons, Normans, Scottish, and pretty much any older yt male oriented culture did. Not mini skirts though.

      Still you have to be crazy to believe a bunch of Black men woke up one day and decided to start wearing skirts, painted nails, and purses. It is something being pushed by industries owned and operated by yt males (the most peverted, fetish kind) In the early 90s, it was men dressing up as female characters (Martin, Eddie, Jamie, Chris Tucker, Wesley Snipes, etc.) Now, they don’t need to dress up as women, they can BE women – it’s actually disgusting.

      9:27, Between this, sagging(versus baggy clothes, actually males exposing their butts), telling Black women that Black men ain’t ish, pushing ir dating (Scandal, Deception, Person of Interest, etc.), it seems we’re either headed towards extermination or maybe enough of us will finally wake up and take on the battle.

      If you have a son or daughter, teach them how to be a man or woman, because it’s becoming very real.

      • I agree with you to a point. The emasculation of the Black male is in full swing. But it is up to these men to stand up for what they know is right and not fall for the bullshit. However, Yaslin is NOT wearing a dress or a skirt. He is wearing the fashion that they wear in Africa. This doesn’t make him less of a man or say he wants to be a female. Now if he had on a low cut Vera Wang, that’s different. We need to STOP blaming other people, other races for what we decide to do. No amount of advertising, media blitzing, etc.. will cause any Black men to want to wear dresses if the desire wasn’t already there. But again, there is a difference between these wraps and dresses/skirts.

    • The word Scot means black and KingJames was the King Of Scots.Europe was ruled by Israelites before the Renaissance Period.That’s our land.

  2. A strong, masculine black man is the biggest threat to the Devil. Black men are the Kings of this world and getting them to forget that or not realize that is the biggest trick since Christianity.

  3. This is shameful just shameful mane what are these people doing to the men? While they’re making our men bitches I’d hate for another pearl harbor to strike we wouldn’t have any men to fight they gone be running around in panties and heels and skirts and purses weather we know it or not America is no longer the super army it was years ago we are not ready if anything was to happen we would be hit bottom line Hollywood busy building bitches instead of men were no longer the super force were losers which is what they made America. I am completely sadden. Wake up people wake up!


      Thats why we must teach and reach the children before its too late

      • No. I have to disagree with you on this one bruh. Mos Def is Most Gay. The Only time an African man will wear their wrapers like this is Only for certain ceremonies. Mos Def is trying to act like west African men dress like this on a daily basis. He is trying to cover up because he is truly gay.

        • No, not a peddler. My dad nor any African man that I know where’s their attire like that, lol. Usually, they would where trousers underneath. Hell, my mom where’s her attire like that. Don’t be a fool. Mos Def is gay. In all the African parties, fe

        • Festivities, family friends, relatives, etc. that I’ve attended and know Never wore anything close to what Mos Def is wearing. African men usually wear trousers underneath the attire. Females wear the attire like that. This is the traditional African attire for African men

          I don’t know what the hellz Mos Def got on, but its definitely gay. I have Never seen an African man wear an attire, in that way, like that. Especially with a blouse, lol. I think your gay, that’s what it is

        • This is the traditional attire for West African women. See how they tie their wrapers around their waist. Represents femininity.

          This is what you see Mos Def immulating in the above picture. That is gay. It’s just a cover up because he is truly gay…. Weak minded, I think not.

        • This is the traditional attire for West African women. See how they tie their wrapers around their waist. Represents femininity.

          This is what you see Mos Def immulating in the above picture. That is gay. It’s just a cover up because he is truly gay…. Weak minded… That’s just you who is confused. Females wear their African attires like that, lol.

    • Ashy ankle, at that. He needs some of Sheree Fletcher’s “Whoop Ash.” *Porsha Stewart voice* Bye, ashy!

  4. Some people say Cape Town is the gayest city in South Africa (but I don’t think Mos Def would move all the way to Africa to get a bit of gay action) I’m happy when Black American’s visit Africa and just connect with the land and the people . I also think that African’s should not chastize black American’s because they are secretly envious of them

  5. After all of that, I forgot to add that Mos Def is not Muslim. Bey is not an Arabic name it is a Turkish name and this whacky group called Moors usually have the last name “Bey” to show that they are one in the same and because they usually do not know many other names, kind of like the NOI always naming someone Muhammad, even though they now follow Scientology.

    • How can you be from Ghana but be born in Brooklyn? Do you mean that you were born in BK but raised in Ghana?

      • Well Josh, just noticed my earlier comments was deleted. I was born in Brooklyn and went to boarding school in Ghana when I was 15. I attended school there for 3 years. So I know all too well about NYC and Ghana. As far as if Mos Def being gay or not, I don’t know but I do know I’ve seen people dress like that. It’s not common but you’re more likely to see that in a village as opposed to the city. And that’s a fact. So I can’t say based of pic that he’s gay or part of the gay propaganda. Just spoke to a cousin in South Africa so he’ll let me know what his thoughts are on the pic.

  6. No. This is not how they dress. Stop lying. African women dress like this in the village, Not the men. This is gay. This is like wearing a skirt.

    • Anomaly You musta missed the Lupita thread from last week which devolved into a smack down between BA and “African Queen.”

      She’s a delusional model wannabe who is a shit stirrer.

      Again, you’re my kinda people!

      • @Anonymous 13.45
        Thank you for the rescue! I sure as hell thought my head was gonna explode due to the sheer stupidity and foolishness of some of the comments on here!!
        We sure gotta stick together lol! xx

  7. Think of the power evil holds on the earth, the devil’s domain. The devil offered Jesus everything in the world if he would bow down and worship him. Those in entertainment aren’t strong enough to turn down the money, glitz, and glamor and once you’re in you never get out alive.

    • Truth all day long. The strong minded never get that far in entertainment because they balk early on at the sick stuff. Oh the stories I could tell! Just know that most you see w their names in lights and headlines have succumbed…very few slip through the cracks…tptb make everyone pay some kind of price to make it

  8. Men wear skirts in Africa because it is HOT!! It ain’t that damn hot over here, so what is the purpose of a man rockin’ a skirt?

    Women cover their faces to keep sand out of their faces in the Middle East. How did that get turned into a false tenet of Islam?

  9. @ LB3 please don’t let these fools exasperate and drive you away. You have the right to comment as much as everybody else on here (although I do suppose there is no point reasoning with stupid!)

  10. They’re taking bets to see who will be the first negro NBA player to sport a miniskirt.

    My money is on Lebron because I think he is one of those with that 360 contract, which includes fashion and choice of mate.

  11. Fujian men wear sarongs. Some cultures just dress different, it’s not like he got his nails did and hair in rollers.

  12. A man wearing women garments is totally against scripture Duet 22:5 and we Hebrews wonder why we’re so jacked up as a people.Its because we keep breaking the commandments.I’m glad this clown no longer lives in NewOrleans with this feminine bullshit!Take that nonsense to those blood drinkers over in Hamite land.

  13. Time out everybody. Is it me or can some of yall can see eveybody’s come in by your email? Yall of your comments are not showing up in my email.

      • JJ why have mine and many other people’s comments been removed from this thread? Those that actually contributed to the debate? Somebody has done a master hatchet job on this thread in the last few hours. All comments that disagreed with the slant of this HSK story have either been removed and or switched around.
        Complaints exposing this have also been removed!? I thought this site was cool because it allowed debate but it is actually heavily censored!!

        If you received the comments via email, you’ll understand what I mean,,

        Reinstate the original thread!!!

          • I’m not naming names, because there are at least 3 non-anonymous people doing this, but I called it about a week ago.

            Now, if you could only prevent people from using already established names on here. There’s a difference between ‘crazychris’ and ‘CRAZYCHRIS.’ Ban the clones!

          • Hey Jacky!!! Good to speak to you!!! 🙂
            All the removed comments were fakes!!? I seriously doubt it.
            Why have some of the comments been rearranged by the moderators then??
            Something is not right with HSK!!

            But regardless. I can’t speak for anybody else only myself. Just reinstate my comments then! They were all REAL!!

            Don’t delete THIS comment!!!

            • Not here to troll. Promoting homosexuality is part of an agenda. However this doesn’t not extend to traditional dress worn by people on other countries. The world is bigger than the USA. Men in African The Pacific Islands and South America have similar cultural styles.

              Everything isn’t gay. Don’t be so homophobic that everything different to you is gay…

            • There is no conspiracy. I am not Jacky. I am not from another blog nor am I paid to disrupt the site. I’m not here to drum up page hits. I have been reading HSK much longer than most of you… I think it’s generally entertaining but don’t take it too seriously. I just have a different opinion when it gets to some of the philosophical stuff

              No point in attempting

          • Me neither. But some of my comments and all my complaints about their removal were in turn removed. I have noticed fake posters buy the regulars here sniff them out and drag them. Personally I love the debates here. Can’t you just ban the fakes? Because due to isp addresses, it should be easy for site administrators to figure out.

          • I see that my positive shit got removed too. That is BS. As with anything these days, anyone who write something against the illuminati agendas they get blocked, deleted, words cannot got through without being audited or anything to shut opposing views (usually the truth) down. That’s why I don’t write as much on here anymore. Too much propaganda. How can you tell if the same people are using different IP addresses?

      • Jacky they are not showing up! I got some tea to share but I can’t’ see y’all comments thru my email!

  14. All my comments were legit!!

    I am not a ‘Professional Conversation Director’, nor am I ‘LB3’, lower case crazychris point2, or anybody ‘Anonymous’ who appeared on this thread but all my comments were still removed, as was anybody else’s comments who didn’t insist Mos Def was wearing a skirt!!

    All very convenient methinks!!

  15. It’s called an Ihzar ( Muslim attire) that the men wear the same as Thobe…..

    I’m not sure what Epps! had on I believe it’s called a kilt ( Scottish wear)

  16. What type of loser has as a goal to stir up shit on a blog? Really? That person should just kill themselves instead.

    • I know – right!? Haha! Adopting different personas to chew themselves up and cuss themselves out? That kinda person needs help from healthcare professional for Multiple Personality Disorder, not a blog site!!

  17. Jacky the creator of the boondocks has a new show called black Jesus starring Charlie Murphy. See if u can get the tea bro.

    • Hooray for African tribes. But this debate was about an American expat who may or may not be buying into the anti masculine black man trend. Mos def said his skirt was south African, and the leather skirts worn by Kanye West, Omar Epps, Jaden Smith , Asap Rocky et al seem to have zero to do with some sort of attenuated african cultural trend.

      • I’m only speaking on Mos Def. I choose to stay on topic as not to deceive the people. There are many Tribes all over Africa that wear it, Pacific Islanders wear it, Asians wear it, East Indians wear it. It’s not new. It’s not a skirt. Period

  18. The history of pants is listed below so that you may see that our Black African men did not always wear pants, not just that but men in general did not. Compared to how long we have been on the Planet, pants are fairly a new phenom.
    We don’t have to always emulate the white man to be correct, in fact it makes us wrong the majority of the time. They copying you and you copying them. What’s wrong with that picture?
    “”””About 1760 most men begin wearing breeches, a tight garment worn from the waist to the knee with stockings covering the rest of the leg, “Britches” was an informal word for breeches. Prior to this men were wearing various form if skirts and dresses (but that’s another story).

    Pantaloons (where we get the word pants) were made popular in 1812 by George Bryan “Beau” Brummell who wore his with a foot strap (like modern ski pants) to keep the pants tight and avoid creases. Brummell, buddy to the future Hind George IV, developed a dress code that anyone, not just royalty, could follow. He dispensed fashion tips and stressed cleanliness (a novel idea for the time).

    Pantaloon first appeared as an English word in the 1600’s and from the Italian comedy character Pantaleone who wore the first loose “clowns pants”. Eventually the characters name came to mean the pants he wore. In England pants still refers only to underwear.

    The French revolution of 1789 was also a revolt against breeches as being too upper class. The country peasant trouser look was in.

    Trousers probably derived from the words trousers– drawers, trousses–trunk hose, and/or trousse–to cover, truss. They were looser than the tight pantaloon were favored for daytime wear while pantaloons were more evening attire. Trousers were over breeches when horseback riding to keep the more formal clothes clean.

    Sailors had been wearing the looser fit work trousers since the 1580s since they allowed them to roll up the legs for wading ashore or climbing rigging.

    In 1846 Sir Harry Lumsden, commanding as English troop in Punjab, India traded in his bright white trousers for pajama bottoms to find relief from the heat. To disguise them he colored them to blend with the local terrain using mazari, a native plant. Thus the birth of Khaki, the Hindu word for “dust”. As a by product, Lumsden discovered that the new Khaki pants were more suitable in battle than the white pants, and red tunic. Blending in was good. Khaki is a color, but is now synonymous with a military twill pant.

    Khaki went from India to the Kaffir War in South Africa in 1851, and then after the Sudan Wars and Afghan Campaign of 1878 it was adopted in 1884 as official uniform. The same year khaki-order dye was adopted by other armies including America for the Spanish-America War in 1898.

    Although not all armies were as willing to give up their brightly colored uniforms:

    “Les pantaloons rouge, ils sont la France!” – Members of the French Army

    Chinos were military issue pants which were originally of Chinese made in China. The British Khakis found their way into China they were duplicated and sold to American soldiers in the Philippines for uniforms. Chinos don’t have to be twill, but are often a firm weave of cotton. Chinos can be khaki color. The military style had no pleats and was tapered at the leg bottom to conserve fabric. When soldiers returned to civilian life from WWII they continued to wear their military chinos especially to college.

  19. Nice scam you guys run here. Bait people for comments and clicks and then come through at night and erase them so you don’t incur the wrath of Clive Davis and Sumner Rothstein.

  20. Wish I could erase these gay demons out our ppl .. And get rid of Obaah-ma who done nothing but make gay issues the new blk Bunch of sheeps!

  21. Just watched the movie “Old Boy” with Samuel L. Jackson and James Brolin. I was shocked to see Samuel L with a skirt on. He was the only one in the movie with a skirt on.

    It was kind of funny seeing him in that skirt while at the same time saying his F-you MF’s I guess with Samuel L wearing a skirt it’s cool and acceptable. This is really sad.

    • He’s also in a movie, I think its called Formula 59 or something like that, where he not only wears a kilt , he. shows his entire ass. I used to think it was funny. Now, not so much

      • Actually the kilt is historically very masculine. I know it doesn’t seem that way,m but it is. I kinda like SJ in his kilt, and it didn’t seem faggy to me.

        He may be a lot of things, but he seldom if ever seems gay in any of his films.

  22. naw nucca your not ghanian so try again! your wearing a skirt no pants probably no draws with your hands on your hips you already know were most are gonna go with this.

  23. Stfu to the people that support this crap. Out of all the things Mos Def and Omar Epps could have worn to support their African heritage, they chose to wear a skirt. And Yes that is a skirt. Bushman people are known not to wear pants, but it was definitely not a skirt. They did it for a purpose because they were hunters. African men do not dress like that and especially not in a leather skirt like Omar Epps.

  24. Most commentators here are ignorant, no, make that stupid. Mos Def (or whatever he has chosen to be called now) is not wearing a skirt, he is wearing a wrapper — a unisex attire worn all over Africa for centuries. I am embarrassed for dumb Negroes who unashamedly cast aspersions on their ancestry.

    Instead of writing rubbish and making yourself seem stupid and barely educated, why not just shut up if doing some research is too tough a task for you? Only an ignoramus interprets the wearing of a wrapper, in Africa for that matter, as a sort feminizing or homosexual inclination. Some of you dumb Negroes need to get some real education. A man whose ancestry is African moves back to Africa and that is a problem for you Ignorant, nosy, and gossipy bums? Go get a life, folks.

  25. “So does the men in Ghana…”

    The above is grammatically shameful, especially for someone whose only language is English. Instead of minding others’ businesses, you should spend something honing your tenses. Also, in some cultures, putting one’s hand on one’s hip has nothing to do with a demonstration of sexuality. Obviously, Mos Def is in such a culture but you are too ignorant to recognize it; you judge him by the only narrow culture into which you are exposed. That speaks volumes as to your level of enlightenment.