Name That Fake Booty!!!


Butt-Jobs Gone Wrong…

Get ready to cringe! One buttocks implant patient is letting the world know she learned her lesson the hard way. That’s because rather than taking the time to get it in at the gym, the unnamed woman decided on the quick fix of going under the knife to land a backside.

Now, she’s using her experience to warn others who may be considering to follow in her former footsteps.

In a recent YouTube video the patient posted — other than possible looking great in jeans, there really is no upside to buying an ass. That’s why she says she’s set to remove the implants immediately.

Here’s what the buttocks-implant patient had to say about the situation:

“This is my personal experience. I almost died from this surgery and am having them removed this Thursday.”

Here’s what plastic surgeon Adrian Richards had to say about the butt-job gone wrong:

“It is a complication which is relatively common following buttock implants.
It shouldn’t really happen because the pocket should be snug so the implant stays where it is.”

After taking a look at this disturbing video, I came to the conclusion it may also mirror what secretly goes down in the bathrooms of people like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Brooke Bailey. Don’t you agree?

Now, let’s play a game…can you name any other fake-ass celebrities out there? Your turn…


  1. First of all you people need to recognize that most Black women don’t have or need a fake ass. K. Michelle, Kandi, and Kenya’s butts are real. Learn to recognize a real ass when you see one. The handful of Black women who may have them don’t compare to the non Blacks who have have them because they have to steal everything good including beautiful skin tones, lips, and now asses.

    • yea kandi’s booty is real did you see the thighs on her! lol The thighs and legs are always a dead giveaway even on small framed women.

    • Hallelujah… Amen.. please tell em … I come from a family of big donkey booties.. I have a lil one..they tease me all the time!! LOL. I don’t feel compelled to go get implants cuz I know I have a Victoria secret booty. LOL.. I know real booties when I see them. They way I can tell is all in the thighs like Tawny said..god dont give you a big ole stanky booty and dont give you the thighs or bone structure to hold that a$$ up!! Thats how I know Kim Kardashian booty was fake…besides pictures of her with a flat a$$ some years before. People think you are hating when you see the obvious. She is gorgeous but why did she go get that big ole stank fake booty?!! its beyond me. Maybe for the brothas?? Why mess up a good thang…SMH booty Im confused on is Kenya from RHOA.. I thought I was good at booty policing but she is the ONLY booty that may have me fooled.. My twin thinks its fake I say its real…

    • what is wrong with black women always hating on anothe race, because they so happen to have a natural big butt. Black women aren’t the only people who are curvy. Most middle eastern women are stacked, not to mention puerto rican women too. That’s like another race trying to say all black women wear weave. There are alot of black women with natural long hair. A caucasian women could say the same thing, black women trying to look like them. Colored contacts, fake long hair not to mention different shades of it too, eyelash extensions. if these celebs got plastic so what, it’s an accessory like all the other shit women buy difference is it’s not removable everyday, week or month, not to mention it ain’t cheap

      • Your right about women hating when they see women with ass, but if you do your history you have to have it (african genes)you , meaning all women with big booties have African in their genes. The largest booty was first seen in Africa. The only race that can reproduce any color, Black!

  2. Kenya’s Kandi’s and K.Michelle’s Asses are FAKE as a $6 bill.. Go back – do your research* Kenya in her USA days – look at the swimsuit portion – FLAT Honey.. Find Kandi in an old Xscape video or K. Michelle before she got Fixed up… The Industry takes an OKAY person.. then them to a Surgeon.. then Wala!! Magic…. and all of a sudden we trying to look like um – Money spent on Fake Hair, trying to get Airbrushed Skin.. Perfect Breasts, Big Butts, Perfect Teeth, Hazel Eyes, Eyelashes and whatever else* Its all Smoke and Mirrors.. Straight Illusion ..and we LOST in the Smoke*

  3. I’m not one to frown upon surgical improvement. But it just looks like she got the biggest butt she could buy. No wonder it collapsed.

  4. If they don’t have butt implants, they most definitely got the fat from their stomachs, backs, and thighs harvested and injected into their backside (brazilian butt lift). They look the most natural and technically, it is considered “real”, because their own fat is used.

  5. Ummm hello? The whole world is clueless to even think any big ass today is real. About 5 years ago there were no big asses! Yeah once in a while you would see a nice round kind of big booty… but you know these booties now a day are a little extra too huge. Sure men want to screw them, so women have been buying them for the past five years. Going under the knife. They don’t cost that much. I have seen girls who can’t even pay there rent save up for there new booty, so of course JLo, Nikki, Beyonce, KimK, all these celebrities can afford them. It’s just stupid their trying to make people think they were naturally born with them. go to that link and see some before and afters. Beyonce is wearing butt pads you can see when her skirt flips up. The butt pad has been around for fifteen years. Jlo had a fat transfer. The fake boobs are old news the fake ass is in now for some reason everyone is blind to it. Men probably wont be drooling over it so much when they find out its all been silicone. I’ll keep my little butt thanks and let this fad blow over. A woman lost her limbs from this surgery and it’s very risky.

  6. Beyonce even faked her pregnancy with a fake padded belly, youtube it! The world is fake! Fake eyelashes, fake hair, people drawling on a shaped eyebrow with a stencil (come on) fake bodies. What ever happen to natural beauty? Is it extinct now?

  7. Photoshop and app pic filters. You can take all your blemishes and whiten your teeth with an app for a photo.