Nas Backs Tarantino The Slave Trader


Nas Backs Tarantino

A Rapper’s Stockholm Syndrome?

Nas seems to be shelving his previous pro-black stance, granting Tarantino the green light to capitalize on slavery — and the N-word. The ‘These Are Our Heros‘ rapper says the ‘Django: Unchained‘ filmmaker has done nothing more than create art, adding Spike Lee’s rant against Tarantino is unwarranted.

Here’s what Nas had to say:

“I didn’t see what the big fuss was about. It’s a movie by Tarantino, why should we be surprised if the movie is raw?

He’s one of the greatest filmmakers of our generation, and we don’t go there to see anything less than rawness. He’s an artist, and artists have to express themselves.”

Does Nas play both sides of the fence – often speaking on how difficult it is for a black man in America, only to later defend a Caucasian’s use of the N-word? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Gwyneth Paltrow.


  1. This movie was not that good for all this controversy. The best part of the movie was Samuel L Jackson. I thought I was going to fall out my chair when the “massa” got hurt and he started crying. Too funny.

  2. “He’s one of the greatest filmmakes of our generation” ?? Are you for real?

    None can touch the voice and skills of Chuck D anyway. Say what you want…

  3. They reward movies like this that demeans and degrades black people at the Academy.

    Monsters Ball (wasnt that good)
    3-6 Mafia “Its Hard Out Chere foe a pimp”
    Training Day (Denzels Malcolm was 10x better)
    The Help (Wasnt that good)

    If a black person is playing a whore, a psychotic, a maid or a pimp then you can belief they will be in the running on Oscar night.

    • Looks like someone is trying to make a transition into film. A tacit endorsement of the current work at hand and a compliment on the director’s greater artistic ability; it sounds all too familiar.

      You must play ball before you get the call.

    • They didn’t reward Madea & I think watching cross-dressing black men on film is way more harmful than ANY movie by Tarantino!!

    • Yep and yes. You done said. We either degraded or shucking and jiving like Cuba Gooding in the Jerry Maguire movie. He got his Oscar and embarrassed black people the whole world over with his Uncle Tom Oscar speech. Cooning to the max.

    • in that case these people should get an oscar.

      too short for making 20 something albums for saying the word bitch and degrading women.

      pam grier for doing nude scenes and getting raped and drugged by white men in the 70’s.

      danny glover for abusing whoopi and playing the mean black man in color pyrple.

      eartha kitt for playing a feline sex symbol for white men.

      eazy e for selling so much gangster rap records the pres decided to have dinner with him.

      kerry washington for being beat and having bisexual tendacies.

      eddie murphy for playing an ass.

      • @crazychris-here is my viewpoint on your list. Too short-what he really needs is his ass whooped for those woman hating records. Pam grier-applause for being a black female star at a time when many black actresses couldn’t get a job! And she always killed all the the white men who raped and drugged her! Danny glover-an oscar for giving a performance that none of his prior work hinted he could give. Eartha kitt-lessons on how to be sexy cause she did it for years and she didn’t need the catwoman outfit to do it. Eazy e-he paid the ultimate price for his whoring and rap tomfoolery. Kerry washington-recognition for being an underrated actress and if john mayer is to be believed a lifetime supply of chapstick and mouthwash.

  4. You people need to get a life. You fools were more than likely singing and rapping the song “Niggas In Paris” and a movie about slavery is more than likely gone to have the “N” word in it. Stop trying to use Nas as a scapegoat to hate.

    • Exactly! Stop using the word in your everyday vocabulary then maybe whites wouldn’t be able to capitalize on it! The funny thing is you don’t hear whites saying ” what up cracker ” or Chinese people saying ” how u doing chink ” or Hispanics saying ” that’s my spic “. We are the only race that took a derogatory word used to humiliate and degrade our race and use it to greet one another with it. People that use the n word all the time is no different than Sam Jacksons character in Django. By the way, it was a great movie and people need to stop getting all bent out of shape over a fuckin word. If you can support rap artists degrading our black women and putting garbage into our kids minds than watching a movie for entertainment is nothing. I think these rap stars are worse than any Quentin Tarentino movie ever made!!!!

      • @zeequeen yes Honey!!!!!!! A queen worth worship over that comment, best thing ive read on this site to this day!

      • White people in this country was calling us ni-gger before we could even speak their english language.

        They still call us ni-gger whether we like it or not and whether we call ourselves ni-gger or not..Its their language and they are our kidnaper hosts and they make the rules…You give us way too much power over this situation…They forced us to come here with them and they tortured us until we submitted.

        We didnt make up this scenario in our collective imagination.

      • Well said, Sweetie. Spoken like a Queen. Black men in music and entertainment have done far more worse damage than that thin lipped black penis worshipper Tarantino.

    • i agree 100%. Tranatino used nigger respective to the context of the film. Consider this, Tarantino made a movie where a black man went through hell trying to save his BLACK brown-skin wife, stood up to the white slave owner and his Uncle Ruckus side kick, got revenge(which was my favorite aspect of the film), and Rode off into the sunset w/his black brown skinned wife. I saw this movie at a suburban DC theatre where Young black men felt a sense of empowerment seeing a black man handle his business and protect his BLACK wife. I don’t have a problem w/that.
      Black people better stop worrying about shyt that don’t matter.

      • @Kee, would it have made a difference if Django had rode off with his BLACK light skinned wife?

        Uncle Luke, now Nas defending Tarantino and Dick Gregory went off on Spike Lee, calling him a thug and everything. I liked Dick Gregory’s take on the movie, Jacky should post that, but I didn’t see nothing wrong with Spike Lee voicing his opinion, I am no fan of his, but that was his right.

        • @Aries
          DJango Riding Into The Sunset W/A Light Skinned Black Woman Would Have Been Typical
          I Agree W/U Opinions Are A dime A Dozen I HaveNo Problem W/SPike Lee Expressing His.
          #Sorry For The FonT. The Predictive teXt Is Bananas

    • i never heard the song but i’m gonna take time and hear what all the controversy is about this damn song.

  5. Lets not forget they rewarded Moniqe with that awful precious role also. The academy loves racist stereotypical roles.

    • Aw that was terrible, giving Monique an award for that crap amateur film.
      Its so obvious, the racism.

      • oprah makes and endorses the weakest films ever she wonders why her films don’t se;;.

        their eyes was watching god new age symbolism their eyes a symbol and we know what god oprah serves.

        before women had wings another symbol of the occult.

        women of brewster place we can debate whether oprah’s a dyke but that show definetly about the lesbian agenda.

    • Thank you, Angela B, should have been nom for Tina or something positive. Nope not in Holly Wood(crackers)

      • @DEEP N THA WOODS-Actually angela was nominated for best actress for what’s love…but she lost. She didn’t get nominated for waiting to exhale cause according to all the major film critics she would have won.

  6. I dont think Nas is trying to play both sides of the fence, I just believe he’s stating his honest opinion, regardless of the topic. But what I dont care for is his halfway endorsement of QT. -side eye-, but then again, QT is famous for a reason, and we all do know who he is and are familiar with him. Whether we like him of not, which most of us dont, he is a tremendously popular and world renowned Director. None of us can deny that.

  7. I agree with only half of what Nas said, you do go into a QT movie expecting raw. However, I do NOT believe he is one of the greatest filmmakers,That is my opinion, though..someone else may see differently..he’s not playing both sides with this comment though..personally I think you’re reaching

    • No, he is not playing both sides that is just his opinion. That is why we have a variety. Different people like different things. QT isn’t my best director but he is in my top 5.

  8. Who died and made Nas a Mensa candidate? He is an 8th grade drop out who just had his wages garnished by the IRS… for back taxes. He obviously is in no position to co-sign on anything or be an expert on anything except for what we are trying to avoid. He needs to put his own oxygen mask on first.

  9. Plus Tarantino may get a pass for this Django mess but if you have seen any of his other 20 yrs of work… its N-Word Central.. has Sam Jackoson cooning his crack head ass off… he’s just an ignorant hillbilly white boy from Tennessee who clowns black folks right in their faces. He just dresses it up real pretty in this movie with Jamie and Kerry.

  10. Well, “good news” everyone, the dolls are out of production. There was too many protests asking for them to stop these dolls from being made. The studio also called and asked for the dolls to stop being made.

    • Awesome news, i didn’t wanna go Nat Turner on Quenton and the company, who were gonna go through with this idea lol !!! Damn slave dolls,m********* I will i slice yo’ neck.

    • And to the youngin who thought boycotting and picketing were not only the same but ineffective get yo mind right. Shut them dolls down and shawty lo. Live and learn bro.

  11. yep extremely disappointed by Nas right now…

    It makes his song ” I Can” seem like a novelty gimmick…

  12. Tarantino is one of the greatest filmmakers. I stand by him. People on here commenting about Tarantino probably never seen a Tarantino movie, never heard of him until now too. They also read a few articles and think this movie is about SLAVERY, IT IS NOT. It involves slavery but it’s just part of the atmosphere this isn’t a f’king
    “Roots the movie: by Tarantino” movie that a lot of ya’ll seem to think this movie is. It is “Kill Bill with slavery being the surroundings”.


  13. I would never spend my hard earn money supporting any movie with the N-word being used in excess of 200 times. That’s N-word over kill. Never supported any of these so-called rappers that degrade black women and use the N-word. Never have and I never will

    I see QT was right when he said that Black people understood Djanglo. He knew that black people would support the film regardless. Oh! Well, it is what it is.

  14. Slavery was not the end for blacks..

    I have not seen the movie but all this hype makes you wanna see it.

    Why do people wanna say you have self hatered if you love another of another race? It sounds like manipulating mentality.

    The N word get too much power….cant blame them for wanting to say it.
    Ever visist the south, almost every old black person say the Nword freely.

    it is just a movie..they are actors getting paid and they are black.
    We complain to fucking much..

  15. Such a fan of Nas!! What an intelligent man! Ya’ll better recognize!

    og lady here … I’m just waiting “for the man who is juuuusst liiike meee” ( nas, amy winehouse song ..)

  16. Nasty ass,is letting that CNN ,great lyricist of all time ,go to his head! Pay your inquisition revenue tax nigga!

  17. nas i dont know about somtimes its hard to tell rather he for the blacks or against the blacks.with nas u can never tell but i can say django is a good film to me tarrantino has obsession with blacks and black males and violence i would never sit up there and say its okay in my book for whites and not just white non whites and non blacks its okay for them to use the word i dont think its okay for blacks to use the word.but at the end of the day there gonna use it im against anything that has black looking ugly or bring blacks down to and animal cause that basically what we were considered back then in the slavery days all the way up threw it me niqqa means ugly beast nasty disgusting cursed and low life wraped up in one and i dont and will never identify with the word ever!

  18. …when will we stop worrying about what “they” are saying, and pay some damn attention to what WE are doing…..oh yeah, we might have to see the real problem then….I tripped.

  19. Django is a remake of boss nigga 1973 starring Fred Williamson quentin tarantula is a blood sucker of the poor,phuck,em! He loves niggas just won’t tell us to our faces!

  20. For the record, I stopped supporting JZ and Kanye when it was obvious they had gon over to the dark side and weren’t ever planning on comin back….not everyone was singing along to ‘negroes in paris’. It wasn’t that great of a song & the occult symbolism in everything these two do nowdays makes me actually loathe them. I can’t comment on Django w/ any real intelligence cuz I haven’t seen it. I like Tarrentino’s other movies because they are edgy, violent and hilarious in a dark way. Django might be crossing the line for me, not sure if I would want to support Quentin’s latest effort. I MIGHT watch it on bootleg, but it would have to be someone else’s bootleg. And I’d have to have some liquor to sip while I’m viewing it.








  21. I felt the same way you did a non but my mother told me it was a good movie so I went to see it and that shit was funny as hell. I promise you. I didn’t get a sellout moment, I can see why Leonardo dicaprio said he hated his character now wait till you see his little speech about the black people and white people brain. I’m telling y’all the shit was funny, the dude from Miami vice was funny as hell everybody was funny. That white dude that got the award deserved it because he was the shit in the movie.

  22. I know black folk don’t have the nerve to be upset to hear the word ni*** when they use it erryday(my ebonics voice!!)

    Make up your flippin minds… and know that as long as you use it, others will too. Fukcing idiots!!!!!

    • Felisha

      You do realize that most black people dont use that word…Just like most Jews dont make ashtray jokes.

    • Felisha

      I dont say the word and I dont like hearing the word.

      But why would I waste energy being continually upset when its said all over the Jews media outlets when you turn on the TV…tURN the channel and watch the Discovery Channel or some program that is not offending you….Turn the TV off, or simply dont by the DVD or CD.

      Why would you want me to spend my life being upset over things tht I have no power over…I only have control over what is being said in my home…I dont have power over what Viacom Corporation presents via their employees….My only power in that situation is to shun it and not give it any energy and give energy to what I want to accomplish in life.

  23. What Felicia said! All Day.. we need to stop using it…and tell Puffy, Jay Z and all those other other mofos to take a seat. They are the modern version of the AFricans that sold their own to slave traders. No self-respecting black person should be buying rap music or supporting ignorance and “ghetto” culture.

    I’m not even clicking on links about people in that game on this site anymore. Sorry Jacky, I love you but I’m not supporting anyone like Shawty Lo or anyone of that elk on any platform.

    • I dont care if Tarrantino puts the word nigga in his script 2000x. Its his movie , he can do and say as he pleases. Its the white folks language. Its their word. They can say it anytime they please. Kanye West and Jay Z can say it 2000x in their music..More power to them. Free Will.

      My point is that you dont have to pay to see their movies if you dont like it and you dont have to pay to buy Niggas in Paris, if you dont like it.

      The end….Its a win-win…
      We cant make anyone black , white, red, green from saying what they want to say..That right is protected under the Constitution. That protects Tarrantino, Nas, Sambo Jackson and the Jigga Man…
      At the same time, they dont have a Constitutional Right to your greenbacks either…

      Vote with your pocketbooks, not your energy.

      • Okay, Im black and I dont like Snoop Dogg using the n-word.

        What am I going to do about it?

        Okay, Im black and I dont like Samuel Jackson using the n-word.

        What am I goig to do about it?

        Okay Im black and I dont like the white owner of a restaurant or a white Correctional Officer using the n-word.

        What am I going to do about it?

        They have a right to it. Its their language..

        I hear the same ole bs from people saying, we dont get upset when black people say nigga.

        I cant stop Kanye from saying it anymore than I CAN STOP THE WHITE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER FROM SAYING IT.

        How do you propose we stop black people or white people from saying what they want to say if free specch is a protected right under the Constitution?

        An Italian cant stop people from using the word Mob , even though they dont use it in their personal homes.
        They cant stop me from saying mob.


        Now are the Italians going to get upset with me, or will they click on a website that doesent use the M-word.?

  24. Wasn’t this the same fool that publicly defended Gwyneth Paltrow?? This movie was branded a love story, yet Tarantino felt the need to base it during the most horrific era in history for black people. Nothing romantic about that time and I doubt our ancestors would be amused.

    They did the same thing with Titanic—horrible tragedy yet hollywood romanticized it w/ 2 attractive popular young stars in the lead. I read the families of the victims/survivors were shocked and upset at the making of that movie, but it was overshadowed by the film’s huge success.

    People can be brainwashed into liking something hideous if the elements are appealing enough to a particular group. Tarantino is good at that. He purposely made this film b/c he knew it would make money. Not many westerns w/black characters–so why not base it in slavery where the black man becomes an avenger. Eventhough the subject matter is fucked up—the black guy gets to be a hero so people will excuse it & be entertained.

    And sistas will love it since Django fights for the love of a black woman. omg! smdh. How relevant at a time when many black women & men seem divided. We’ll just ignore the slave dolls he tried to sell & nigger being said 108 times. Quentin is some where on the French Riviera laughing his ass off, all the way to the bank. This shit did not portray history accurately, it was some shit he made up to sell tickets.

    I like Dick Gregory and even though his defense of this flick was disturbing—I’ll give him a pass since he’s near senility. The rest of em just want to be next in line for a role in one of Quentin’s films. And Spike I never believed was jealous. Didn’t Quentin do a cameo role in his film Girl 6? yes he did.

    • blaxploitation will never die.

      tarrantino was influenced by all those old 70’s flicks.

      you seen ralph baski’s flicks coonskin, heavy traffic, fritz the cat and their use of the n word and those are some wild flicks.

      check those out.

    • Dick Gregory has crossed the border of Senility at least 5 years ago…He shouldnt even be allowed to speak in public anymore. Its elder abuse…He’ confused and combative at inappropriate times.

  25. Felicia & Lauren: Newsflash! Not all black people use the ‘n’ word. I myself have never used it because I’ve ALWAYS found it to be repulsive. So don’t speak in general about ‘all black people’ because some black people don’t and won’t speak that way. Do all he black people YOU know say it? Maybe you yourself feel that you use it too much. If that’s the case, maybe you ought to broaden your circle of friends, or make a personal effort to broaden your own vocabulary. Don’t include ‘everybody’ in your blanket statements though. Plenty of us don’t contribute to that particular problem.

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  27. I was raised never hearing the “n” word…. But it wasn’t till l moved to Texas that l heard it for the first time. I knew then, as l know now, it was no word to b repeated. However, l find it the choice of bk ppl to use it as they see fit. It’s amazing though to hear it used in terms of endearment. The word actually works among bk ppl & only bk ppl, cuz like I said to a wht man months ago, “Bk ppl can use it anyway they see fit, wht men have no right to use it… PERIOD…cuz when they say the word, it’s usually not used in terms of endearment, besides ur ppl gave bk ppl that word & out of respect it is not up for debate…Period!” Btw, l saw Django twice & as painful as it was to watch, u couldn’t help but root for him, because he overcame, got even & didn’t die in the end….. Its about time! Don’t ya think? Not enough movies made in defense for bk men… Plus we get a lesson in our greatest tragedy in American History. The movie has a soul & the silver lining is, it was made & done by someone who cares about bk tragedy & triumph. Well worth an Oscar my friends.

  28. I guess Dick Gregory is a sell-out too?? I’m so tired of black people caring about the word “nigga” in this movie. How about caring about real shit that affect the black community.

  29. This is not about saying nigga.

    This is about turning our kidnapping and torture into a spaghetti western and profiting off it.

    Its disgusting

  30. Who else was going to make a movie of this caliber showing niggas kill krakkas? Where are all the black film makers who make movies anywhere remotely close to this? People always fighting the wrong war because they don’t think things through and when someone says something they jump on the first bandwagon that sound right. Quentin Tarantino is probably the only dude that would make a movie like this.. You better enjoy it because you wont see it again. As for the n-word issue who gives a fuck? The controversy has made the movie gross close to 100million already if not more. White people enjoyed hearing the word nigga and black folk enjoyed seeing them racist krakkas get shot. SMART SHIT QUENTIN

  31. AND!!! Dick Gregory is the oldest and the last field negro left. LOL If he didn’t get mad why did everybody else?

    • Mad?
      Whose mad?

      I just choose to spend my money elsewhere…

      Am I obligated to watch this crackas cinematic diatribe?
      Am I allowed to spend my money anywhere I please?
      What is this? LOL

  32. The only viable remedy I can see about black people having control over what other people say, is to create your own GATED COMMUNITIES, where you create a binding contract that specifies an agreed upon code of conduct of its residents as being acceptable or unacceptable behavior…People who would like to be apart of said gated commmunity can ban the n-word from their GATED COMMUNITY as a part of their bylaws of accepted conduct with penalty or explusion…

    tHATS something anybody can do and the Mormons, the Amish and the Jews have created such communities very successfully…

    But I dont have control over what some private corporation like CBS puts out on their music CD’s..
    We dont need to waste energy on that crap…Just dont bring it into your homes and start there…IF YOU AND OTHER LIKE MINDED PEOPLE DECIDE, you’ve had enough and want to create a gated community where everyone is in agreement on how you think its best to raise your children, then you are free under the Constitution to live where and how you please.

    Now shut the fuck up about “yall dont be getting’ mad when you hear black people say it”

    As far as I know, black people are afforded the same rights of free speech as any other American and I cant stop black people from saying whatever the fuck they want to say, so what makes you think I can stop white people from saying whatever the fuck they want to say.

    wHY would I waste my time and energy on what others are doing when we have so much work to do ourselves?