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NBA Set To Cash In On Ball Player’s Nicknames

September 25th, 2013

NBA Nickname Jerseys

“NBA team values rose 30% in the past year, to an average of $509 million.” -Forbes

The NBA has come up with yet another way to cash in on their sports slaves — without them ever seeing a dime. Know how? Reports reveal National Basketball Association is testing the nicknames of their players over a plan to release a new line of sports apparel.

“The NBA is considering letting players from the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets wear nicknames on their jerseys … in one of their four matchups this season.”

Here’s what Newsy.com is reporting:

“You might have to look twice to find NBA greats like James, Wade, Garnett, Pierce and others on the court next time. Instead, you might find King James, Flash, KG, and The Truth in their place.”

Did the NBA pull in a fortune from rappers wearing their jersey’s? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Fabolous.

10 Responses to “NBA Set To Cash In On Ball Player’s Nicknames”

  1. Ashwon |

    When will OUR people wake up OR is it that WE don’t give a dayum??? Which one is it, please help me to understand……


    Onevoice Reply:

    I’d like to know the answer too.


    winter Reply:

    Right, branded merchandise. Wonder how many players will jump at the opportunity. They don’t respect you enough to call you by your real name..


  2. Sunni_Daze |

    Well if that’s the case the players should TM their nicknames which will insure being paid for the use of them by the NBA.


    Just_Joi Reply:

    Right. As usual, we are on the same page.


  3. LB3 |

    I guess you want them not to have a job so they can sell drugs or pimp and abuse women which is what you did back in the day. Funny how everyone is a “sell out” but you literally brought crime into your own community and profited. Your moral logic fascinates me!

    …I’m sure this will get erased LOL!


  4. EddieLong'sTraicHairpiece |

    You will probably see the Kobe Bryant jersey in a bunch of interatial porn scenes. Muafuggahs will have hi top chuck Taylor’s on, no socks, with some leather shades on and that damn Kobe Bryant Jersey on (Black Mamba)……man the Klan is gonna put a hit out on that ninja…..


  5. Stalae |



  6. Samantha |

    Lol !


  7. Anonymous |

    dAVID Sternberg is showing exactly what their “PRODUCT” is.

    A bunch of coon/clown basketball Globetrotters.


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