Netflix Snitches on Film Studios for Exploitation of Whitney Houston Death


The film studios pulled all of Whitney Houston’s movies, from Netflix immediately after she died on Saturday February 11, allegedly to goose DVD sales.

Gawker is reporting that:

Google Plus Week host Dan McDermott noticed that The Bodyguard had been pulled from Netflix right after Houston’s death.

So I called Netflx and the rep confirmed what I suspected:

Netflix rep:

“Okay Dan, I just went and talked to my main supervisor as to why the movie had been pulled and the reason it was pulled was the production company pulled the streaming rights from us because all the publicity after Whitney Houston’s passing there was an opportunity to make really a very large amount of money on the DVD sales of her movies. So they’re going to pull all the streaming titles we have of Whitney Houston so they can make more money off the DVD sales of her movies.”


  1. The cold business edge doesn’t seem very savoury, but I guess the image rights, movie, etc is their property, and they’re entitled to make as much off it as possible. Her family might also benefit more this way, plus she made her money off it back in the day. I’ll probably buy a copy

    • Nah man fuck that! The STUDIOS are going to make money not her or her family. The Bodyguard and The Preachers Wife are 20 years old and Waiting to Exhale is about 16 or 17 years old. All these years and they did not make enough money? All this time people straight jabbing at her about her personal life and how she fell off. Now they wanna make money like that again? Fuck outta here with that! I can download the movies for free! Hell, I’d rather buy a bootleg copy from a crackhead than to support these Hollywierd vampires!

      • Don’t believe I can download for free? Reply, to me, real talk. I’ll tell you where to go but if you are Hollywood and you’re reading this FUCK YOU!

  2. That’s fucked up! Is everything about money!? She wasn’t even buried yet and these parasites are already preying on this supposed “opportunity”! Fuck NETFLIX! I have or can get, FOR FREE, all the movies I want. A quick download and BAM!, a free FUCK YOU! to HOLLYWOOD. If only I could get my girlfriend to cancel her subscription…If you’re as angry as I am hopefully you too will do the same.

    • I’m sorry it’s not NETFLIX but I still don’t fuck with them. FUCK HOLLYWOOD though and whatever production studio who pulled her movies. I would spit in their faces myself but I know I would get arrested.

  3. They’re not lying. I was trying to find The Bodyguard on Netflix and it wasn’t there. They just put it on OnDemand two days ago, this is fact. That’s 2.95 for a 24 hour rental. Damn leaches I hate the industry!