Nia Long Gettin’ Turnt W/ “Drug Dealer” Promotor!


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HSK Exclusive – She may be a mamma now, but vintage video reveals Nia Long caught in the club turnt up with a dude promoting pushing drugs.

You’ll recall.. We were the first the break word of Nia Long’s fetish for D-boys. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mossai Massey.

Here’s the drop:

“It looks like Nia is still into skiing and I ain’t talking about the Winter Olympics. Once a tramp always a tramp. I remember Nia had a threesome with Kanye and Tracee Ross after they were done shooting the ‘Touch The Sky’ video.”


  1. Vintage video? Everyone has a past. She has matured and I’m pretty sure she isn’t spending her time chasing dope boys. She’s smart and beautiful. Let that old vintage video R.I.P.

    • People who always say let the past be the past usually do more stuff in the present so they can let that past be the past! Your past is a part of you and it defines who your are. Besides, Nia clearly stays higher than a motha, so her past is not something that passed.

  2. Nia Long is a great actress but HOLLYWOOD won’t to allow Black Actresses to get 2 LARGE and with man wouldn’t want to confortable with her, lol, she’s sexy

    • Nia Long is far from being a great actress. If Tyler Perry wasn’t in the business, there would be no Nia Long.
      She also has a terrible attitude like Anita Baker.

      • Hollywood has nothing to do with it Nia’s lack of talent won’t allow her to get 2 LARGE. Word…

        • Nia Long is physically attractive. That’s it. She has had the same cry and expressions since Boyz N The Hood. She, like most Black actresses, rely on looks and not talent. Working actors should still study their crafts. See: Taraji Henson.

  3. Nia is one of the most suspect actresses I am familiar with…suspect in more ways than one.

    She reminds me of the black widow type.

  4. BS at its finest. Drug dealer?? That’s usher. Look at the face and pendant on chain. Site stay reaching for gossip

  5. I love Nia’s acting. She was and still is a beautiful woman. She was the best back in the day.

    But, is it true that she was so jealous of Halle Berry’s success that she tried to destroy her career by sending producers and directors disparaging things about Halle?

    Hollywood swinging is still in full effect. That’s how they roll. LOL

  6. Nia is beautiful, but not cut from the finest cloth, if you know what I mean, but damn she ain’t doin’ nuthin’ here but havin’ a good time.

    This was kinda reachin’. I don’t see no scandal.

  7. jacky lets not forget that Nia had a real bad coke problem a few years back. She was not working and was get high almost every day.

    Nia has always had a wholesome image in the black community but she has always loved 2 things….coke & sex. Which is the real reason she loves D-boys.

    Rumor has it that she’s bisexual and has had a long time feud with fellow “Best Man” actress Sanaa Lathan( another bisexual side chick).

    Side Chick Rules (Must Be 18+)

    • Yeah right wholesome image in the black community by being a baby mama with several baby daddies. There are many degrees of wholesomeness I see!

    • Interesting… Because I thought the feud was between Regina Hall and Sanaa and their lesbian relationship.. Hmmm….

    • Interesting, because another site reported that their was a feud between long time lovers Regina Hall and Sanaa. That somewhat explains how they are cast in movies together.. Didn’t know Nia played for the other team….interesting.,.

  8. She does have that sneak freak vibe to her,but lets be honest she couldn’t have made it if she didn’t,they are all hoes,its a hoes arena in hollywierd…

  9. anybody who does’nt know nia’s bisexual been on the moon.

    she always kept that short hairdo that lesbos are known to have and love.


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