Nia Long’s Baby Daddy Is An Ex-D-Boy!


Nia Longs Drug Dealer Baby Daddy

HSK Exclusive – Nia Long is said to share a common sexual interest with her first baby daddy…men! That’s according to an insider, who tells us Mossai Massey connected with the actress while he was a major D-boy. The problem is Nia may have disregarded one know street rule: Never get high on your own supply.

We’re told Mossai — the reported former owner of a string of Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries — has a history of tricking off on both sexes, with Nia Long picking up what he put down. The pair are said to have met at one of Mossai’s restaurants — just before he bought Nia a brand new Porsche, and quickly moved her into one of his many lavish homes. We’re told it all came crashing down on the actress after Mossai discovered she was getting high.

Here’s the drop:

“Nia and Mossai were engaged before she got pregnant. After having the baby Nia was paranoid and jealous and Mossai couldn’t take her bullshit anymore.
Mossai dumped Nia, after he found out she was a coke head.”


  1. I loved Nia in Friday and Boys In The Hood. I think she is a really good actress. But, who would have ever thought she was a coke head. If this is true, I am sorry to hear this.

    • Black Pearl,

      I’m not so sure about the “drug use” issue but I do know she does a WHOLE LOT OF MEN, WOMEN, GROUPS, etc!

  2. Ummmmm, I don’t know about this one…

    I’m all for telling on Nia if it’s something I know to be fact but I’m not so sure THIS situation went down the way the it’s being depicted here.

    Not all but quite a few men who get a woman pregnant out of wedlock tend to find a reason to “not stay the course” early on, sometimes just before or shortly after the baby is born. I say this to say it could very well have been Mossai NOT wanting to have a illegitimate child with Nia Long or any woman for that matter as he may have felt as if he was being trapped.(some guys really do have these feelings) I’m in no way making any excuses for this man but men tend to think differently from women & not all of them think it’s cool to be a baby daddy even if they can confortably afford to support heir children. The whole “Nia was using drugs may or may not have been apart of the demise of that relationship” is my point but some men will use ANY excuse to walk away so long as they don’t have to own up to their own issues.

    • Very well said. Can you speak any more on her relationships with women. I had heard she has a thing for the ladies but any tea I have read is always vague.

    • I knew them personally – most of this is true except they didnt meet at “his” rest…they met at a store and the car was his. She was extremely rude to my family, very paranoid and jealous – she is slightly crazy & this is why she can’t keep a man, just like Halle Berry smdh

  3. Nooooo! Nia’s not a cokehead!!!! Say it ain’t so!!! @MsReg @CrazyChris Hush! I know one of ya’ll are gonna say something to add to the validity of this story!

    • Just_Joi,

      Nah ahh…not me. Go back & read post 6.
      You get NO validity on this one from me.
      CrazyChris will have to chime in on this one. My office is 3 doors down from someone who knows but I’m not going to ask… I’ve heard WAY too much about
      Ms. Long & her escapades. Wait for Chris & if he doesn’t have anything I’d tend to believe I’m closer to right than not on this one!

      • I just Googled Massai Dorsey and he came up in photos with Nia and her son. I Googled Mossai Massey and nothing came up.

        • What part of “I did misspell his name” did anyone not get? Mossai should have been spelled Massai had I spelled it correctly.

          Hope this cleared up any issue on my part anyway. 🙂

            • No, honey. I didn’t write it.
              I just misspelled the guy’s name. Mine was an honest error as opposed to the “folks writing for Jacky’s site who are horrible proof-readers &/or who just don’t have their facts in order.”

  4. another old story nia been doing coke since the 80’s.

    why is it so hard to believe that nia use coke its always the pretty girls and the ones who you don’t think would ever do it who turns oyutr to be the biggest addicts.

    remember when everybody thought sweet little witney houston would never use drugs.

  5. Oh, no. Not Nia. On coke? Damn that drug ain’t going nowhere no time soon. Ppl love that s**t. Can’t they see how it has ruined the lives of millions of ppl, especially black ppl. What really ticks me off is that blacks will blame corrupt CIA/DEA for smuggling it into this country.

  6. Who in the hell is Mossai Massey? What sort of gossip maven completely butchers the name of the subject of their tea? The man’s name is Massai Dorsey. Not Mossai Massey. Is someone white writing this blog now? I’m just askin.

    • I told Jacky stop letting those knuckleheads from the GED class be interns at HSK. They’re making him look bad!

  7. This is NOT how I heard it.

    I heard she heard rumours of his bi(sexuality) – allegedly he got turned out in the pen, and when she confronted him he DID NOT deny it and that was the end of their relationship.

    Anyway with all the drug and hoe charges bought up against Nia as of late, I must say its not takin its toll on her. Her body looks damn good and she is as Beautiful as i ever remember her bein ( brandy on boyz in the hood was ugly to me) do u Ms. Long #easy10

  8. Nia had a troubled childhood. Her parents divorced before she was out of diapers, catholic school as her mom’s thought she was doin’ the right thing, lots of moving…

    These are always the ones that go crazy, but never go off the deep end. Yeah, she may have been doin’ coke since the 80s, but it definitely wasn’t doin’ her as we can see.

    I have noticed that those girls who are sex addicts, the drugs are just an appendage.

  9. Nia Long, a has been actress who is over forty and never made it to the A-list. After The Best Man 2, I don’t think Nia Long will ever work in hollywood ever again. She had the nerve to insult Beyonce in Essence magazine because she was no longer getting work? She should have stopped using drugs and focused on improving her acting skills. Nia Long doing all of that cocaine, she is lucky she still has her nose. Another beautiful black woman ruined by drugs and the demons of hollywood. Such a shame!

  10. Jacky thank you for exposing all of the hollywood hoes and drug addicts.
    Ladies and gentlemen please remember, these hollywood stars are not saints, they are sinners, all of them. Remember that when you are watching the EBT Awards in a few weeks.

  11. Nia Long has a most awful attitude and looks down on many people. Ask any young people that has worked with her!

    • I used to get disappointed by celebrities attitudes as a pr-teen, but it never even occurred to me that Nia Long would be like that. I remember seeing her in the front row of the Mike Epps show with some other Black ‘homegirls in my head’ and thinking how good they looked- like I was admiring the cool kids at school. What a disappointment!

      Side note: I will never forget being three rows behind Snoop and Dre at a concert (at 12 years old) and excitedly running up to Dre for an autograph. He looked at me, exhaled some weed smoke, put his hand in my face and exclaimed, “Ho!” and walked away. I was shocked and embarrassed that he would say something like that to a 12 year old girl- who looked and acted like a 12 year old little girl. That was the last time I ran up to a celebrity.

      • @Just_Joi,

        GIRL, please don’t feel bad about that horrible experience you had with Dre.
        I can assure you ALL celebs are not as “self centered & unapproachable” as Dre was toward you THAT day. I’m sure had you met him on “different day, time & venue” the meeting may not have been as bad.

        Honey child, let me tell you what Dre did to my Persian friend who was a law student at the time & who “in her own mind” thought EVERY black man who was in entertainment or sports wanted her.
        We were at a venue in Hollywood at the time & ran into Dre & one of his friends. He spoke to me solely because he could not place exactly where he knew me from. We exchanged quick hugs & pleasantries, we spoke of 2 of our mutual friends & I went on my way.
        The entire night my friend kept eluding to the fact that SHE knew Dre & wanted to know where/how I knew him. It was NOTHING extraordinary at all other than we have close mutual friends who recorded with him at Glen Sounds Studio in Echo Park & that we all use to hit BRE in New Orleans years ago…this was a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago & that’s what made us “remembering each other so funny.” My friend begged me to go with her to “talk to Dre because she knew him & wanted to hang out with him that night.” I repeatedly told her “NO, let him have his own good time & if he wants to talk to you he will.” OMG…the end of the night came, we’re in valet waiting on our cars & there she went “calling Dre’s name & pulling on his arm.” Dre, shook her hand away from his arm & said real loud with quite an angry look on his face:

        “Who the fuck are you, bitch? I give a fuck if I know you or not don’t fucking touch me. Obviously I don’t know your ass from anybody else out here so fuck you, bitch. You don’t mean shit to me out here. You better take some notes on how to act from your girl before you get fucked up out here.” And, as he got into the passenger side of the car he yelled at her, “you unimpressive ho, I’ll fuck you up!”

        And Joi, the valet was FULL of onlookers including Shemar Moore & his boys who were all very sweet & kind towards me. THEY were holding my hand & pulling me away from the mess in the event it turned ugly. All the girls in waiting area were laughing & making all sorts of evil comments to & about my friend while we had no choice but to stand there hearing it all because we were “in valet waiting for our cars.”
        I was so embarrassed & I hadn’t done anything to anyone!

        I just saw Drew Barrymore recently at an event & she was the coolest most down to earth person & so were her friends. The same goes for Jennifer Anniston as well of whom I keep running into at various places.

        • Drew Barrymore seems like she’s down to Earth. Did you ever see this corny movie, ‘My Date with Drew’?

          Growing up in L.A., you learn that celebrities are not friends- they are strangers. It took that disappointment to happen, in order for me to stop with all the autographs. I attended a school in Hancock Park and that whole celebrity thing was exciting. As an adult, you couldn’t pay me to run up to someone because they are famous. Maybe that is why a lot of L.A. natives don’t pay them any attention :they’ve already learned better.

      • @just joi.. U should’nt have done it in the firtst place, he’s not GOD !!! U need to treat these celebs the way MS REG does, like any other person in the street, stop worshipping!!

  12. I don’t believe this cokehead story for a minute! Poor Whitney was a cokehead for decades & by the time she died, she looked like one. If Nia had been smoking or snorting on the regular for 30 yrs, she wdn’t still look as gorgeous as she does. Maybe she likes to party once in a blue, but she’s no cokehead.

    • That’s what I’M saying…trust me, if she really and truly was a cokehead, y’all would KNOW. It’s impossible to do drugs for years and years and not see the physical toll it takes one’s body. I mean, with Whitney, we could surely tell something wasn’t right. I’ve never seen a bad picture of Nia Long. She always looks beautiful and put together. And yes, I’m a fan from way back in the Guiding Light days.

      • If youre not her next door neighbor you will never see her. Movies are shot eight months before the public sees them. Hell movies come out eight months after actors die. How can you state you or anyone else would know? Stop celebrity worship. It aint a good look.

  13. If I was a big time coke pusher in Hollywood , Nia would be at my house every night butt naked and wired!!!

  14. This is old, read all of this on another message board years ago, you guys scour tea threads and archives of other sites for content. Not original, old.

  15. Like half the women in Hollywd she uses come to supress her appetite. You must use it daily for that “diet” to work.

  16. Jacky jacked tea from other sites once in a while.

    But what these folks are doing is terrible.
    They don’t even try anymore. They just wanted Jacky out of the wa.

  17. My nigga Massai is a real BOSS from that westside MFG that gets his MONEY in a real way so stop the HATE

  18. damm what is up with these women up and getting pregnat marrying and going with men who back door swing both ways! they dont get yet if a man even hint to liking of bein interested in lking there botty being plyed with leave them alone. it will never work ther will alwas be tha curiosity and and wander there.ihe ant strictlty l about you dip out dont keep hanging in there thinknig u can change the man.

    • You seem to be operating from a view point that these women take issue with their men liking men. Especially in the industry if a woman is with a man who likes both. I truly don’t think she in that instance is being blind sided as it is more than likely she likes the same thing. The thing with industry people is that the majority are freaks. So even if they are boo’d up with someone they are at least open with their other half with regards to liking same sex, 3somes etc. Unlike we civilians where women are getting duped daily by men. Mainly because of male cowardice but another reason is in the normal – non industry world you will be judged real quick with regards to sexuality. Unlike the industry where they are all pretty much hoes and fuck anything.

      • so tru!! but im speakng in general were black celebs women like nia unfortuntly reprents all black women when it comes down to it there are women out here who know bout there men may them tryna chae em or keep them with a baby!these hollywod peopl though your right there freaks with open marriges anything goes its sikenng i think will and jada done took it the next disting hinous lev and started incestous relationships with there own children!nia is a well known dike though was strapn up with queenn back in the day.hese pope are depictable.