Nick Cannon Cheating On Mariah?


Nick Cheating on Mariah Carey

“He’s been smashing her for about four-months.”

HSK Exclusive – Lil Nicky is said to be putting in overtime at work. Know why? An insider exclusively tells HSK the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ host is secretly smashing one of his Wild ‘N Out models!

“Nick Cannon is creeping on Mimi with Sheneka Adams from his Wild ‘N Out show.”

Here’s the drop:

“All the Wild ‘n Out girls wanna get wit Nick because he’s the boss. Nick wants tricks his age. I guess that’s why he’s cheating on Mariah.”

Nick Cannon Caught Cheating


  1. Sheneka has a man that helps her land these gigs.Jacob York. So I don’t believe this one.I don’t believe Nick would mess up what he has with Mariah.

    I don’t think he steps out because he would get caught too easy.

  2. This dude is most probably MK Mariah’s handler. We all saw her programming break down live on TV. Then suddenly this small boy enters the scene for some damage limitation. In exchange for these husband/handler ‘duties’, Nick’s swapped chitlins for mainstream shukking and jiving. He’s eating high on the hog now and is loving every minute of it before it comes crumbling down (and it will soon)! It’s a fake industry arranged marriage anyways. I only feel sorry for dem babies. SMH

    • oops don’t get it twisted folks. when I say ‘small boy’its more a Naija/English turn of phrase – not KKK/racist’boy’!!

    • Er.. humm hate to burst your bubble but Nick is and was worth about $30, million dollars before he hooked up with Mariah. He is a VP over at Nickelodeon.

      • Oh please. Mariah is worth half a billion dollars which makes Nick the junior partner in their fake relationship. Mariah is a cash cow that still got a bit of million dollar juice left in it. Nick’s assignment is to handle that.

        As for VP at Nickelodeon. Lol! So what? Your head may be turned by Nick’s ‘status’ but the dude has no talent so if he don’t do as he’s told and follow the ‘rules’ of this game his $30 million won’t be worth toilet paper and he and it will disappear overnite. Just ask his accountant and his agent. They really work for somebody else.

        I don’t worship at the cult of celebrity, I just like commenting on this site!

        And don’t worry, my bubble remains firmly intact.

  3. If Jacob York is messing with her then she is a prostitute and she’s just on the show as sexual relief(for pay) for Nick and the staff. With a percentage , of course going back to Jacob.

    • I wouldn’t call bs on it, especially since Mariah is on Wild N Out saying she will “shut ALL of this shit down!!”

  4. Word has been out for a long time that Nick is a cheater. I wonder if there is any loyalty in the industry anymore because there is so much temptation out there. The Devil loves to tempt

  5. People crack me up trying to act like Mariah Carey is a catch. NOT. He had no business marrying that old assed white woman to begin with. She’s a drunk and is bat shit crazy on top of it. I’ve always believed he’s been cheating on her all along. Something is very off with their whole relationship. And let’s not forget she flat out said she trusts him “some times” with a salty look on her face. I believe he’s cheating and I’m sure she knows about it. When he start to embarass her publicly she’ll divorce him. Otherwise I don’t think she give a damn.

    • “He had no business marrying that old assed white woman to begin with…
      Something is very off with their whole relationship.”

      I have always thought the same way.Something ain’t right

      I call Mariah Miss Anne.Sometimes I call Nick Hoke and Mariah Miss Daisy.

    • I agree. If Nick cheated on his ex C Milan and we read it that he offered to marry KimK and give her the world as long as she allowed him to smash outside… Why would drunk loopy Mariah be any different?

  6. Broke men and rich men cheat no matter what kind of so-called “prize” of a woman they have at home. So…

  7. Truth be told men are basically as faithful as their options. Real talk from a reformed player.

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