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Nicki Minaj Turns Out PTAF Girls For Capital Pimp!

February 7th, 2014

PTAF vs. Nicki Minaj - Boss Bitch

“I’m all about fame/F*ck a n*gga, F*ck a b*tch/Straight getting paid/I love money.” -Pretty Taking All Fades

That’s just a short sample of the explicit lyrics written by three teens girls, who now have Nicki Minaj to thank for leading them to Capitol Records. This, after the girls blasted Barbie, “saying that Nicki bit their swag.”

“P.T.A.F. posted a song on SoundCloud a long time ago, over a year.”

The social media check led Nicki to feature Kandii B, Alize and K Duceyy — aka ‘Pretty Taking All Fades’ — in her ‘Boss Ass Bitch’ mixtape. Know why? Insiders say Nicki tried to pull a Will.i.am on PTAF — who aren’t just featured in Nicki’s B.A.B hook, they originally wrote and produced the track.

Here’s what’s posted on PTAF’s Instagram account:

“Boss Ass B**ch’ chicks P.T.A.F. land record deal with Capitol Records…. Thanks to @nickiminaj who jumped on the track, which helped the record gain even more attention & notice from A&R rep Eesean “E” Bolden over at Capitol Records. The girls Kandii, K Duceyy and Alize signed a single deal with the label in January. No word yet if a full length studio album will be released.”

PTAF may believe ‘Nicki bit their swag,’ but I’d say these high school students are nothing more than products of Black Barbie’s curse on our Black youth! Don’t you agree?

PTAF – Boss Ass Bitch

Nicki Minaj – Boss Ass Bitch (Lyrics Video)

21 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Turns Out PTAF Girls For Capital Pimp!”

  1. Say Cheese |

    That last paragraph is so true Jacky.


    TRUE DAT! Reply:

    Nicki works directly for Satan and she is doing all she can to lead as many young people into hell as possible.


  2. Anonymous |

    “A record deal”!! Yea she got there asses back real good !! For comin at her..


    HOTFNMESS Reply:

    You took the thoughts right out of my head!!


  3. Anonymous |

    I just watched that video! And I don’t know rather to laugh my Ass off, or cry my heart out…


    christa Reply:

    I am speechless.

    It hurts my heart.


  4. Onewhoknows |

    MLK would be so proud wouldn’t he? 2014 is p**sy and boss ass bitch bound. SMH


  5. Anonymous |

    they look and sound like sound ugly tramp ass bitch bitch bitch bitches


  6. Anonymous |

    That was some repugnant shit. Damn.


  7. anony |


    We are —->here<—-


  8. Scorpiess |



  9. LPF |

    I want them to find something relevant to rap about like how 1 in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime and 1 in 32 black women


  10. anonomiss |

    am NOT watchin that shit.. PEACE 2 DA A&R’s ;P


  11. LetMeFixThatForThem |

    I’m a busted ass bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch

    There I fixed it!!!!!


    LPF Reply:

    I’m so tickled, that’s funny !


    christa Reply:

    LMFT ;) thanks for that


  12. TRUE DAT! |

    Yep this is all we need in the Black Community,3 more ignorant bitches. Now young girls are going to look up to this ignorant crap. This is how the Black Community hurts itself.


  13. Ty |

    Please stop acting like this is the only song that’s “hurting” the black community. Even though they talked about real issues, biggie and tupac both spoke of “fucking wives” and “who shot ya”. If it’s not your type of music, just don’t listen. I listen from rap to pop, and I’m still my own person. You can be yourself too


    Anonymous Reply:

    You are so awesome miss ty


  14. crazychris |

    nicki minaj has a big old dick even if it’s plastic.


  15. doesntmatter |

    Sick, twisted, ass backwards society we live in filled with the same type of ppl, when a word used to define a female dog (preferably one in heat o_o), is used to define a desired woman. I thank God everyday I don’t have to fight this battle with a child at my hip…it would almost be undefeatable -_-.


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