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Nicki Minaj’s Momma Doubles-Up The Mirage!

April 9th, 2014


WORST Of Both Worlds?

She’s back.. and her name ain’t ‘Maraj’ for nothing! Black Barbie’s momma appears to be upping the ante — moving full speed ahead with her ‘Gone Gospel Singer’ *for guap* plans…

“God’s been good and always been good,” declares Carol, who started the Carol Maraj Foundation.”

Carol Maraj has revealed a full version to her “God’s Been Good” track, recently released via Fame Star Records/MDM Music Group. This, about a month after a short sample of the song was posted to SoundClound — not the mention, while daughter-Nicki’s snap, crackle, pop-spell proves to have turnt out a ratchet generation of foolish fans. Just ask Dr. Boyce Watkins.


Is Ms. Maraj following the Holy Grail Blueprint of Hova’s momma’s ‘Shawn Carter Foundation’? I don’t know… what do you think?

10 Responses to “Nicki Minaj’s Momma Doubles-Up The Mirage!”

  1. DaRadiant1 |

    Epic has fail again!


  2. Glok9 |

    Do as thou wilt Mamma garbaj , but what god are you singing to …. Lucifer son of the morning?


    Anonymous Reply:

    LMAO….these days you do have to wonder!


    Anonymous Reply:

    LOL, Mamma is a devil-worshipping satanist just like her daughter, except she is wrapping it in a masquerade of gospel.


  3. Anonymous |

    You and your daughter are going to roast in hell like two sausages


    Bella Reply:



  4. Lena |

    Question we all should be asking is….”what god is she talking about”? The one she has in mind is nowhere near holy. She and her daughter bow down to another god and he ain’t got nothing to do with righteousness.


    Rita Reply:

    Amen Lena……her daughter did everything but suck Satan’s dick at her 2012 Grammy performance. These two bitches are wicked as they come. Her mother is just trying to ride her daughters coattails while that little demonic bitch has 15 minutes worth of fame left.


  5. Kenny |

    Anybody got any Holy water? I want to pour it on Nicki and her mother’s head to see which one melts first. She better stop playing with THE MOST HIGH if she knows like i know. Apple don’t all too far from the tree and it didn’t this time either. Satan worshiping freaks.


  6. Anonymous |

    Is this a joke? How is she gonna speak about God and singing his praises when she has a daughter in need of an exorcism?


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