Nicki Minaj’s Momma Doubles-Up The Mirage!



WORST Of Both Worlds?

She’s back.. and her name ain’t ‘Maraj’ for nothing! Black Barbie’s momma appears to be upping the ante — moving full speed ahead with her ‘Gone Gospel Singer’ *for guap* plans…

“God’s been good and always been good,” declares Carol, who started the Carol Maraj Foundation.”

Carol Maraj has revealed a full version to her “God’s Been Good” track, recently released via Fame Star Records/MDM Music Group. This, about a month after a short sample of the song was posted to SoundClound — not the mention, while daughter-Nicki’s snap, crackle, pop-spell proves to have turnt out a ratchet generation of foolish fans. Just ask Dr. Boyce Watkins.


Is Ms. Maraj following the Holy Grail Blueprint of Hova’s momma’s ‘Shawn Carter Foundation’? I don’t know… what do you think?

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  1. Is this a joke? How is she gonna speak about God and singing his praises when she has a daughter in need of an exorcism?