Nnamdi Asomugha’s Superbowl w/ the Boyz Trumps Kerry Washington’s Birthday!


Kerry Washington Birthday Blues

“What should be the happiest time in Kerry’s life has become a marital minefield.”

One would think your new wife’s first birthday since your wedding — not to mention her being eight-months pregnant with your child — would keep you from heading to the Superbowl with your homeys. Sources say that’s not how Nnamdi Asomugha saw it, reported to have left Kerry Washington all by her lonesome to celebrate her January 31st birthday weekend!

Now the couple, who’ve barely been married for just eight-months, are reported to be on the rocks. “Furthermore, a source says – who was dropped by the San Francisco 49ers – is beginning to feel over¬whelmed by Kerry’s success.”

“It’s an extremely difficult time for Kerry right now.”

Here’s what a source told The Enquirer:

“She was incredibly embarrassed when Nnamdi flew off to New York for the Super Bowl instead of sharing a romantic night to celebrate her birthday. She’s fears that he’s proving to be an unreliable husband, and she’s even more concerned about what kind of father he’ll make. They’re definitely growing apart.”


  1. This is just laying the ground work for when they split. Something is fishy about the whole situation.

    • Exactly! I don’t believe they’re even together. This is all part of the plan, I’m sure. Or whatever arrangement they have. She knows the deal.

  2. LAWL, Remember how you got him, Kerry? Feel that sting? That’s pride and vipranka f*ckin’ with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  3. Kerry had it in her mind from the starting gate I WANT HALLE BERRY CAREER! Just like halle she let whomever run up in her, kerry trys to play innocent but she is far from it…just ask Chris Rock!! Ms kerry washmyasscomeup!! Played the HOLLYWOOD GAME AND CAME UP!! all these HOLLYHO’S know the deal and try and high behind I worked really hard for this……GTFOOH!! my intellegence got me here you know I could have went to YALE but chose NYU…..yes but go look at the picture s of her when she arrived in hollygomorah..look at the face cute but would never have made without her I’m available to f*** card……….just ask Halle Berry how Leonardo di Caprioblew her back out!! Kicked her out of his house like she was one of his field Ho’s in one of his slave movies

  4. No man in their right mind is going to skip their wife’s birthday to hang with his boys. This is another reason why I believe this so called marriage is fake. Most relationships and marriages in hollywood are fake. Didn’t Kerry Washington admit she likes girls back when she was promoting that movie She Hate Me?

  5. I know the story is that they’re bearding. But why would she be bearding for him? Why would he need a beard? Nnamdi Asomugha was not on anyone’s radar prior to July 3. He was known as liking dick in NFL circles. The public wasn’t privy to this. So him needing a beard is ridiculous. If anything, him being linked to KW, has put his name out there.
    Back to my first question. What’s in it for her to be bearding for him? If someone tells me she’s a lesbian, that doesn’t make sense in this case. She’s been in Hollywood for over a decade. Seems pretty strange that NOW she would need a beard.

  6. Kerry Washington fans, you think she became a B-list actress because she is good looking and talented? Think again! Anonymous is correct, Kerry sucked off and f*cked a bunch of powerful hollywood executives to become a major hollywood celebrity. Zoe did the same thing. All black actresses want Halle’s spot. Kerry, Zoe, Megan, Gabby the list goes on. Hollywood only makes roomfor one or two. So we will see what lies in store for Kerry in the future; it depends on who she f*cks and how good she f*cks them at the eyes wide shut parties!

    • But NBA, Halle’s spot ain’t worth all that much! She fell victim to the Oscar Curse, like a lot of actresses seem to. She hasn’t made a good movie since MONSTER’S BALL. In fact, she’s about to be on tv again, in a sci-fi series for NBC produced by Spielberg. The premise sounds kinda weak to me, but we’ll see. If it’s a hit, she’ll knock Kerry off her pedestal.


      I think Lupita Nyong’o is about to step up & replace Halle as Hollywood’s #1 Black Movie Actress. I’m definitely rooting for her to cop that Supporting Actress Oscar!

  7. It was the Superbowl, NBA — that’s not just any old nite out with the fellas. Dude is a player without a team now, so he might not get another invite like that! And if it’s really just a marriage of convenience, why would he have stayed home with his sham wife?

    BTW, what’s your take on Michael Sam? Did he kill his chance of being a 1st-round draft pick come May? Or will the NFL take him anyway?

    • All of the NFL Execs have been in Cahoots with one another and no one wants to touch this LiveWire known as Michael Sam.

  8. It doesn’t matter. No woman especially a black woman will put up with their newlywed husband to skip her birthday to hang out with his friends. I said it before and I will say it again, this marriage is fake as the WWE!

  9. My take on Michael Sam is that he cost himself millions of dollars in the draft. He is going to get bullied worse than Jonathan Martin!

    • And I don’t want to see anyone bullied, but I think this kid did not have to come out.

      I think he is on the prowl for a rich white lover to go along with his NBA draft possibility.


  10. Michael Sam will have to have an outstanding performance at the combine. If not, he may not get drafted until the fifth or sixth round.

  11. Question, why do so many black women love Scandal? The show is about a black woman who is a whore to a powerful white man! For some reason black women love that show, why?

    • @nba is fixed

      why do yall weak simps care about a tv show when 72% of black kids are born fatherless (bastards)??
      For some reason black men love to forget they don’t marry the mothers of their kids OR teach their sons to value education OR be a man period instead of simping at gossip blogs.



        NBA knows a lot of the Sisters here watch Scandal so he asked why — which he has every right to do.
        And YOU are a naive fool if you don’t know that shows like Scandal have a lot of influence on the folks who watch that trash, no matter what race they are.

        Now, aren’t there some hoes down at the club that you should be trying to save D.Ross?

        Shut the door behind you, it’s snowing out there.

        • LOL simps can’t do nothing with stats 72% of Black kids are FATHERLESSL yet a simp is talking about a TV show.

          Nother reason why yall are LOSING.


          Open the door the truth is the light, LOL SIMP

      • @ Denzel Ross, you are a lie. 72% of black kids are not born put of wedlock. That’s some fake ass statistic you made up yourself. Stfu and go away

    • @NBA, because 1. The designer digs she rocks. 2. The sad and sick presentation of whore as the new desirable. Misguided Women think that being a whore is empowering. It is yuk, yuk, yuk and after they wrote out Sen. Edison, I bounced.

    • @NBA, because 1. The designer digs she rocks. 2. The sad and sick presentation of whore as the new desirable. Misguided Women think that being a whore is empowering. It is yuk, yuk, yuk and after they wrote out Sen. Edison, I bounced.

  12. This Black woman does not love Scandal or watch it anymore! After the 2nd season when Olivia went from being the president’s sidepiece to f*cking the president’s CIA hit man, I was too embarrassed for Kerry — & Shonda — for perpetrating such a fraud, so I left it alone.

    Contrary to what the Twitter stans & the press keep proclaiming, Olivia Pope is NOT one of the smartest, most powerful women in the country & a champion of the downtrodden. She’s an amoral sex toy who gets passed around from one White man to the other. She lets her twat do her thinking for her, which is why she keeps breaking up with Fitz then falling into bed with him again 3 episodes later. Even her parents are psychopaths! Imagine the impression Olivia has on teenage Black girls who watch that trash.

    I know Shonda has made it clear that “Olivia is not a role model & Scandal is no a fantasy”. But in fact, Scandal IS a fantasy because much of what happens on the show is so totally implausiable that it’s comical. The public wants characters that are well-rounded, not angels or demons, but realistic people who can be both noble & devious, depending on the situation. Shonda comes from a strong, stable family with 2 Black parents. Why she can’t manage to transfer any of her own positive experiences as a high-achieving Black woman into how she writes Olivia Pope is beyond me. The bitch has no redeeming qualities other than looking good in designer clothes.

    Olivia is NOT a character I want to watch. She’s an embarrassment.

  13. My goodness, I have never seen a more hateful and disgusting set than the lot making these nasty comments. Do you all feel good about yourselves after you all hit enter? I’ll be darned. I truly did not know people could be so crass, nasty, hateful, disgusting and ugly. I would really love to say a few things to some of you, but to for it to really have full effect to describe you people, I would have to say it in Jamaican dialect, on behalf of Kerry’s granparents. That’s what you all deserve, to be classed for the crow baits that you all are. To have the time to write such hate in the name of black empowerment blows my mind. You illustrious self possessed people are simply crab louses. What are you all hiding, behind those “black love” words? Talking about someone’s child like this. Who are you people? Whew!!!!! Maaan. Unuuh tinking, dutty, naasi john crow bait who nuh have nothing fih duh. Let me give you all something worthwhile to do. Go to Kerrys house and collect her dirtiest drawers and wash them. Seeing you all are watching and policing har cratches, there you go, that is something worthwhile to do. Her mother would be too American to know how to put you sketel in your places. I have never seen men talk the things some men say on these sites. I would love to search some of you to see what is between your legs. MEN do not get on the way some of you get on. Want to bet some of you came out of anuses instead of vaginas, want to bet? Ya’ll mothers should have sat on many of you when you came out. Leave Kerry Washington alone. Live and let live. She is going about her business making her $80,000.00 per week while you are all tearing her down in the name of morality, tuh rahtid!!! Can you all pay your bills? where do you all live? do you own anything? have an education? not a degree,an education? My goodness. I feel better now and I think her Jamaican grandparents would be proud that I have done what they could not do. Leave this girl alone and go get lives. What is under her skirt is hers to do as she pleases. On that great day, none of you will be answering for her, she will be answering for herself. If you all have nothing else to do, I will find something for you all to do,I just did my laundry otherwise I would call ya’ll to come wash my dirty clothes. But I got something else for you wretches, there are some very smelly passengers on the trains in the mornings who need a shower, debridement of maggotty wounds, hair to be combed, meals to be prepared and served. Find a cause, do something worthwhile. Come offa dih girl. Shi nuh see none ah unuuh. Old reprobates, you black empowering set of nothings that you all are.

    • ” Find a cause, do something worthwhile.”

      Go get your missing goat Spanishtown Road. We don’t need a Miss Put em to right in here nuuh.

  14. Riiiight — yet your shocked ass is right up here with us! LEAVE IF WE OFFEND YOU SO MUCH! But the truth is, Ya Love It! Folks on HSK have a lot of interesting & intelligent things to say, which is
    your here.

    Since you asked, I have 2 degrees – how many have you got? I have no problem paying my bills. But I wouldn’t be on tv playing a homewrecking slut, not even for $80,000 a day, because that is NOT how I would choose to rep Black women as an actress. We’ve already got sluts like Tricki Minaj & Weave-once out there convincing the world that Black women are all hoes. We don’t need Olivia Pope on tv every week adding fuel to that fire.

    FYI: Word on the street is that her sudden shotgun marriage to a baller no one had ever heard of was a cover because Kerry really IS f*cking her co-star & Tony Goldwyn’s wife (of 25+ years) was about to tell him to kick rocks. Kerry’s biggest concern is her flawless public image. So to avoid a real-life divorce scandal & convince Mrs. Goldwyn she isn’t banging her husband anymore, Kerry grabbed the 1st presentable single Black man she could find, got knocked up & married his ass.

    Which could easily explain why the object of your adoration spent her birthday 8 mos. pregnant & ALONE.

  15. Hey unuuh boogo yagga ole nayga. I am not from Spanish town, but trust and believe,If I catch that goat, I will curry the heck out of it and all of you would be lined up waiting to be served. But that is neither here nor there. Kerry Washington is a human being with feelings. she has parents; a mother who loves her as much as any mother here loves their child and as any father here loves their princess regardless of who they are or what they do. You are some worthless good for nothing trashy pieces of crap, juss pure nassiness, dutty stinking nassiness. To sit down on another human being the way ya’ll do is just john crow business. What goes around, comes around. Anyone with children on here talking about another woman’s child. See what will happen to yours. I have lived long enough to witness many things. Those evil things coming from your heart will be turning right back on your children. God or the universe has a sense of humor. Lef dih ooman, Ah fih har front!!! when she’s finished with all those you all talk about, she will come and take all ya’ll man an woman too. She gots it like that, haters. She has a magic front to take everybody man and woman so watch out, and put lock down on your peoples. KW vagina police and hench persons! cuh unuuh tuh wid notin fih duh beside watch dis ooman crotches. Yes I adore her. Wouldn’t you all like to be so adored? Truth is, I would defend anyone on here in the same manner I am defending KW. I cannot stand to see us tearing each other down the way I see people tear this girl down. Makes no darn sense whatsoever. When she borrow anyone of her haters body parts and use it, then you have the right to say something. Right about now she is using her parts. Come aff ah mi object of adoration. Karma is waiting on your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, godchildren. Freedom has responsibilities, let your degrees guide you into being responsible people. This on here is not it and in no way shape or form indicates any level of college entrance. Please show me the way. I was thinking of going to college, I have yet to see evidence of higher learning from so many people who say they hve degrees. KMT!!!!!!!!!

  16. Karma is waiting for YOUR children, Shocked — esp. if you’re such a idiotic Kerry Washington stan that you let your kids watch trash like Scandal.

  17. Iyanla Vanzant
    “Affirmations create forceful energy. Structure your affirmations to create powerful, positive results”.

    Karma will not reach anyone for me as I AFFIRM and BUILD UP 24/7. There is the actor KW and the character Olivia Pope. Ya’ll going after the person, KW, in a mean and heartless way. Again if you have children, BEWARE. Things have a way of coming back to bite in the tush.Not one of you know how your children will turn out so just be careful. KW is ‘acting as OP’ and making her money. Now if she is doing other things i her life that you think is not correct, pray for her and wish her well. That is what a moral and ethical person such as yourself should be doing, right? ‘harm to no one’ I know you had that class somewhere. As Jesus said to the people who wanted to stone the woman caught in the very act of adultery, “the one without sin, cast the first stone’. I think you know the rest of the story. Those self righteous good for nothings slinked away like the vultures they were. Many were also sleeping with her. Jesus said “….neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”. If she is doing something wrong, let God be her judge. Do not let your mouths condemn your offspring. The bible says “the sins of the parents visits the third and fourth generation”. If you do not believe in God/Jesus/the Bible, then karma is waiting. Karma is a mechanism put in place to check people and their meanness. Think before you speak cruelty in the atmosphere, it will come back at you and yours. Speak life and affirm people. We will never be better as a people. Too many of us condemn each other in the name of morality/black power, etc, etc, when its really hate that massa bred into us on the plantation to conquer and divide us.In this Black History month, is this the best you can all do? Willie Lynch is having the time of his life in hell, laughing at us all. Can you imagine how much better we would be if we affirmed each other daily? We would remove generational curse from off the back of our children. Check ya’ll selves. Do better, You would be laying the foundation for your children and grandchildren. Please and thank you. Love all my people but wih muss duh betta. Going to eat some curry goat now, somebody put the taste in my mouth. Going to Jamaica in the summer, may visit Spanish Town, but really going to Kingston and Mobay, anybody want to come with mih?!!! Ah nuh nutten. Jamaicans defends Jamaica/n, ah juss suh it guh. Everybady arrright!!!One love!!! Irie.

    • Jamaican defends Jamaican?? What are you defending?
      Going to Kingston? You betta have your insurance policy in place. KINGSTON IS THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY IN THE ENGLISH CARIBBEAN. You are the one with the colonial mind. You support KW because she is wealthy, accepted by whites and somewhat of high color. If we did check our own more and not worship them (against biblical principals), we would have less problems.
      I don’t hate on Kerry, but I see what that show Scandal is all about and I am not cosigning with it. Seems like the “scandal” she and Shondra Rimes are sellin’ to little black girls has arrived at KW’s personal doorstep. Life imitating art?

      Ask anyone in SE London and NE Bronx if a crime wave doesn’t arrive with every Air Jamaica flight. Who can walk through Kingston without being ripped off as soon as you step out the door? Save your little “chapter and verse” speech for the Jamaican politicians – dem teef y’all.

  18. kerry just wants some benefits.

    these celebs barely marry for love.

    never watched scandal but if its about a black woman being a white man’s personal whore and they say blaxploitation is dead.

    she might as well take the pam grier route abd be raped by everry white man in films forgot she already did that.

    kerry said she likes to be beaten by white men.

  19. No because black women are supposed to exist only as brood mares for black men! And the decent ones who are left take their wives and children to white neighborhoods just to have a peace of mind. We love to talk ish but can’t stand on our own.

  20. Ironic that one sermon I am listening to right now speaks of the power of the tongue, the heart and in this instance the keyboards and fingers. You cannot be taught, you are incapable of learning so I will not have any further words with you. I hate circular conversations, round and round without going anywhere. Go back and read everything I have written. You are bitter about something that neither KW or myself have anything to do with. I will not get into complexion issues with a Black person, that’s Willie Lynch syndrome. None has control over how they came into this world. Speak blessings into someones life. Keep your mouth and heart clean. You have something wrong,Kingston is the fourth violent place in the WORLD said by a racist world. When was the last time you went home to Jamaica? Is that why you are mad? Did your family migrate back in the day and you are not doing so well? You are very unhappy, I am sorry about that. I’ll take you home with me. No one will touch you with me around. Crazy knows crazy. Naomi Campbell has a house there and she is British Jamaican. Maybe you could hook up with her and take a trip. Alicia Keys went to her father’s neighborhood; Trench Town and live to tell the tale. I went to church in Trench Town and I’m still here. Back in the day used to watch men run through the tenement with machine guns supplied by guess who…, dead bodies everyday…You brought me back to those very dark days for a minute there. We never lived like that until the CIA decided that Jamaica needed to be destroyed to prevent communism to infiltrate the largest English speaking island in the Caribbean. Guns came into our island home like you would not believe. So typical of Black people, because the foundation of self hate was already laid, we turned on each other and started the massacre of our brothers and sisters. The Orange Street fire, yeah I remember those days. Go read a little of the political history of the Caribbean and of Jamaica. Someone did a whole lot of damage to our beautiful island home. But I am not bitter and I do not hate on people who do not even know I exist. Jamaica, Jamaica, see you in the summer!! Seriously though it is not as bad as you hear, ok, ok maybe a little worse. Live your life and leave others alone. People really came for Kerry though, never seen anything like this. Ya’ll took her personal business really personal. It’s as if she is doing something to you guys personally. Shonda Rhimes wrote the story to loosely tell the story of Judy Smith. Not one of you see the Fixer and how smart Judy Smith is(really SR fault for weakening OP to boost the white BY and SF). Judy Smith is a smart powerful AA woman that should have been epitomized by OP. ll you see is her bedroom activities as if it is new and not really going on in real life. Shonda Rhimes turned the show into a soap opera. I tweeted her asking her not to do this to the character as it was not exemplary, many other AA women did and are still asking her to change the trajectory of the show. I do not know if you know this but she has stated that she is taking her show from the fans and she gets very nasty with the fans who do not agree with what she does. She had a responsibility to set the tone and depict the first AA lead in 40 years in a more positive manner. She had the responsibility to tell the AA story in a manner that would lift up and uphold the principles of JS. She wanted none of that, It was her creation, she is the showrunner and she is a very rude woman who will tell you not to watch her show if you complain about what she is doing to the first AA lead in so many years. Too many of you do not know what is going on and just jump on stuff. We tried to have her do better on behalf of Black women, SR will cuss you out. Now with that being said KW’s personal life is her personal life and needs to be left alone. I guess I can afford to be generous, I am not perfect and I have friends, both male and female in a similar situation as KW/TG. In fact one of my male friends in a similar situation just called me and I love him dearly and never ever judge him/them. That’s not my job. Want to tell me none of you knows an adulterer? Or have you all stoned them to death. You all would do well to join the Taliban. You would all fit in really,really well, you oh so righteous folks. Life experience also says that people hate the most, the vices in others that they see in themselves. Don’t uphold biblical principles while destroying another human being with your tongue. The Dark Ages/Crusades is a testament of people who upheld biblical principles while killing and persecuting others. Terrorist maim and kill in the name of religion so please do not hold the bible in one hand while stabbing with the other. Jesus said, “ye without sin cast the first stone”. Jesus hated sin but loved people. What you all are doing is throwing out both the baby and the bath water. that’s not biblical, you can hate sin but love the sinner, that’s what the bible tried to teach us especially after Jesus came. Do not take on His job, that is blasphemy. Not one of you are God. Leave that woman’s child alone. All the AA actresses in Hollywood went to audition for the job of Olivia Pope, it so happens that KW got it. Their is not much work for AA actresses, not her fault that one of two AA showrunner in Hollywood made the character the way she is turning out. In any case we love Olitz, and if anything is going on in real life, KW/TG will have to work it out with their God. Just as you and I will have to work out our issues with our God.

    • I am doing quite well as a second generation American, my Jamaican grandparents would not have had it any other way. Humility was a big part of their disposition, so they were atypical indeed which probably played a big part in the decision to immigrate.

      This is a gossip site. Perhaps some don’t like the trash or nonsense posted here, (it is to me some of the best urban reads out there), but when we ever come to Britain or the Commonwealth, we will submit to the libel laws and the class culture. Until then, people will call it as they see it and if they see it incorrectly, there will be some serious cross-talk.

      True about Shondra Rimes, she is hostile toward fans and her direction of the show makes many of us believe here that there is an underlying agenda of influence here. Also, thank you for informing everyone else about the origin of the violence in Jamaica. However, does that excuse those who participated or succumbed to the initiators of the violence or the administrators of corruption? There will always be a CIA, DEA, IMF and World Bank, what is our price to participate? BTW, I have the same question for African-Americans so I am hardly anti-Jamaican.

      The same with KW. She is on a show called Scandal and she is the Black IT girl and more power to her. But that comes at a price and her personal life is the commodity. Believe it or not, bad press is good for KW. Here at HSK, the posters are actually doing the job of her PR people and manager. They are getting feedback in a way that allows them to plan KW’s next publicity move.

      There is a lot to learn in America (or any country) about nuances and what the word ostensible looks like in action.


      • Very happy you’re doing well. That’s how we do it!! I know these are gossip sites and the gossip was there. What got me was the vitriol, really not necessary. We go in like this on our own for no real reason. There is almost no work out there for AA actors and if they have to sleep around to get work then that is very, very, sad. It makes me feel bad that anyone of these girls will have to prostitute themselves to get work. Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We should not jump on the band wagon and tear them down any further. Who owns this site? Are we on a white owned site tearing down another Black person? Even if it’s not white owned, I do not think we should be tearing down each other like this. I have read some vicious things written about this girl. It’s not necessary, as I said SR did some serious damage to the character of OP. I usually end up not watching her shows anyway. She will invariably destroy the Blacks on her show. Watch her shows and you will see what she does to her own people. Then she cusses out people. I do not think Judy Smith is so involved with the show so much anymore, the character of OP that is loosely based on her life as a fixer has been so weakened and destroyed to push the white BY and SF that it really makes you want to cry. There was so much hope for this character and KW is acting her butt off for it to succeed. A darn shame really. I live my live where I try not to put a sister or brotha down, but everyone knows that once anyone goes after anything Jamaican, hint of Jamaican, pinch of Jamaican I strike back. KW is known as a graceful, classy person, everyone who comes into contact with her says good things about her. Then you come on these blogs and people who may have just seen her on TV have these vicious things to say. My sister taught me this as a child, “if you don’t have good to say don’t say no bad”. We are already struggling as a people, why are there blogs to tear down? Is it that they know this is what we do? I remember being told by white people here in the US that, that is how we live, fighting against each other. That cemented my principle of not tearing down my own in public(I really try not to do it especially for them to get more reasons to think we are the barbarians THEY really are). I do hear that PR people like publicity and that bad publicity is better than no publicity, I just wish that we would not allow people to use us this way. I think we look bad. Just saying. So much going on in the world to worry about. Did you hear the verdict in Florida of Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis. Dunn basically got away with killing this kid(would be 19 tomorrow) for playing loud music, that’s all, playing music while black another stand your ground case in Fla. So while they are picking off our young black males, we are on here using our keyboards and fingers to tear up our black women, and think its alright in the name of gossip. Something is wrong. We all need to do better, really!! Yeah, that’s how Jamaica came to be in the state it’s in. Started in the ’80s. But we are go getters and for the most part hard working people, so we continue to get up everyday despite the corruption and we put one foot in front of the other and send money back home to feed those left there. Ironically I did not know Kerry Washington was of Jamaican heritage, while watching Scandal I kept hearing an accent on some of her words and she works very hard, she throws her everything in what she does and I kept asking myself, why is she presenting as a Jamaican? then i did the research and realized her heritage and that Colin Powell who is very proud of his Jamaican heritage is her cousin, her mom continues to make black cake each Christmas, while teaching Kerry this part of their heritage. People who do that cant go wrong in my book. A yaadie is a yaadie!! We are still good people at heart, the forces against us would want to take us out, but we are hustlers. Get this DVD, “Life and Debt” and you will understand another piece about the destabilization of the Jamaican economy. There are YouTube videos about the CIA actions in Jamaica in the 80s. Check it out. Well my dear yaadie, I think we understand each other a little better now. Gotta go see if a march or something is going to be planned in light of this court decision and brush off my marching shoes. “No justice, no peace”. Our children are not birds waiting to be picked off one by one, they have worth and value!! Peace and walk good!!!

        • Yes, that is how the Jamaican diaspora and its descendants do, we do it successfully and right.
          Mek we chat..

          As for whites who ever comment to you on blacks, ask them if it they are Italian, ask if it was their grandfathers who were so criminal who put the dope in black communities. If they are Irish, ask if it was their grandfathers who were so incompetent and corrupt turned the other way and let the dope and crime settle in black communities. If they are jhews, ask if their grandfathers were the slumlords who had black folks paying rent in fire traps. If they are Southern, ask them if their grandfathers ever lynched anyone. I bet they will mind their ps and qs after that and not be so forward with their soft racism.

          But, this It is how its done on this site. People go in and kick the real. 2.5 years ago this site was under government surveillance folks were so raw (and still might be). Just like you feel that there might have been a bias against her Jamaican heritage and issued a tongue-lashing, people here will go all out when they feel that the Black consciousness is under assault. Nobody gets a pass, neither the puppeteer nor the puppets. So much gluttony and excess is flaunted to people of color in America, it is as if we are being teased. Kids rob, steal and prostitute themselves for designer stuff, so when there is a chink in the armor, the alarm is sounded. So, KW’s character OP is presented to us as the infalliable, brilliant, educated, licensed (attorney) who must be a sidepiece to the (fictional) President of the U.S. Even though the (fictional) majority speaker of the Senate wanted to marry her, but her character chooses to be a whore??? Doesn’t make sense and neither does her real life marriage to the football player so….

          I think first and foremost the duty of people is TO THE SOULS OF THEIR PEOPLE AND THEIR ANCESTORS and not to disgrace either. I think it is admirable that you are proud of your (our) people, but blind defense is not good. Sir Colin took a salt shaker to the UN and millions of Iraquis were killed over the false claim of WMD. 30 years earlier, he helped cover up the Mai Lai massacre during the Viet Nam war. He saw that he could rise up high in the military, I was more saddened than proud that he was willing to do anything, some speculate the same about KW, I don’t know, but I do know a little something about Hollywood. I saw KW on stage in a David Mamet play on Broadway and her talent is undeniable. Truth be told, she should have stayed on the stage. It is less money, but her credibility would still be intact. She shouldn’t be the target, but she is, because every show is hyped and unlike in G.B. and the Commonwealth, the publicity for television doesn’t include the fusion of the real person and the character. KW doesn’t mind because she’s a part of it, she knew what she was getting into and I doubt she is even reading this site. If her relatives are, the big red X at the top right corner will do the trick if you click on it.
          Yes, I am outraged over that drunken sorry ass Klansman in FL who shot the 17 year old. At least they got him on the other charges – at least 60 years on those charges. I am glad the prosecutor didn’t mess this one up, but I think the county down there in FL, was surprisingly respectful to the family. Which is why we need to be very critical of what is being geared to our youth. Fantasy on the t.v. does not exempt our young folks from racist police, angry white men and an economic system that works against them.

          No harm, no foul. It is a gossip site and we are all anonymous. But I bet Shondra does read this and KW’s managers/agents/PR spokesperson do read this. When there is enough of a blacklash, maybe they can see where the winds are blowing and the story will — and the storyline – will change. Unfortunately, the show is geared to our impressionable youth, who are to gullible to understand that the show is about social engineering. Look, Olivia Pope (notice the last name, Pope, as if to infer power and MIND CONTROL) is the first black lead character on a nighttime drama which hasn’t happened since Get Christie Love in 1980. I used to be fascinated to see black people on television, really. But KW is a brand and hopefully, hopefully, some of that Jamaican moxie can come up and strongly suggest that a script change be in order. The show hasn’t been real since Joe Morton (playing her father) let her have it about who she really was. You know Shondra took those words he spoke right from this site.

          Peace out, one luv, out of many, one!

          And, I will say what I mean, without being mean while I say it from now on!

          • Got everything you said. Did ask questions similar to those you posed because those are real questions that need to be asked when people make asinine statements. No one really gets a pass with me especially the corrupt politicians ‘down a yaad’. I go as far as to write letters and go on radio shows to voice my opinion on the madness. I really call it as I see it. I believe that there are times when silence is a form of betrayal, I have learned over the years to temper it with love and mercy except when it comes to corrupt politicians and if anyone go after my peeps personal life in a mean and vicious way. We are over that now and I do respect that you are willing to go after the issue instead of the person. Really love that. We learned from each other.I also saw KW in Race years ago.”Three Little Birdies” is on now on Bdway/off Bdway. Doubt there will be a script change for Scandal. When the show becomes unbearable I will stop watching as I did GA and PP. Don’t need to be watching TV anyway. I have a bookcase of very books that needs my attention. You take care, walk good and one love!!!

  21. RC said, “Halle’s spot ain’t worth all that much! She fell victim to the Oscar Curse”

    Halle’s spot in mainstream hollywood is above average because she did win the oscar. Halle’s spot in black hollywood is pure gold! Halle was once A list. Halle in her prime was the gold standard for black beauty. Halle was paid $10 million dollars for a movie. Halle still has a musti million dollar contract with Revlon. No other black actress has this on their resume. Kerry, Zoe Megan, Gabby and Joy Bryant and Jessica Lucas are eager to replace Halle as the A-list black actress who commands a seven figure salary. As far as Halle doing tlelvision? Smart move, at least she is still working. No other black actress has been awarded the A-List status, Halle is the only one.

    • NBA,

      Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to take any shine away from Halle! On the contrary, I’m a big fan, been following her career since Living Dolls. I knew the 1st time I saw her that she was going to be a big star. We went thru a case of VC at our Oscar party in 2002 when she won & gave that great speech. I had waited my whole life to see a Black woman win Best Actress & she was perfection in every way that night. I screamed like my house was on fire & cried like a baby when she won. It was a very proud moment for Blackfolks everywhere. And watching all the smart moves she made in her career to get to that moment taught me a lot about the business.

      But I lost a lot of respect for Halle when she let her boy-toy make her into just another unwed mother. She had dated & married multiple Brothers in the past & got the hearing knocked out of one ear for her troubles thanks to Wesley Snipes, so I did NOT begrudge her for finding love with a White man. But I thought she had more respect for herself than to become a mother without insisting on the honor of being made a wife first — esp. when you’re Halle Berry!( But I’m old-school, so you’ll NEVER get me to co-sign folks shacking up & having babies.) And she did end up marrying the 2nd man she got pregnant by, so hopefully, all’s well that ends well.

      I really thought Halle’s career would outshine Meryl Streep’s because it was a new era, because she had broken the color bar & frankly, because she was much better-looking & more accessible as a star than Streep (although she has become more personable as she gotten older). Streep had already had a long & very good run as Hollywood’s #1 Movie Actress. It was time for someone else to take the crown. She won her 1st Oscar in back in 1979 for Kramer vs. Kramer, in a rather small part that was not a great performance IMO. But Streep also had the benefit of being at the height of her powers during the 1970s & ’80s, which was the greatest era for American directors with a unique vision & real cojones. After that, everything changed. The studios were taken over by multi-national corporations & movies became just another commodity. But Streep managed to avoid the Oscar Curse, even after she turned 40. She went on to get even better roles after Kramer vs. Kramer. Although Halle being cast as the 1st black Bond girl was no small feat, I thought she would ride her career momentum to become Hollywood’s #1 actress. But that didn’t happen.

      She’s certainly had her share of lucrative glamour contracts (Revlon, the Versace campaign where she meet Gabriel Aubry, Harry Winston & I think she has 3 fragrances). So she’s well-paid, which is nice. But Meryl Streep has never used her face to sell anything. She makes her money from her acting, which makes me respect her even more. She works when she wants to work & has worked with nearly all of the greatest actors & directors of the last 3 decades. Halle can’t say that. Scorsese, Eastwood (I always thought Halle would have been amazing in Million Dollar Baby), Fincher, PT Anderson, Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Oliver Stone — the top American directors haven’t pursued her to star in their films. Even Spike hasn’t worked with her again since Jungle Fever. Not to mention the great foreign directors Halle hasn’t worked with (Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Leigh, Jean-Pierre Jeunet), esp. considering that race is less likely to be an issue with them.

      Even when you run the numbers, Halle’s per picture quote has never topped Julia Roberts, even after Julia took time off to have kids. (She’s only a year older than Julia). And that’s bullshit because Halle is the better actress. I was shocked last summer when The Hollywood Reporter said that f*cking Cameron Diaz was the highest-paid movie actress over 40! (Sandra Bullock was #2, but I’m sure that’s changed since Gravity.) Halle can act rings around Diaz. So if she’s still an A-list actress, that label doesn’t seem to mean that much for Halle at this point.

      Lastly, I truly believed Halle would have used her post-Oscar status to do more to bring new Black talent along in the movie biz — & I’m pissed off that she hasn’t. I thought for sure that she’d open up a prodco & get Spike to direct her in something with Denzel as her 1st project. Both actors have said they want to work together. (BTW, Spike had to resort financing his upcoming flick thru KickStarter, which is just WRONG! The budget was only $1.25 mil — he should have been able to write that check himself! If he was working with Halle, he wouldn’t need crowdsource funding.) I know she produced a few made-for-cable movies (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Lackawanna Blues) & she’s producing her new tv series with Spielberg (Extant). But is it thru her own company? And how many Blackfolks will be down with that show?

      Hallee’s playing an astronaut who returns from a year in space & has problems readjusting to life as a wife & mother. But her son isn’t human — he’s a human robot prototype designed by her husband. (Already that premise seems weak to me, but that’s JMO.) With a premise like that, how many Black actors do you think will be cast with her on that show? Will her husband even be Black? No – they’ve cast Goran Visnjic as her husband. Form the info listed @ Imdb.com, the only other Black cast member is a brother named Sergio Harford. Will Halle insist that the crew for her show be at least 50% minorities, like Spike used to do on his films? I doubt it.

      So for all her A-list success, for all the good will & support she’s gotten for millions of Blackfolks like me over the last 25 yrs., who is Halle helping other than herself?

      And I wonder about this tv project. Spielberg’s track record with tv is nowhere near as good as with movies. But Halle did get a top-notch deal — Extant is guaranteed for 13 episodes upfront, so she won’t have to worry about getting cancelled after the 3rd week. A lot of very good actors are moving to tv now — but to CABLE shows, not network. After the long & hugely successful run of Breaking Bad & all the great cable shows that are running now, I don’t know why Halle didn’t chose to do Extant with HBO or Showtime, so she doesn’t have to worry about ad rates & all that crap.

      Come July when Extant debuts, Halle will be the 2nd Black actress playing the lead on a tv drama. That alone is huge because we’ve already got Kerry & you KNOW they normally don’t allow us to have more than one at a time. But if the show flops, Halle really won’t have an A-list movie career to go back to. And then what?

      AND FYI @ SHOCKED: Most American’s don’t know or care that Kerry has Jamaican grandparents. The folks here who dislike her for the slutty behavior of Olivia Pope don’t care that Kerry’s Jamaican — it’s HER CHARACTER’S ACTIONS that we object to. And the fact that she may be screwing her married co-star in real life. But people here voice the same objections about Gabby Union’s character on Mary Jane, as well as her husband-stealing ways in real life & she’s not Jamaican.

      So you really need to stop making stuff personal that isn’t. There’s no cultural bias behind our remarks about Kerry. We just don’t put her on a pedestal like you do because her Jamaican background doesn’t matter to us.

        • Chris, baby – chiilll! Living Dolls was a short-lived tv show from back in 1989 about 4 girls trying to break into the modeling biz. It was Halle’s very first acting job. Leah Remini was on there it too. It didn’t even last 1 season.

          But no dolls were involved in the making of the show.

          • the title itself and yes hollywood has an obsession with dolls, toys and puppets.

            remember that techno gay ass song i’m a barbie girl.

            nicki took the barbie thing farther but she’s just another toy or doll isn’t she.

            lots of entertainers used this doll concept and used as subliminal messages.

            • Chris, I don’t always agree with all of your comments but, most of them to me are riveting. I always look forward to what you have to say. But, I digress.

              I thought of you last night, when I was watching the Antiques Road show.

              There was a man on there with a book given to him by Jim Morrison. The book was about the occult and satanism. The guy that was appraising the book was a huge fan of Jim Morrison. The owner of the book and the appraiser mentioned how deep Jim was in the occult.

              The owner of the book was a college roommate of Jim’s for a short time, he said that Jim gave him the book as a gift.

              Don’t know why but, I thought of you. I think you mentioned how heavily Jim was into the occult.

              The appraiser and the book owner said that they were going to meet up later to discuss more Jim.

              I think the book with Jim Morrison’s signature was worth around 10,000

            • check out the doors music.

              jim would trip off lsd and hallucinate in the desert for hours he married a witch.

              he was bisexual and open with it.

              he talked about other dimensions, wild sex, drugs mr. mojorisin and oedipus rex like kill your dad and sex your mom.

              light my fire yes references to god of fire.

  22. Hollyweird…Pro Sports…Same Ish! Sistas need to realize that both genres are against them from the jump. I detest both, because, they keep us deaf, dumb, and blind. Kerry Washington wanted a child,so, she got hitched to a baller from The 49ers…Self-Explanatory! The reality, is that, brothas in Cali are whitewashed, they don’t wanna be black…Black Anglos. We don’t like to talk about the real issue, because it means calling out others, which is uncomfortable for most people.


  23. ***MY BROTHAZ!*** (And SIStahs if you follow b-ball. I know Christa does.) Tyrone, the cool Anonymous, Crazy Chris — Pls. help a Sista out right quick!

    My friend just told me I’m buggin’ to think that Spike Lee could afford to write a check for $1.25 mil. I say he’s been rich for a good while now & anyone who can afford lifetime season tix to the Knicks can afford to write a check for $1.25 mil. I checked NBA.com but they won’t give you the season tkt price without emailing them, which is bulshit.

    Spike has had season tix since 1991. But I can’t find out how much on-the-floor, close-enough-to-get-ballers’-sweat-in-your-face season tix to the Knicks cost. Or how many he has.

    Does anybody know how many seats Spike bought 23 yrs. ago? And how much he paid for them? And how much they’ve cost him per annum since then?

    My guesstimate was as follows:

    Jack-Nicholson-seats for the Knicks: $1000 per seat.
    (I’m assuming he paid a lot less in ’91, but to adjust for inflation, that’s the figure I’m using.) He’d buy at least 4 seats because who goes to a ball game alone, right? So $1k X 4 seats = $4000 per game.

    There are 82 games per season, half are home games, so 41 games @ the Garden. 41 X $4K = $164,000 per year.

    $164,000 X 23 years = $3,722,000. CHA-CHING!

    Even if I over-estmiated by half, the total would still be more than what Spike’s latest movie cost. So yeah, homeboy should have mos def been able to write the check for his movie hisself. Right?

    • RC here is the deal. Spike gets paid very well off residuals from the movies he directed. Also Spike gets paid alot of money to endorse Absolut Vodka. He can afford to buy Knicks season tickets. Not sure about Madison Square Garden, but at Staples Center, A-list celebrities get huge discounts to attend Lakers and Clippers games. Best believe Jack Nicholson is not paying full price to attend Lakers games.

        • I don’t know about MSG. At Staples, tickets in the front row can go for as much as $10,000 a seat at Lakers games. Like I said, A-list celebrities get huge discounts, if they pay at all. The Lakers need celebrities to attend their games, especially now because the Lakers suck!

          • To anwswer your question, yes tickets to Lakers and Knicks games are very expensive, especially if you want to sit courtside.


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