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Now why Gabrielle have to go Snitchin on our girl Beyonce?

November 27th, 2008

Beyonce sold 482,000 copies of her latest piece of work as Sasha Fierce. Her invention (not so original but hers nonetheless) this new alter ego has worked for her (even though they were expecting twice as many first week sales.) Sasha Fierce has pulled it off.

Beyonce got you to the the record store and I knew it, I knew she would. Honestly I knew she would get your money and I wanted her to. I wanted Beyonce to get all your  money she deserves it.

It’s plain to see that Beyonce is on top of her game and other bitches are jealous. Bitches like Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a fucking snitch, she told us all that Beyonce is 36 years old. Gabrielle said she knows this for a fact because her and Beyonce knew each other from when they were teenagers. Gabrielle is 36 and Beyonce’s age is commonly know as 27.

Gabrielle likes to GAB and so do I. Did I tell you that this skinny little jealous black bitch Gabrielle Union has her LICKHER LICENSE.

Oh yes you heard it first over here at HSK!! We don’t play.

If Gabrielle Union wanna start snitching we’ll pull the rug from under her. Gabrielle I know personally all about your all girl parties. PIMP BUDDIES of mine supply the talent for these celebrity lesbian parties. In other words my pimp buddies whores are the entertainment. My pimp buddies whores are there at these parties for the celebrities amusement.

Don’t get me started Gabrielle, the only thing that is protecting you are the other names of people that do attend  these type of parties. Most of them and I are still friends (customers.)

Gabrielle, listen this is for you, shut your fucking mouth. Don’t talk about B, don’t talk about a Black Woman who work hard. Beyonce works much harder than you Gaberille.  Beyonce works hard to achieve her goals. She has to maintain her weave, learn the latest dance moves, she has to stay in shape. She watches her weight, writes songs, does television commercials. She has to get up in the morning and look at Jay Z’s camel MUG (it’s all for the PR trust me), then she has to read and learn the latest movie script.

I wonder if that’s the reason why Gaberille is getting mad at Beyonce? Is Gabrielle mad at Beyonce because Beyonce  is getting all the Big Hollywood scripts?  The scripts and roles Beyonce refuses Gabrielle will die for.

Who is Gaberille Union? She’s a video girl.

if she’s in a current movie it’s in the theater for a week then you and I can buy it or rent it on DVD. She’s not on the A-LIST.  She’s maybe popular overseas like Kelly Rowland.

Kelly Rowland had to go overseas to do the Music Awards in Africa after being snubbed stateside at the AWA’s. Kelly Rowland had to go to Africa to get attention, that’s what Gabrielle Union will do in the future. She’ll have to go overseas for her money and attention cause she’s not getting ours over here in America.

Gabrielle Union lives off professional athlete’s. If there wasn’t such professional athlete to slop around with these greedy bitches Gabby would be living in a regular Hollywood apartment.

I think it’s fair to say Gabrielle Union and Megan Good are on the same level. Neither can walk in Beyonce’s shoes. So Gab once again, shut your  fucking snitching mouth!

Back to Beyonce, she’s black, she’s beautiful, and she has talent. She doesn’t have to send well wishes or condolences to Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce’s  a STAR!! she don’t got to do anything she don’t want. THAT’S SASHA FIERCE.

So let’s enjoy our version of Tina Turner (A.K.A Beyonce.) Did you know that Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother use to sew the clothes that Tina wore back in the day, back when Tina was still with Ike? Bet you didn’t know that.

So let’s all wish Beyonce happiness, because fame and money doesn’t guarantee happiness. You will discover this on your climb up the Ladder of $ucce$$

Jacky 8:21

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27 Comments on "Now why Gabrielle have to go Snitchin on our girl Beyonce?"

December 22, 2013

Jacky I gotta agree with some of your readers , You took this too personal wtf? Why you on Beyonce’s so hard? Shit if the girl is old OK. So the Fuck what?
Let it be written let it stand . It looks good for us older girls and the hollywood lie that only younger people can pump success out. You need to chill Jacky and get on the pulse of what your readers want. You do sound like a rachet female on this one.


November 29, 2013

good that heffa need to stop making haters and her haters will stop blowing her cover.


June 10, 2013

Every online source lists Beyonce’s DOB as Sept. 4, 1981. The world knows she’s 31 & no one has EVER posted a link to document where Gabby supposedly claimed Bey was 5 yrs. older than her real age — becuz she never said that shit. So how is the fool who wrote this article claiming she’s 27?

JACKY, you need to to stop letting those interns from the weekend GED class guest write your columns! They’re making you look bad.


June 10, 2013

more proof that beyonce is queen glad her album’s selling beyonce makes music that her white and gay friends love.


June 10, 2013

Stan much on Beyonce? You are Trying to clown Gabrielle Union, and the way you attack? Trying to make the whole world gay….that is the oldest and slimiest tabloid trick. I happen to know for a fact that GU has a think for a particular 7.5″ Uncut middle eastern man, and has for quite sometime…so the lesbian label ain’t gonna work.





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