Nude Pics Of Ciara Surface!!!


Ciara Nude Photo Leak

…Reported Taken By 50 Cent

HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively obtained a slew of naked photos of Ciara.

According to our sources, the images were taken by none other than 50 Cent – who’s been on-again-off-again with the singer for some time now.

We’re told the G-Unit founder could have guided Ciara to pose nude for the camera in an attempt to use the images as a tool to push her singing career into the mainstream market. Don’t believe me..
Ask Lloyd Banks.


    • This was shot for an unreleased music video you idiot – google it! Actin like this is new and never to be seen – get to shit straight before you go commenting, You dot stop and think “wait this is BS- it’s probably for a music video, album art work or a magazine” #Gullible – not everything you read is true. Go buy Sorry or Got me Good on iTunes ;)Redeem yourself FOOL

  1. 50 sure knows how to keep ish cold…I’m sure Ciara can use the promo talk about publicity stunting

    • Yeah because it’s not like she’d rather talk about her new single Sorry or Got Me Good, or upcoming album One woman army and her upcoming VH1 Divas performance – Sit to @$$ down and respect a woman who has actual talent and hustles, matter fac chocolate girl LEARN from her.

  2. She never had much to show off, but whores will be whores. Whores on the street fuck for crack. The next level will fuck for weed. The next for a drink. The next for meal. The next for an outfit. The next for a man’s car. The next for an acting job. The next for a rich guy. The next in a movie. No matter the price, whoring is whoring! Taking your clothes off in a movie for pay is no different than making a porno or doing it for $10.

    • if anyone of any gender has sex for a meal that doesn’t make them a whore it means they were hungry and probably homeless.or an actress in sex and the city.

      if they do it for drugs including weed it makes them an addict. a broke one at that.

  3. Sad to say, but when it comes to nude pics surfacing, you know Ciara’s wishing it was still 2004-2007. At least Cassie, another ‘singer’ whose nude pics were ‘accidentally’ released, had Puffy to bankroll her non-singing career. *shrugs*

  4. At least she’s in shape, the doctor could’ve done a better job with her breast inplants, or better yet, she should not have gotten any inplants at all.

  5. crazychris you disappointed me man. I just knew youere going to go in on the butterflies and talk about monarch programming. LOL

  6. Ciara gets exactly what she deserves. Everyone knows that 50 cent ain’t nothing but a snitch and a snake. Look at what he did to Young Buck. 50 cent don’t care about nobody but himself and he only out to make himself look good. If anybody is dumb enough to roll with a nigga that got shot 45 times then I question their sanity. Everyone knows 50 cent is dirty and he will step over anyone to get what he wants. In the future. If you don’t want to be embarrassed or busted, stop hanging with a snake like 50! Peace!

  7. If any of you really knew anything about this, this is from a video she did about 5 years ago that was never released. It is a slow news day.

  8. Post a picture of yourself- we’d LOVE to see how you look ­čÖé better yet don’t, Im sure you cant even stand to see how you look

    Quit hating ppl- the story is BS and y’all look DUMB for falling for it

    Go check out her new song(s) Sorry and Got Me Good

    Ciara is WAY better then this article is trynna make her out to be

    • Ciara should be thanking jacky for making her relevant for the day at least. It’s not like anyone is checkin for her or her music these days.

      • Obviously they do – check the comments – check YOURSELF – your 3rd on the posting

        People are still checkin on her foo

        Ciara’s Hot

  9. Wow a “naked” picture that’s not showing anything at all. Oh and FYI for this deformed leg thing, I hope you idiots realize she’s sitting on a couch in which her left leg is on the arm rest. smh. HATERS

  10. Ciara’s a beautiful, talented, hardworking genuine person – this site is WACK for trynna make her out as something else- of all women Ciara keeps it sexy but classy

    Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their homework on her before yet start judging – even in her worst photo she still looks better then these haters best

    #sorry #gotmegood -> go check out her real talent

    F*** the haters

  11. LMAO Y’ALL DUMB AS FUCK! That’s an unreleased photo for the unreleased track “highprice”LOL and y’all would be smart enough to be like ” hey Isn’t that a green screen? Isn’t It body paint, looks like a photo shoot of some sort”? Lol ciara is not irrelevant she’s doing big things and not to mention she sexy as fuck like Got damn girl. Do what makes you happy.

  12. lol… I was thinking the same thing about the bad boob job that shits look so unnatural but the rest of her looks good but those shoes are not sexy and are ugly as hell. I officially don’t believe that Ciara has any style and these pics are not appealing.

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