NY Jet Kerry Rhodes Takes One on the Chin for Gay Pro Athletes!


NY Jets Kerry Rhodes Boyfriend Exposed

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

The girls over at BallerAlert are reporting the following:

Less than a week after photos of New York Jets’ Kerry Rhodes and a young male hit the internet, and just a few days after Rhodes denied that he was gay, MORE photos have surfaced. The first time the photos leaked, Kerry Rhodes was given ample opportunity to come out of the closet.

These photos are not helping his case. I’m actually quite disappointed. I would hope that he’d be courageous enough to come out now that the evidence is there. Denying it was a bad move. Now what say you, Kerry?


  1. Honestly, I don’t think he’s gay. That’s a whole nutha conversation, LOL! It appears he’s buy-sexual. Which is a difference from being gay. Gay is another race LOL

    • He’s a man that sleeps with other men & tricks women to cover…MSM can’t even give blood because the medical community is very aware of what their perverted activities cause…

    • There is no such thing as a bisexual. You either like your own sex or you don’t. I don’t date men.

      • Look at how he is walking. Look at those sandals. Look at his companion. If it looks gay, acts gay and screams gay, then it’s gay.

      • Now im dating myself as a 30 somthin but there was sain when i wss coming up. You either dick or dont suck dick.

    • If one more person says someone isn’t gay but “bi” I think I might scream. Bi is gay. In fact bi is the worst kind of gay because you sleep with whomever you please whether man or woman. It’s a perversion and origins is very satanic. Satan perpetuated this thinking with the whole androgynous agenda. Alestier Crowley coined the phrase “Do what thou wilt” which Jay-Z supports. If you choose to believe none of this matters that is your choice. I pray that people wake up to the truth that is right in font of their face. It’s not even hidden or subliminal anymore. Satan is real and praise God that so is Christ I pray that we all accept that we are sinners in God’s eyes. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior before its too late. He is the way, the truth and the life. God bless

      • Not from another planet, but I’ve learned live, and let live!!! I ain’t about judging folk, anyone could end like that! Some people kill themselves because they’re not what society considers as normal. We need to be slow in our actions judging people. U may not absorb what I’m typing today, but before u depart this planet, I guarantee u, u will. All of us have the following in our families: LIARS, WHORES, GAYS, CHEATERS, DRUG ADDICTS & THIEVES. Let the one who has not sinned, cast the 1st stone…LOL

    • Personally I don’t think they should bully or force him to come out. Just play ball why are they forcing all this gay stuff on our society. I’m upset because I was watching my show game of thrones and they were about to gang rape this dude. I’m sick of it. Its either gay shit or incest shit, for instance on borgias now they are going to have the brother and sister who are the kids of the dam pope liking each other. This shit is cray cray. Is anyone else peeping all this gay nasty shit on tv. Don’t get me wrong I love the tea, I’m just appalled because that’s all you see. Don’t even let me start on Spartacus. All my favorite shows even shameless has ignit ass gay shit on it. What’s going on. It’s either gay whether gay black man, interracial couple, mad black woman, just ratchet ness

      • @Cher are you just as appalled by all the illegitimate that are born today or is that now being accepted as a norm?

      • Cher — leave Game of Thrones alone! That show is some SERIOUSLY demonic shit!

        I don’t have cable so I hadn’t seen any episodes, but I was gonna rent season 1 from Netflix. I only knew that it was set in Europe during the Middle Ages & that everyone was raving about it. Then I read some of the recaps online. GOT regularly features brother/sister incest, step-dad/step-daughter incest, all sorts of rapes. (Becuz that is the next kind of evil Satan wants to normalize in people’s minds.) So I said naw, I’m leaving that demonic shit alone!

        There are some things you just don’t need to be putting inside your head.

        And you’re right — none of this filth is accidental or coincidental. There has been a Gay Agenda in effect since the late 1980s — & not on the DL either. They had the nerve to write a book about it! You can read an excerpt here: http://tinyurl.com/cakb387

        AND they were smart enough to figure out 2 key tactics: 1) if they co-opted the language & ideology of the civil rights movement, that wd make it much harder for people to oppose gay rights & 2) push for gay adoption first, then when at least half the states legalize gay adoptions, securing gay marriage rights will be inevitable.

        Lo & behold, now that there is widespread legal acceptance of gays as adoptive parents, they’re claiming that “gay families” are no different that heterosexual families, therefore gay couples shd be allowed to marry. And those who oppose gay marriage are being ostracized the same way racists who opposed inter-racial marriage were treated after the Civil Rights era.

        Here in Baltimore, Dr. Ben Carson is practically a god. Raised in the a Detriot ghetto by a single mother, went on to Yale undegrad, Johns Hopkins med school, became one of the coiuntry’s top neurosurgeons. He successfully operated on 2 people in my family, so you may say I’m prejudiced. He was slated to speak at the Hopkins med school graduation next month. But he went on Sean Hananity’s Fox show 2 wks. ago & spoke out against gay mariage. Now he announced he;s cancelling his commencement speech becuz so many people from the med school graduating class have petitioned against him.

        Gay rights are NOT tantamount to Civil Rights. But Satan’s greatest tool is always deception. Folks with no interest whatsoever in persecuting gays as long as they stayed in their lane now find themselves accused of bigotry if they have the moral backbone & common sense to oppose gay marriage.

        Couple that with the onslaught of wildly popular tv shows that promote the Gay Agenda (The New Normal, Modern Family, GOT) & now we have the Supreme Court currently musing over whether or not to gay marriages should be legal on a federal level.


        And let’s not forget how the Gay Mafia (David Geffen et al) & their fat donation checks managed to get Obama to flip-flop from opposing gay marriage during his first bid for the White House to openly accepting it when he ran for re-election.

        This much I know is true: Grown Folks Don’t Change. Short of a near-death experience or finding God, people’s beliefs don’t suddenly switch from being against a deeply moral issue to being for it. Obama even went so far as to blame his beautiful, innocent daughters for making him change his mind! This from a man who claims to be a Christian, but chose to ignore God’s multiple condemnations of homosexuality in the scriptures.

        These are definitely the last days. You will see the Superme Court rule that gay marriage is legal, which will be followed by 3-way/plural marriage being legalized in another 7-10 years.

        You will also see God’s wrath poured out on America like molten lava as the great apostasy takes hold. The Last Days are fast approaching, but folks are too hardheaded to pick up their bibles, read about it & believe.

        “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God…” 2 Timothy 3: 2-4 (KJV)

        And remember, you can always turn off the tv.

        • RC That is a perfect example of why I find you to be one of the most profound and erudite writers who inhabit this site.

          Please keep your thought provoking posts coming.

          • I am definitely happy for Dice for realizing his dream. I hope he finds it as rewarding/fulfilling as he hoped!

            Personally, I love to visit there and meet new people. Hearing all the lore, traditions and local history is wonderful, but when it’s time to go…I’m ready to head back to the USA. And **Christa ducks** when you get back on American soil, you realize how good we actually do have it.

        • YOU are on point! And 110% correct! I tell people all the time its no accident that all the FILTH the DEMONS put on TV is not all around us WHY? BECAUSE WE ARE CREATING IT WITH OUR MINDS AND SINCE THEY ARE FILLING OUR ”EXPERIENCE” WITH FILTH, DEATH, WAR AND HATE … THAT IS THE EXPERIENCE WE ARE HAVING! BE MINDFUL OF THE TV AND MUSIC AND THINGS YOU WATCH, READ AND LISTEN TO ….WE ARE THE TRUE ”CREATORS” AND WE CAN CREATE HEAVE OR HELL ON EARTH! WE are being tricked by DEMONS WITH NO SOULS to accept and LIVE a evil and demonic life. We must get control of our minds and change this world BACK to the way it was BEFORE the demons crawled out of the caves. And don’t get it twisted …selling your SOUL to the devil means to ACCEPT and PARTISAPATE in this demonic lifestyle and experience we are having now.

        • RC if you don’t PREACH UP IN HERE TODAY!!!!

          We are being innundated with a PRO GAY agenda and people who oppose it are being ostracized and damn near silenced so it looks as if everyone is down with this mess, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

          The politicians, actors, singers, etc. are all going along with this shit to be “politically correct” and to get votes, re-elected and to sell concert and movie tickets and get tv ratings.

          Anybody with half a damn brain should know that two men or two women have no business being married.

          And for those that talk this shit they have to remember one thing: marriage wasn’t instituted by any State in the union, it was implemented by GOD.

          HE created the real FIRST FAMILY for us to use as an example and nowhere in the BIBLE do you see a man referred to as a wife, or a woman referred to as a husband. The good book is CLEAR ABOUT THAT.

          Also, GOD created us all and he don’t make no mistakes.

          If he brought you here as a woman he intended for you to be one and if he brought you here as a man the same rule applies.

          Now, you’ve got women acting like (their version of) men, men imitating women and another damn group that’s changing their sex altogether.

          When gays saw that they couldn’t win acceptance from a biblical standpoint they hired lobbyists to push the Civil Rights violation argument as if it’s their “right” to be married.

          Well guess what? EVERYONE DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BE MARRIED!!!

          Don’t believe me?

          Fall in love with your first cousin and see if you have a right to get married.

          Fall in love with more than one person at the same time and see if you have a right to get married.

          Or, fall in love while you’re underaged and see if you have the right to be married.

          There are plenty of folks in this country that don’t have a “right” to marry and for the Supreme Court and President to be entertaining this shit is ludacris.

          You are correct, these are the LAST DAYS and the Bible spells out the devastation in no uncertain terms.

          Folks who are opposed to this demonic lifestyle should BOYCOTT the networks that are pushing it and their sponsors.

          Money talks. And when these entities see their profits dwindle, maybe they will wake up and realize EVERYONE ain’t down for the okee doke.


          • And that SAME word of GOD was used to justify enslavement, lynching, and discrimination against your black ass too. Remember what it felt like for our black ancestors, when you use the bible AGAINST people trying to live they’re own live.

            Black folks have began to act just like the children of Israel…..the OPPRESSED is now the OPPRESSORS! And they don’t even see it!

        • @RC,

          You said a whole lot & I don’t mean the number of words used in your comment either. You were earth shattering on point with this one,

          PLEASE don’t ever stop gracing us with that kind of knowledge!

      • Um- maybe you should educate yourself on history. It is well documented that the borgias pope and his children were incestious siblings and the pope was a murderous pig. It was common to rape men- that goes back to biblical times. Child please, this “gay stuff” as you guys put it is not new. Some of you should stop crying about boycotting shows etc and wake the heck up to your reality.

      • that wasn’t a dude.She was a girl.That’s if you are talking about the big lady with the short blonde hair cut.Game Of Thrones

    • I’m tired of you gays always talking that ‘closed minded’ shit, like we need to be open to a dick in the ass! When don’t you people be open minded to some pussy?

      • LMAO…WOW Well said.. You will NEVER catch my pops hanging with openly gay men, not because he is homophobic it’s because my dad has nothing in common with a man who acts feminine and likes cocks. That open minded shit is so over & played.

        • well said kitty, if my dad was hanging with a gay man or feminine man, it would make me question his activities and moreover, question myself… No need for none of that… Our fathers know they have a responsibility to our children.. So knows what his assistant hollywood went thru as a child, but we now know the result of such a broken childhood.. My god bless the next generation for having to be exploited to all this gayness..

        • I’m only closed minded if I don’t agree that men fuckin men is nasty? Well, fuck that ima be closed minded then, cuz ain’t no way a man supposed to talk, walk, and act like a girl, and that shit is normal! We know it’s abnormal cuz that’s how women act! Gays are retarded!

      • As far as our people have come, we still have a looong way to go. These blogs are a definite indicator of that.

        I’m not even about to try and change the minds of the those who are adverse to meeting/associating/vybing with people whose sexual orientation differs from their own and thereby forms a basis of whether a relationship is worth cultivating. What I will say is the next time someone doesn’t want to associate with people of color (and I use the term inclusively in case the comments are not solely being made by blacks) or a person states minorities need to be relegated to certain areas such as ghettos or low-income environments where “their kind” is in profuse abundance, try not to get upset. After all, if sexual orientation can make someone unworthy of association, why can’t the color of one’s skin perform the same function, yeah? If civilization can look at itself over time and say it made some mistakes in its thinking, maybe we should get a jump on things this time around and stop being being the oppressor and remember we were for more than a little time, sorely oppressed. I’m just saying…

        • I think the majority of readers are Black uneducated people who watch nothing but videos all day and reality shows. Yes, someone can be Bi, its about attraction not sex. LHOF you make the only sense. I feel sorry for ignorant Black people. People care too much about who other’s fuck and who they don’t fuck. LHOP KUDOS TO YOU. Even some women on this board hate gays, wtf. XD

          “cuz ain’t no way a man supposed to talk, walk, and act like a girl, and that shit is normal!” Yes, because all Gay men are feminine, right? Women aren’t suppose to act like men, (tomboys), but they do. Double Standard? They are Butch lezzies, and Lipstick lezzie, same goes for Gay men. Fuck people are stupid.

      • Jigga whaaa? Ever heard someone say the NIGGA BARKING THE LOUDEST GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE? All y’all ignorant as hell replies make you look a little SUSPICIOUS ya damn selves. There is truth in the saying IT TAKES ONE, TO KNOW ONE, WHEN YOU SEE ONE!

        You all’s AFFINITY for calling men out as gay, speaks volumes about your own sexuality! In my life’s experiences people yelling fag the loudest are generally the DL PUNKS, like yourselves, TRYING TO CATCH A NUT! Straight men don’t concern themselves with who’s gay and what’s gay…..AT ALL!

        You pissy queens are on here “OUTING” celebs because they probably had it with your B/S and dumped your trifling asses!

        Now run along and PEEP this!

    • Really? You don’t think he is gay? That’s crapola in the highest form. What I don’t think is that he is man enough to come out of the closet. He definitely deserves to be called a faggot! By the way that is the lowest term you can use to describe a gay male. I am totally repulsed by his denial. There should be legislation established to bring forth charges against down low faggs!I have much respect for men/women who are not hiddin in the closet! I just wish those who are openly gay put those closet faggs on blast. He(the sugafoot-Jerry) should be ashamed of himself lying for no GOOD Dayum reason! I just hope women stay away from his trifling ass! Because he is sooooooooooooooooo foul to do that(Livin down on the low—->trapped in the closet)!

    • Dont know about his sexual preference,but I do know he aint on the Jets.What happened to getting the facts skraight(lol)

  2. that nicca he wit is flaming!!! it’s 2013 might as well own up to whatever u r these days it don’t even matter. this new world s**t is getting DEEP! and so many people r joining it instead of tryna change it… what’s real is starting to look like bull s**t and bull s**t is starting get real… in the words of our brother Mrvin Gaye WHAT’s GOING ON!

    • LMAO.. @ Flaming..that Nicca got smoke on his heels he is so ablazed. Can’t hate on that fire strut that’s so flaming it was caught in a snap shot… .HOW U DOING?

      • @kitty please please please eyes were blurry?? Dammm will and jada looool I haven’t laughed so much in a long time this bitch is flaming like a barbecue on a hot flaming summers day!
        There both “sweeter than sugar honey suckle lambbb”

  3. this pic dont mean ish… now the other pic with him kissi. dude on the head confirmed the speculation

  4. Who cares if youre gay Kerry? Live right do your job and pay your own way and as long as its consenting adults i dont care if he is eating skittles out of dudes ass behind closed doors.

    • What kind of f*cked up stereotype is that? The name Kerry is unisex, which means it can be for a male or female. If he’s gay or bisexual it would be his actions/behavior that would indicate that not a name! Ignorance must be bliss!

  5. I just woke up and my eyesight is blurry. I saw the photo and swear on the good book I thought it was Jada and Will.
    Might be time for glasses.

  6. Oh yeah, and this picture can be worth a thousand words. The flip flops and jeans is very suspect. I know Jay-Z did it…10 years ago. But got clowned and hasn’t really been seen doing that since. But he was with a woman too. This dude and his friend just meandering gayly along wherever they at. Arms swinging freely.

  7. He don’t have to say or do shit. Just live his life. That’s the thing…. come out of the closet? That’s wack. Why is it anybodies business what you like in the bedroom to the point you have to come out and say something. As long as you’re honest with those you deal with just shut up and live your life. I do NOT want to know what someone else – a stranger no less – likes in the bedroom or what turns them on. I hate that shit!!!! Shut up about your personal sex life. It’s personal. If he is gay he does not owe us a statement. That’s a private matter. And he should not care what anyone has to say about what people think they know about his private life.

    • yeah thats all fine and good if he were only sleeping with one sex or the other…who knows how many unsuspecting woman he’s doin

    • Your statement is the best that I have read in a looooooong time. Keep that thinking out there more often. So many people feel that need to know everything about someone’s life while keeping all their dirt hidden in the dark. I agree with most of that thinking such as keep all your dirt in the dark and mind your own damn business.

    • I agree with some of this statement. The problem is that the gay community flaunts what they do in the bedroom and tries to force people to accept it. They want to be buck @ssed naked in the streets doing parades, making out & putting tongues down each others’ throats in public and doing all other types of lewd isht in public. Now, if I see two dudes/women tastefully showing each other affection and doing the PDA thing, I don’t care. They are dressed well and respect themselves and others by keeping it classy.

      I don’t care what Kerry does in his bedroom or if he’s showing affection in a tasteful way in the street. If he’s dicking down women and not telling them that he’s also dicking down dudes or getting dicked down by dudes, that ain’t right. Keep it real and don’t use people. Do you but do no harm.

      All the going against the word of God and all that is between them and the Lord. It does say in the bible, “Judge ye not, least you be judged.”. I teach mine what is right and keep it moving.

        • And they need to stop those stupid ass parades!! I mean hell, they want to be treated normally, but that shit is NOT normal. Prancing in the streets half-naked or dressed like freaks; basically saying look at us weirdos – treat us with respect and accept us. Are they KIDDING? UH- UH. Have you EVER heard of a Straight-Pride Parade? Would a city even allow it? But they allow THAT stupid fuckery to go on in cities across the world. That is one of the DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen and heard of.

          • That just gave me an idea: Maybe I should solicit the city of San Francisco to host a Straight Pride Parade. If they don’t allow it, I should initiate a class-action lawsuit against The City and have straight people join in on the damned lawsuit. They need to stop this stupid shit! Wasting tax payer dollars to clean up after that fuckery and having to pay extra for Police detail. SMDH

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. SOme of us already know that you people are trying to put gays in the NFL to come out later. I already have a few high priority suspects on my list:

      Abenjayo (or however you spell it)
      Tim Tebow (sleeper cell gay with religion shroud)
      Nick Foles
      Tom Brady
      Some other people I can’t think of now, but anyone who tries to promote it!

      • Santa Claus
        Your Pastor
        Your Doctor
        Your Employer
        Your Taxi/Bus driver
        Your Milk man
        Your Atty.
        The point is, what difference does it make to you?
        P.S. One of your children might be gay!

      • No Josh, sorry — if you’re claiming Tebow is gay, BRING DA PROOF! Corny as he is & ridiculous as his on-field prayers are, you can’t cite 1 story saying he’s had sex with a woman, much less a man. And you certainly don’t have any pictures.

        I think Tebow’s the real deal becuz he’s stated publicly that he’s maintaining his virginity until marriage. Veeerrrry few public figures (esp. in sports) claim pre-marital virginity these days becuz they know almost no one lives up to that standard. Every tabloid in America wd have paid at least 50k to whoever he was banging if they cd prove Tebow had tapped that ass. But no such story has come out.

        Titney Spears stuck her phat ass out on the cover of Rolling Stone & claimed the same virgin-til-my-wedding-nite bullshit back when she was dating JT. Then after she cheated on him, he kicked her to the curb & wrote a song abt it to let the world know he’d hit that. And I can’t even think of a single pop star couple who’ve claimed they were virgins since then.

        If Tebow was doing dudes, by now, someone inside the Gay Agenda leadership wd have paid his booty-buddy to out him & show the world he’s a hypocrite. Becuz making Christians look bad is the very core of the Gay Agenda handbook.

        I wdn’t do him if you paid me, but I don’t think Tebow’s a fudge-packer. I do believe in the Illuminati agenda, but I don’t think every famous person is down with that.

        Next, y’all will be claimin’ The Rock is gay & I’ll just have to go stick my head in the oven & be done with it!

        • Tebow is about as gay as they come – head rolls, gay voice and mannerisms and all. His build must be blinding you.

            • This is rank speculation on my part, so there is no need to ask for any fact or first hand knowledge.
              I live in FL part time, and ever since his days at UF I was a Tebow fan like most of the other people here. I find him attractive, for a young dude, and he does seem to be a well raised son. Maybe so well raised that he would prefer to live a lie honorably his whole life than to shame his family and fans. I will almost guarantee their will never be a “Tebow Comes Out” headline. He will subjugate his feelings, eventually marry a nice Christian girl, and get on with life as best he can. He’s made like that. Did you ever hear him mouthing off on ESPN about his awful situation at the Jets?? He wants to be an example for his young fans and all Christians.

              Truthfully, I feel a bit sad for him.

            • Christa ur right. He will copy the blueprint of Steve Young except for the gettin caught in San Fran gay clubs twice a month. Lol.

            • Keep it real YES!!!!! What a perfect comparison. He will take a page straight from the Steve Young playbook.

              And SY keeps the gays from outing him by giving a good amount of money to gay causes AND most surprisingly(to me) was that when the Mormons funded the campaign to pass Prop 8 in Cali, he stood up loudly and stated his support for gay marriage. For a descendant of Brigham Young, that sure doesn’t make much sense unless he has an agenda.
              Great Observation!!

      • Why do you care what a player does in their bedroom? Why does that bother you so much? It should be about whether or not the person has talent as an athlete – not who he does at night, or after the game. Concentrate on the game. What are you doing wondering about a man’s sexuality while you’re watching football? What do you do?-Watch the game and wonder which player is gay? What’s REALLY on your mind? Their sexuality or the game? Stay focused on why you’re watching the game Josh or is that what you’re doing and afraid to admit it to yourself.

        And don’t come at me with you’re gay stuff. I’m not. I just don’t give a fuck about what somebody else (stranger, actor, athlete, model, singer) likes in the bedroom. On the other hand, you seem especially pressed about it… and I’m just wondering why.

  8. His companion is an obvious prostitute and probably been passed around.

    This and every other ‘out’ story doesn’t matter considering the world has been gay since ancient times. If you dn’t know that your family lied to you.

    We are living in the world that Yahweh made for a limited cycle of 6,000 years. Most people are liars, homosexual, and atheists.

  9. i dnt understand why ppl feel the need to b informed of a persons sexual preference that they are not sleepin wit! hes obv gay! who tf cares!!

    • Gays do. If the gays and the illuminati would stop shoving it down our throats every where, then we would not care just like we did not before the gay marriage push.

      • Who and how is this being shoved down your throat. It is only natural that people want to live their lives as they want. There seem to be much bigger problems in the world today than who is or isn’t gay. How do you connect gays and the illuminati, splain pls?

  10. I don’t know what his sexual preference is, but….
    … “Sweet Treats” is written all over him in the above photo. As long as he isn’t going around having sex with Females and males and not informing them of his sexual orientation, then its his business. God gives all of us a choice. At the end of my life, I only need to be concern with my own choices in this life.

  11. This is the least incriminating of the pics leaked. The other one show Kerry holding his Boo in his arms, kissing him on the cheek and sitting in the same chair sharing a tropical drink with two straws and also walking arm in arm. Just drop the act dude.

  12. If he’s gay, it’s really his business. Whoever leaked the photos should is shameful. By the way, flip flop style sandals does not equate to being gay. In southeast Georgia, due to the weather,most men wear sandals and shorts, khaki’s or whatever; particularly white men.

  13. I’m sorry, but them niggas gay! That lol dude is so gay that even if you wasn’t gay you’d get caught in gay-ravitation pull and end up sucking a dick. You can only drink so much sugar before you catch diabetes! Ya feel me?

    My other theory is that the nigga was straight until he started playing for the gay ass jets and their feet licking coach…lol. Now he likes to get beat deep…

  14. I just saw the photos at gossiponthis.com. It appears to me that Kerry and Hollywood are either currently involved in an intimate relationship or they were at one point. Either way, something definitely has happened between the two of them.

    They also called Hollywood Kerry’s FORMER assistant. So if he’s no longer in that role, then why are they on vacation together? And strolling arm & arm along the beach? In these pic’s, Kerry is all over this man!

    Doesn’t Kerry have a young child? Kerry may be one of those men who is attracted to both men and women so he doesn’t consider himself gay.

    Sorry ladies! This guy JUST MAY BE strictly dickly!

  15. I saw the other pics of them. That lil ninja looks like the love child of kevin hart and d l hughley. Wtf

    • SHIT! Now I sprayed wine all over my laptop!!

      Can’t be drinking & reading comments from Keepitreal up in here. I hope my computer doesn’t shut down…

      That laugh truly made my weekend & it’s only Wednesday! Too funny!

    • Dropped the brandy again you guys man are funny loool
      The bitch look like fantasia floating on air looking for a new dick to suck..
      Loool Kerry has now been put on blast this guy /bitch went on radio talking about Kerry fucked him like he was his wife??
      Please people watch the video on ballets alert, cuz this flamer has now outted Kerry so for now it’s a wrap!

      • Deluk, that photo is so funny because of the tiny dude “Spanky Bottum”, we should have passed the time while Jacky was on vacay with writing funny captions for it!

        If Kerry had gone out and searched for the fruitiest guy on the planet, he couldn’t have done much better.

  16. The lil one in the white looks like miss lawrence from rhoa the one who sang kandi’s song I’ll be your closet freak lol

  17. There Is No Such Thing As A Bi-Sexual Man. Its A Double Standard For Men & Women Just Like Everything Else Is In The World, iDo Believe A Women Can Play For Both Teams But Once A Man Starts Sexual Getting Active With Another Man Then He Is Just Gay, It Doesnt Matter How Many Women Come After, The Fact That He Messed With Another Man Makes Him Gay…..Frank Ocean Claims To Be Bi But He Is Gay, Dont Agree ?? Oh Well ………

  18. There are additional pics, as well as, an interview with said lover at balleralert. I ended up falling asleep, couldn’t make it through the whole interview.

  19. Once again…the body language. I don’t even know who this guy is, but I’ve seen their pictures on the web and all I can say in my Riley voice is: yalll niggas are gay!

    Ain’t such thing as bi-sexual. 2 dicks sword fighting equals GAY. Period. Bisexual is just an excuse for the confused ones.

    Saw his picture on a ‘date’ with his best friend for some damage control. Yeah, that’s convincing LMAO!

  20. Media stake out has a 30 min interview with this flamer posted on their site. Shim went I (no pun) on Kerry. They were lovers and now his “girl” is fapping her mouth to the media because they broke up. Shim has a reality show coming out. Kerry it’s a rap..just come out already

  21. Catching this TEA! Not so boiling hot because it was confirmed awhile ago by an ex team mate who whispered it in my ear when I inquired “Damn, who is that?!” I threw up my life! AND not in a good way. A lot of these NFLers are showing up to clubs and parties in the NYC with straight up trannies thinking they’re fooling everyone. Ladies stop those butt injections and she male wigs cuz you all are making it easy for trannies to be imposters. SMH

  22. There is a gay agenda website that I scan every few days just to see what racist BS is being said concerning their overall feeling that Blacks are the most bigoted people on the planet.

    They are acting like it’s Christmas over this story!
    One of the threads was titled, “Twink Lover Drags Kerry Rhodes Out of the Closet”.

    Jacky: Please come home from your vacay!!! We need new stuff to write about. 😉

  23. I am niether for or against gay people. But why are so many people making a big deal out of this man and what he does off the field. This is the main reason why people don’t come out. Then the ex and I do mean ex lover is talking like a womens scorn. he said he put Kerry Rhodes on the map. It seems like Kerry Rhodes put him on the map who knew who he was before all of this mess. He was using Kerry. You heard him say that he was the first man Kerry had and they were in a relationship. The problem is Kerry chose the wrong mate. Look at Eddie Murphy been dating men for yearsa and it has not hurt his career. But Eddie has not come out yet either. Give Kerry Time he will come out and embrace his choice not hang him by the neck. We are not God to judge him. Kerry the next time you choose a mate make sure he keeps your business to himself..OK..

  24. The whole problem is not about what individuals do in their bedroom. I could care less either. The problem are the stories purposely planted like, “hey it’s ok to be gay.” I don’t think it’s right to promote gay sex. This world is fuct! This whole fiasco will backfire. Nickelodeon is the biggest promoter to kids. It should be a crime.

  25. I too don’t have any desire to police the bedroom practices of anyone gay or straight, unless it’s Marcellus Wiley ;), but it makes me sad to see such a good looking Black man take himself out of the gene pool once and for all.

  26. I am so tired of these thirsty queens. This is why they get treated with no respect. Kerry I don’t care about who you’re having sex with but please keep these flamboyant chicken heads in check.