NYC News Man Slams Slick Rick


Slick Rick - A Hiphop Legend

“Slick Rick a Hip Hop legend? On what planet, exactly?” ~Frank Isola, New York Daily News

One Big Apple journalist was less than impressed with Slick Rick’s recent halftime performance during a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. Now, New York Daily News beat writer wants to know “on what planet, exactly” is Slick Rick a noted Hip Hop legend — explaining the real rapper who deserves such credit would be that former correctional officer.

Here’s what Frank Isola had to say on twitter about Slick Rick:

“The Nets are claiming that halftime performer Slick Rick is a Hip Hop legend.
On what planet, exactly? At least when the Nets played at the Meadowlands, Joe Piscopo was in on the joke.

Slick Rick actually thinks he’s entertaining. How does one go about becoming a hip hop legend. If Slick Rick can do it there is hope for all of us.

I heard that to torture prisoners at Guantanamo, the U.S. State Department played Slick Rick’s Greatest Hits over and over. I know of one hip hop legend named Rick. And that would be my guy Rick Ross. You may refer to him as Mr. Ross.”

Was Frank Isola in the wrong for dissing legendary hip hop emcee Slick Rick The Ruler? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z.

Frank Isola Loves Rick Ross


  1. And who is this kracker exactly? And who da phuck ordained him to determine who is or is not a legend in hip hop culture? This phool needs to stop relaying erroneous information.

  2. There is nothing legendary about Rick Fraud I’m sorry I meant Officer Ricky, the only Rick Ross I know is Freeway Ricky Ross!


  4. Frank Isola writes for the Knicks and he sucks at that.

    Charles Barkley loves him(as he does anything white),so that should tell you everything you need 2 know.

    Anything Isola says should be ignored and is by people familiar with his drivel.

  5. I’m sorry but white writers especially those over 45 don’t know ish about music and the playas in the game. I was watching FoxNews during a commercial break during my girl Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC(I like to check what those idiots are thinking from time to time) and one panelist actually called T.I. Harris a “a well known gun runner and major drug dealer”.

    Whatever you may personally think about Tip, he isn’t even close to either one of those characterizations.
    Now, to be fair, there are a couple of white sports guys in their 20’s and raised in NYC (Tony Rialli and Max Kellerman) who have forgotten more hip hop history than I ever knew….and I know plenty. So I think the age of the idiot Isola has something to do with it.
    Rick Ross! N_____a PLEASE.

  6. So I guess this kracker thinks that this niggaz cant hold me back, and the black buffet bar mitzvah..was classic? Fuck otta here! He can’t hold a candle to any of rick’s albums….

  7. I’ve never listened to, nor am I inclined to listen to the morbidly obese rick ross. But I love and have loved Slick Rick since the seventh grade. Who doesn’t love …..”davy, davy crockett….?”

  8. Rick Ross a legend? Really? He hasn’t been in the game long enough to earn that title. Slick Rick is a legend, he’s still going strong even though he hasn’t had a hit in ages. No so-called sports writer can tell me about legends unless they know what they are talking about. Smdh!

  9. Time like this when a collective and simple “CRACKA SIT YO DUMB AZZ DOWN AND SHUT THE FUC* UP” will do…..

  10. “i remember when hip-hop belonged to you and me/Now the shit is sugarcoated, modified for tv” – 8Ball

    This is the rappers’ fault for making watered-down music to appease the masses.

  11. What happens is we allow them to forget our legends whites raise thier kids on the artist they listen to like meatloaf aero smith Elvis etc we don’t its like when rappers or hip hop artists reach a certain age we diss them or act like we never song or dance to thier hits