O.G. Hollywood Madame Spills On Tony Curtis…


Tony Curtis: Wild Cocaine Fueled Nights

Jacky Jasper Presents:
The Diary Of a Hollywood Madame…

HSK Exclusive – Last week, I revealed the shocking but true slew of detailed Hollywood celebrity encounters our OG Hollywood madame exclusively shared with HSK.

Now, she’s spilling tea surrounding Tony Curtis, and his yearning for “busty blondes”. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also fill you in with the time our OG Hollywood madame says she accepted monies from the legendary actor to watch over him as he free-based crack/cocaine – it’s a drug binge which she says lasted several months!

Here’s an excerpt from our Hollywood madame’s soon-to-be- released book, about Tony Curtis:

“I got a call from Tony one night asking for a ‘busty blond’. He told me he was freebasing all night and wanted someone he could role play with and talk to all night. I went up to see him myself because I’d always liked Tony.

In the morning when he went to pay me – he asked me what it would take to just have me stay for a few weeks. Tony didn’t want to be alone and he said he felt really comfortable with me. So I quoted him a figure and he paid it. I also said if I was going to stay in Bel Air awhile – I’d need a new wardrobe and asked if he’d buy me one. He gave me his credit card and his car driver to take me shopping right away.

I wound up staying with him for about four months in a strange mix of money and me actually being with him there in a relationship. All he did was freebase night and day and I was watching him slowly kill himself. I finally couldn’t take it any longer and I told him I couldn’t keep watching him die and I packed up and left for my home one night.

Three nights later he collapsed and was taken to Cedars Sinai for basically collapsing due to all the cocaine use. We got involved with each other a few times after. He’d try rehab for a while and lie to me about being clean a while. If you want to hear more about this affair – let me know. At one point he said he loved me so much he even wrote a poem about me that I have currently framed in my house.”

Tune in next time to learn all about the time Kiefer Sutherland’s spent at the Richard Pryor family’s club “Valley West”…


  1. TC was an old queen. He was very open about the dirt he did. I hear his autobiography is amusing. Never cared enough to read it.

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      Not news. That nigga LOOKED like a damn freak.