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Ochcocinco’s Louboutin’s For Lozada’s Baseball Baby!

December 4th, 2013

Evelyn Lozada Baby Gift from Ochocinco

Basketball, Football & Baseball, Yup! Eve’s Def Covered Sports Fields!

Evelyn Lozada’s unborn baby has been Christened with his/her first pair of Red Bottoms, courtesy of Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson!

This news comes just days after the Basketball Wife reality star announced she’s preggers … suspected to be for a Baseball baby daddy! We’re talking about 32-year-old LA Dodger, Carl Crawford. But that didn’t stop Eve’s 86′ed Ochocinco from making a statement.

Check out what Chad Ochocinco had to say:

“I have unisex Louboutin infant spikes ready as my gift. I’m super happy for her, I will always love her and wish her nothing but the best.

I’ve had no communication with her in over a year. And the father doesn’t matter. I just need to style and dress the baby.”

12 Responses to “Ochcocinco’s Louboutin’s For Lozada’s Baseball Baby!”

  1. Glittery Pink Heels |

    Ugh. She’s tawdry and he’s pathetic. All that drama and here he is tricking off on her unborn trick baby. Because I doubt she’s in love or even in a relationship with the father, its just with BBW wrapping up, she needed a new gig. So whoever the daddy is, I bet he’s rich. Whatever. These two miscreants can have each other. He seems like he’s just putting it out there letting her know he’s still interested. Just like Kim K. All these slurs have to do is be available Nd some stupid chump is there to wife them up…Light skin and long hair drive some brothers wild apparently.


  2. Glittery Pink Heels |

    Oh and Chad, no spiky shoes on the baby. Very dangerous. Just get the kid some diamonds so she can pawn those for cash.


  3. Aiko |

    Spiky shoes on a baby. How appropriate.


  4. Anonymous |

    So they set Mr. Crawford up so they can both spend his $$$$?


    YouWishYouKnew Reply:

    Right? The idiot in this situation appears to be Crawford as Ocho/Ev’s grad school reject behavior has been known and televised.

    With allllllllll that money Mr. Crawford has- I guess he can’t buy himself a clue.


  5. dimeone |

    Get paid


  6. christa |

    Is anyone else surprised that Ms Lozado can still HAVE babies? I thought she was past the childbearing age.
    Her model daughter looks about 22-25 so it seems Evelyn would be more in the Granny years than Mommy ones.


    MKnoxUltra Reply:

    Christa that’s not true my auntie started a second family at her same age. She ended up having two kids back to back. It just depends on the woman’s fertility.


    christa Reply:

    I guess it’s never too late! I think that Evelyn is younger than I took her to be. I thought she was in her mid 40′s, but it seems she’s in her late 30′s.
    More power to her.


  7. Glittery Pink Heels |

    She said she had Shaneice at 16 and Shaneice is 20, so its possible. More than possible since she’s clearly knocked up. I hope the whole pillow baby trend falls put and people go back to actual childbirth, lol


  8. Alwaysonpoint |

    ~She sho is ugly~


  9. StaLae |

    Chad is so GAY


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